21 Nisan 2021

Skipping School With Mommy!

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Please, if you are under the age of 18, don’t read this material. Just wait a few years and you’ll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow


Skipping school with Mommy!

I remember it quite clearly to this day. Every detail, every image, all of it forever in my mind.

A teenage girl is never supposed to catch her mother in such a…a…

I was skipping school that day. I got fed up with studies and needed some free time like any teenager. So during lunch I simply skipped out the back door and walked home. Luckily home isn’t that far away and in no time I’d be there relaxing by myself, free from the boredom of classes and stupid teachers. Who knows what useless thing I might have been doing had I not seen the car in the driveway. Perhaps I would have wasted it watching TV or something. But turns out I was soon going to be watching something a whole lot more interesting.

The car in the drive way was my mom’s. Of course this was very unusual since she was supposed to be at work. I was instantly pissed off upon seeing it there. My naive little mind thinking she must have been sick or something. No matter the reason, my mind only thought was “How the hell was I supposed to skip school with her around?”

Basically I was left with two choices, run back to school and beg the security to let me back in, or open that front door and face the music. Neither option was appealing and both would have me end up over my mom’s knees with a brush in her hands. She’s always told me I’m never too old for a good spanking.

Searching my backpack for the house key, I noticed the door was slightly open. Pushing it just a bit, I peeked my head inside to look around. No body was there.

With my heart pounding, I fully opened the door and walked inside, readying myself at any moment for my mother to discover me and hell would rain down. But nothing. I listened for anything, the sound of rushing water, or someone talking, but nothing.

Carefully I went to my room and dropped off my bag before heading for the kitchen. Nope, still no one there. Picking up an apple, I only got through one bite before I heard the moan. I stopped dead in my tracks, the apple in mid-bite before I heard it again. A sort of grunting, discomforting moan coming from my parent’s bedroom.

With trepidation I moved closer and closer until I was just outside the partially opened door. Pushing it, I dropped my apple in shock.

Laying naked and hogtied on the floor was my dear own mother. Both hands and feet were cruelly tied together behind her, leaving her rolling on her belly. Her ass looked as if it had been thoroughly spanked and her blueish/purple tits bulged out obscenely from some twine that had been tightly wrapped around them.

The sound of the apple dropping caused her to dart her head up, “Oh please Mistress let me loose, my…” Suddenly her begging face turned to complete shock and humiliation as she realized who it was who was standing before her.


“MOM? What’s going on?” I asked with complete worry. I was really concerned about my mother’s present fate, all tied up like some cow, clearly haven been abused in some way.

“Oh baby NO! Not you! Quickly, she’ll be back any second. Hide inside your room before she sees you!”

“Mom, what the heck is going on? Why are you…” Suddenly there was sound outside the door, near the front of the house. My mother began to frantically panic and beg me to hide.

“Its too late, please baby get into the closet and stay quite. She cannot see you!”

Not thinking twice, I dove into her closet and closed the door, leaving it open just a crack to peak outside. Another second later a woman appeared before my hogtied naked mother. I had to cover my gasping mouth as I realized it was our next-door neighbor Jillian. Jillian was about my mother’s age. I had never thought of her as a being such a dominant woman, but then again, I never expected to find my mother on her belly with purple tits.

“How’s my bitch?”

“Oh please Jillian, I can’t do this any longer today. Please release me and we’ll…play another time.”

I jumped back when Jillian kicked my mother’s swollen right breast, making her cry out. “That’s MISTRESS Jillian to you cunt! And we’re no where near finished ‘playing’ today.”

“Owe…but..but…” It was clear my mother was anxious to end this sick perverted game with her daughter present. But Jillian was having none of it. Reaching into a little bag she had brought with her, she pulled out two paper clamps and held them to my mom’s eyes.

“See, I told you I had them somewhere. Now you can stop begging me to buy some!” Mom bit her lower student sex parties porno lip lustfully as she looked at them, then shook her head clear.

“Please Jillian, lets go to your house. I can’t do this here. I don’t feel comfortable…”

“Oh hush up or I’ll stuff that apple over there in your mouth!” My mother’s eyes went wide as Jillian did a double take and went over to the partially bit apple. “Where the heck did this come from?”

“I…um..was having it before you came over…”

Jillian looked at my mother suspiciously, then put the apple on the dresser and approached my belly-resting mother.

“So should I put these on now or what?”

Mom looked long fully at the sturdy black paper clamps. Where was she going to ‘put these on’? I watched intently as Jillian lowered to her knees and brought one of the clamps to moms left nipple. NO SHE WAS NOT…

Mom squealed as the nasty clamp pressed her sensitive, distended nipple flat. In another moment, the other nipple was just as crushed. Was mom crazy? That must have hurt like hell? Why didn’t she demand for them to be removed? I watched as tears rolled out of her clenched eyes and down her quivering cheek.

“Good isn’t it pet?”

I couldn’t believe it when mom nodded yes, eyes still shut tight in pain. She actually likes this?

“So how are these bonds going? Holding you together tight I hope. I tried to make them stronger the way you like them.”

“Mistress, they’re very good. But please release me. I’ve had enough!”

Suddenly a hand swatted my moms naked behind. “Boy you really do get into this don’t you? Begging me to stop. Such a slut.”

My mom moaned in apparent delight as her ass received more spankings from her next door neighbor. If her body wasn’t arched in the other direction, I just knew she’d raise her hips to meet Jillian’s stinging hand.

After ten slaps, she rose and strolled back to my mom’s head, pulling her hair up and spitting squarely in her face. Mom shivered when she did. Moments later, Jillian dragged a chair in front of mother and sat before kicking off her sandals.

“Be a good neighbor and suck my tired toes. After all I had to run all the way back to my house to get those awful clamps you wanted so badly.”

I looked at those toes, as did my mom. How humiliating it would be to have to “suck” another woman’s feet, especially my own neighbor’s. Would mom actually do it?

I shivered as her eyes darted to the darkness in the closet…at me…before lowering her face to Jillian’s “tired” right foot and bringing her big toe into her mouth. In another moment both women moaned in pleasure of the act.

“Mmmmm such a gooood neighbor. That a bitch, suck those toes. Such a nasty slut neighbor.” Mom didn’t respond, simply closing her eyes and going from toe to toe passionately. It was as if she were making love to them. Has she done this before?

After five minutes, she switched to Jillian’s left foot and worshipped them equally. It was at that time that I looked between my mom’s bent legs, and saw the leakage going on. Mom was fucking wet! She was TOTALLY getting off on all this. I just couldn’t believe this.

Then I looked down between my own legs and wondered. In slipped a hand inside my shorts and past my panties…indeed I was getting moist. I looked backed up and studied the sight before me. My mother, naked on her belly, arms and legs tied together behind her back. her tits tied tight, bulging her purplish flesh out to the black mean clamps squeezing her nips flat. Her red soar ass, her wet pussy, and her devoted worshiping lips over her neighbor’s tired deserving toes.

I rubbed my clit and licked my lips at it all. Gosh I never knew my mother could look so hot like this.

As mom sucked in the last of our neighbor’s toes, Jillian’s reached into her small bag and pulled out a ruler. “Look what I found in Tommy’s room!”

Mom looked up, still sucking the toes. Tommy was Jillian’s son.

“I wonder where I’ll be using this…”

Mom plopped the toes from her mouth and simply stared at the ruler as lustfully as she did the paper clamps.

“Tell me pet, where should I apply this wicked child’s ruler?”

“My…” She took a quick look my way in shame, “…tits. Please use your son’s ruler on my tits!”

“But they’re already all purple and swollen. You’ll hardly even feel it. Even if I whack the hell out of them you’ll only moan a little bit.”

“Oh please Mistress, whack my purple tits. Please hit them with your son’s ruler. I promise I’ll feel them. I so need it PLEASE!”

My mother was actually begging to get her tits whacked with a ruler. I pinched my hard clit to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. This was too much…so submissive cuckolds porno I rubbed faster…

Jillian smiled and rose off her chair. Mother looked up in complete lust as she did so. My mother was truly into this kind of weird sex play. Jillian grabbed mom’s hair and yank her upwards, rolling her chest up and exposing her pained breasts.

For the next minute Jillian teased mom’s tits with the ruler, running it along her swollen flesh and flicking the nipple clamps for my mother’s torment. Then WHACK!

Mom cried out in pain as her left breasts bounced and jiggled under the stinging smack, then the right breast. Soon there was a flurry of whacks to both purple tits as all of mom’s upper body was held up by her hair. The faster Jillian swatted, the faster I rubbed my little pussy. I was constantly shifting my focus from her abused tits to her spurting cunt. She was actually having mini orgasms form getting her breasts worked over by her neighbor. The imagery was just so overwhelming. Wouldn’t little Tommy get a kick out of knowing where his ruler has been?

After some twenty whacks to each breast, Jillian rolled my exhausted mother onto her side. To my luck, it was the side facing the closet. I watched her sweaty body heave as she moaned and grunted from the fading stinging pain. Her tits criss crossed with even darker marks left behind by the ruler.

“Has my slut neighbor had enough fun today? Does she want me to stop and leave?”

Mom frantically shook her head no!

“But I thought you were uncomfortable. That you wanted me to untie you and leave. Hm?”

“No Mistress! Please! More!” Begged my mom in between gulps of air. With a devilish smile Jillian took hold of mother’s knee and lifted it, exposing her inner thighs. With arm raised, and ruler in hand, mother readied herself.

The instant her right thigh was struck, two fingers slipped into my hot cunny. I fucked myself right there, in the closet, watching my mom getting her thighs whacked senseless. I’m so very glad mom was wailing and screaming over my moans of lust, or I would have been quickly discovered.

I couldn’t believe the vantage point I was being given, watching angry red welts appear all over her sensitive inner white legs. What pain she must be in. But that pussy was leaking more than ever.

After who knows how long, Jillian dropped the ruler on the floor and rolled mom back onto her belly. Poor thing could hardly breath in that position to begin with, and with all that residual crying and screaming made it next to impossible.

Jillian strode over to my mom’s bed and took a well-deserved rest from her heavy-handed abuse of mommy. The look on mother’s face was precious. She was drooling from her mouth and looked absolutely delirious. Was this the same mother that dropped me off to school this morning?

By now I had three fingers inside my puss and the other hand messaged my clit. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“Please Mistress…my pussy!!!” Begged my abused mommy.

“I’m tired! Let me rest for goodness sakes.”

“Ohhhh…please…spank it Mistress!”

“I’ll spank your nasty pussy, don’t you worry! Get back to work on my toes while I gather strength.”

Mom dove back at her neighbor’s feet, loving them more than ever. She looked so silly arched up, struggling to lower her head to the toes, crushing her purple tits even more.

Within five minutes there was a distinctive puddle below my mother’s cunt and Jillian’s feet were covered in saliva. By now Jillian had pulled up her dress and was playing with herself openly for mom to watch. I could tell she wanted to taste and suck that as well. In all my life, I never imagined that one woman could want to be with another, but at this moment, I saw nothing more fitting than mom’s face buried between Jillian’s thighs.

And that’s exactly what I got to see as Jillian scooted her rear off the bed and brought her knees on either side of my mom’s head.

“What do you want to do with my pussy neighbor?”

“I want to eat it Mistress. Please let me eat it!”

“But I thought you wanted me to spank your pussy?”


“Get to work pet, and I’ll think about it!”

I flicked my clitty at triple speed when mom buried her hungry face into my neighbor’s cunt, instantly causing Jillian to throw her head back in passion.

My mouth was agape as I breathed to keep up with my rubbing, thrusting fingers. My eyes squinting half opened to see the action while getting so very close to release.

“Ohhh such a good lapper you are. Much better than when we first started ‘playing’ together huh pet?”

Mom didn’t respond.

“Maybe some day you can teach that taboo heat porno pretty little thing to suck my pussy to!”

Both my mother and I froze.

“You know I’ve had my eye on Sara for some time now. Think she’s as kinky as her slut mother?”

Mom moaned and shook her head profusely no against Jillian’s cunt, but all she did was laugh.

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe she’s not a painslut like you. Maybe you can get her to spank that nasty pussy of yours for a change, then you can stop calling me over all the time.”

That seemed to set mother off. She began eating Jillian’s cunt with a passion at those words. Did my mom actually get excited thinking about me spanking her own pussy? Did that taboo really get her off?

I really don’t know what I was thinking, or if I even controlled my own actions at this point, but with my fingers still rubbing my little puss, I emerged from the closet door.

Mom, her face buried inside Jillian’s thighs didn’t see me, but Jillian stared up with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. We stared at each other for a moment, then she looked down and saw where my hand was and smiled.

Slowly I crept up to mother from behind and knelt down to her contorted body, with my other hand I raised it above mom’s leaking wet cunt and looked at Jillian. She had the widest grin one ever did see, and nodded her approval….

Mom immediately stopped eating and screamed into Jillian’s thighs, instantly trying to pick her head back up. But Jillian held her head down, forcing her to remain in position for my stinging hand…

Mom wailed as I laid into her vulnerable puss. It was so easy with her all tied up, unable to move away from my hand as it came down again. She was shaking her head and echoing “NO NO” off Jillian’s hips while I rubbed my own leaking cunt. I couldn’t immediately tell if she was screaming because of the pain or because it was me who was giving it.

By the tenth swat, I had my answer. Gone was the head shaking and screaming, replaced by restrained grunting to each attack. What was once a drenched leaking vagina was now one that spurt and contracted around my hand upon every contact. Her hips were rocking as best they could to meet my slaps in rhythm. And the best indicator of all was the doubled look of pleasure on Jillian’s face as mom resumed her ministrations with increased zest.

Never in all my life had I imagined this day. Me, on my knees, spanking my own mother’s cunt while hogged tied nude in her own bedroom, eating out our neighbor’s pussy!

I was so close, Jillian was so close, and Mom was slaps away! Jillian looked at me and we made eye contact, moments later she reached down to mother’s tits and nodded. With that I laid on a flurry of the hardest stinging slaps I could must as Jillian yanked off my mom’s nipple clamps and pulled loose the bindings around her breasts.

The combination of my pussy attacks, and the pain of the blood flooding back into her bruised tits sent my poor dear mother over the each. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her whole body shook like crazy while screaming like hell had just arrived. I let my cupping hand press against her vagina and it gushed around it like a flood. An instant later Jillian’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fell onto her back shaking just like my mother. Finally, with the sight of my screaming mother, her orgasming neighbor, and my dam breaking fingers I joined them both, rolling eyes and all, withering on the floor, moaning and crying and gushing our shameful juices.

We all laid motionless on the floor for an hour, too exhausted to move an inch. Poor mother moaned in continuing discomfort from her bonds, but Jillian and I were too far gone to lift a finger to help her. When Jillian finally released the rope holding mom’s appendages together, they fell lifelessly to the floor next to her body. Those joints will hurt from some time.

As mom laid catatonic on the floor, slowly regaining use of her limbs, she watched half shamefully as Jillian did indeed teach her pretty little thing to eat pussy. She taught me what cunt lapping was all about, as well as how it felt to get me tits struck with Tommy’s ruler, or how nipple clamps stung like hell, or how mom does indeed give the best tongue worshiping I could ever dream.

Now, whenever I skip school, I time it with mommy when she skips work. That way we can skip together and call Jillian over to play with her two pets. Now she brings four nipple clamps 🙂

The End! Skipping school with Mommy!

Phoenix Arrow


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