13 Haziran 2021

Snobby Surma Ch. 06

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*Please read the earlier parts before reading this story to get the full effect of the storyline*

Rakesh got a call at the hotel. To his surprise it was Suresh, Surma’s husband.

“Rakesh I need to speak to you”

Rakesh gulped.

Had Suresh found out about him and Surma?

Why dint Surma warn him in advance?

Maybe she did not have time to inform him.

Rakesh was desperately seeking some justification for this.

“Yes Suresh. Anytime.” Rakesh tried to remain as cool as he could.

Okay so what? If Surma was in any trouble, he would marry Surma.

She would get a fat settlement from Suresh and moreover, she was rich anyway.

“Can we meet at the Trident hotel at the bar at 3 PM? Is that convenient?”

Suresh would never be so polite if he knew something was up between him and Surma.

Rakesh breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he felt a tinge of regret.

He suddenly realized that he dint mind being married to Surma.

“That’s fine Suresh. I’ll be there.”

“Oh good. See you soon then.”

Rakesh walked into the Trident bar wondering what Suresh wanted.

The plush interiors of the hotel made him feel a tad uncomfortable. He was used to entering such facilities only as an employee. Not as a guest.

Did Suresh need some personal information about Surma? Was he investigating her? Now? After marriage?

Suresh was already there and stood up to greet Rakesh. He was dressed in a smart blue shirt and black slacks. He looked every bit the businessman that he was. Rakesh gulped.

He realized that he had fucked this man’s wife.

“Hi Rakesh. Sit down please.”

“Thanks Suresh. Nice place.”

“Yeah. I like this place. Its called the Library bar. They have some great books. First editions of many of the classics.”

“They have one of the best gyms too.”

Rakesh spoke with a tinge of excitement in his voice.

“Aaah you certainly look like a gym type of person!”

“Haha Yeah. I always spent a lot of time on my body. Maybe I should have spent more time on my brain instead!”

“Rakesh. I have a rather serious matter to discuss with you”

“Go ahead Suresh. What is it?”

“Lets have a drink first. What would you like?”

“I’ll have a fresh lime soda please.”

Suresh waves to the waiter and orders a whisky for himself.

“Rakesh. Do you know I have diabetes?”

“No Suresh. I am sorry to hear that.”

“Yes. But the real problem is that certain types of diabetes cause sexual dysfunction. So I am unable to perform in bed.”

Rakesh stayed silent, not knowing what to say to such a confession.

Suresh continued. “Rakesh I know that it sounds like I am giving you too much information but you will understand shortly why I am telling you all this.

“Surma accuses me of having an affair but its not true. She is a very sexual woman and the simple fact is that I am not able to satisfy her sexually.”

“Why is he telling me all this?” Rakesh’s inner voice is screaming.

Rakesh’s discomfort with this conversation is obvious as he is not saying anything and is shifting in his chair.

“The reason I am telling you all this is that I have a proposition for you. This is very difficult for me to say. So give me some time to say it.”

Suresh finished his whisky in one gulp.

“Surma told me that you are unmarried and work in a hotel. I am willing to pay you three times your salary to keep my wife sexually satisfied.”

He took a pause.

“There I said it.”

Rakesh almost dropped his glass.

“Suresh! What are you saying?”

“Yes Rakesh. It has been a very difficult decision to make but I cannot afford to lose her. I love Surma dearly.”

“But will Surma agree to this?”

“She was the one who suggested your name and invited you over the other day so I could see you.

“That is why I got so drunk. The thought of another man sleeping with my wife was terrible. But now I have accepted that this is the only solution if I want to avoid a divorce.”

“The bitch! She knew I would go over to fuck her!” Rakesh was thinking to himself.

But at least she had thought of him.

“Three times my salary just to fuck Surma? Wow!”

Rakesh was singing songs inside his head.

Outwardly Rakesh was finding it hard to keep his cool. This was the best news he had heard in a long time.

“Rakesh I trust you. I know you will keep my wife happy without any strings attached.”

This sounded like a threat but Rakesh was beyond caring.He let it pass.

“Three times my salary to fuck Surma!” Rakesh’s mind was in a festive mood.

“Let me think about it Suresh. This is quite an offer! I cant imagine sleeping with another man’s wife!”

Rakesh was trying hard to contain his excitement by now.

“I know Rakesh. You don’t look the kind of person who would do that. I guessed that when I first saw you. I am a good judge of character.”

After they left the restaurant, Rakesh called Surma.

“So you knew I would come that day after all, haan?”

“Rakesh I coudint resist you. You saw that.”

“So canlı bahis Surma. Whose idea was this?”

“Mine! What did you think? I need Suresh’s money to survive Rakesh. He thinks that I will leave him. But I cant. This way I can have both money and sex.”

“Are you making me a gigolo?”

“Oh and you really hate that don’t you? Being paid to fuck me. How horrible!”

Surma then became serious.

“Rakesh I warn you. You cant fuck Deotima anymore. If you fuck Deotima, the deal of off.”

That silenced him.

Surma wanted money and her orgasms?

So why could’int he have both her and Deotima?

Rakesh knew Surma could not fuck anyone other than him. She was not a slut.

But he could not leave Deotima. Those boobs!

He decided he would worry about that later.

Now he needed to celebrate.

Rakesh’s joy knew no bounds. He could’int believe his luck!

Three times his salary!

He decided not to leave his job.

“Let them kick me out,” he thought.

If there was any problem he could always go back to his job.

Moreover, what if Suresh dint pay?

But he could’int leave Deotima. She was too precious.

Rakesh’s phone rang.

“Hi baby.”

It was Deotima.

Was life good or what?

“Hi sweetie! Whats up?”

“Just missing you. Havent seen you in a while”

“Your husband out of town?”

“Oh you devil. You think that’s the only time I call you?”

“When did he leave Deo?”

“I just got back from the airport.”

“Okay I’ll come over in a while.”

“Okay big shot. What time? I’ll get myself ready for you.”

“Ill be there by 7. Okay?”

“Yeah that’s fine. What do you want for dinner?”


“Mmm someone’s in a festive mood!”

“Mmmm maybe. I got a raise today.”

“Great! Then let’s celebrate!”



Rakesh thought of the arrangements for his new deal.

Deotima could know nothing of this.

Her husband went out of town so much of the time anyway. And she lavished gifts on him.

All his clothes were top designer stuff, thanks to her.

Surma could never tell Deotima that her husband was paying him to sleep with her.

And Deotima could never admit to having an affair.

Mmmm It all seemed neatly tied up.

If only they dint know each other, it would be a perfect situation.

But life is never perfect.

Rakesh arrived at Deotima’s house dressed in Armani pants and a Gucci shirt. He was dressed to kill.

He was happy with the events of the day.

Deotima looked ravishing in a maroon skirt and a top that left little to the imagination. Her jewelry tried hard to conceal her gorgeous boobs.

“You look delicious Deo.”

“So do you handsome. Armoney suits you.”

She was always punning on words.

They kissed and paused to visit the balcony.

Deotima’s penthouse flat was one of the super expensive cribs. It had a lovely view of the city with the sea in the distance.

It was a lovely day and the candles all over the house flickered as if in applause.

Deotima knew how to live in style. The Bose sound system blew sweet sensual music into the room and enhanced the aroma of peaches that wafted around the immaculately furnished living room.

Rakesh and Deo kissed long and hard and he traced the curve of her big breasts with his fingers, tickling her nipples to attention. Deotima sighed and arched her back towards him indicating complete surrender.

Rakesh bent down and lifted Deotima into his arms. His hands were under her skirt and he felt her bare thighs and ass. She was’int wearing panties.

Rakesh sat down in the plush sofa and continued with his exploration of her magnificent body.

“Why did you go to meet Surma?”

The question was sudden and unexpected.


“Answer me.”

“How did you know?”

“I dint. I can tell from your eyes you bastard!”

“It was nothing. She called me. Out of the blue. Just to tell me not to see you. She saw it in your eyes it seems. Are both of you are face readers?”

“Are you trying to tell me you dint fuck her? How dumb do you think I am, Rakesh?”

“Its up to you Deo. To believe or not to believe.”

“Did you tell her you were fucking me?”

“I am not that stupid.”

“I’m glad. Now fuck me.”

“Not that fast. You accused me for no reason. Apologize.”

“You know me Rakesh. There will be no apology from me.”

“Oh yeah there will be. You have met your match Deo. Remember that. I can be stubborn too.”

“Fuck off.”

“Okay then. It was nice seeing you.”

Rakesh walked to the door and opened it.

As he was about to shut the door behind him he heard a small voice.

“I am sorry.”

He gestured to Deotima to come to him. He was going to milk this for all it was worth.

Deotima reluctantly came to him. She was still sulky and looked amazing.

Rakesh pushed her to her knees. She knew what to do.

Deotima unzipped Rakesh and pulled out his huge cock. Watching the beautiful, high society Deotima bahis siteleri on her knees in front of him, Rakesh felt himself get hard and poured his strength into his cock.

Deo saw it swell up and fill her hands and shivered in excitement. She stroked it greedily. She could never resist his cock. She was mesmerized.

Her husband Hugo was nowhere close to this size. And he never got this hard. Even when he was ‘erect’, he was just half as hard as this. This was a real man’s cock.

Rakesh felt Deotima’s soft, wet tongue on his hard cock. He felt her thick lips surround the head and her velvet tongue lick round and round along pleasure points around the head of his cock.

This was heaven.

Deotima licked him over and round the head and along the sides. Her fingers gently caressed the vein along his cock and masturbated him.

Now she started to squeeze his manhood to feel its hardness. It was rock hard. Her delicate manicured fingers just about surrounded his cock. She squeezed and moved her hand up and down, up and down his member. His foreskin smoothly slid over and away from the head of his cock. Sensations of pleasure were shooting through Rakesh’s body. He moaned in appreciation.

Deotima then took Rakesh deep into her mouth.

Deeper and deeper. She had to release her throat muscles so he could move in deeper into her mouth. He was touching the back of her throat. Rakesh could feel the soft skin of her throat rubbing against the head of his cock as she sucked him.

This was the first time Deotima was deepthroating him.

This girl was amazing!

Rakesh felt a tingling sensation that seemed to spread all over his body.

“Deotima what are you doing? Oh God! Where did you learn this? Ohhhhhhh Godd!”

Then the unthinkable happened.

Rakesh felt himself start to cum. Deotima saw his reaction and immediately started to suck faster and harder.

He tried to hold back and pushed her away.

She fell back, with the force his push, still in a daze. Then she smiled as she saw what she had done. He had started to spurt.

It was too late.

Rakesh pulled her back on to his throbbing cock and let himself cum.

He could feel the rush of semen spurt into her mouth. Deo swallowed every drop. She loved seeing Rakesh’s face as he was cumming. Her wide open luminous brown eyes were focused on his face as she swallowed every drop of his cum.

He had an other worldly look about him, like he was on another planet. Then he returned to earth and gave her a look of gratitude. She smiled with a childish excitement. This look was what she craved.

The taste of his cum was still on her tongue.

Reluctantly she released his penis from her lips and saw it slowly deflate.

He fell to the floor in satiation.

Deotima slithered into his arms and on to his chest.

Her most favorite place in the world. Between his arms with her head on his chest. She stroked his flaccid cock gently in appreciation.

She knew Rakesh hated to cum early. She felt a sense of excitement at having made him lose control. It showed her how much he was turned on by her. He would satisfy her later. He loved to do that. He needed to hear her scream and she always obliged him.

Rakesh slipped into a satisfied sleep. Deotima watched him sleep and smiled. How much pleasure this man had given her!

She kissed him gently as he slept. Little kisses all over his chest.

He would soon wake up and want to fuck. She took a shower and wore a short skirt. He loved short skirts. He always said they made her look like a school girl.

She combed her hair back the way he liked it and dabbed on some lip gloss and did her eyes. She applied a peachy body lotion.

She was ready for him.

She made herself some tea and waited for Rakesh to wake up. She realized she was getting wet just looking at him. When he woke up he would be like an animal. She giggled in excitement.

Rakesh slept for the usual one hour and woke up promptly. He saw her sitting in front of him dressed in his favorite outfit and noticed with pleasure that she had worn no panties.

Deotima had spread her legs ever so slightly apart so he would notice the missing panties. He loved that.

She saw where his eyes were focused and pretended not to notice.

“Sweetie can I make you some tea?”

Rakesh grunted his reply. “Give me a minute.”

His eyes were still on her crotch. She brought her thighs back together. She noticed his rapidly growing erection. She smiled when he had his back to her. She loved teasing him. He would come out of the bathroom raging horny. She was ready.

Rakesh excused himself and went to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and took a quick shower.

As he washed his growing penis, the thought of Deotima waiting outside for him with no panties on, ready to fuck, made him rock hard.

He toweled himself off quickly and wore her bathrobe and walked out to her.

He pulled Deotima up to her feet. She pretended that she was not ready for him and whined.

“Rakesh! So soon? Rest for a while. bahis şirketleri You just woke up!”

He ignored her protests and kissed her deep on her lips. Her hand went automatically into the bathrobe and onto his already erect penis.

She stroked it and squeezed, admiring his hardness. She smiled in secret delight at the effect she had on him.

She started to push his foreskin back and forth on his penis.

Rakesh moaned at the feel of her soft fingers on his cock.

Rakesh could not wait any longer. He had to fuck her.

He pushed her back on the sofa and spread her legs wide apart. She held her legs apart with her knees straight. She knew he loved the sight of her shaved pussy when she held her legs up straight and thighs apart.

Rakesh grunted his approval and started to lick her pussy lips. He licked the sides of her pussy lips and the sides of her hips and inner thighs. His hands were running all over her smooth body. He cupped her huge boobs and squeezed them. How he loved her tits and those erect nipples.

Deotima started her loud moaning that he loved so much. This girl loved sex.

“Please Rakesh. Don’t tease! Please na darling! Please! Just lick me there!”

Rakesh never allowed her quick pleasure. She had to wait for it. Delayed gratification.

Rakesh noticed that she was alarmingly wet. So wet that she was dripping pussy juice down her thighs. He had’int satisfied her earlier and now she was so terribly excited that her juices were on overdrive.

Rakesh decided to let her off easy since she was so wet. He licked her clit and sucked it into his mouth. She was so wet he had to slurp her pussy juice into his mouth. He loved how she tasted.

In and out, round and round he licked her. Fast and slow. Side to side. Up and down.

Deotima was thrusting her hips against his mouth and screaming.

“Rakesh! Oh God! Rakesh! This is too much! I cant take it! Oh God!”

Suddenly she gasped and stopped breathing.

Then she did what she had never done before.

“Rakeshhhhhhh!!!!!!! Rakeshhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhh…”

There was silence for a few seconds and then it happened.

She squirted.

A spray of pussy juice straight into the air!

It just missed his ear and fell all over the floor. She was still thrusting her hips up and down while he watched amazed.

He had seen girls squirting on porn sites. He thought it was fake and some trick!

Deotima was in a daze. This was the first time it was happening to her.

Rakesh laughed out aloud.

“Deo! You squirted! My God! Fantastic!”

Deotima was still thrusting her hips towards him.

Then she seemed to wake up from a deep coma.

“Rakesh shut up! What the hell was that?”

Rakesh was still laughing in glee.

“Haha! Lets see if it happens again!”

Rakesh started to fuck her. Faster and faster. She was delirious again and was screaming nonstop. Within a few minutes it happened again.

He pulled out and let her spray her cum again.

She was screaming and thrusting her hips wildly.

Deotima was a squirter!

Rakesh leaned back and laughed louder. He was enjoying this terribly. Even on porn sites this was rare!

Rakesh fucked her again from behind and made her squirt again.

Deotima was so exhausted that she slipped into a deep sleep.

Rakesh wrapped up the sheet he had brought so her sofa would not get wet with her squirting and wiped the floor and sprayed the place with perfume.

Deotima had woken up by now.

She was still in a delirious state and was like a drunken woman.

Rakesh lay next to her and kissed her.

“Come on. Let us take a squirt. Oh. I mean shower!”

Deotima laughed weakly and went obediently to the bathroom.

“Oh my God! That was so crazy! How is that possible?” Deotima was still in shock but she was enjoying his excitement. She had never felt better. Her whole body was tingling.

“That is called a squirt baby. I have read about it in books,” Rakesh said happily like he had discovered some new feature among womankind.

“Oh shut up! You reading? You must have seen it in one of your porn videos.”

“Me watch porn? Chee chee!” Rakesh giggled. She knew him so well.

They toweled each other and Rakesh teased her mercilessly.

“Come on baby. Let me put my shaving cream in there. You can squirt it onto my face! After that you can spray some after shave on me!”

They drank tea and talked about how it must have been when the first cave woman squirted.

“She must have been declared a witch!”

Rakesh started to sing ‘witchy woman’ by the Eagles and they laughed.

Suddenly his phone rang.

Deotima looked at his phone instinctively, recognized the number and went berserk.

“You bastard! You’re fucking Surma too?”

She began to punch him in the side. She was in tears.

Rakesh held her tight and shook her.


“Surma’s husband asked me to sleep with her. He has some erectile dysfunction problem and is paying me thrice the salary I am getting at the hotel.”

“I cant believe this! So you are a gigolo now?”

” I couldint refuse. She needs me. And I hate my job.”

“So you are going to sit all day polishing your cock?”

“No I am not quitting. I will work till they throw me out.”

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