24 Haziran 2021

Spring Break Visit

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My apologies to readers who have read Cleveland Dreams and are now reading this – the stories obviously have not been submitted in the order they probably should have been for the purists among you. As a relatively new author I was trying to put my best foot forward in my submissions. Having said that, I hope you enjoy this one!


A few years ago, when my son was still in college, he announced that he was coming home for his spring break – an unusual event, since he and his friends usually headed off to warmer climates. He asked if he could bring his friend Ted home with him as Ted was at loose ends with limited funds. At first it seemed there was a conflict, because the break was scheduled for the same week my wife’s best friend Penny was going to visit. Luckily we have a big house with a finished basement, and it was decided that Penny could stay in the guest bedroom as planned and Ted would sleep on the foldout couch in the basement. I passed this information on to my son and told him the visit was fine. He started telling me about Ted – what a good guy he was, how good an athlete he was – things like that. In passing, he also joked to me that one thing Ted took grief for at school was the size of his cock – it was reputed to be thirteen inches long when erect. He mentioned that Ted actually had problems getting dates despite his good looks because the girls were scared of his cock.

I went over the plans for the week with my wife Debbie and in the course of the conversation mentioned what my son had told me about Ted’s cock. We both thought it was amusing because it was a problem most men would love to have, and part of the fantasies of both men and women. When the week finally came, Penny arrived before the two guys and we spent an evening unwinding with her, relaxing and drinking wine. Debbie mentioned that the house would be a little crowded because of Ted, but that she shouldn’t worry – the basement was very comfortable and Ted would be fine. Since Penny hadn’t seen the remodeled basement we all went downstairs to admire the new look. It was, in fact, very comfortable; a convertible sofa and some chairs were arranged around a big-screen television in one part of the great room. In another area was a full bath with a shower – all the comforts of home.

Back upstairs, we drank some more wine and chatted for a while. As the evening wore on I excused myself so the two women could talk without me and went upstairs to read in bed. Debbie came upstairs about an hour later and we talked for a few minutes before going to sleep. As she usually does, she told me all about Penny’s personal life; she wasn’t seeing anyone right now and was concerned that she was forty-two and not seriously involved with a man. That surprised me because she was a very attractive forty-two – long legs, a very shapely body accentuated by spectacular breasts, a classically beautiful face and long dark hair. Debbie also whispered that she had told Penny about Ted’s rumored endowment but had sworn her to secrecy so poor Ted wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Ted and Brett arrived the next day. Ted looked the part of a college athlete, about six-foot, two inches tall and well-muscled, but not overly so. Introductions were made, and I could have sworn Penny glanced down at Ted’s crotch as they shook hands. Ted definitely checked her out; Penny was looking exceptionally good in a peasant blouse and fairly tight jeans. The blouse accentuated the size of her large breasts and gave a good view of cleavage, while the jeans highlighted a succulent ass. I was as interested as Ted but hopefully a little more discreet.

Later that evening we all decided to use the hot tub on our deck. Ted had to borrow one of my suits (Brett’s were too small) and Penny had to borrow one from my wife. As usual the men were ready first, and we were comfortably set up in the hot tub by the time the women arrived. The two boys had beers and I had opened a bottle of wine for the ladies and me. When Debbie and Penny came out they were wearing robes, as there was a chill in the air. Debbie took her robe off, showing us a modest one-piece swimsuit. Then Penny slipped her robe off, revealing one of Debbie’s more daring two-piece suits. The bottom was cut high on the hips, making her long legs seem even longer. But what made it more spectacular was the top. Penny’s breasts were larger than Debbie’s and the suit barely fit Debbie. On Penny the top looked like an impending eruption, her breasts threatening to burst out at any moment. I took a quick look at Brett and Ted; both of them were wide-eyed as they checked out Penny’s body while she stepped into the tub. What surprised me even more was that Penny slipped between the two boys instead of sitting next to Debbie. The boys slid over to make room for her, keeping a respectable distance on either side.

We all relaxed in the hot water and drank, enjoying the evening and company. Penny drank her wine more quickly than usual, and soon was flirting harmlessly with both boys. She moved closer to Ted as the evening güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri went by, and I started to wonder what was going on. By the end of the evening she was so close that her hip had to be touching Ted’s. The bubbles and jets in the tub hid anything below the surface from view, but I could see her press her breast into his arm when she turned to talk to him. She was using her hands when she talked but kept them below the surface while listening.

I thought nothing more of it until later that evening when I started to go down to the basement with fresh towels for Ted. He and Brett were talking downstairs and apparently didn’t know I was at the top of the stairs. Ted was talking quietly, but the sound traveled up the stairwell.

“So, what’s with your Aunt Penny? She’s a looker for her age! What is she – forty years old?”

“I guess,” Brett answered. “She’s not really my aunt. She’s like an honorary aunt.”

“Oh man, that’s great to hear!” Ted exclaimed in a relieved voice.

“What do you mean?”

“Dude – she was coming on to me in the hot tub. Did you see how close she was sitting? She rubbed those big tits against me a couple times – gave me an instant hard-on.”

“Bullshit – she probably did that by accident!”

“Yeah, and she played footsie under the water by accident too. Man, she put her hand on my thigh a couple of times and brushed it across my cock when she moved it! I’m telling you – I think the lady wants me. The question is – how do I hook up with her without everyone getting uptight?”

I heard Brett stand up. “You don’t – not here in the house. I think you’re imagining all this. She’s got a nice body and all that, but Aunt Penny’s twice your age – old enough to be your mother!”

“Hey man, don’t get mad. I didn’t start anything, she did. Alright, I’ll lay off unless she starts something again.”

“Do that,” Brett answered curtly. I beat a quick retreat through the door before he caught me, my mind racing. Could Penny really have been doing all that under the bubbles? Her hand on Ted’s cock – was she fascinated by the stories Debbie had told her?

That weekend there was a dinner/dance at our country club. Penny, Debbie and I were already going; out of courtesy we asked Brett and Ted if they wanted to join us. Brett had a date for the evening, but Ted was free – he had planned to hang out and watch television. When I invited him to join the three of us he surprised me by sounding interested. I told him that jackets and ties were required, but that wasn’t a problem – he had packed both. I assured him that lots of younger people would be there, not just us old folks, and he decided to go.

I let Debbie know that Ted would be joining us; she countered by telling me that she and Penny were going shopping for dresses for the event. The day passed uneventfully with Brett and Ted off somewhere and me doing various chores around the house. As evening approached I showered and dressed, and then got out of the way so the women could get ready. Brett left on his date, and Ted came upstairs ready to go. We watched the news while we waited for the women.

The sound of high heels on the second floor alerted us that they were ready, and Ted and I went to greet them at the bottom of the stairs. Both women were looking good – Debbie had on a new white dress with a high neckline. Penny was really stunning, dressed in black cocktail dress with a neckline scooped low in front. She was showing a lot of cleavage, her big breasts pushed high above the neckline by her bra. Ted and I complimented them both and helped them with their coats as we prepared to leave.

Ted and I sat in the front of the car during the fifteen minute drive to the club. We sat boy-girl at the table and enjoyed a great dinner and several bottles of wine. Ted and Penny got along well despite the difference in age, and I began to think that something might happen between them that night. There were all sorts of little signals – Penny would laugh at something Ted said, for instance, and reach out to touch his arm. Her hand would linger for a while before she withdrew it. Nothing too obvious, but more attention to Ted than you would expect given the age difference. After coffee and dessert, the band started to play; Ted immediately asked Penny to dance and she quickly accepted.

As the party progressed Penny continued to drink wine and grow more uninhibited. She danced with Ted almost continuously, both fast and slow dances. On the fast ones I could see that Ted was getting a good view of Penny’s big breasts bouncing around in her low-cut dress. On the slow numbers I watched as they progressed to where Penny wrapped her arms around his neck and danced with her hips and breasts pressing firmly against him. It was easy to see that Penny was getting hot and, with the right opportunity, any pass Ted made at her might be accepted. I was beginning to hope I would somehow have a chance to watch the two of them fuck.

About one o’clock the party began to break up, and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri we decided to head home. Debbie and I got in the front of the car, and Penny and Ted in the back. Debbie settled down onto her seat and closed her eyes, obviously tired. I pulled away from the curb, glanced in the mirror once I was on the street, and saw Ted lean over to kiss Penny. She returned the kiss eagerly, turning toward him a little to make better contact. They continued to make out, and it wasn’t too long before one of Ted’s hands moved up to the front of her dress and began caressing her breasts. Penny not only didn’t object to this, she seemed to settle in closer to Ted. I stole quick glances at them as I drove, being careful not to get caught peeking. Debbie was asleep on the passenger side, so they must have felt that they weren’t being watched. After a while, Ted was really working Penny’s breasts over as they kissed; his hand would press on one of the large mounds and her pale flesh would swell over the top of her dress as he squeezed her tit. Then Ted’s hand moved to her thigh and began to move up to her crotch. Penny did finally stop him inches from the juncture of her thighs but was content to let his hand stay there and rub her inner thigh.

The drive went on; as it did, it was getting pretty hot and heavy in the back seat and I started to wonder if they were going to go for it right in the car. I decided to take a detour and extend the trip. Just as I turned, Ted moved his hand back to Penny’s breast. He reached up and slipped her dress and bra strap off her shoulder, lowering her dress a few inches on her left side. His hand went back to her breast and pushed a mound of the creamy flesh above the material. He worked his way down her neck to the mound and began to kiss the upper part of her breast. Penny squirmed and her right hand moved from Ted’s leg to his crotch, tentatively rubbing him there. He had to have a hard-on – I know I did and I wasn’t working on those big breasts! Penny’s delicate hand moved over the front of Ted’s pants, tracing his erection. From where her hand was going I could tell it was a big one. She moved her hand up and down slowly and I started to hear both of them breathing hard. Ted lowered the dress even further and pulled the material of Penny’s lacy black bra down to expose her nipple. I almost groaned at my first look at one of her spectacular breasts, but my vision was quickly blocked as Ted leaned over to suck on the hard nub of her nipple. Penny started to fumble with the zipper on Ted’s pants; sadly, just as she was making progress Debbie stirred and asked if we were near the house. Penny quickly sat upright and straightened her dress, her face and chest flushed with excitement. Giving up on my hope that they would do something in the car, I headed home as Debbie dozed off again.

Arriving home, I woke Debbie and guided her into the house. She and I made our excuses and started up to bed. Before I went upstairs, I suggested to Penny and Ted that they help themselves to a nightcap and set some port out for them. I then headed off to our bedroom, where Debbie was already in bed. I joined her and waited the few minutes I knew it would take her to go to sleep. She was exhausted, and quickly fell into a deep sleep. Taking my chance, I quietly slipped out of bed and went to our closet to retrieve my video camera. I thanked my organization – I always have it loaded with a fresh tape – and slipped out of our bedroom. At the top of the stairs I could just hear Penny and Ted talking in the living room below. I crept down to the landing that looked down on the room and peeked over the rail, hoping to see them in an embrace or even fucking. The room that they were in was not brightly lit, and the intervening hall and stairway were very dark, so I was pretty sure I couldn’t be seen. I was disappointed to see that they were sitting on opposite ends of the couch, Penny with her heels off and legs curled up under her. They were each sipping the port and talking quietly.

Listening carefully I could hear Penny say that she was glad they had a moment to slow down. She said she’d had a lot to drink at the party and had gotten carried away in the car. Ted answered that she should stop fighting her feelings – it was obvious they were attracted to each other and they shouldn’t be afraid to act on their desires. Penny tossed down the last of her drink and got up to refill her glass.

Ted got up too and followed her to the table where the bottle of port sat. He took her glass out of her hand, then took her into his arms and gave her a deep kiss. Penny wasn’t resisting – in fact she had her arms wrapped around his neck and was kissing him back. Turning on the camera, I started to tape them from my vantage point on the landing.

The sensual kiss seemed to sweep away all Penny’s attempts at restraint. After they kissed for a few minutes, getting more and more passionate, Ted found the zipper at the back of the tight black dress and I zoomed in with the camera as güvenilir bahis şirketleri he unzipped it. He pulled the dress off her shoulders and down until it slid over Penny’s hips and landed on the floor at her feet. Penny stepped out of it and kicked it off to the side with her foot. She was now making out with Ted clad only in a black bra, matching black panties and nylons. I could see her impressive breasts from the side, pushed out as she molded her body to Ted’s. Ted next found the clasp to her bra, and moments later it was also on the floor and Penny’s pendulous breasts were free. I zoomed in on them for a moment – my second look at her tits – and then zoomed out to catch all the action. Ted continued to kiss her and then worked his way down her throat, soon starting to kiss and caress her breasts and nipples. I knew right then that there was no turning back for Penny; her head went back as he sucked on her hard nipples and she pushed her breasts into his face. From the groans of pleasure coming from her it was clear she loved every second of Ted’s attention. Ted cupped both of her big tits in his hands and pushed them together. He lashed her nipples with his tongue until they stood out prominently. Then he sucked hard on one of the big nipples while squeezing the other between his fingers. Penny’s hands were wrapped in his hair as he worked her breasts over, keeping his face buried in the soft tit-flesh.

After a few more minutes of worshipping Penny’s breasts Ted lowered himself to his knees in front of her and started pulling her panties and nylons down over her hips. Soon her dark, dense bush was in plain view. Ted continued to slide the panties and stockings down her legs, steadying her while she stepped out of them. As he tossed them to the side Penny was now completely naked in front of him. I panned up and down her voluptuous body as she stood there, enjoying my first look at her nude. I was breathing every bit as hard as Ted as I surveyed her, wishing I were the one about to fuck her.

I heard Penny gasp as Ted slid his hands up her legs to her ass and pulled her pussy into his face. Then she let out a deep groan as he started to lap at her slit. Spreading her legs apart, she leaned back against the table; her hands went to the back of his head, pressing him more firmly against her crotch. Given the noises coming from her, Ted appeared to be pretty good at eating pussy. Penny began breathing harder and soon had an orgasm. Her knees buckled a little; I think she would have fallen to the floor except for the support of the table. Ted stood up to help hold her as she recovered. He kissed her and caressed her breasts, not letting Penny cool down.

Penny broke the kiss and managed to gasp out, “Take off your clothes.” Ted let go of her almost hesitantly and took off his shirt and undershirt. He had kicked off his shoes and started to undo his belt when he stopped. Moving closer to Penny he kissed her again, but this time his hands went to her shoulders. Penny knew what he wanted; her hand went to his cock and rubbed the huge bulge in Ted’s trousers. She allowed herself to be guided to her knees so his crotch was at her face. As she knelt in front of him Ted asked her if she would like to undress him. Instead of answering, Penny quickly reached up to his belt and undid the buckle. She fumbled with the button on Ted’s pants for a second but managed to get it undone. She pulled down his zipper and slid his pants over his hips, letting them fall to the floor.

Ted had boxers on, and his cock made an enormous bulge in the front of the loose material. I zoomed in on Penny’s face as her eyes widened at the sight of the bulge, then panned out in time to see her hands go to the sides of the boxers and begin to pull them down. The head of Ted’s cock appeared, and then the rest of his huge shaft as Penny slowly pulled the shorts away. I could hear Penny saying that she known he was big from feeling him through his pants, but not this big. She hadn’t known any man’s cock could get that big. I had to agree; it looked more like a horse’s cock than a man’s.

Ted stepped out of the pants and shorts and brought his cock up to Penny’s face. I zoomed in again, so just his cock and her face were in the frame.

“Go ahead, kiss it,” he encouraged her. “You know you want to.”

I watched Penny’s face, magnified in the camera’s viewfinder, as she looked up at Ted and back to the monster in front of her. Her hand came into the frame and grasped the base of Ted’s cock – it didn’t start to go around the massive shaft. Penny’s pink tongue darted nervously across her red lips, wetting them. She spoke softly. “You’re so big – my hand barely goes halfway around it.” Ted’s cock rocked in front of her until she tightened her grip, steadying it. Then she moved forward and her lips lightly touched the swollen head. Ted’s breath caught in a sharp gasp – even I heard him – and his hips rocked toward Penny. Her lips moved across the end of his cock and opened slightly. I zoomed in closer and got a great shot of Penny’s tongue as it rolled around Ted’s cockhead. Ted lurched forward when she did that, and Penny opened her mouth wider, sliding her lips over just the head of his member. Her hand stroked the shaft slowly and Ted’s legs shook. I could only imagine what her tongue was doing to the sensitive head inside her mouth.

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