17 Mayıs 2021

Staying Late at the Office

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For the tenth time in the last hour, Dena looked up at the clock on her wall, and then down at her watch. Five forty-five, and still two people at their desks in the outer office, which she could see through the glass walls of her private office. It’s Friday night, people! she thought to herself. Don’t you have homes! Go!

As if hearing her thoughts, the last two rose from their desks and began collecting their things, ready at last to start off the weekend. Dena quickly looked down at the work on her desk she’d been pretending to work on for the last two hours, so that they wouldn’t catch her watching them. She allowed herself a smile, and reached a hand down between her legs, pressing the tips of her fingers against the front of her lacey black g-string. She felt the sopping wetness there, and the sensation brought on by the pressure made her sigh and bite her lower lip. She was very ready to start the weekend also, but first she needed everyone gone from the office.

“Sure you don’t want to join us, Dena?” The question startled her, but Dena managed not to jerk her head up too quickly. One of the last two co-workers, Will, stood in the doorway to her office, looking first at her and then at the piles of paperwork on her desk. “All that crap will still be here for you when Monday rolls around, but margaritas are only 2 for 1 tonight.”

“That’s just it. I’d rather get it off my desk tonight then wait until Monday.”

Everything on her desk was already done—she’d finished it hours ago, knowing that by this time in the afternoon her attention would be consumed by anticipation. But she’d left it on her desk to complete the illusion of being swamped. “You guys go tie one on, and maybe I’ll join you next week.”

“I swear, Dena, I’m starting an office fund to buy you a life for Christmas. Don’t work too hard, okay?” Will waved and headed for the office exit. Once he was out of sight she pulled her phone from her purse and made the call she’d been aching to make for hours.

“Everybody’s gone, babes,” she said, sounding out of breath. “Hurry up and get here so you can fuck me.”

The truth was that fucking in Dena’s office had been Tom’s idea originally. “I’ve always had this fantasy about it, ever since I saw it in a porn flick when I was a teenager,” he’d confessed one night while they were lying in bed after an intense fuck session. “When you told me you had your own office, it was the first thing I thought of!” Since they’d met and become intimates, Tom had gone out of his way to help Dena live out fantasy after fantasy, and so without hesitation she replied, “Well, we’ll have to do something about making that happen, won’t we?”

The strange thing was that as they picked the day they were going to do it, and as Dena prepared throughout the week, making sure there were no late appointments that Friday, making sure the small real estate agency she worked for didn’t have security cameras in the agents’ offices (she’d never bothered to ask before then), she’d found herself growing so excited about it that by that afternoon she’d found it hard to breathe at times. To breathe, and not to duck into the ladies room to stuff her hand up her skirt and give her clit and pussy some sweet relief. But she managed to maintain her self-control while all the other employees were still around, and so by this time she was absolutely soaked.

Well, she thought with a wicked grin, now that everyone’s gone, there’s no harm in warming up a little.

Dena stood up to draw the shades of her office windows, both the ones facing the outer office and the once facing outside, closed. Then she sat back down ataşehir escort in her high-backed leather chair, and turned it towards the window behind her. Tilting the chair back, she placed her feet, now free of her pumps, up high on the window sill, her legs apart. Her hands started low, from the tops of her thighs, pulling the hem of her skirt up as they moved up and in between her legs. When her fingertips reached the dampened gusset of her panties, waves of pleasure radiated from her crotch, up through her torso to her shoulders and neck, making the hairs on the back of her neck tingle. Her head fell back softly to rest against the back of the chair, her eyes closing, a whimper escaping from her lips.

She rubbed the soft wet material against her clit, starting from just above the fleshy mound and pressing her fingers hard as the tips moved down, drawing the material along with them. She inhaled deeply and bit her lower lip, feeling her temperature rising with each touch. Her fingers moved over her lips, and she pressed the material against them, moving them in an oval, tracing the shape of her lips, slowly at first, then quickening her pace as her need grew and grew.

When she couldn’t take the teasing anymore she pulled aside her panties. The first direct touch at her clit made her cry out. She placed her index and middle fingers on either side of her clit and squeezed it between them, tugging at it. Slowly, she started to circle it, over and over, her fingertips wet and slick. Her breathing quickened as her motions did. She pressed the back of her head deeper into the chair headrest, eyes tightly shut. She felt her orgasm building, the ache for release that had been pent up all day long, stoked by thoughts of that evening’s plan, of Tom fucking her all over the office, the way he’d described to her the night they’d made the plan. It was all too much, and she couldn’t wait any longer.

A loud groan escaped from deep in the back of her throat when she pushed her index and middle fingers into her pussy. She thrust them deep, all the way to the knuckle, and curled her fingers toward her palm. She pressed her fingertips along her inner walls, the sensation nearly overwhelming her. She reached her other hand down to rub at her swollen clit. She circled over it with the fingers of her left hand as the fingers of her right curled and straightened inside her. She parted them, moving them like a pair of scissors, opening and closing, pushing against the tight squeezing of her walls. She was close, so close, and she rushed towards it, her hands a blur.

And then suddenly Tom was whispering in her ear, “You really shouldn’t leave your door unlocked if you’re going to do that, baby.”

“If I’d locked it, I would have had to stop to let you in.”

“Well, we couldn’t have that, now could we, nasty girl?” Tom took hold of the armrests of the chair and turned it so that Dena was facing him. “Now let me help you with that.”

Tom went to his knees before her and immediately pulled off her panties. As he kissed and licked the insides of her thighs, she leaned forward in her chair to take off and toss aside her jacket, leaving only the sheer, lacey black slip she’d worn underneath. She felt him suck her clit between his lips and squeeze it, and she let out another loud moan. She slouched down lower in the chair to press her pussy harder against his face, and he responded by sucking harder, then releasing and running his tongue along her slit.

“Fuck, I want to cum,” she said in a single breath. “So fucking close …”

“Mmmmmm,” was Tom’s only response as he took to sucking at her clit kadıköy escort once more, then running his tongue over it while it was in his mouth. Then she felt his fingers start playing with her labia, running up and down the slit, feeling her wetness as she herself had been doing earlier.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me with your fingers,” she begged. She knew how much he loved it when she begged—he’d fuck her all the harder the more she begged. “Don’t tease me anymore, please, please …”

Without taking his mouth from her clit, he pushed two fingers into her pussy, sliding them in with little effort. She cried out and bore down on them, especially as she felt him start to move them inside her. She looked down at him, and saw that he was watching her, having taken his mouth away from her clit for a moment. She saw his hand, palm facing up, his index and middle fingers inside her all the way. She felt him curling his fingers inside her, and all of it together caused her to lose it.

The waves of sensation buffeted her, her body shuddering, and she cried out, not caring how loud it was. Tom didn’t let up—in fact, she felt him add a third finger inside her, stretching her pussy as he thrust into her, the width of it wracking her body with pleasure. He started lapping at her clit, and she gasped as the sudden sensation brought on another orgasmic wave, as though it were chained to the end of the first one. It was almost too much, and reflexively her body pulled away from his fingers and mouth. But Tom’s other hand held her firm in the chair, and soon any desire to pull away vanished as the need returned stronger than before.

“Mmmmmm you’re so ready to get fucked, aren’t you?”

“God, yes! Fuck me!”

She stood from the chair and unzipped her skirt, and Tom hurriedly pulled it down from her hips and tossed it aside. He got behind her and bent her over the desk, and she heard him unbuckle his belt and pull his jeans off. She felt him lean down to give a few licks to her soaked, swollen pussy lips and her ass before plunging his cock into her to the hilt. Her mouth stretched open in a wide-mouthed cry, she clutched at the edge of the desk as he filled her, her arms knocking papers off the desk to the floor. He then pulled his hips back and pulled himself completely out.

“Don’t take it away,” she whimpered, “Give it to me, please, babes, I need it …”

“You love getting fucked like a slut, don’t you? Licked and sucked and fucked like a whore in the middle of your own office, don’t you? Say it!”

“Yes, I fucking love it! Fuck, yes!” She screamed it over and over, and he rewarded her by pounding his cock deep into her pussy, holding her hips in place and thrusting in and out of her. She could feel his balls slapping against her clit, the smacking noises of their bodies colliding making her feel even more deliciously whorish. Only Tom had ever understood how much she loved being treated this way during sex. Understood it, and nurtured and loved her for it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be here, and his fantasy would never have become hers, too.

He pulled his cock from her, and she whimpered again, but when she looked back she saw what he had in mind. He was sitting in her chair now, stroking his cock, which glistened with her juices. He wanted her to take a ride.

Facing away from him, her hands on the armrests of the chair, she lowered herself completely onto his cock, taking him deep and hard. His hands held her hips, and he used his arms to help her as she started to bob up and down onto him, using her toned legs to slide up along his dick and then back down onto it. She leaned back bostancı escort bayan into him, and he wrapped his arms around her, reaching one hand down to rub his fingers over her clit. Feeling the pressure of his fingers on it drove her into another gear, and she ground herself down his cock as hard as she could, taking him to the hilt, wanting him as deep as possible. His other hand wrapped around her torso, under her breasts, holding her close, helping to move her up and down.

Soon the waves were coming again, and as she slowed, her body tensing at the approach of her orgasm, he took over, thrusting up into her over and over, causing her to gush and spasm all over his cock. He kept his fingers working over her clit, rubbing back and forth over it, across it, timing it with his thrusts and each upward thrust started another wave of pleasure crashing down on her, and another, and another. She couldn’t think anymore—it was all hunger and need and lust, and she wanted it to last forever.

Soon he was moving her again, and she found herself lying across her desk on her back, her ass at the edge, legs up high, held up there by his grip on her ankles. He pushed her legs up close around her head, and standing near the desk, he bent forward to taste her dripping cunt and give teasing licks to her puckered asshole. And suddenly she knew what he was up to.

He stood up straight and took hold of her ankles again with one hand. She watched him lick the palm and fingers of his other hand and stroke his cock with it, mixing his saliva with her own juices still glistening on it. He then pressed the head of it against her little hole, pressed until she felt it enter her ass. He held there, and she let out a long, deep sigh as she relaxed her sphincter and let him penetrate her. He pushed in slowly, deliberately holding back from thrusting, instead just moving into her, and she groaned loud and low when his cock was finally fully buried inside. He held his cock there, for how long she didn’t know, because he was also playing with her clit again with his fingers, and the sensations were all overwhelming her.

Soon however he started his rhythm, pulling out halfway, pushing back in fully, out, then in again. He matched the pace with his thumb, alternately rubbing over her clit and pushing into her pussy, hooking inside her and pressing against her inner walls. The double penetration, having his thumb probe for her g-spot while he fucked her in the ass, had her clutching again at the edge of the desk, white-knuckled. She cried out loudly with each inward thrust—it felt as though his cock was splitting her in half, and would come out through the top of her head, he was in so deep. And still she wanted more.

And through it all Tom kept talking to her, calling her a whore, a wanton slut, HIS wanton, cock-crazy slut who couldn’t get enough of his dick in all her holes, and all of it just made her orgasm come all the faster.

This time, when she came, the combined squeezing of her pussy and ass was simply too much for him. She heard him groan loudly as he thrust himself into her one final time. She felt the hot, wet explosion in her ass, and reveled in the naughtiness, the nastiness of it all. His cock slipped out of her ass with a ‘pop’, and he collapsed into her embrace, still half-standing at the edge of the desk. They lay there a long time, their breathing subsiding, until he had to stand up and stretch.

“God, we really tore this place up,” he said, smiling down at her.

“Yeah, but we’re not sticking around to clean it up! Not tonight.”

“Oh, yeah? You got plans for us tonight?”

She smiled wickedly back at him. “Well, you’re taking me home and giving a bath to clean me up, and then we’re going to order dinner and while we wait for it we’re going to start ALL over. How’s that sound?”

“Hey, I saw the sign on the way in. You’re the boss.”

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