24 Haziran 2021

Story of Monika Ch. 03

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[This is continuation of the story of Monika in a quest to explore her own self. These are the thoughts of Monika that have been put in words by me]

Many marriages in India are arranged. The parents of bride and grooms are helped by friends and relatives in this effort. Once the prospective bride or groom is found then often the astrological references are matched. Once the initial formalities are done then the man and woman are allowed to meet in a social setting. Depending on their upbringing the meetings between the two happens among family and friends or is allowed to be on their own. Even these meetings alone can at best be a few verbal exchanges. In rare cases some intimacy may be involved.

Monika like many girls of her background had her wedding fixed with a guy from Minnesota who worked as a accountant for a large company. Monika’s first instinct was to say no-go for this proposal because she could not contemplate living in the frigid lows. But after some convincing by her parents she agreed to talk to the guy over the phone and found him to be interesting. They met in a neutral city and the matter was quickly settled. She was looking forward to the wedding with mixed feelings. She was afraid about being rooted away from her familiar surroundings.

Her wedding was met with a lot of cheering among her friends. Her three close friends Shruti, Gunjan and Shreya often got together and worked with Monika on wedding plans. It was Shruti who had suggested a trip to Aruba for an all girl timeout before she got wedded. Something like a bachelorette party. All her friends needed a break as did Monika. Travel date was quickly finalized and a visit to an online travel site got them an all inclusive deal for three nights in Aruba.

They discussed at length what to do at Aruba. Doing the beach thing, taking a boat excursion and even snorkeling was on the table. On the seamier side was visiting a casino, getting drunk and even visiting a strip club. Gunjan had heard that there were strip clubs exclusively for women. The planning went on non-stop until they were safely inside the plane and the seat belts were locked.

The girls were met at the airport by the hotel shuttle. They took a scenic route to the hotel and were soon placed in their hotel rooms. The package was generous. Each of them was provided a beach facing room on their own. The open windows brought the draft of sea breeze. The breaking of the waves on the beach provided a soothing backdrop.

The tourist season was still couple of weeks away. Monika got her things organized in the closet and the drawers. She had brought her casual outfits. The swimming gears were the usual one piece kind for the local pool. But the girls had gone adventurous during the preparatory shopping and had bought a pair of bikini suit for the trip. Monika had selected a black bikini with strings barely holding the fabric. She had never worn a two piece before. At least never in public. She was not even sure that she would this time. Of course she had brought choice lingerie and night suits. They were lacey and black, of course. She put them away with other things in the drawers.

She kept waiting for the girls to come around. Gunjan had mentioned that they would knock when ready. It was h almost an hour later when there was a sudden knock at the door. She was expecting the girls much earlier but lately she was lost in her thoughts and often had no sense for time. The thoughts were almost always about her future wedded life.

The girls busted into her room. The hotel was told by the girls that Monika was a to-be-bride, so she was provided the corner room on the floor and the largest. There was a large seating area in the front with sofas to lounge. A king bed at the back with plenty of room to spare.

“We are having a bachelorette party tonight.” Excited Shruti announced.

“What do you mean?” Monika queried.

“You will not believe it”

“We are going out?

“No way, the party will come to you room.” Shreya chipped in. She was usually the recluse among the girls but seemed the most excited on the day.

“No way. We have just arrived.” Monika was not anticipating this to happen so quickly. She knew that a party would be on the cards. But one so quick had never occurred to her.

“Why waste valuable time when away from home.” Gunjan said. She was right thought Monika. Her heart was taking a few leaps.

“How about a stroll down the beach. We do not start until eight.” Someone suggested.

Four Indian girls dressed in their casual walked down the Palm Beach. The season still couple of weeks away there were more locals around canlı bahis then there were tourists. Monika found that there were dark stocky men working with roadside vendors as they were in the strolling down the beach.

Even though sun was about to set it was still a warm eighty. Many women were sporting scant bikinis and men lazing in their boxers. Some were ready to pack and hit the nearby bars.

The first stop was a trip to a bar. Shruti ordered a shot for each as starter. It was their first free night out and unconventional was the norm. Monika was handed her’s and then to others. At a signal all of them poured the shot down their throats. Monika could feel the spirit course down her throat. A shiver ran through her body as well.

The giggling girls all crowded around her and wished a full wedded life.

Another shot ordered and drowned. They were now ready for the stroll along the beach. Often holding hands they pampered Monika as they playfully teased her. They took of their

“Oh..it is already eight.” Exclaimed Shreya.

“Let us stay here for a little while more.” Monika said.

“Come on.” The girls pulled the reluctant to be bride towards the hotel.

Walking up a flight of stairs Monika opened her room’s door.

“Oh my god!!” Was all she could utter. She was taken aback by the transformation in the room. The hotel staff had transformed the room in to a party venue. There was confetti, balloons, hangings some quite suggestive of the party. There was a small self help bar situated in a corner and a table with snack and foods. A music system has been installed. The center of the seating area was cleared for dancing.

While Shreya was putting on music Gunjan was helping Shruti to fix the drinks. The walk had already made them thirsty. They handed out beers to everyone. The teasing went on.

“Is this how you are going to be at the party? You should change into something sexy” Gunjan teased her.

All the girls joined in the chorus and pushed her towards the bathroom to get refreshed. Shreya knew that Monika loved black. She coursed through Monika’s drawer and selected the lacy black bra with the matching panties. She also selected the low cut black top and the matched skirt that she had helped Monika to purchase.

Meanwhile Gunjan knocked on the bathroom door and passed a mixed drink to Monika. She did not want her to be starving. Monika took her time getting ready. She had inspected herself. She liked what she saw. The anticipation of soon being married and sharing with her husband was exciting. In their last meeting they had at best held hands. She was hoping that he would do something more. Perhaps his conservative upbringing prevented him from doing anything more.

The girls were getting impatient. She hurried, dressed, put some makeup and joined the girls.

The girls welcomed Monika one more time and proposed another toast. The shot this time around was smoother. There was already some alcohol in the system. The loud music was easy on the feet and soon they were dancing away.

In the loud music anyone would have missed the knock on the door. Monika reached for the door. It must be room service she thought.

There were two black men dressed in black tuxedo with white ties. They were well groomed. Properly shaved, hairs short and well done. Both were athletic and at least one of them was six feet tall.

“Miss Monika?”


“I am Morris and this is Trevon.” The taller guy introduced himself. He handed Monika the gift wrapped packet. “We are here to celebrate with you night before your wedding.” His accent was impeccable.

“Sorry…?” Monika was confused. What were these men doing in her room and what was the present about?

“You will have to wait and see. There is another present we have for you.”

The gift package had a nice ribbon and bow around it and a small card from her three girl friends.

The girls were all surrounding Monika and they pulled her inside. The men entered the room and close the door behind them.

The guy name Morris took the middle of the room in a stance. While Trevon worked on the music system.

Monika not sure what to expect was staring at this black man. She shied away when he met her stare.

The low key music slowly took over the room and Morris starting to make sensual moves. He was slow with no awkward movements and making dance. The girls eyes were locked to him. Very soon Trevon joined him. They danced in unison suggestive of Morris as the man trying to woo the woman.

The jackets were lost soon and their well built body become visible. It was now obvious bahis siteleri to Monika the reason these men were here. She was also their prime attention. As a part of their dance routine they were touch themselves in a suggestive way. The ties were soon taken off and presented to Monika. The shirt was lost and presented to Shruti. She put it around her neck and tied the sleeves in a knot.

The guys would often get very close to the girls and inciting the girls to touch them. Shruti the adventurous among the girls was the first to venture out. She used the palm of her hand and touched the now bare back stomach of Morris. She caressed him right until just above the belt. The affect on Morris was instantaneous. A tent started to appear.

Trevon who had lost his shirt came close to Monika. He put his face very close to her chest as if he wanted to snuggle between his breasts. In an attempt to push him back she had to touch him. A current passed through her body making and causing a shiver. Trevon did not budge by her feeble attempt. She kept trying to make distance. On the contrary Trevon’s movements caused a caress to happen.

The dancers started to undo their belts. A tent was now very pronounced on both. Eyes of the girls were glued in anticipation.

“Black guys have a big one.” Whispered one of the girls.

“how big?”

“My guess is ten inches.”

“Not Possible.”

“Take a bet.”

“You think he would be cut?” Asked Shruti.


“Will they show us?” Shreya the shy one had her first question.

“Ask them.”

Monika was listening to her friends’ conversation. She was thoughtfully silent.

The men were jiving with music gradually opened the top of their pants. This time Morris came close to Monika. His eyes locked to hers. She tried to avert his penetrating eyes. As he approached her close he let go of his pants and brought his arms around as if to clutch her in an embrace. Monika glanced down and saw that the pants were at his knees. A big pole was keeping the tent high in the air. The speedos the men were wearing were not enough to contain.

Feeling weak in her feet Monika took a seat close by. She picked up an unfinished drink and chugged it down. She had closed her legs together. She knew that she was wet down there. She was almost certain that black panties she was wearing were soaked. She was wondering why she was extremely horny all the time. Her undies were wet and messy every day. It must be the impeding wedding of hers, she thought.

Now it was Trevon turn to play near Monika. He was now only in his Speedos. The bulge inside was apparent. Monika at his vantage level could see his stiffness at the eye level. As his moved closer to her the shape of the thickness inside was clearly visible. The shape is his balls that formed a bulging base at the bottom made it appear as a phallus on a pedestal.

Trevon was wearing a dark Speedo that had the usual slit use by my men for doing their rest. This was lined with a thin white lining that glowed against the dark body wearing a dark Speedo. She could imagine that this man carried a dark cock inside. Her thought went out how big this man would be? Would he be circumscribed?

The thoughts disturbed her. She then started comparing Trevon with her fiancée. Even though she had not seen either of them, she felt sure that the dancer here would be bigger.

A circumscribed cock always excited Monika. She always thought about how the skin over the cock head is always exposed. Unlike Indians who are often not circumscribed. She was almost sure that her future husband will not be. How would the skin feel?

Shreya the shy one was now being teased by Morris. She too was seated on a sofa holding a drink in her hand. Morris was making suggestively moving his pelvis in towards her. His bulge seemed even bigger then Trevon. At one point when Morris came very close to her, Shreya surrounded her palm and fingers around the covered cock but did not touch the cock. She was hesitating to take the next step. Shruti who was sitting next to Shreya moved her hand. She placed her hand at the back of Shreya’s hand and pushed to forward towards Morris cock.

Shreya cried sharply at the touch. She had not expected this to happen. Her cry attracted attention of Monika and Gunjan who were both sitting on a sofa across.

Trevon was now very close to Monika. His crotch was close to her face. Barely a few inches in front. In awe his mouth was slightly open. At that moment she felt Gunjan place her hand at the back of her head and push it forward. Her open mouth struck directly at the base of the cock. The upper bahis şirketleri lips felt the hard cock while the lower lips felt the softness of the balls. Monika could figure out that the cock was wide in its proportions. Before she could pull her face back she felt the cock take an impulsive jerk.

Monika glowered at Gunjan. She just wanted to watch the show today.

“Pull them down.” One of the girls shouted.

In public dance places there is a strict rule of not taking of the Speedos. But because this was a private session to a small group of girls, it was the dancers’ choice.

“Pull them down.” Chanted others. Monika was coy and did not say anything.

“Pull them down.” All three chanted in unison. The dancers had picked up speed. A smile was stretched across their lips.

Morris was the first to react. He pushed the Speedo down a little from both sides and he turned away. He then faced them back. The band of the Speedo was bulging and the tip of glans was visible. A thin streak of precum was shining in the dim light. He moved toward Monika and Gunjan.

This time when Morris neared to Gunjan, she did something very surprising in front of all the girls. She caught Morris’s Speedo on both sides and pulled it down. With no warning. Even Morris was surprised and it showed in the way his cock jumped out of his mini garment and stood at full attention. His cock was pitch black, clean shaved, circumscribed as Monika had rightly guessed and was no shorter then nine inches. But what made Monika eyes bulge was the thickness. It was thicker then any she had seen before. Even the scar of the circumcision was visible.

No amount of dancing by Morris was making the stiff cock move in any direction.

“Touch him.” Gunjan instigated. And she nudged Monika on her side to action.

On the other sofa, Shreya had jumped off the seat and followed suit. She went after Trevon and pulled down his Speedo to reveal his cock.

The room now had two naked.. well..almost naked black stripping men with their Speedos around their knees and soon ready to lose them as well. The girls now excited with what they saw and wanted more. The men were strippers and their code prohibited to have any sex with the girls.

Monika looked up into Morris’s eyes. She noticed a desire in his eyes. She knew that men were often were sexually attracted to her. And tonight she was looked ravishing in the black dress that showed off her ample breasts and full butt that often made men to comment.

She did not want to give to her desires in public. Also she was the bride and needed to have restraint.

Morris was not dancing solely for Monika. His pelvis was not very far from her eyes. The girls were now gathered around them

At one point Morris came close about a foot away. One of the girls picked up Monika’s hand, pulled it up and placed it on Morris’s vertical cock. She then made Monika clutch the phallus tight. For that moment Morris dancing came to a standstill. He let out a soft moan and did not go unnoticed around the room. All eyes were now on the six footed black stripper and the bride to be in the center.

“Monika. More.” Chorused the girls.

“Monika. Monika.. Monika” was the resounding sound around the room.

Like an ancient ritual the woman to be wedded was offering her homage to the god of love. She closed her eyes, clasped the giant black cock in her hands and let the senses take over. She could feel the heat, blood rushing through the veins and soon the sticky liquid flowing through the tip.

Morris almost in trance started to move his pelvis is a slow fucking motion. His cocked was barely covered by the slim fingers and the small hand of the woman. The gentle hold by the Monika was causing friction which caused him to increase his speed.

The tempo of the chants by the girls gradually started to increase. Morris tried to keep pace with them. Instinctively Monika tightened the pressure aided by the natural lube flowing from the tip of the enormous glans. Her head was raised high in the air body, body straightened, hands stretched out in front meeting the phallus of the black god. Her legs clasped together tight to hold in the profuse flow of juices.

The chanting reached a crescendo. A tight circle was formed as everyone came closer. A hush started to descend. Morris took a momentary pause as he felt his balls tighten up and move up inside the sac. The pressure in his pelvis was extreme. Monika tightened his hold some more as she felt her gods ready to bless.

At that moment something occurred to Monika. She let open her clasp around Morris and let him go. Morris was amazed. There was deep unmet desire in his eyes. But he turned and moved away. He wanted to respect the wishes of the bride.

The other girls in the room did not have as much restraint.

[to be continued…]

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