24 Haziran 2021

Strange Dream

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What a strange dream! It was very unusual for me to wake up horny. I stretched and then realized I wasn’t able to move my arms and legs. Then I remembered last evening and I thought “I’m just stiff and sore from the night we had.”

Gosh, you were in the mood last night.

You said, “We’re going out to eat, and don’t wear any underwear.”

I wore a skirt, my tube top and a short sleeve button blouse – open – of course. You took me to a nice restaurant, out-of-town. You ordered my food and a drink. While we ate, you kept reaching over every so often to pinch my nipples.

Once you pushed my skirt up and told me “spread your legs further apart,” and you pinched my clit.

You kept having my fruit punch drink refilled until I lost count on how many I drank. Then you ordered my dessert.

You sent me to the rest room to look for a surprise you had slipped in my purse. You ordered a mudslide and told the waiter ” make it extra strong.”

When I got in the ladies room, there was a note attached to a toy that instructed me to insert in my ass. I did what you instructed because it was my weekend as your slave.

I was getting hornier by the minute as you kept feeling me up, so you said, “Hurry up and finish your drink.”

I downed it pretty fast and felt a little dizzy as you helped me up to leave.

When you helped me into the car, you put me in the back seat. You got in and started the car. As we pulled out of the parking lot and onto a busy street, you told me “take off all of your clothes.”

I was a little nervous so I wasn’t as quick as you wanted me to move so you said, “You’re going to pay for your slowness with a good spanking.”

You grabbed my clothes and put them on the floor in the front seat “Put on your seat belt so it pushes your boobs out, I love your boobs when they are on display.”

As we passed truckers on the highway, you flipped the inside lights on for a minute or so. You laughed when they honked because you knew they had seen me.

You drove around on some country roads until you found a path through a cornfield. You turned the lights off and quietly pulled in.

You said, “get out and lean over the trunk of the car for your bare-ass spanking.”

You got out, checked to make sure that the butt plug was in good and tight, ripped up a corn stalk and slapped my ass until it was red and very sore.

I told you, “I have to pee.”

You told me, “Go ahead and piss so I can watch you, I love watching you pee.”

Then you opened the trunk, pulled out a blanket and a cooler. You poured me another mud slide that you had prepared before we left home.

You told me “chug it fast.”

Some of it spilled on my boobs and you sucked it off while you were rubbing my nipples with ice you had taken out of the cooler.

“Now, kneel doggie style on the blanket.”

You pulled out the butt plug and plunged your cock in hard and fast, all canlı bahis the way in one quick push.

You kept pulling almost all the way out and then pushing back in hard and fast until you came in my ass.

You laughed and said, “I’m giving you a cum and piss enema.”

You came a lot! You stayed in and pissed up my ass, then you pulled out and quickly shoved the butt plug back in. You wiped me off a little with a cold rag you pulled out of the cooler and while I air-dried you gave me another drink to chug.

You put me back in the back seat, put the seat belt on and then threw everything in the trunk, including my clothes. You cleaned yourself, zipped up and then drove home.

By the time we got home, your cum and piss enema was leaking out.

You told me “You have to go into the house naked through the back gate.”

You were taking your time and I was trying to hurry but you told me I had to wait until you removed the butt plug. I just made it to the toilet.

You stood and watched me while I shit and you poured me another drink and said, “when you’re finished, go out and get in the swimming pool naked.”

After I got into the pool, you got in and had me hold onto the ladder while you fucked me. The streetlight was shining onto the pool right where the ladder was and I was scared the neighbors might see. You just laughed at me and fucked me harder.

“Your bright red ass is a big turn-on and I intend to make it red more often.”

After you came in my cunt you told me to go into the exercise room and you tied my legs up to the weight bar on the weight bench.

You instructed me to “masturbate for me while I tape you for my enjoyment later on.”

Just as I was about to cum, you pulled my hands away and plunged your cock hard into my pussy. I came like crazy.

I asked, “how are you able to stay so hard?”

You told me “I had the doctor give me some Viagra and I love the feeling it’s giving me.”

You ordered me to go and let the dogs out into the yard. You had left the porch light on and I had to open the gate on the deck to let the dogs into the yard. You watched and laughed as I tried to hurry so the neighbors wouldn’t see me nude.

“Go to our bedroom and stand and wait until I join you.”

The air conditioning was on, the fan was on and my nipples were about as hard as they’ve ever been.

You took your time but eventually came up with another drink, some ice and a can of squirt whipping cream. You told me my pussy was too hot and you put an ice cube in to cool it down while I was once again chugging a really strong mudslide. You poured some on my boobs, sprayed them with whipped cream and started licking it off. While my nipples were still hard, you put titty clamps on and told me to lay down and put on a show for you.

I was so horny and about as drunk as I’ve ever been so it didn’t take long before I was having a whole-body shaking orgasm. bahis siteleri You were taping the whole show and your cock was harder than it’s been since you were a lot younger and suddenly you were plunging your cock in my pussy. You came hard and fast, you pulled out and made me lick you clean.

When I was finished you took me in the bathroom, stood me in the tub and pissed all over me, even in my face. That started me pissing all over myself.

You filled the tub and gave me a bath making sure you washed my pussy.

“Kneel up so I can wash your ass.”

You inserted two very soapy fingers up my ass – “I have to make sure it is good and clean.”

You wouldn’t let me dry off, you made me go to our bed and you rubbed lotion all over me in a very sexual massage.

You put in a new XXX rated movie, but I was so tired and drunk, I fell asleep.

I was laying in bed feeling so relaxed, and I realized I had to piss. I tried to get up and I noticed that I was tied to the bed, naked and the titty clamps were back on.

I heard the phone ringing and you came into the room as you answered it. You had a silly grin on your face and your hard cock was preceding you into the room.

I heard you telling whoever was on the phone, “She’s all tied up and can’t come to the phone right now. Can I take a message and have her call you back , maybe on Monday?”

You said, “good morning, slave, how are you feeling?”

I said, “I have to piss really bad and I’m thirsty.”

You untied me and took me to the bathroom, put me in the tub and told me to piss on myself while you watched. You had been saving your piss until I woke up so you pissed on me. You rinsed me off with cold water from the hose and made me to return to bed.

“You’re going to be tied up until I get some more energy and think of more things I want to do to you.”

You brought us breakfast in bed and fed me and ate yours off my boobs. You put a glass to my mouth, started pouring it in kind of fast and some spilled all over me. You were very happy to lick it all up.

You smiled at me while you swallowed another pill and told me, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

You came in holding up the butt plug from last night and you pushed it in hard, without greasing it first. Then you put a pad on the bed, squirted Hershey’s syrup all over me and started licking it off. You were making me so horny but just when you knew I was about to cum, you got up and told me you had some errands to do and you would be back later. You left the room and the house, leaving me tied to the bed.

I was frustrated. I was horny as hell and I couldn’t get my hands loose so I could help myself get a little relief.

You were gone a couple of hours. I heard you come in but you didn’t come up right away either. When you did come in, you were grinning and carrying a lot of equipment. You fed me some more food, made me down a strange drink and bahis şirketleri untied me so you could piss.

“You know the routine – to the tub, and if you have to piss you’d better do it now because it’s going to be awhile before you’re untied again.”

A stream of piss was already running down my legs when I stepped into the tub. Your hot piss joined mine before you rinsed me off again with a cold shower.

You took me back to the bed, tied me up, flipped me over, pulled out the butt plug and fucked my ass. Then you put in the XXX movie that I missed last evening and before you left you replaced the butt plug with a bigger one and put a vibrator, on high speed, in my cunt.

I lost count of how many times I came before you returned to the bedroom. You brought me another drink and poured it so that some of it dribbled down onto my boobs so you could lick it off. You kept me tied up all day Saturday.

In the evening, you came in and untied me, put on a really short dress and nothing else. You said, “get in the car.”

You drove through a fast food place and ordered our dinner. You drove out of the parking lot and told me before I could eat I had to take the dress off. You threw it in the back seat, gave me my sandwich and a drink that you had made for me at home. It was good and I was thirsty – it was some kind of orange drink that tasted like a dreamsicle. I ate and drank while you drove all over the business district.

When we were finished eating, you drove back to where we were the evening before and once again pulled into the cornfield.

You gave me another spanking with a corn stalk until I was red and sore, you pissed on me and I pissed on myself before you had me chug another orange drink. Then you fucked me until we both had mind-blowing orgasms, you cleaned me by pouring the contents of the cooler all over me and then you strapped me naked back in the car.

You put handcuffs on me and put my hands over my head and behind the headrest. If anyone saw me, it appeared like I was putting my naked boobs on display for everyone to see.

We returned home and I had to go into the back yard naked again and you pushed me in the pool. You left me there while you went in the house and when you came out you had a drink in one hand and a string of some big wooden beads. You were grinning like crazy and you put my handcuffed hands around the pool ladder.

You had me drink almost all of the glass and then you pulled out the butt plug. You started pushing those big wooden beads up my ass. You started fucking me with your big, hard horny cock and as I started to come, you slowly pulled out the beads, one at a time, out of my ass.

I loved every minute of being your sex slave. You turned it into a whole weekend of sexual pleasures – some of which you had never done before – and I can’t wait until you make me your fuck slave again.

By Sunday night I was sore, had red welts on my ass and was still unbelievably horny! You showed me some of the videos you had taken of me over the weekend as you once again gave me a great fuck. I hope you repeat this again very soon! I loved being your naked sex slut!

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