13 Haziran 2021

Sunday Evening

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Author’s note: My first submission to Literotica. After having enjoyed the work of others for years, I felt it was time to pay back to the community and add my own.

Comments and tips are very welcome, but please note: English is not my first language, this is the translated version of a story I wrote for my wife. So please forgive any unintentional abuse of the English language.

This story describes a sexual encounter of two consenting and loving adults and meant for legally adult audiences only.


Sunday evening, we’ve just finished the kid’s bedtime ritual and tucked them in. Both of them happily asleep now. As I’m entering the kitchen you’re busy cleaning up the last stuff. I quietly close the curtains, hoping you won’t notice and start to wonder why. You’re at the kitchen sink, busy preparing a cup of tea for yourself with your hot ass pointed towards me invitingly. Slowly I sneak up on you, pushing my pelvis against you pressing my half erect cock between your soft buttocks. With my left hand I grab one of your firm tits, playing gently with your nipple. My right hand grabbing your jeans clad pussy, pushing you against my hardening cock. Slowly massaging your cunt through your pants I pull your torso against me. My lips and tongue finding your neck, kissing and licking you. Gyrating my cock against you I whisper: “I’m going to fuck you hard, pushing my cock into your hot cunt while my balls slap against your wet swollen lips.”

Hesitantly I let go of you, grabbing your hand. Come on, I’m first going to give you a nice scrub in the shower. Your hand in mine I lead you up the stairs to the bathroom. My eyes glued to your beautiful body as we undress. In one slow movement you remove your pants and slip. Looking at me as you bend over slightly, pointing your hot ass at me so I can see your delicious cunt. Way too yummy to leave untouched, I grab your cunt from behind folding my hand around it. Your soft folds against my hand I gently rub you, feeling the wetness spread.

Slowly rising you walk towards the toilet to pee, but I grab your hand leading you into the shower. Standing close to each other we let the warm water heat our skin. My hands roaming your back and bottom, canlı bahis my hard cock trapped between your thighs. Slowly I turn you around, your back towards me. Grabbing some soap I start to lather up your beautiful back. Your neck and shoulders receiving extra attention, gently massaging them. Getting some more soap I start to wash your behind. Massaging your buttocks in slow circles, gently cleaning your horny ass. Pulling you closer against me, my arms around you so I can wash your beautiful hot titties with my cock against your soapy ass. Slowly I move one hand down, washing your tummy and bellybutton. Moving further down, my hand between your thighs, my fingers sliding over your soft lips and slippery wet opening. As I’m gently washing your lips and clit I can no longer wait. I have to push my hard wanting cock into you. Gently I press it against your soaped up ass, sliding the head slowly over your opening. Knowing what I want you push your ass against me, slowly pressing the head of my cock into your ass. I’m so incredibly horny that I have to fight hard to overcome the urge to cum.

Pressing the palm of my hand against your clit I slide two of my fingers into your hot juicy cunt. Pulling you closer towards me, pushing you onto my cock. Once the full length of my cock fills you, I start to move my hand over your pussy slowly fucking your cunt with my fingers. You moan and push your ass even harder against me. While my hand is taking care of your front, I slowly move my cock back and forth in your behind. My cock is ready to burst and I’m having a very hard time to restrain myself from letting go completely. To fuck your ass harder and faster and filling it with my hot sperm. But I don’t want it to be over yet, as I want to enjoy much more of you. Slowly I retract my cock, enjoying the tightness of your muscle around every inch that’s leaving you, until only the head remains inside of you. While I rest it there you contract several times, moaning loud I push into you completely one last time.

I quickly lather up my cock and balls, washing it all nice and clean. You’re still facing the wall, your back towards me. As you bend over a little more I notice that you’re playing with yourself. bahis siteleri Your fingers rubbing your clit in circular motion, your cunt lips swollen leaving your cunt tauntingly open. Quickly I grab the shower head and rinse off all the soap that covers us, put it back and turn off the water. Grabbing my dick I push it against the wet opening of your hot cunt. With one slow push I sink it into you completely. God what an incredible pussy you have! Slowly moving inside of you I feel how you are pleasuring your clit with your fingers. Your breath fast and ragged, me moaning as I am fucking you. Grabbing your hips I start to pump you harder, deep fast strokes. Your hot cunt making horny wet sounds, making me even hotter and harder. With each deep thrust we moan in unison.

On the next thrust I feel something I haven’t felt before. A gentle tickle along the underside of my cock inside of you, followed by a short warm jet against my balls. Oh baby you’re making me so hot. With each deep thrust you let go of a short burst of pee. Grabbing your hips even firmer I now start to fuck you very hard. Slowly feeling my orgasm approaching. The familiar feeling of cum rising in my balls intensified by the warm jets of your pee. Pushing my cock deep into you I fuck you like I’m possessed, while you continue to pee and loudly moan. One last hard thrust pulling you roughly against me. My cock pulsating deep in your cunt, I moan coarsely and squirt time after time into you as I feel you cumming around me. Shaking a bit from exhaustion I push you against the wall, holding us up, my cock and hips occasionally still twitching. Covering your tits with my hands I pull you against me and whisper: “Oh my delicious and horny baby, we’re so good at this together!”

Out of the shower we dry each other with a towel, but the heat of our encounter has already evaporated most of the water. I follow you into our bedroom, unable to move my eyes off your juicy butt. Just having cum like never before, yet I’m still horny as hell.

You climb onto the bed on your hands and knees, your cunt and ass tauntingly high, a glob of my hot semen slowly leaking out of you. Slowly you turn onto your back, your legs spread wide opening bahis şirketleri your cunt with one hand. Moving your lips apart you show me your pink wet inside. I climb onto the bed, push a pillow under your bottom and nestle between your thighs. With long soft movements I lick the full length of your lips, bottom to top. Occasionally circling your clit with the tip of my tongue. I’ve never before given you head after having cum in you and am not too big a fan of the taste of sperm, but luckily you’re producing so much wetness that your exquisite taste is covering mine.

While gently tugging one of your lips with my mouth I slowly slide two of my fingers into your hot juicy cunt. Gently pushing and massaging your g-spot with the tips of my fingers, meanwhile ravaging your clit and lips with my tongue. Judging by your fast breath I am pushing the right buttons. Slowly I increase the speed of my fingers and tongue, occasionally sucking hard on your proud and exposed clit. Sights, taste and scent of your hot cunt make me even hotter. Making it hard to restrain myself from grabbing my once again hard cock and jerking off, suspecting that by now my pre-cum is flowing making a nice wet spot on our sheets.

Increasing my tempo I am fucking your cunt with my fingers, pushing hard against your g-spot. Meanwhile licking you hard with my tongue flat against you, alternately flicking your clit with the tip. You’re breathing hard now, occasionally moaning and start to grind your cunt against my fingers and mouth. I’m moving faster and faster, your cunt getting wetter and wetter. So incredibly hot, my hard cock twitching with excitement.

I’m thinking that it would be even hotter to see you like this, having my fingers replaced by your rabbit, but am soon brought back to current events by you. In between breaths and moans you whisper: “Oh baby, go on! Go on, faster!”

I pump my fingers fast and hard into your dripping cunt and ravage your clit with the tip of my tongue. One long moan escapes your mouth as the muscles of your cunt contract around my fingers. Your body shaking uncontrollably you are cumming hard. Slowly I decrease the speed of my fingers until they are resting inside of your hot and soaking cunt.

Having regained some of your composure I slowly turn you onto your side, nestling myself against your back. My hard cock pressing against your wet ravaged cunt, holding you tight in my arms.

To be continued?

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