14 Haziran 2021

Susan and the Professor Ch. 10

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The rest of the semester went perfectly, Susan arriving on time, prepared and interested, making the tutoring a pleasure for both. The sex was equally outstanding, both enjoying it as delightful recreation. Robert now used all three of Susan’s apertures, but he was particularly pleased with her willingness to be buggered. He assumed that he had introduced her to that aberrant practice, and was really grati?ed to find that she welcomed his continued penetration of her ass. Actually, Susan had been quite surprised, even shocked at herself, when he had suggested anal intercourse the next time. She had come to Robert’s apartment the Monday following the Thursday when he had whipped her, not knowing quite what to expect or what she wanted. To her relief, Robert proposed going right to work right away and she was soon as ease, going through the assignment and discussion with aplomb.

However, when the “class work” was over and the “recreation period” arrived, she became nervous again – why she didn’t know, since she expected the usual screwing and sucking. When she was naked, Robert began fondling and caressing her as usual, and then, not really to her surprise, led her over to the table where he had buggered her the last time. The real surprise came when, without being instructed, Susan simply spread her legs wide, bent over the table, and reached back for her ass cheeks. She had looked at her re?ection in the mirror at home and had been horribly embarrassed, but now, shockingly, and not really understanding herself, she voluntarily reached back and pulled the cheeks apart as wide as they would go, reveling in the wanton display she knew she was making. She had thought of Robert wanting her like that again, and had been embarrassed even thinking of him seeing her in that position. Now, however, something seemed to explode in her mind and, suddenly, being bent over the table, completely exposed and open, knowing that everything was visible, excited her beyond belief.

Somehow it made her feel pleasantly depraved and degenerate to deliberately pull herself open and expose her asshole, as well as her cunt, to his eyes. She held herself wide as possible until his cock began its entrance, moving her hands, then, to grasp the top edge of the table as he sank into her. As he sodomized her, she relished lying there, face down and bent over, being used, fucked – completely under his control like a slave girl, his cock plunging in and out like a piston.

Later, of course, she castigated herself for such an obscene act, not understanding how abasing herself so thoroughly could have aroused her so much. Once again, she bent over in front of the mirror and, once again, was appalled by what she saw. Still, even then, she felt a perverted thrill ripple through her as she thought of being so exposed, and, reluctantly, she admitted to herself that she wanted to do it again. Finally, she relaxed and took the advice that Jean had given her many times: “If it excites you and doesn’t hurt anyone else, don’t worry about why it feels good, just do it!” From that time on, for the rest of the semester, she just let herself enjoy her blatant and indecent display every time Robert wanted to fuck her ass – which was frequent.

For Robert, this visiting professorship had turned out to be the best, at least sexually, that he had ever enjoyed. He had a beautiful, happily married woman who would enthusiastically participate in virtually any form of erotic activity he desired. Her mouth, cunt and ass were available twice a week and he had none of the trappings of an unwanted “love affair.” He could look forward to those two afternoons as pleasant sexual and academic encounters with no worries about uncomfortable ties and strings that would have to be cut at semester’s end. So, for an itinerant professor, things were about as perfect as they could be. In fact, when the semester ?nally drew to a close, Robert, for the ?rst time that he could remember, found himself regretting the need to return home.

However, while the regular twice-a-week trysts were over with, that did not preclude several spur of the moment encounters. For example, on graduation day, Susan received her master’s degree, walking proudly across the stage in her formal robes to receive her diploma and the congratulations of the graduate dean as Jim, Jean, Don and Robert applauded loudly. After the ceremony, Jean and Don left for home while the other three went to a departmental reception for the graduates. The room was full of faculty and students, arrayed in their archaic academic gowns, their hoods draped down their backs displaying their ?eld and school colors. Most resplendent of all was Robert in his (rented) scarlet gown from Oxford, standing out like a beacon in the crowd of plain black robes. As a faculty wife earning an advanced degree, Susan was the center of attention for a time – a heady experience. As the crowd began to thin out, Susan found herself almost alone and, glancing up, saw Robert looking at her. When he was sure that he had caught her eye, he, with a quick motion, nodded with his head toward the hallway. Not knowing just what he wanted, Susan, however, excused herself and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri went into the hallway, with one of the other women, toward the restroom. Coming out alone, she was not surprised to see Robert several doors further down, standing in the open door of his of?ce.

She quickly looked around to make sure that no one else was in sight and hurried down the hall and through the door. Taking her by the arm and leading her over to his desk, Robert whispered, “I’d hoped that I could get you alone but I was beginning to ‘wonder! Here, lean over.” With that, he bent Susan over the desk, reached down and raised her gown and skirt over her back and, with little difficulty, worked her sheer panties down her legs and off. Tossing them onto the desk, he pulled his crimson robe open, took out his cock and, after using his ?nger to bring lubrication out of her cunt onto the cunt lips, he entered her.

She was very wet inside, and he was able to sink in completely with one thrust. Not taking time for the usual slow buildup, he began a vigorous fucking motion almost immediately. As he pounded in and out, Susan quickly responded, grinding back against him, welcoming the hammering of her crotch. The circumstances – bent over a desk being screwed in an academic of?ce on her graduation day, the danger with all the people, including her husband, nearby – created an excitement and stimulation that sent waves of lust through her.

Her passion was matched by that of Robert, and, very shortly, he erupted, sending streams of cum deep into her vaginal passages. Surging tightly against her, he held his cock inside as tightly as possible in the last throes of his climax. Susan, also, reached orgasm, arching her ass into the air, pushing her cunt back as hard as she could against him, seemingly trying to force both his cock and balls into her gaping cavity.

The climax, of course, lasted only for a few moments, and recognizing the need to hurry, Robert quickly pulled his semi-hard cock out of her and, with an effort, managed to cram it back into his pants. Susan, relieved of his weight (and penetration), straightened up, her skirt and robe falling back into place. Hurriedly, and without a word, Robert peeked out of the of?ce door, saw that the hall was empty, and waved her out. She walked, almost ran, back as far as the restroom, and, then, once past it, slowed her pace as if she had just come out. Her heart was beating at double time as she wondered if anyone had missed her.

As she entered the reception room, she had a moment of sheer panic for no reason, and as she told Jean later, she, for the ?rst time, realized what Jean had gone through that night when her breasts and cunt had been fondled under her red dress. Somehow Susan just knew that everyone was looking at her surreptitiously, that her forehead must have a gigantic red A emblazoned on it. She really felt like an adulteress, a scarlet woman, as she joined the small group that was left, almost expecting to hear, leeringly, “Where have you been?”

Instead, as an anticlimax, the conversation went on as if she had never left, merely including her in the discussion as if nothing had happened. As she calmed down and the panic attack dissipated, she realized that no one had even missed her, much less speculated as to whether she was engaged in some sinful activity. Actually, of course, very little time had passed. The assignation had lasted hardy ?ve minutes from the time she entered the of?ce until she was hurrying down the hallway, an excellent example of the relativity of time – it had seemed much longer. So, almost giddy with relief and ?lled with smugness from having gotten away with something that would have shocked everyone, Susan gaily chatted with faculty, faculty wives and students, secure in the knowledge that the A was there – but was invisible.

Jim came over and they prepared to go, ?rst turning in their rented finery, and heading toward the door. Suddenly, as she walked beside him, she felt a strange, wet sensation on her upper thighs – and panic set in again! “Oh, my god,” she thought, “I forgot to put my panties back on! They’re back in Robert’s of?ce – and, oh no, I wore the ones with ‘Susan’ embroidered on them!” The wetness, of course, was the cum leaking from her well-fucked cunt, not being absorbed by the crotch of her missing panties, but running down her legs. She tightened her cunt muscles to try and stop the ?ow while trying to think of some way to get her underwear back. Desperately looking around, she spotted Robert talking to a student and said, “Just a minute, honey, I want to say goodbye to Robert.” Quickly, before he could come along, she hurried away and, rather impolitely interrupted his conversation, saying she wanted to ask him something. As the student left, she blurted out, “Gods, Robert, I left my panties on your desk! Get them before someone else ?nds them – my name’s on them!”

Looking at her with a grin on his face, he replied, “Don’t worry, Susan! I picked them up as soon as you left, and they’re in my pocket, right now. I think I’1l keep them as a souvenir!”

Once again, relief ?ooded through her – leaving güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her with only the problem of keeping a cunt-full of cum from dripping onto the ?oor as she headed back to Jim. Sinning just leads to one crisis after another! Talking about it afterwards with Jean, the situation seemed almost funny, but not at the time! However, as she described the of?ce fucking, Susan was astounded by a sudden burst of laughter from Jean who, despite several “What are you laughing at?” questions, went on for some time before calming down.

Then, still snickering, Jean was able to say, “You’re a ?xture!”

“What on earth do you mean, a ?xture?”

“Don’t you know that old joke about the secretary who became an of?ce ?xture from being screwed on a desk’? You’re a ?xture!”

“Oh my heavens, I hadn’t even thought about that! I am a fixture! I’ve been screwed on a desk! Wouldn’t the department be shocked – particularly when they took inventory of the of?ce furniture!”

The last real fucking session was just as surprising to Susan as the “?xture- making” intercourse in the of?ce. The day before Robert was scheduled to ?y home, he was invited to dinner at Jean and Don’s. Since he had turned in his leased car, Jim was to pick him up and then to deliver him back to the apartment later. Susan knew that this would be the last time they would see Robert, at least on this trip, so she decided to have some fun with no danger of retaliation. She had talked to Jean earlier in the day, saying that she thought it would be fun to tease Robert by showing herself after dinner.

“You know he really spanked me hard that ?rst time, calling me a cock teaser. Well, I’ll actually be a cock teaser! He will be able to look right at my cunt and won’t be able to do anything!”

“Well, I can see that it certainly would be fun for you, but I don’t think Robert would be too happy. He’d have a hard cock that he would have to hide and he would be very upset when he had to go home afterwards – his balls would be sore for sure!”

“Oh, I know, honey. I don’t want to be mean, just tease him. I thought maybe you could arrange for him to be with me in the kitchen like that other time, and I could make it up to him by sucking. I’m sure that he would like that, particularly since he’s leaving tomorrow and can’t have me again.”

“Now, that’s different. I’m sure that there will be something I can think of – oh, sure, the game will be on and they’d never miss you. I’ll call him into the kitchen for some reason, you can follow, and I’ll stand guard like the last time!”

With the plans in place, Susan prepared by putting on her shortest skirt, with thigh-high hose that came all the way to the top of her legs – but no panties. When Robert and Jim arrived, she didn’t wait until after dinner and managed to sit so that she was completely exposed to Robert, teasing him with her bare cunt. When they were through eating, however, she outdid herself, sitting on the couch across from him, she opening her legs blatantly every time she moved. To top it off, when Jim and Don turned on the TV to watch the ?rst Red Sox-Yankee game of the year, she moved down to a floor pillow, completely out of their sight, and let the short skirt work all the way up to her crotch, her cunt hair visible even to herself. For practical purposes, she was naked below the waist, the curls of hair serving as a frame to better display the open inter lips and the cunt hole, itself. She was enjoying herself tremendously!

However, Robert, as expected, had a different reaction. Her erotic display caused the normal reaction, a very hard cock – which to Susan’s delight, he had to shift from side to side in his pants in an effort to become comfortable. At the same time, he appeared to be quite upset at her for teasing him, knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to have her. His facial expression alternated from lustful to angry, his eyes shifting from her exposed cunt to her grinning, impish face. When he had a chance, he muttered to her that if he had her in his apartment, he would repeat his lesson about cock teasing and the punishment it deserved. His look and warning would have frightened her on a normal occasion, but now she just leaned back and opened wider.

Now, Robert was an admirable person, capable of humorous anecdotes and stories, and would laugh hardily at another’s jokes. However, his sense of humor was very limited when it came to himself. He was the epitome of dignity, and, just as he would not permit even friends to call him “Bob,” he simply could not accept teasing – it was just not in his personality. It should be noted, though, that he didn’t find teasing other people to be acceptable either, so he was not a hypocrite, only a bit “stuffy.” So, while he couldn’t help but be amused, at least to some degree, at her antics, his disapproval of such teasing made him want to exact revenge by repeating the ?rst spanking he had administered to her. Actually, he had remembered the earlier time in the kitchen and he had a feeling that Susan was teasing with plans to repeat the cock sucking, but even that expectation didn’t diminish his rancor güvenilir bahis şirketleri or his desire to punish. Unfortunately, from his point of view, and hers, such reprisal seemed impossible and he was resigned to enjoying her wanton display without recourse, merely glowering at her – when he wasn’t studying her cunt – and looking forward with strangely mixed emotions to at least some sexual relief.

Suddenly, however, an idea came to him, and, taking advantage of a time when Susan was in the bathroom, he beckoned Jean to join him in the kitchen. When she somewhat reluctantly, not wanting to spoil Susan’s fun, con?rmed his guess about what was planned, he proposed an alternative to which Jean, giggling, replied, “Oh, I couldn’t do that to her!” However, when he offered an inducement, she, still giggling, agreed. Shortly afterwards, when Susan returned, she found Robert back in his chair with a disturbingly self-satis?ed look on his face. Now that Jim and Don were engrossed in the game, she was expecting Jean to arrange for her and Robert to be alone in the kitchen – while standing guard at the door to prevent surprises. Instead, she got a surprise of her own.

After a few minutes, Robert stood up and said that, since he had to get some last-minute packing done and get ready for tomorrow’s ?ight, he probably should be getting back to his apartment. The game was underway, of course, but Jim started, reluctantly, to tear himself away. Suddenly Judas (a.k.a. Jean) spoke up, saying, “Wait a minute, Jim. You’re watching the game, so why don’t Susan and I drive Robert home?” Needless to say, Jim embraced the idea immediately, and the decision was made.

Susan sat there, stunned, her mouth open, but with nothing to say. She didn’t understand what had happened, why Jean had made the offer instead of acting as a co-conspirator, setting up the session in the kitchen. All she could think of was that Robert had spoken up too soon, before Jean could act – but the whole scene had seemed so contrived, Jean’s sudden offer so calculated. However, she thought, “Robert can’t do anything bad while Jean is along – maybe I can suck him while she waits in the car.” Susan had a big shock coming!

There was a ?urry of goodbyes, “have a nice trip,” “hope we’ll see you soon,” etc. as they prepared to leave. The three of them went out to the car, but, as they started to get in, Jean said, “Just a second. I’ll be right back,” and hurriedly returned to the house, calling in the door to Don, “Since you’re watching the game, maybe we can help Robert with his packing – don’t worry if we’re gone awhile!” Don and Jim, back at the TV, waved “ok,” not really concerned about when they would get back. The trip to the apartment was swift and strangely quiet, very little being said, each lost in his or her own thoughts. Susan mind was in turmoil, wanting to ?nish her “affair” with Robert in the right way, but not knowing how to go about it. She certainly didn’t want to have him think that she really had just teased him with no intent to do more. In addition, she just didn’t understand what had gone wrong back at the house, and she couldn’t ask Jean. Also, she had a funny idea that both Robert and Jean were acting somewhat peculiarly, as if they were in cahoots about something, sharing a secret of some kind.

In any case, when they pulled into the apartment’s small parking lot, she turned to Jean and said, “Why don’t you wait in the car for a few minutes, honey, while I go up with Robert.” Not having heard what Jean had called into the two husbands, Susan assumed that she and Jean would be expected back at the house in a reasonably short time – leaving her just long enough for a brief sexual interlude, i.e. cock sucking. She also assumed, of course, that Jean would know her intentions and cooperate by staying in the car. Consequently, she was surprised when Jean turned off the lights and motor and said, “I’ll come up with you.” Susan was totally befuddled and could think only that Jean didn’t want to wait in the dark parking lot and would discreetly wait in the living room while she and Robert spent a few minutes in the bedroom. Nothing was going the way she had anticipated – but the unexpected, and appalling, events were just beginning!

As she got out of the car, as Robert opened her door, Susan was very careful to keep her knees tight together. When they entered the apartment and she sat on the couch, she made certain that her short skirt covered as much as possible. She certainly didn’t want to continue any teasing or, in any way, further antagonize Robert. She knew that she was safe from being spanked as long as Jean was there, but it just seemed prudent to be circumspect. She was waiting for a chance to go into the bedroom with Robert, but there certainly was no way that she could bring herself to suggest it. Suddenly, she brightened as she remembered how sexy it had been to suck him in the kitchen while knowing that Jean was right outside the door, guarding it. Both she and Robert had felt that being aware of Jean had added a bit of spice, and Susan now thought the probably Jean, knowing that, intended to enhance their pleasure again by being nearby. She felt a sudden sense of relief at ?nally understanding Jean’s seemingly inexplicable actions and, assuming that they had only a short time, waited impatiently for someone, probably Robert, to suggest a tryst in the bedroom. What she got was a command that shattered her composure and absolutely stunned her.

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