24 Haziran 2021

Swim Partner

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I learned swimming when I was in school, one summer my father urged me to learn something new and I found that swimming pool is a great place to cool off. Fast forward few years, I got a job and moved to the near by city.

I am 5ft 11in, yeah I know short of 6ft. with broad shoulders and good looking. After one year of working, I kind of slacked off and put up some weight, so I searched for exercising regime. Finally my friends suggested swimming, at first I was reluctant to go, but visited the pool with couple of my friends and inquired about the cost.

I started going to the pool from that saturday and went in the morning batch for 7am to 8am slot. The pool was kind of full and it being summer lot of kids were there. I got out of the pool early due to commotion, then the trainer suggested evenings everyday that would work with work timings too. On that sunday, I went at 3 pm afternoon and changed in to my shorts, went to shower. Right next to boys changing rooms, there are girls changing rooms too and after that showers. I was looking at the pool and admiring the absence of general commotion. Suddenly bumped into somebody and soft flesh brushed against my hands. Turned and started to apologize, when I registered a puzzled gorgeous face. Involuntarily my gaze went down, finding two bouncing melons, very near to my hands. Then I snapped back, apologizing completely and hoping she did not notice my gaze. She said alright and moved towards the showers..

I cast side wards glance all the time I showered trying to gauze the measurements which are blowing my mind away as I am moving my eyes downwards. She has a slender figure but with huge breasts and small nipples poking as the suit became wet and hips were firm and round. As the water dripped from her face, her lips slowly parted as she exhaled. Her complexion was milky white with very smooth skin tone. Swim suit she wore was green and just covered her hips and even while standing, one can she her cleavage directly. As I was looking from a side angle, the view was incredible. Her big round breasts were standing out from her frame and I could see a small part of her side boobs. The suit was doing a bad job covering güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her assets. As I was leaving the shower and cast her a last look when she directly looked at me with an even face. I panicked and walked to the pool, l am kind of shy, unless until spoken to I have never spoken to a women before.

I started swimming slowly, but I did dare to look at her. I observed her walking from corner of my eye with her big melons bouncing as she walked to the pool. When she came near the steps of the pool. Perv in me woke up at that moment and I went underwater and rested opposite to where steps were, I analysed that she will have to bend to get down and I wanted to see how the swim suit will cover her ample bosom. Well, I was rewarded with a rather enticing view of two big boobs mashed together to create a thin line of darkness between two mountains and a slight bob as she came into the pool. Noticing that my short became tight, I started swim to other end of the pool.

Our swimming pool is rather small, 25m*13m, 6.5ft being highest depth. Since I learned swimming pretty well, I used to swim full length 25m, most others used to do 13m (horizontally). I have completed two laps like that and came to see that she is talking to a trainer asking about back stroke. I did not hear what the trainer said, but she was not that happy and started to do normal free style horizontally. I devised a plan and started swimming perpendicular to her, as I expected I collided with her in the middle. My hand firmly slapping her buttocks, she came out of water with a start, saw me and went away. I gave a sheepish grin and swam away, but I wanted her to know show my prowess on backstroke and I made sure she was looking and swam with backstroke. She observed this and I did dolphin stroke the next round. On the shallow end, I rested for a while, hoping she would come to me. She came soon enough and I looked at her innocently, giving half a smile she asked me about back stroke. I promptly replied that I learned long back and I am good at it and apologized for slapping her bottom, she said its fine with a small smile.

Then she asked me to teach her backstroke, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri oh boy this what I was hoping for. I said its fine by me, but asked her to show her free style first and told her to do slowly and I wanted see her skill. Secretly I wanted see her great boobs hanging inside water, she obliged to do so and started to swim towards me. I went under water and ogled at her cleavage as they bobbed with rhythm and I was able to see the nipples, I was staring at those, as she came up to me. she stood in the pool and I came up involuntarily, still staring at those gravity defying ones.. She cleared her throat, I jerked up and said she is great!. She smiled sexily and asked me to teach backstroke, I showed her the technique. Then asked her to do, but as I surmised, she was not able to do it right away, she went under. She came up gasping and asked me to help, I said fine fine with a crooked smile. I told her to sleep on the surface of water and I kept my hand under her waist supporting her weight. Later I kept my other hand under her buttocks, she did not say anything and I kept it for a short while.

As she kept kicking her legs, I could not hold any longer and squeezed her butt cheeks. She winced a little with a small smile appearing on her face, I took it as encouragement and squeezed both of them at once. This time she stopped and I said your chest needs to up more, ignorantly, she tried push her ample bosom up. It was just a great view, l let slip due to weight of those it is difficult. She smiled and said they were indeed heavy. This being afternoon in the pool nobody, bothered us and trainer was in his cabin. I said they looked great and have never seen such big boobs, she smiled quite proudly. I dont know from where I plucked up the courage but asked her if I could touch them, she gave naughty laugh and went underwater abruptly.

I followed her in, she turned abruptly and let my hands touch her boobs. The feeling is amazing, they were so big and soft they could not fit in even my big hands. I squeezed them hard, as if honking and she gasped for her breath and came to surface. I observed that nipples were straining güvenilir bahis şirketleri hard against the swim suit and bra inside, realizing they are bigger than before. This time she smiled seductively and I went under water to explore, as she stood, I poked my hand at her crotch and let a small sound out and laughed later. She hit me on the head and told me to come up, I obliged, and she said its wrong to do it in public. I said if it is okay to do it on bed and she gave a such sexy smile, then she started to swim away from me and I followed this time. I came to her underwater and pulled at the nipple of left boob, she tried to hit me but missed. I acted as if going away this time bringing my hand firmly into this ass crack.

This is the first time a girl gave me a chance to touch her at all and I was ecstatic trying to make most of it. Then she said she had to leave and we went to shower together. Trainer is nearby, so I could not do anything but look, but she slightly moved her hips towards me. I watched with fascination as he wiggled her ass, she turned completely towards me and then I asked if she could show me little more. She then pulled her, bra and suit little down, to reveal pink and red nipple and boy were they poking out. My bulge was obvious on front of my shorts and she looked at it appreciatively. I am well above average in terms of size, she said she is done and while going away she stroked my front slowly acting like she did nothing. My member was pulsing heavily and it is first time I was experiencing such a rush, with this I whispered to her, I will take a longer bath at home, winking. I went to guys changing rooms and changed. I went out and waited for her to come out, she was taking lot of time. Then went to stand in front of changing girls changing rooms to find an open curtain which was usually closed. I looked around to find no one watching me, so I stood there acting as if looking at my phone. Then she came out of the bath inside the changing room, at this time of hour, nobody comes to the pool.

She changed into normal dress with a tight t shirt and tracks. Those accentuated her curves well, then noticed that her nipples were still poking out. As she came out of the room and I asked her why she was wearing no bra now. She replied saying she likes it this way and added saying that she was not wearing her panties either, as they became wet, but not from water, wink. My member became rock hard and she laughed at this and we went our separate ways.

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