24 Haziran 2021

Teaching Chris Ch. 01

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As I waited for him I wondered if he would come over. We had met up and texted and phoned each other going over and over us getting together. I was wearing my red bra which covered up my E bust, matching panties and hold-up stockings. My robe covered all for now. Finally I saw the car, and he came toward the door, looking a bit nervous.

I drew him into the room I had prepared, all warm and welcoming. My husband was hidden away and linked by camera to what was going on. This almost innocent man had decided that he needed a more experienced woman to teach him what he had been missing. He had chosen me to teach him. I had a lot planned. I kissed Chris, and as he responded to me, I felt his disbelief and nervousness evaporate. His hands started to explore my body and he kissed me harder. I stepped back and he eased the robe off my shoulders and it puddled on the floor behind me. He looked at my body for the first time, almost in awe. I whispered that i needed to see what I was dealing with and began to unbutton his shirt. I caressed his back, his chest and I reached lower until I encountered his belt buckle. With a naughty smile I raised one eyebrow and he rushed to unbuckle his trousers so I could reach in, and found a rock hard and very pleasing cock. If I had to describe it, I would say it was big enough to satisfy, but not big enough to hurt. Grasping it gently canlı bahis I felt him tense, and then he undid my bra and began to play with my breasts. He kicked off his trousers and disposed of his underwear as I began to wank him slowly.

I led him over to the sofa and sat him down and knelt before him, easing his knees apart. I took a flavoured condom from the pack he had brought with him and put it on. (That isn’t my forte but it went on beautifully), then I kissed my way down his chest and started to kiss and lick around his lap and looked up at him as I slowly sank his length into my mouth and began to suck him off. I varied my strokes, long, short, sucking hard, then more gently, licking round and round the head of his cock. his trembling grew more pronounced and his moanings got higher pitched. then he suddenly gasped out if I were to suck him a bit harder I’d have him cum. I duly did so and he came explosively, great spurts in the condom that was in my mouth. I waited until he came down before I let him slip out of my mouth, then I disposed of the condom and smiled up at him. He sat me down and I caressed his chest as his breathing returned to normal. He asked me if I would mind if he went down on me as he had seen it done on porn films but had never done it for real. This wasn’t quite what I had planned, but I decided that it would be polite, and if it wasn’t any bahis siteleri good, I could always divert him to something else.

I arranged the pillows behind me so I could be comfortable and he knelt before me and pushed my knees apart, pulling me to the edge of the sofa. He leaned down and removed my red panties and buried his face in my erotically scented shaven wetness. The guy was a natural! What a tongue! He licked and explored and sucked and went round and round my clit as though he had done it for years, in just a short time he had me on the brink… and as I fell into a massive orgasm, I screamed it out, my hips bucked and I drenched him with my juices! His hands clamped down on my hips and he kept on licking me until I gasped out he had to stop. His triumphant, oh-so-pleased-with-himself smile as he slowly got up was fabulous to see, he was ecstatic with how responsive i had been,and kissed me hard so I could taste my juices. he was very turned on again, and the proof was his massive and extremely hard cock!

I sat him down again and knelt before him, sitting back on my heels this time so I could use my breasts as well as my hands to wank him to his second orgasm. I grasped him as he jumped and gasped at my firm touch, and then I started to move my hands on him, rubbing his cock head on my breasts which he loved, and using firmer and harder strokes as bahis şirketleri he started to moan again. I began to talk dirty to him, describing all the things I wanted to teach him about, fucking outdoors, me orgasming on top of him, him banging me hard, and then he groaned, his head fell back and he came loads again! He spurted several times and all my breasts and in between them were absolutely covered in sticky hot cum.

I mopped us both up and he dressed and left with a smile halfway between wonder and satisfaction. I watched him go, and mentally started planning the next session as I ran upstairs to my waiting husband. he had cum hard when he had seen me cum with another man’s face buried in my cunt, and I was still very horny. He laid back on the bed and I straddled him and took him inside me and began to fuck the living daylights out of his cock. I ground against him hard and my clit was rubbing up and down his shaft. it was heaven, and I felt my orgasm build and build and when I went over the top, I screamed and screamed, it was THAT good! Then he rolled me over and started to hammer my cunt with his cock. He knows I love that when I have just cum, its all so sensitive down there, and I moaned and writhed, curled my legs around his back and felt him hammer me with all his force. when he stopped with a grunt I felt his release inside me quite strongly as he collapsed on top of me. We lay for a while enjoying each other and remembering what had just happened over and over. We made love several times more that day. From that cold morning onward, my libido went through the roof.

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