24 Haziran 2021

The Baby-Sitter Diaries Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

Five years ago, in twenty-four hours I had the most intense sexual experiences of my life. First, I had sex with my eighteen year old baby-sitter, which was fantastic. Then I had anal sex for the first time with my wife, who at the time had been married to me for seventeen years. My wife followed it up with a blow job in the shower and I had slept contented, if not long. When I awoke the next morning, I could smell coffee and bacon wafting up from the kitchen. The sunlight streaming through the windows on both sides of the bed told me I needed to get up soon so that I could get read for church, a fact I found to be true when I looked at the bedside clock.

I shuffled into the bathroom, wearing nothing but a half-smile. My balls ached. I could feel the sinews in them tingle as they swayed back and forth. They were protesting their workout from the night before. My cock was semi-hard, it’s usual state when I needed to pee in the morning. I approached the stool and lifted the seat. When I gripped my cock, I could feel pain. The skin was sore, practically blistered. It was a good kind of pain. I let the urine flow and took stock of my other ordinary aches and pains. I thought a quick shower couldn’t hurt, so I turned the water on and stepped in. It felt good, the hot steamy water easing the pains in my shoulders and hips. My knees and thighs ached a bit more than usual too. I turned around and slowly bent over to touch my toes, letting the hot water loosen my back muscles as I did. I could feel the hot water on the crack of my ass and I could feel it run down around my balls. It felt good. No wonder my wife Patty had finally given up her anal virginity to me. I cursed my misfortune at not having discovered this method of making love years before, when I was younger and had greater stamina.

I rinsed my hair and shut off the water. I grabbed a thick bath towel and began to pat myself dry, being careful not to rub my tender cock too hard. When I walked out of the bathroom, I was surprised to see my wife there carrying a tray of food. On it was a huge mug of coffee, a plate with crispy bacon, three eggs over easy and four slices of wheat toast with real butter. It was my favorite breakfast of all time, but I almost never got to eat it. My wife insisted that I live forever and had long ago changed my morning routine to orange juice, small coffee, dry toast and hot or cold cereal with skim milk, hardly the breakfast of champions.

“What is the occasion?” I asked. She smiled coyly and set the tray on her side of the bed, nodding for me to sit down on the other side to have my breakfast. “My favorite breakfast AND I get to eat it in bed, on the good comforter? I must have really impressed the judges last night.”

“Come and eat. I called Janet and she is going to take the boys to Wild Wild Water after church. We will have the whole afternoon to ourselves. Just you and me. Just you and me and the entire house. You and me and the entire house and no kids. Are you beginning to get the picture?”

“If I get this right, you and I are going to spend the afternoon pretending we are young and crazy and you brought me this great breakfast because you are afraid it might be my last meal and the condemned man usually gets what he wants before he is led to the gallows.”

“Exactly!” she said, eyes sparkling. I reclined on the bed, content to dip the toast in the runny part of the eggs and enjoy the combination of tastes and textures. As I raised the twenty-four ounce mug of coffee to my lips, I nearly split the hot liquid down my chest. I could feel a hand cupping my balls and the unmistakable sensation of a warm mouth engulfing my languid cock.

“Whoa Newly! Is it afternoon already?” I sputtered, after taking a sip of coffee to wash down the toast and egg.

“I am just giving you a little taste of what you have coming later.” she revealed, her hands still massaging my cock, which despite it’s haggard condition, was answering the call to duty.

It was difficult to finish breakfast while my wife’s mouth was on my cock, her hair lightly grazing my belly and my thighs, but I was up to the challenge. I finished the toast and eggs and moved the tray to just inside arms reach and picked up a slice of bacon which I was saving for last, and the big mug of coffee. With my view no longer obstructed, I watched intently while my wife blew me like a pro. Hot coffee, crispy bacon, and a sphincter-tightening blow job: Man I was in Heaven!

I stuffed the last of the bacon into my mouth, set the coffee on the tray, and gripped the back of my wife’s head and brought my hips up into her face, trying to finish the job. She responded by opening her mouth wider and taking my cockhead into her throat and then closing her mouth around the base of my shaft. That was all it took. It was the most intense blow job she had ever given me and I responded by emptying my first orgasm of the day into her esophagus. When my last spurt was swallowed, canlı bahis şirketleri she took her sweet time pulling my cock out of her mouth. She made sure it was mostly dry and there was no cum remaining, digging at my cockhead with her tongue, looking for any vestiges of an orgasm. When she was satisfied, she sat up abruptly.

“You’d better get ready for church. We need to leave in ten minutes.” She was so matter-of-fact in her statement, I was nearly stunned. How was I going to sit through church after a blow job like that? She stood up and offered the tray to me. “Grab your coffee, I am going to put these dishes in the dishwasher and get it started. Hustle up David, you need to get ready. While we are at church, you might pray for strength this afternoon, you are going to need it.”

I put on summer weight wool slacks and a white oxford shirt. I didn’t want to wear a tie, so I selected a light V-neck sweater without sleeves. I pulled on my cordovan loafers without socks and slipped a belt through the loops. A look in the bedroom mirror assured me I was presentable enough for the church we were attending. I went downstairs and my approach signaled the boys that it was time to head for the mini van my wife drives. On the drive to church we passed by Tom and Janet’s house. They are our best friends, Janet is a colleague, Tom is my best buddy, and their daughter Rebecca is our baby-sitter. Rebecca is also the girl whose virginity I had taken behind the eighth green after the golf tournament the afternoon before. She was out mowing the lawn, just as she had promised her dad she would. She was wearing white sneakers, stained with green from the lawn clippings, tight black shorts that fit her lithe frame like paint, and a bikini top that barely covered her small and shapely breasts. She was tan, young, beautiful and she tasted like honeydew vine-water. I honked and waved, she responded with a big wave and a smile that each of my sons was certain was meant for him.

In church we sat with Tom and Janet and our boys sat in the pew in front of us. The sermon was about facing hardships, I think. I just don’t remember. I sat through most of the service staring at the twelve foot tall crucifix over the alter, the one with the crying and bleeding Jesus hanging from it. I contemplated my sins from the past twenty-four hours and began to feel real shame. I was sitting with my loving family and friends, and all I could concentrate on was the fucking and sucking I had done and the fucking and sucking I wanted to do that afternoon.

When the service was finally over, Tom and Janet walked us to the van. Inside was the boys’ bag for the trip to the water park. They gave us quick hugs and ran off with the couple we considered family, leaving my wife and I to drive home alone. When I pulled into the driveway, my wife reached for the door but I stopped her, pulling her toward me instead. I kissed her with passion and fire and she returned my ardor. We finally broke it off and walked into the house, arm in arm. We scattered clothes from the bottom step to the top, racing to the bedroom. Patty was a bit faster than me, an affront I didn’t take lightly. I grabbed her ankle a few steps from the top and she toppled. I pulled her under me, naked and giggling. I made her suffer, tickling her and kissing her lightly enough to entice, not nearly hard enough to cause real pleasure. My hands roamed her body, when I got to her ass she admonished me.

“Be careful there stud. You nearly ripped me a new one yesterday. Literally. I knew would be sore today, so leave it alone.” I wasn’t going to take sexual warnings from a woman so completely under my control so I just laughed in her face and forced her legs apart with mine and reached around her hip until my finger tips were pressed against her ravaged feature. I tickled it lightly and I could tell it caused her both pleasure and pain.

“You will do as I wish, when I wish and where I wish. If I want to fuck your ass again, I will and you will like it. Do I make myself clear?” My mock serious tone was obvious. She responded by grabbing my cock and pulling it until it began to protest.

“I understand where you are coming from. But don’t forget that THIS thing is MINE! Any time I want, I can take it back and put it in a jar on the side of the bed. Everyone knows that men are useless except as a life support system for cocks.” She laughed at her own joke. In response, I sunk my middle finger into her rectum up to the second knuckle. She gasped in protest, her hand involuntarily tightening around my already sore manhood. I removed my finger, she loosened her grip.

“Let’s continue this on the bed. Race ya!” she challenged as she leapt to her feet. I struggled to my own feet and ambled into the bedroom. I didn’t immediately join her on the bed, instead I detoured through the bathroom to get the lube. I was going to need a little help this particular afternoon.

On the bed together we kissed and let canlı kaçak iddaa our hands roam over each others bodies. I kissed her face, her eyes, her forehead, her ears and her neck. I kissed her shoulders, her chest, breasts, her nipples, her stomach. I let my tongue roam on her nipples and around her navel. I spread her legs and settled in to eat her pussy. My tongue bathed her cunt with tender strokes, dipping slightly lower, near her ass every ten or twelve strokes. She responded by spreading her legs wide, raising her knees so that I had full access. I could feel her orgasm build, and I purposely kept it at bay, switching to a less erotic technique to keep her from achieving climax until I felt she could wait no longer. When I felt she had suffered enough, I knelt between her thighs, resting my cock on her clit and raising her foot to my mouth. I gave her foot a tongue bath and licked between her toes, sucking on each. The sensation of my tongue on her foot and my cock pressing on her clit was perfect for what I was attempting. She started to come and began to thrust her clit against the bottom of my cock, trying to make it somehow drop into her pussy and send her even farther over the edge. I pulled her other foot up to my face, giving it the same oral treatment. This trapped my cock between her thighs and drove her absolutely wild. Patty came and came and came some more. When it seemed like she could come no more, I spread her feet wide, forming a V with her legs and pulled back just enough so that my cock could find its way home. When I felt the familiar neighborhood that was her pussy, I thrust it halfway home. This put the head of my cock against her g-spot. I used my arms to lift and lower her hips on my cock, increasing and decreasing the pressure on her g-spot and sending her back into the ether. After four minutes of constant orgasms, Patty passed out.

When she came to, I was pressing a cold compress against her head. I was scared, I didn’t know what to think. I had never fucked a woman so well I made her blackout from the pleasure. This was a new experience to me. I was confused. So confused in fact, that when the doorbell rang, it didn’t dawn on me that I was heading down to answer it wearing nothing at all. I opened the door and standing there looking tan, fit and scrumptious was the baby-sitter, Rebecca.

“Uh, hello David. If this is a bad time, I can come back later,” she offered, turning her head to study the framing of the doorway.

“What? No, it’s okay. We were uh, um, uh…..” Then it hit me that I was buck naked. “Excuse me a moment.” I didn’t wait for her answer, I just shut the door and found my pants and shirt and pulled them on. When I opened the door again, Rebecca was giggling.

“If you act like that, people will talk,” she insinuated. “Can I come in?”

“Sure, sure, sure. Come in,” I invited after having been reminded of my manners. “We were just, uh, um…. upstairs….. Anyway, why did you come over?”

“I came over to invite you all over to dinner. Dad called and said to get some steaks and some beer and get the grill started at our house around 5:30. He said ‘You tell David that those steaks had better be perfect and that beer had better be cold or I am gonna lose one of his boys!'” She giggled while she said it. It might seem strange that the guy had called his daughter to come to our house to deliver a message, but to me it seemed perfectly natural. That was the relationship between our two families.

“I need to go check on Patty,” I said as I headed back upstairs. “There’s some cold drinks in the refrigerator, help yourself.” I gathered the remaining clothes in my arms as I went back upstairs. I dumped them into the hamper and went over to the bed.

“Rebecca is here. Tom called and has invited us over to cook us all dinner,” I explained. “How are you feeling?”

“Like the luckiest girl alive. That was INCREDIBLE! Why haven’t we done that before?” I thought about all the years we had been married and all the things I wanted to try and didn’t because I thought my wife would be afraid or offended and I realized that the problem might have been me. As I was trying to formulate an answer a lilting voice behind me answered instead.

“Because you married an uptight former jock who has had the hots for the baby-sitter.” My heart pounded from its new position in my throat. I couldn’t take a breath. I stiffened and began to tremble from the adrenaline. Never in my life did I expect for my infidelity and my wife to be in the same bedroom at the same time.

“Oh I know, Rebecca. By the way, I owe you a debt of thanks. He was fabulous last night and fabulous today. I came so hard I actually passed out.”

“Did he suck your toes?”

“Yes he did, that was what sent me over the top and out.”

“God I know! It’s fantastic.”

I was beginning to regain my senses. It seemed like they each knew more than they let on and that I had been kept out of the loop. “What is canlı kaçak bahis going on here? Are you to colluding?”

“Us?” replied my wife in mock surprise. “Do you think that the two of us conspired to seduce you? To get you to have sex with the baby-sitter? Is that what you think?”

“I do now. In fact, I KNOW that’s what you did. You two were in cahoots together. You somehow planned to get me to screw Rebecca, but for the life of me, I don’t know why.”

“What gave it away?” asked Patty.

“The fact that you are so certain I had sex with the baby-sitter. You couldn’t have known unless she told you, which I don’t believe.” I watched them both for confirmation I was right. They looked at each other and began to giggle. Rebecca handed my wife a glass of wine and offered another one to me.

“Well, it all started about three months ago,” she began. “I called your wife after a party at my friend Brittany’s house. I was drunk and I needed a ride home. My so-called date got too fresh and I decided to leave before he did something stupid. My folks were out of town, so I called you, but your wife answered. She came right over and drove me home. On the way home, I confessed to her that I was jealous of her for having a guy like you, and all I seemed to attract was stupid young idiots who only wanted to get into my pants. We talked and talked and talked. Finally I told her the truth, that I fantasized about losing my virginity to you. Kind of shocking, isn’t it?”

I nodded.

“She was so sweet in her devotion to you,” my wife continued. “I really couldn’t see the harm in you having sex with her. Our sex life had deteriorated into a grind and I was ready to try anything to shake it up. I told her she could try to seduce you, but she had to be willing to accept rejection if you got scared or if you would change the way you felt about her based on any weirdness a physical relationship might cause. She agreed to accept the consequences. When you got home yesterday, I knew she had been successful.”

“Really? How?”

“Oh David! When you came into the house, you reeked of sex. It was so incredibly sensuous, I nearly jumped your bones in the kitchen,” Patty explained. “Smell is one of the most powerful sexual stimulants there is.”

“OK, OK, I get that part,” I answered. “But why didn’t you say something? Why just leave it to chance?”

“We will have to explain that later…. ” her voice trailed off. “Right now we have some important lovemaking to accomplish. We have three hours and then we have to go cook dinner.” With that, the two women in my life tackled me high and low. I fell onto the bed as the meat in a girl sandwich. Within seconds, everyone was naked. I felt detached from the experience. My wife and my new lover had connived to make this very afternoon happen. Why? I wouldn’t know the answer to that for another several hours. I returned to the present when I felt a hot young mouth engulf my semi-hard member. I breast was thrust into my mouth and I suckled like a baby. The breast was replaced by a pussy and I hungrily got to work, giving as much pleasure as I was receiving. When I felt myself start to cum, I pulled my cock from Rebecca’s mouth and turned my attention to her cunt. I dove in, content to eat her pussy with fervor. She bucked and thrust against my face, coming quickly and hard. I rolled over on my back and pulled her cunt up onto my face. My wife knelt between my legs and demonstrated to the novice how to give the proper attention to a cock. I could feel her deepthroating my dick pushing the head deep into her neck. In appreciation, I began to tongue fuck Rebecca’s ass. I pushed it in, past the ring of muscles and let it explore. She responded with a gush of pussy juice that I lapped up. She rode my face like a rented mule, unaware that she was dislodging the cartilage in my nose with her constant grinding.

“He’s about to cum, do you want some?” my wife paused from blowing me to ask.

“Yes, mmmmmmm, yes!” Rebecca replied, though I don’t know if it was to the question or to what I was doing to her nether region. “Oh God! I want him to fuck my ass! Please Patty, let him fuck my ass. Please?”

“It’s going to hurt, but if you are sure, let me grab the lure.” Patty reached across the pile of flesh to grab the tube of lubricant I had gotten out earlier. “Turn around and straddle his stomach. Let me help you.” I could feel a gob of cold gel being worked onto my stiff rod.

“Oh yes! I love that, I LOVE it,” gushed Rebecca as Patty worked the lube up and down the crack of her ass, working it in with fingers a lot smaller than my cock. When Patty was sure she had enough lube, she pulled on Rebecca’s hips until she was positioned over my cockhead.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked, giving the baby-sitter one last opportunity to save her own ass in both senses of the phrase.

“Oh yes! Fuck my ass.” She leaned back feeling my cockhead push against her rosebud. She wiggled and giggled and wiggled her ass from side to side until my cockhead was past her anal ring and in her colon. She paused, enjoying the sensation. She pumped up and down, just letting the weight of her down strokes push my dick farther into her ass.

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