16 Haziran 2021

The Beauty of Sly

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I could not have dreamed a more beautiful day for our first meeting. A beautiful summer day at the secluded beach cabin I have found for our weekend. The table set with the finest china and the wine chilled to perfection. All that was missing was the your first smile and our first kiss hello. While waiting thought of you ran through my mind. It had been a chance encounter meeting on-line. Our casual friendship had grown to playful flirting. Our erotic talks were filled with such deep passion. With each passing chat we grew to know each other more and more. I was a bit timid to suggest we meet, but the day I got the courage to ask was filled with joy when you accepted. Now as I hear each car pass, my heart skips a beat as the time of your arrival draws closer.

I’m startled from my daydreaming by the ringing of the doorbell. My heart soars as I spring to the door. Within seconds you are standing there in the hallway, a vision of loveliness. The silence is broken by your first “Hello, Eddie” and you’re beaming smile. I can’t help but look at you in happiness. The pictures we had exchanged did not do justice to just how beautiful you looked. You were wearing a very comfortable summer dress with sandals. “Well, when do I get my kiss?” you asked almost laughing. “I’m sorry, I was taken away by just how lovely you look.” I explained then leaning forward to press my lips softly against yours. Our kiss lasted so long, it was almost impossible to end it. “Eddie, would you be a doll, and get my overnight bag from the car?” you asked, “I’d like to freshen up a bit before dinner. I must look a mess being on the road for so long.” I was out in a flash to retrieve her bag from the car and showed her where the bedroom was. Sly kissed my cheek as she went. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. You are cuter in person.”, you chuckled as you made your way down the hall.

As I waited I checked on the meal. I wanted everything to be perfect for Sly. I had spent most of the day preparing the lasagna meal for her. And everything was ready as planed. I heard a chuckle from behind me. “You look so cute in an apron.” Sly laughed. “But you would be needing this anymore”, she whispered as she drew closer. “Let me serve you.” She purred taking the apron from my waist.

She had changed into a glittery evening dress, low cut to reveal her full breasts. I could not help but wonder if she was wearing one of the many corsets that we had often spoke about. The suspense would haunt me all through dinner. I set at the table as prepared our plates, the talk was light and casual, her trip how she like the place and how good the meal looked. As Sly bent over to serve my plate, her dress could barely conceal her ample breasts obviously being pushed up and on display. “I hope you like.”, she cooed coyly, then she took a seat directly across from me. The sun was starting to set giving the room a warm rich glow. Sly was radiant in this light.

Dinner was a treasure. We spoke of the many things we shared canlı bahis şirketleri in common and the wine was helping to relax. I suggested we take a stroll along the beach to help settle our meal. “Eddie, I’d love that, but I think I should change. Would you be so kind as to help with my zipper, it does tend to hang from time to time.”
I moved behind her and eased the zipper the entire length of her dress. Sly took one step and let the dress fall from her to reveal the most beautiful corset I had ever seem. It was black silk with red trim and the half bra supported Sly’s breast perfectly. The black silk stocking and matching g-string completed the outfit. “I did not want you to miss seeing me in this.”, you whispered bashfully. “Edward, I have waited so long to let you see me like this, but I was so worried I would not please you. I hope you like what you see.” My growing excitement was more then proof that I was enjoying the sight and was hoping to see more. “Sly, with all the words we have shared, I am at a loss to find the words that tell you just how beautiful you look.” We fell into each others arms for a deep passionate embrace and kiss.

I took her hand and led her to the sliding door leading the private cove. “Eddie, I can’t go outside like this.”, you laughed. “Sly, this is a private isolated cove. No one will see us”, I explained. “No silly, I meant I need to take my stocking off first”, you giggled. “Would you mind?” I knelt before her and slowly remove her stockings. The warmth and feel of her fresh increased my passion. Soon we were hand in hand heading out the door. I grabbed the blanket near the door as we left.

On the balcony we stopped. “Something is wrong with this picture.” Sly exclaimed. “One of us is way over dressed.”, she noted point to my pants and shirt. I laughed and quickly removed the shirt and pant leaving me in my black silk boxer shorts. “Mmmm, I see you like black silk too. Nice”, Sly remarked. We continued down the steps to the cream sand beach still warm and inviting. You broke from my hand and ran playfully to the water’s edge laughing and skipping. Your breast bounced as you moved the corset unable to fully contain them. You kicked at the surf and water sprayed on your thighs. I loved to see this girlish side of you, standing there beckoning me to join you.

As I watched, I lay the blanket near the water’s edge. “Eddie, the water is GREAT! Come play with me.” And for the moment we whisk back to a time when to young lovers could savor their intimate play. We hugged and laughed there in the cool water, wading to our thighs. I would reach down to scoop water and drip it across your breast. It’s coolness perking your nipple. As the moon’s first gleaming showed on the water, our eyes met and we looked deeply into our hearts. We knew at that moment that we would be making passionate love.

“Eddie, lets go for a swim.”, the words no more came from your mouth the corset fell into your hands and was tossed canlı kaçak iddaa onto the blanket. Diving into the water, you came up beside me the water dripping erotically from your naked body glistening from the moonlight. You crushed me with an embrace as I slipped my shorts off and they joined your corset on the blanket. Swimming around we cuddled and kissed, our hands now exploring each other’s bodies. As I brushed your hardened nipples, you gasped lowly. As your hand fondled and stroked my cock, I replied with a moan of pleasure. “Sly, let’s go lay on the beach.” The nod of your head and the wide smile told me you were ready for more.

We found the blanket and you laid back looking up all the while. “Eddie, my darling. I have dreamed of this moment for a long time. Make passionate love with me.” Your words echoed in my heart as it too had been craving this moment. “Yes, Sly we will make this a night we will never forget.” I whispered. “Let me savor your body”. And with that I lowered myself to knell between your legs. Your legs part giving yourself to me freely. Lowering my lips, I gently brushed against the moist petals of your pussy. I can see the chill of anticipation run through your body as I eased my tongue slightly into the opening.

“Oh, Eddie”, you purr as I continue to seek out the deeper regions of your pussy. The deeper I plunged the more you arch, taking more of my tongue into your growing wetness. I cup my hands onto your ass cheeks and pull you onto my face. My face now buried deep into your now dripping cunt you buck at my face. “Yes, Eddie. Fuck me with your talented tongue.” Your words drive my passion as I devour your moist cunt lapping at your juices. “I’m going to cum, Eddie. Please make me cum.”, your words now breathless. Then you grab my head and drive my face hard into your pussy as I and feel your juices flow onto my tongue and over my face. You pump against my face as the last few waves flow over you. Then you lay there in contented bliss. As I gently lap at the last of your sweet cum, you lean up to kiss me with deep passion. “Now, my sweet Edward, I crave your cock”, you hiss with wanton passion.

You move me to my back and within moments you are lick the shaft with your talented tongue. “Yes, Sly…oh God yes”, my words staggered. I can feel your tongue on my balls flicking and licking and nibbling from time to time. Then without warning to engulf the head with your mouth and suck it deeply into your mouth. “OH SLY, OH DARLING”, my words raspy, “Suck my cock darling, deeper, yes”. You increase the tempo of your movement, your head twisting and your inch more and more of my shaft down your throat. I can feel my own passion mounting as you relentlessly suck my cock. You pause briefly and look into my eyes. “Edward, my darling, give me your hot sticky cum, now!” With that my cock disappears into the depths of your mouth and the sucking intensifies. The first wave sweeps over me and I feel my shaft exploding down your throat. canlı kaçak bahis You do not miss a beat as you swallow the hot juices, your head still bobbing to milk every drop. My body jerks as I empty myself into you. As you lick the last few drops, you look into my eyes with such a sweet look of happiness. “Eddie dearest, I have crave the taste of you for so long, it was better then I could have ever imagined.” I pull you to me and I cuddle with you on the wrinkled blanket under the starlit night.

Moments pass like years and a slight chilled breeze moves over us. “Sly dearest, lets go inside and warm up a bit.” Your nod showed you were eager to go inside where it would be more comfortable. We scurried inside like giddy teenager playing tag. Once inside the house, we lingered in a hot embrace. You broke free and gave me a most curious wink. “Eddie, when I call you from the bedroom, come join me. Not a moment sooner. I have a surprise for you. The clock seemed to be standing still, the wait was both exciting and frustrating. Then a call from the bedroom, “Come to me my darling.” I eased my way to the bedroom, not know what to expect. As I opened the door I saw your handy work. The room was covered in scented candles and you were standing at the foot of the bed in one of the tightest white corset I had ever seen. The soft lights from the candles have you a heavenly glow. “Edward, I need you to make sweet love to me”, you whispered with your arms reaching out to me. I joined you and we settled onto the bed.

Laying you back on the bed and the tightness of the corset made your breast stand out and yearning to be taken. I buried my face in them and took my pleasure suckling them, first one them the other. As I delighted in your mounds of pleasure, you moved your hand down to stroke my ever-hardening cock. You moved it close to your pussy and used the tip to tease your clit. I could tell the heat of your own breast was starting to match mine as you eased the tip into your wetted slit. “Sly darling, you give me such pleasure”, I muffled between nibbles. Then you completed the insertion deep inside your waiting passion. Your hands found my ass cheeks as you moved me slowly inside you. My own motions matching those of your hands.

You paused for a brief moment. “Edward, I want to be fucked long and hard. Make me feel one with you tonight.” I started to pound faster into you. You moved to meet my thrusts. “Yes, my dearest Eddie.”, you whispered in a panted breath. My stokes start to hammer against you. My balls slapping against your drenched pussy. The headboard bouncing against the wall. You throw your legs over my shoulders, and you urge me to take you. Nearly breathless I exclaim, “Sly, cum with me. Cum with me”. My words trigger your response as you give one hard buck and I can feel your pussy pulsating around my shaft. “OH GOD, MIKE YES I’M CUMMMING”, you scream. I feel my passion released with you and I join you in an earth-shattering scream of delight. For that instant our hearts, minds, bodies and souls became one. The waves once powerful an consuming slowly subside, and we are left clenched in your embrace. As our breathing returns to normal, we kiss and drift into a blissful sleep in each other’s arms.

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