17 Mayıs 2021

The Best Present Dad Can Give Ch. 05

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This series contains male-on-male relationships, some of which are incestuous. If you think this will bother you, please do not read any chapters in this series. Otherwise, please enjoy the series and leave a public comment, or send me a private one. Thank you!


I woke up. Shit, I forgot to set the alarm! What time was it? I glanced over at the alarm clock on my father’s nightstand. Oh, what a relief! It was only 7:00 a.m.. That gave me plenty of time to get ready for school.

I turned around to wake up Trey, my best friend, who had spent the night here after I gave him a long, luxurious blowjob after we made up from a weeklong argument that we had. That was the first time we had ever done anything sexual with each other.

When I turned around, I was surprised to find that Trey was not there. I looked around for a note and didn’t find one. Not on the pillow, not on the nightstand, not tucked in my boxers (The thought made me blush. I really need to learn to not blush so much.), not anywhere.

Luckily, I had pretty good hearing. I held my breath and listened carefully. I could hear the refrigerator humming in the kitchen and the air conditioner blowing air. I couldn’t hear anything else. Not only that, but I had that odd feeling that I was completely alone in the house.

I sighed. Why did he hurry off when he woke up this morning? I hope he wasn’t upset about being with me last night. We had decided to take things very slowly and instead I ended up giving him a blowjob. Why couldn’t we just make out our first time? He probably had one of those wake-up ‘oh crap’ moments when he woke up this morning, lying next to me completely naked while I was only in boxers.

I got out of bed and looked for a note on the refrigerator or table. No luck. I decided to go into the bathroom to take a shower. I looked up at the bathroom mirror, hoping to find a note. No note. Crap. I stripped out of my boxers and took a quick, cold shower.

Once my shower was over, I brushed my teeth, and then I grabbed a towel and dried off, then I headed to the bedroom. I donned an emerald green sweater that matched my eye color perfectly, and then I slipped into a new pair of boxers and a pair of blue jeans, grabbed the rest of my shit, and headed out the door to school.

I arrived at school half an hour early, which was fine because I knew the twins would probably get there around the same time. The twins ride together and Collin always needs to be where he is supposed to be at least twenty minutes early. If it were up to Cody, he would show up at the last minute.

The first thing I did when I got to school was put my things in my locker. I heard familiar voices approaching and looked up to see the twins coming my way. Cody had a huge grin on his face, much like he always had whenever he saw me. Between the grin and the look of adoration that filled his teal eyes, I couldn’t resist smiling back at him. It was hard for me to be anything but happy when Cody was around. He had his own unique way of making me feel special.

“Well it is about damn time. This is the first time that coming to school so flippin’ early actually paid off. Guess I’ll forgive you this time, Collin.” I knew he was picking on Collin but at the same time I also knew he was actually glad to have come to school so early today. The reason behind it was because I was so ‘flippin’ early as well.

I went up to Cody and hugged him. I took a deep breath and smelt the cologne I loved on him. I knew he had several different colognes but this was the one he now wore every day. The reason behind it was simply because he found out that I loved this cologne, especially on him. I knew Collin wore the same cologne as well, but only because Trey liked it as much as I did.

To my disappointment, he wore it kind of heavily today. I liked being able to smell his cologne when I was sort of close to him but when I was this close I wanted to smell his own scent. Because there was noone else around (with the exception of Collin), I leaned into his neck so that my nose was touching his skin. I took a big whiff and finally found the scent I was looking for. His scent. I found myself saying, “Don’t wear so much cologne. I want to be able to smell your scent when I am this close.” I continued breathing in his scent for a couple more minutes after he had muttered an okay to my command.

“Nicolae” Cody moaned in what sounded like an entranced voice.

That seemed to snap me out of it. I realized that not only my nose was pressing up against his neck, but my mouth was as well. And what shocked me even more was that I at some point had reached up and grabbed a hold of his hair. Feeling really awkward, I pulled my hand away from his hair and released him from my embrace while simultaneously muttering an apology.

“Don’t say you are sorry, Nicolae. I loved it.” He grinned. “I want you to do it again. But seriously, if you ever want anything from me, you can simply go ahead and take it or do it. I am yours.”

“Don’t say that” I said softly, while my blush deepened even canlı bahis more.

He nodded. “Yes, you are right. There is no reason to state the obvious. You have known that for a long time now.”

“That’s not what I meant.” I turned away from him to see a wide-eyed Collin. I knew he was going to say something to Cody, and by golly I was right.

“I’m really jealous now, Cody. You are so lucky! I would kill to have Trey do that to me.”

“You would kill to have me do what to you?” We all jumped at the sound of Trey’s unexpected approaching voice. Collin’s skin became as red as mine. “Well?”


Trey raised his eyebrow at Collin. “Don’t lie to me, Collin.”

A look of panic ran through Collin’s face. “No, that’s not what I meant! I’d never lie to you. I only meant it was nothing worth mentioning again.”

“Tell me.”

Collin gave me a desperate look. I decided to give my friend a helping hand. With a sigh, I explained what happened to Trey. When I was finished, I received an amused look from Trey. “Looks like I missed out on some fun.”

“It was amazing” Cody sighed with a fond, reminiscent look on his face.

“Clearly.” To my surprise, Trey grabbed me by the arm and pulled me several feet away from the twins, who wisely stayed in their original places. Trey released my arm and pulled my body into his with a hug. “Hey.”

“Hey” then I lowered my voice, “I…I was worried this morning. You just left and didn’t leave a note or wake me up or anything. I thought you were weirded out or something.”

He smiled adoringly at me. “Of course I wasn’t. I honestly wanted to stay with you until you woke up but I couldn’t. I knew my parents went to bed early last night because they had to work earlier than usual. So that meant that I had to make it back home before they woke up, that way they didn’t know that I spent the night at your place and that way they think I came home later that night after they went to bed. I should have left you a note though. I am sorry.”

“It’s alright. I just didn’t want anything to be weird between us.”

“Well there aren’t any weird feelings on my end, so as long as there isn’t any weirdness on your end, no weirdness exists.”

I smiled up at him. “Good.”

Trey released me from his embrace. I made a move to head back to the twins but he tried threading his fingers through mine. I quickly pulled my hand away from his hand. People consider Trey and I hugging nothing out of the ordinary but if we held hands in public, the gossip will have spread through the entire school by the end of the day, which is something I would like to avoid at all costs. People always talked about us for some reason.

Trey frowned but did not make a second attempt to hold my hand so I was happy. I went up and gave Collin a brief hug. I was good friends with him too, so I thought he deserved a hug as well, though not to the extent I did for Trey and Cody. He was more reserved than Cody so I think he appreciated the small duration. I received a smile from him when I pulled away.

“So you and Trey are no longer fighting?” I knew that Cody was dying to know what the argument was about in the first place. Trey and I never told them what it was about.

“Yep. Everything is peachy.”

“Awesome…I was really worried…”

Cody didn’t have to tell me that he was worried. I already knew that. He absolutely hates seeing me upset. Not only that, but when I stopped talking to Trey, I pretty much stopped talking to the whole group. People would have been able to sense his anxiety from a mile away.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s all in the past. Trey and I are not going to bring it up anymore and you shouldn’t either.”

“Okay.” Normally I hated how submissive Cody was towards me but with moments like these, the submissiveness was a plus.

“Hey Rhett, come here” I called as I saw him walk by.

He turned around and gave me a coy smile. “Hi, Nicolae. I didn’t see you there.”

“I made up with Trey so I’m gonna sit at my original table but I want you to come and sit with us.”

“Okay” he whispered with a blush.

“Ooooooh! Looks like someone has a crush on you, Nicolae” Cody teased.

I went up to him and punched him hard on the arm and yelled at him, “He does not! You don’t even know him! Leave him alone! How many times do I have to tell you to keep your comments to yourself? Will you please have a little tact from now on? Is that so hard?”


Oh crap, he was going to cry. I saw tears swimming in his eyes. I know he wasn’t about to cry because I punched him in the arm. His pain tolerance was much higher than the average person’s tolerance. It was because I was angry with him. The only time Cody ever comes close to crying is when it somehow involves me. He didn’t cry at his grandfather’s funeral. He never cries when we watch a sad movie. Collin once told me that he has never seen Cody cry prior to the day I met him. Like I said, only when it involves me.

I sighed and gave him a hug, knowing he needed to be comforted bahis siteleri before he falls apart. “Everything will be alright, Cody. I need you to be strong. That means no tears. Be strong for me, okay?”

I felt him gain composure. “Okay.”

“Good. I want you to apologize to Rhett.”

He turned to Rhett. “I’m sorry, Rhett.”

“Apology accepted. You know, you need to look in the mirror.”

“Why? Are my eyes really red?”

“No…well yes they are but that’s not went I meant. I meant a metaphorical mirror. You shouldn’t be accusing people of having a crush on Nicolae when you yourself have one.”

Cody looked appalled. “My feelings for Nicolae are much stronger and much more real than some cheesy crush.”

I smiled. Cody never hid his feelings for me from others. Even his parents are very aware of his feelings for me, and his parents are always thrilled to have me around just because I make their son incredibly happy just by being around him.

I looked at the time. “Well guys, it looks like class is gonna start soon. I’ll see you later.”

Everyone else checked the time. “Thank you for believing me guys. Your faith in me is much appreciated” I sarcastically said.

The twins and Rhett had to head west for their classes and Trey and I needed to head east for our classes so we split up and went our separate ways.

As Trey and I were walking to class, I saw a smirk on his face. “What is that smirk about?”

“I’m just thinking.”

“About what?”

“Rhett never denied the accusation” he gave me a wink and walked into his classroom.

I didn’t know what to think about that so I just decided to let it slip from my mind. I walked a few more yards and headed into my classroom.


Physical Education class was a drag today. (Everyone always makes fun of me for calling it by its full name. Excuse me for not calling it Phy. Ed. like everyone else. That is not the only reason why I am different from everyone else. I mean seriously, who else rushes home every day after school to give their father a blowjob?) We spent the whole class period jogging. I understand doing it for five or ten minutes every day as exercise but the entire class period is a little ridiculous. Why couldn’t we play basketball instead?

As expected, I was drenched with sweat like everyone else. I stripped down to my boxers in the locker room and headed into one of the private shower stalls and pulled the curtain back. I took my boxers off and set it down on the little bench that each private stall provided. I could hear people cracking jokes out where the community showers were. I don’t know why everyone likes showering out in the open. Come to think of it, Collin, Rhett, and I are the only ones who use the private showers, even though there were seven of them. The other four always remained vacated for some reason.

I took a longer than usual shower and then dried off and slipped back into my boxers. I headed back to my locker, expecting to be the only one left in the locker room. To my surprise, Trey was sitting on the bench, wearing only boxers.

He smiled at me and stood up when he saw me approaching. I purposefully kept my eyes on his handsome face, knowing that if I looked at anything below his chin I would be captivated by his amazing body. He suddenly grinned.


“I love how you are intentionally keeping your eyes on my face so you won’t be caught checking me out.”

I gave him a warning glare.

He caught on instantly. “Don’t worry, noone else is in here. And by the way, please do check me out. I love it when you do” he continued with a grin.

I decided to change the subject. “Why are you still here?”

“When I was done with my shower, I got dressed and decided to wait for you so we could go to lunch.”

“You didn’t get dressed. You are only wearing boxers.”

“Are you sure?”

I looked down and found his bare, smooth chest. His body was simply amazing. There were so many defined muscles and that trail of hair on his abdomen that leads down to lower places was incredibly sexy. It wasn’t until my eyes reached the top of his boxers before I realized what he did. I averted my eyes from his body. “You bastard.”

He gave a loud, deep laugh that made the empty locker room echo. He continued laughing and I found tears in his eyes.

“I hate you. You said that on purpose.”

“Yes, but I finally got you to check me out. It was worth it.”

I was angry with myself for falling for his stupid trick. I knew he was wearing only boxers but that second of doubt was all it took. Trey knew me too well.

“I love you, Nicolae.” When I didn’t say anything back, he came up to me and gently pushed me up against the wall. “I said I love you.”

“I heard you.”

“I’m not joking anymore. I meant it when I said it.”

I turned my head away from him, not knowing what to say. I knew he meant it the first time he had said it.

“Nicolae.” The way he said my name made me look up at him. I looked into his olive eyes. He was letting bahis şirketleri me read his eyes. I have been best friends with Trey since I was three so I could always read him perfectly, especially when he wants me to.

His eyes revealed so much that it actually made me gasp. What I found in his eyes was need. I figured that I would find lust in his eyes, which actually ended up being part of what that need was. He needed my body, but he needed so much more from me too. He needed to embrace me in his arms (which he often did). He needed me to be happy, safe, and healthy. He needed me to let him love me. He needed me to love him. He needed me to be open with him, and to hold nothing back. He needed me to need him.

A wave of emotions filled my head. It seemed far too much was shown all at once. He showed me things that he wouldn’t have been able to tell me with words. “Trey” I said in a choked voice.

His hands found my wrists and he lifted them and gently pinned them to the wall. My towel fell off (luckily I had boxers underneath). We stared into each others’ eyes for another minute, and then he lowered his head and pressed his lips against mine.

I should have stopped him. Anybody could just walk right into the locker room and see us making out. I found that I didn’t want to stop him. I hated the thought of someone walking in on us, but the thought of Trey’s lips leaving mine and the thought of rejecting Trey’s needs were unbearable. He needed me.

Between the way he was kissing me and the way he was pinning my wrists against the wall, I knew he wanted complete control. His kiss was so intense that I didn’t know how to react to it. I decided to give Trey what he wanted, so I surrendered myself to him. My body relaxed and I opened my mouth wider, allowing him complete access to do whatever he wanted.

I could practically feel the joy coming from him once I had surrendered. It seemed like he had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He kissed me passionately; I was beginning to have problems breathing.

“That has got to be the hottest thing I have ever seen!”

I froze at the sound of Cody’s voice. I knew without a doubt that Trey heard Cody but he continued kissing me. I turned my head slightly so that our kiss would break. When I had turned my head, I could now see the wide-eyed twins. Cody was grinning and met my eyes and then he lowered his gaze down to where my erection was covered only by a thin layer of cloth.

I tried pulling away from Trey but he kept his hands firmly on my wrists, making it impossible for me to escape. Making my mouth inaccessible did not make stop Trey from kissing me. He was kissing me all over; my neck, my cheek, my jaw, the entire left side of my face and neck was being kissed passionately by Trey. I could sense that Cody was still staring at my cock. “Trey, please” I begged him in a desperate voice.

He seemed to snap out of it. His olive green eyes met mine and he read the desperation in them. I needed for him to let me go so I can get dressed and hide in a dark corner since I was so embarrassed.

He seemed to understand the look in my eyes. His hands fell from my wrists and he backed away from me. I picked up the towel that had dropped to the floor and hurried to my locker to get dressed.

“You know, Nicolae, I would be happy to give you a helping hand, or better yet, mouth, with that boner situation you have going on. I won’t make you regret the decision, trust me” Cody said in a serious voice.

“Don’t look at me, Cody.”

Cody pouted. “Trey, since Nicolae won’t let me help him, I guess I could settle with giving you a helping hand or mouth. You certainly do have an impressive size” Cody said, eyeing him.

The normally quiet Collin protested. “Hey! If anyone gets to blow him, it’s going to be me! I am not going to let you step all over me this time. Trey is mine and you are well aware of that!”

“You may love him more but I bet I would give him a better blowjob than you. If you really love him, you will let me blow him since I am better.”

“What the hell makes you think you are better?! You might be able to blow Nicolae better than I would, but you can’t blow Trey better than me. Love does make a difference, you know. Besides, you are just as inexperienced at giving blowjobs as I am.”

Trey looked amused. “If anyone is going to give me a blowjob, it’s going to be Nicolae. No offense, but I don’t want either one of you to blow me.”

Between being caught making out, having Cody stare at my erection (Collin didn’t notice since he was busy staring at Trey’s), and the current conversation going on, I have never been so embarrassed in my entire life. I was not going to put up with this conversation any longer. “That’s enough, all of you! This conversation is over!” I was now fully dressed and Trey just finished dressing as well.

I had let things with Trey get out of hand. It’s one thing to go and make out with him in private where nobody would find us but we had done it at school, where any guy could have walked in on us. It was very fortunate that it was the twins that caught us in the act and not anyone else. Although that was as far as I knew. Someone could have seen us and silently left, telling everyone in school what they witnessed.

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