13 Haziran 2021

The Cost of Silence

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Big Dick

The week had been stressful at work. An employee had been terminated and that had divided employees. Some figured the employee had deserved it and some thought that termination was like using a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito. Tensions were high but work was still happening. Dan saw Justin heading to the washroom and followed him in there. Within minutes, Justin was raising his voice:

“What the fuck, dude? Are you checking me out?”


As he quickly zipped up, Justin gave Dan a disgusted look. “You were! I totally saw you looking down at my crotch! What’s wrong with you?”

“Justin, let me explain!”

But Justin was already drying his hands and walking out. Dan quickly finished washing his own hands and ran down the hall to catch up.

“Justin, can we go to my office? Please?”

Sighing loudly, Justin followed Dan into the office. Dan closed the door and said “Okay, I admit it. I did look down but there’s a reason.”

“You turn gay or something?”

“No.” Dan had answered automatically and then the question really hit him “NO!”

“Then what on earth explanation could you possibly have for checking out my package?”

“I lost a bet.”

Justin raised an eyebrow and asked “You lost a bet? And how exactly does that involve looking at my crotch?”

Justin was obviously still upset and shook his head. Dan blurted out “The bet I lost meant that I have to tell Kayla if you’re cut or hooded.”

He immediately regretted saying her name. How stupid was he to let that slip out?


“Shit. Man, I shouldn’t have said her name. You have to keep this between us.”

But it was too late, by the time Dan was done talking, Justin had turned around, opened the office door and left in the direction of Kayla’s office. Dan followed him.

“Justin! Justin! Stop!”

But Justin wasn’t stopping. He walked right into Kayla’s office and asked “Is it true that you sent Dan to check out if I’m cut or hooded?”

Dan walked in right behind Justin and closed the door “Keep your voice down, Justin! The last thing we need is for everybody to misunderstand the situation!”

But Justin was not interested in what Dan was saying. He repeated “Kayla, is it true that YOU asked Dan to check me out or not?”

Kayla’s mind raced. Why on earth would Dan tell him that? This was so embarrassing! And it didn’t help that she thought Justin was quite the stud muffin even though he was young enough to be her son. However, she could not let that show, she had to try to find a way out of this somehow.

Kayla stood up, walked around her desk and stood before him. He was taller than her by a few inches but not enough to be intimidating. “Justin, please keep your voice down. Let me explain.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to hear this one!”

Kayla took a deep breath and started “Dan and I have worked together for almost fifteen years and are the last of our bunch of old farts as you call us. Although we both really still love our jobs, sometimes, we get a little bored. Now, we typically agree on most things but once in a while we find something we don’t agree on so to make things fun, we make a little wager on it.”

“What did you bet on?”

“This isn’t really nice but we bet on whether Mike would get fired over his latest mistake or if the union would manage to protect him again. Dan lost the bet and had to tell me about the status of the next three guys that happened to walk past us after we heard the news. You were one of the three.”

“Why on earth are you interested in whether I’m cut or not?”

“It’s not about you personally, Justin, it’s just curiosity. I’m kind of trying to figure out if there’s a pattern to who is and who isn’t. Does it have to do with age or birth location or something else? You know, that type of thing. It’s totally innocent, Justin, I swear.”

They were quiet for about thirty seconds while Justin absorbed what Kayla had said. Then, he asked

“And what would you have had to do if he’d won the bet?”

So, he seemed to have accepted that partial lie. Though she was trying to figure out the pattern, she’d been really glad that he’d been one of the guys that had walked by after Dan had lost the bet. It was a tidbit of information she could use for her evening fantasies. But, thinking of his latest question, she certainly didn’t want to admit that she would have had to show Dan pictures of the two latest bras she’d bought.

Dan, who up to then had let Kayla explain, jumped in “Listen Justin, I’m really sorry. I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable. canlı bahis It was just for fun. But you really have to keep it among us here.”

Kayla added “Justin, some people might misunderstand. The last thing we’d want is for people to make up stories about Dan and I and then having his wife think there’s something going on. There isn’t. We are just old friends who were trying to cut the boredom a bit.”

Justin thought about it for a moment then said “Two things. You never answered my question about what you’d have to do if he’d won. And then, if you want my silence, what’s in it for me?”

Kayla quietly said “Justin, you really don’t need to know the other part of the bet, so we’re not going to tell you. As for what’s in it for you, well, tell us, what do you want?”

Justin took a step toward her and looked into her eyes and said “I want you.”

Kayla’s jaw dropped. “What?”

Justin smiled and said “You heard me.”

He couldn’t be serious! Just a few months ago she’d congratulated him on his engagement and he was already willing to cheat on his fiancée? Her appreciation for him just fell a few notches. There was no way.

“Justin, I don’t do men who are married, engaged or already in relationships.”

“I’m not.”

Neither Dan nor Kayla understood but Dan spoke up first “Didn’t you get engaged at Christmas?”

Justin threw his head back and laughed “Yeah well, she showed her true colors when my family asked her to sign a pre-nup. So now, I’m on my own again and…” He turned towards Kayla again and pointed at her “You want my silence? Then I want you.”

Oh! So he wasn’t trying to cheat! All thoughts of Justin losing the two notches in her book gone, Kayla had to repress a smile and then forced herself to remember his age. She looked him straight in the eyes and asked

“Justin, what about the age difference?”

There was a hint of cockiness in his smile as he answered “Well, that would make you a cougar and me your boy-toy!”


“That’s my price! You want me to keep quiet and not talk about your little bet or your interest in whether us guys are clean cut or hooded or talk about Dan here checking me out, then you gotta pay up!”

Dan spoke up “Wait a minute here. I don’t think Kayla should pay until you until you actually show that you can keep your mouth shut.”

Kayla nodded “True, I wouldn’t pre-pay.”

“Fair enough. But I’m taking a small deposit.”

And with that, Justin closed the distance between him and Kayla, grabbed her face with both hands and started kissing her. Startled, Kayla’s mouth opened, allowing Justin free access. She couldn’t back up as her rear end was already up against her desk. His hands held her firmly yet without feeling like he was really forcing her. There was only a moment’s hesitation and Kayla responded. It had been a long time for her too and her body instantly started melting into this amazing kiss. But as soon as her arms went up to embrace him, he pulled away. He then leaned back in and whispered into her ear “I am clean cut and I. Am. Hung.”

He had separated the words, adding emphasis on the last one. He then stepped away and said “All right you two, I’ll keep quiet. But in two weeks, I want my dues, understood?”

Justin didn’t even wait for their answer and walked out. Kayla was still shaken by how strongly her body had reacted to his kiss and his words as she replayed them over and over in her mind. Dan broke her reverie.

“Earth to Kayla. Earth to Kayla!”

Shaking her head, Kayla asked “What?”

“Holy, he made an impression on you! But hey, what are you going to do?”

“I have no clue.”

“Well, you have two weeks to think about it. We need to come up with something, I really don’t want a rumour to spread that I’m gay!”

“Wait a minute… in two weeks, I’ll be in Seattle on that course! By the time I get back, he will likely have moved on or forgotten all about this.”

“Let’s hope you’re right. That could be our way out of it.”

Kayla absentmindedly nodded and then walked out of her office and went to the washroom. She was surprised at how wet she’d been just from about thirty seconds of kissing.

* * * * *

The two and a half weeks had passed quickly. That first week, every time Justin had seen Kayla in the hallways, he’d winked at her. Every time, she’d flashed back to that kiss and felt warmth in her female parts. How could someone young enough to be her son have such an effect on her? True, he was nice and tall and had piercing blue eyes. He was muscular despite a bahis siteleri bit of extra pounds around his waist. His shoulders and his arms had been the first thing she’d noticed when he’d joined the company a while back. Then, she’d noticed the rest. She’d used all of this in a few frenzied fantasies while she was away and had thought to herself that there would be no way he could live up to how good he’d been in those fantasies.

As she walked down the hallway, she saw him in the control center. She tried to duck into her office but he saw her. However, he didn’t do anything about it.

Kayla was on pins and needles, wondering if he remembered or if the plan had worked. Part of her wanted that plan to have worked but another part of her was kind of disappointed. Dan told her that Justin had kept his mouth shut and that nobody knew anything, reassuring her that her co-workers wouldn’t all think she was a pervert. They also agreed that they should tone down their little wagers and maybe go back to candy bars or something.

The end of the day came quickly as Kayla had been busy catching up on a week’s worth of emails and requests. When she got home, she felt a great need to relax so she drew a bath, putting in some scented bubble bath and lighting candles. Laying back in the tub, she felt herself drift away.

It was about an hour later that knocks on her door woke her up with a start. The bath water was cold. She pulled the bath plug, blew out the candles and quickly got out and dried herself. She figured that whoever it had been would just go away but was glad for being awakened. Had she slept much longer, she would have had trouble sleeping all night.

There was a second knock, more insistent this time. Kayla grabbed her thick robe and put it on and went to the door. Without even looking through the peep hole, she opened the door, determined to get rid of whoever it was rapidly. It was Justin.

Justin took one look at her, pushed the door open enough to get in and quickly closed it behind him. Before Kayla had time to say anything, he grabbed her, pushed her against the closet door and started kissing her. Her body reacted instantly and this time, when she put her arms around him, he didn’t pull away.

She was pinned between his body and the door. She could feel his erection through her thick robe and his jeans. As he kissed her, his hands started roaming, at first, over the robe and then, he pushed the robe off her shoulder and his hand found her breast. When he brushed the nipple, Kayla drew a sharp breath mixed with a low moan.

He broke the kiss for a moment to look at her and teased “you like that, do you?”

Kayla nodded and he rubbed his thumb over her sensitive nipple in a circle. Kayla closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

“Oh, you really like that, don’t you?”

All she could do is moan as he continued to stroke her nipple to a hard little nub. He pulled away and pulled her towards her bedroom. She briefly thought “How would he know where it is?” but she didn’t really care as he pushed her to the bed and opened up the robe completely.

He laid down beside her and resumed kissing her, his hand teasing the other nipple to a peak. Then, he lowered his head and took the closest nipple between his lips and gently sucked. Kayla arched her back, clearly wanting more. He obliged, alternating between kissing her lips and sucking on her nipples, playing, teasing, and making her moan.

She didn’t even notice him getting undressed, so focused had she been on the pleasure he was giving her. But when he suddenly spread her legs, got on top of her and easily plunged into her very wet pussy, she gasped. He. Was. Hung.

Good thing that all the kissing and caressing had gotten her so wet. His cock stretched her pussy and she could feel him pushing up against her cervix.

His voice was coarse when he said “don’t worry, I’ll be careful not to hurt you.” He gently rocked back and forth, pressing down on her at the same time. He propped himself on his elbows and though it was a bit of an awkward angle, his forearms were turned in so he could still tease her nipples with the tip of his fingers and thumbs.

He continued like this for a while as Kayla caressed his back or pulled his face down for a kiss. Soon, she was no longer able to kiss him, needing to breathe through her mouth. Her breathing was quickening and shallow. Slowly, the tension was building up. Then, he whispered “when I squeeze your nipples, you will come for me.”

It wasn’t a question. It wasn’t a suggestion. And when he bahis şirketleri did, she came. She groaned through her intense orgasm. When the intensity receded, he moved a little faster. True to his word, he ensured he didn’t push in too far.

Then, he told her “wrap your legs around my hips and lock your ankles together”. There was no way she would deny such a delicious-sounding request so she did what he asked and his speed increased again. Soon, she heard him grunt as he spent his seed inside her. When he stopped moving, Kayla unlocked her ankles and allowed him to move off her. He laid down beside her and pulled her to him. They laid there for a while, catching their breaths.

After a few moments, he turned her around and spooned her. Kayla thought that maybe he wanted to sleep. But no, he reached around her hip and down to stroke her. He pulled her leg over top of his and stroked her clit in a circle. Her breathing sped up again and she moaned. Again, he surprised her by pushing his cock into her without warning. Kayla couldn’t help but smile and he caught her and asked “What?”

“Ah the resilience of youth”

He only moaned as he pushed in further and then rocked his hips back and forth. He kissed her neck and, with the arm that was folded under her head, he played in her hair. His other hand was still busy teasing her clit, firmly enough to cause delicious waves of pleasure yet without being so rough as to cause pain. Again, her breathing and her moaning told him that she was getting close and he whispered “when I squeeze your clit, you will come.”

And she did, moaning so loudly that the neighbours three door down likely heard her. Immediately, his pace increased and he came inside her. They remained that way until his cock became soft and slid out. Then, they both got up and washed up.

There was not a word said. They got back into bed and cuddled. When they woke up a few hours later, Justin kissed her and she could feel his erection against her hip. She reached for it and finally felt the beast that had filled her pussy so well earlier. She stroked it and then turned so she could see it. It was beautifully cut and impressive. She caressed his length for a while and then kissed the head. He moaned. When she took the whole head into her mouth, he moaned again and his hand went to her hair. She was worried that he’d try to fuck her mouth and choke her but he simply played in her hair and wordlessly encouraged her to continue.

After a few minutes of allowing her to play, he suggested “why don’t you turn around and give me something to play with too?”

She moved around and he grabbed her hips and pulled her over him in the famous 69 position. His tongue was just as good as his fingers had been and he soon had her moaning but this time, her moans were muffled by the big cock in her mouth. Though she tried for more, Kayla could only get about half his length into her mouth. So to compensate, she used her hands as much as she could while keeping herself propped up. She licked him everywhere, including his large balls. He also licked and pressed and sucked and then, he focused entirely on her clit, sucking it into his mouth and rapidly flicking his tongue on it. His hands reached between them and he caught her breasts. As soon as his thumbs and fingers caught her nipples and squeezed, she came, letting go of his cock and burying her face in his crotch as she moaned.

When her waves of pleasure ebbed, he gently pushed her off of him and got on top of her and inside her. He fucked her fast and hard but without going too deep. Without being told, Kayla wrapped her legs around his hips and locked her ankles behind him. She gently nudged him down further, indicating that he could go a little deeper. That was his undoing and he came, moaning loudly.

When they’d regained their breaths and cleaned up, Justin asked “Do you have anything to eat? I came directly from work and didn’t have dinner.”

Kayla realised that she hadn’t had dinner either so she made them something to eat. After the meal, he helped her clean up in the kitchen and pulled her into his arms.

“I haven’t said a thing to anyone but the price of my on-going silence isn’t a one-time deal… you must continue to pay like this regularly. Think you can handle that?”

Kyla thought about it for a moment and, realizing that reality had been much better than her fantasies, she knew she wanted more. But that didn’t mean she wanted it to be public. “Does this come with absolute discretion? I don’t want people at work knowing what I do off hours.”

“Same here so yes. And that includes Dan. As far as he’s concerned, I’ve forgotten all about it and have moved on, okay?”


“I think this deserves dessert.”

“What would you like?”


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