13 Haziran 2021

The Cowboy , Karma Ch. 1

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Ass Pounding

©November 2001 by Bob Peale ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Author’s Note:

This story is actually a rewrite of Karma the way the tank top stretched sensually across her breasts, the easy way her head moved when she laughed, absent way she stroked the bottle. Goddamn she was making me horny!

So needless to say I was knocked off my ass when she slid out of her seat and walked over, her eyes locked on mine. I thought I’d been discreet about stealing glances but apparently I wasn’t, and now she was going to give me the blues.

I really didn’t want a scene so I stood up hurriedly, determined to head her off. I’d make whatever apologies were necessary, but I did not want this creature mad at me. In fact, if I had any say so, I wanted just the opposite.

Meeting on the dance floor I opened my mouth to apologize and was stunned as she stepped into my arms, Garth Brooks crooning, “Standing Outside the Fire”. Instinctively I pressed my body close to her like we were lovers, still amazed at the turn of events, and felt my cock thicken as those wonderful tits nuzzled against my chest. Too quickly she stepped away and a switch went off somewhere deep in m mind. I’d felt her nipples harden, knew somehow, someway, she was thinking the same thoughts about me that I was about her. Before the song on the juke wound down I scooped her up like a bride, my bride, and carried her outside, leaving my friends and my jacket behind.

I put her down to open the door to my truck and her hands went wild, tracing over my pecs, my ass, my stomach, everywhere. With speed and grace that was totally unexpected she jumped up on me, scissoring her legs around me and covering my mouth with hers. I could feel the heat of her sex through her jeans, drawing my cock to it. I pressed her against the side of the truck as we kissed, grinding my cock against the moist warmth, her nipples digging into me, shivering much more from lust than from cold. She reached between us and grabbed me hard, making her intentions known and my head reeled.

Fumbling I pulled the door open and maneuvered her in, lying on top of her, tongue fucking her mouth. This woman was incredible – the longer I touched her, the hornier I got. I felt like a teenager again, canlı bahis şirketleri about to get laid for the first time.

Her tits looked ready to tear through her shirt and I reached down, playfully fondling the soft underside and her nipple. I got a smile and a moan that let me know I wasn’t imaging any of this, and my cock twitched uncomfortably in my jeans. Fucking Wranglers! She pulled me tighter and I started to hump her – I had to fuck this beautiful woman or I’d go out of my mind.

Reason finally got the better of us and we released each other. Holy shit, we were still in the parking lot! Not that any of our friends had ANY doubt what we were up to – hell, we hadn’t even introduced each other to them – but this was still a little tacky. I thought a little about how fast things were going and tried to slow down a little.

“Why don’t you follow me in your car?” I asked hopefully, trying to sound casual.

Without physical contact doubt had peeled away the edges of my desire, and I was suddenly afraid that I had made a mistake, that maybe we should have done it right here, that there was no way, now that her head was clearing, that she’d go back to a stranger’s house. She didn’t even hesitate, just nodded quickly and dashed over to her car. Hot damn!

During the drive the pressure got unbearable and I opened my pants, freeing my cock finally. It throbbed and hardened, free of its denim prison, and I slowly stroked it, having trouble concentrating on the road. Every rut and pothole jarred my balls and made me moan…I couldn’t wait to get home.

When we pulled up in front of my house I jumped out, not bothering to close my pants, and rushed over to her car. She couldn’t get out fast enough, and from the looks of things she had been doing a little self-pleasuring herself during the ride. She failed to notice that I was exposed but it didn’t matter – if I had my way she’d have plenty of time to notice later.

“I’ve wanted you to fuck me all night,” she whispered as I picked her up again and my cock felt like it doubled in size.

Then she wiped a glistening finger against my lips, the scent of pussy strong and pungent, and my knees wobbled. I wanted to fuck her right here, right on canlı kaçak iddaa the hood of her car, but reason got the better of me, and I literally leapt up on the porch and pushed the door open, taking care not to bump or rattle her. Inside, I laid her on the couch, falling on top of her as she pulled me to her. Already half dressed, I shed my clothes as fast as I could; she did the same. She was stunning, even more beautiful naked then I’d imagined, and I felt my cock pulse heavily. I reached out, cupping her breasts, running my hand over her smooth stomach, and getting even harder as I felt her tense under me. It took every ounce of willpower to keep from ramming into her right there, but I really wanted to draw this out, to make it memorable for both of us. She grabbed my ass and pulled me to her, trapping my cock between her. A moan escaped me as her warmth seemed to swallow me without me entering her.

As she slid from under me I felt an overwhelming feeling of loss, an unreasonable sense of rebuttal. But before I could question where she was going she urged me on my back and ran her tongue over the head of my cock. I leaned my head back, lost in the sensations, then moaned again as she softly squeezed and kneaded my balls. As if all that wasn’t amazing enough, I felt her mouth move along my shaft, driving me wild, making me weak. She teased me, only sucking in small mouthfuls, and I was close to the edge, ready to beg her for relief.

I leaned over, freeing my cock from the torture and lying along the length of the couch. She scrambled up and positioned her pussy over my face. I shivered, looking at those swollen, dripping lips and imagining my cock parting them. I reached up, spreading her lips to get better access, and touched my tongue to her outer lips and her clit, licking the drops of tangy-sweet juice from them. She went wild, swallowing my cock whole, trying to make me cum, tighter than any pussy I’d ever been in.

I pulled her closer so I could really work my tongue in and she started to buck, covering me with sticky liquid. Despite my best efforts I was so close to coming – and as if sensing this, she released my cock and stood up.

Head swimming I sighed as I felt the tight wetness of her canlı kaçak bahis pussy grab my cock head and advance along my shaft. I felt her inch lower, the silky sheath hugging and grabbing, squeezing me hard. She leaned forward and sucked on my nipples, making my buried cock pulse rapidly. Her mouth explored my body, ending with a long kiss. Her tongue probed deeply, searching for something, and I felt her hips start to rock. We were like runners hurtling toward the end of a race, our bodies soaked with the results of our efforts, every muscle straining, trying to squeeze out the extra burst of energy we needed to throw ourselves across the line.

She came first, her whole body rigid like a bolt of electricity had just been forced through her. Taking advantage of her lack of body control I thrust my cock in as far as it would go, mashing our crotches together, her pussy lips joining with the base of my shaft. I let out a roar as my balls contracted and a torrent of cum came flooding out, pouring stream after stream of cum deep inside her. I felt her muscle control return and her pussy gripped me tight, holding fast as we came in a flurry of body parts and sweaty release.

Finally still, she lay on me, her head under my chin, the clean, outdoorsy smell of her hair mixing with the tart musk of sex. We lay coupled that way, my softening cock still held snugly in her pussy, the occasional twitch from one or both of us keeping me thick but not stiff.

Gradually her ragged gasps turned to soft rhythmic breathing, indicating that she’d fallen asleep. Gently I rolled her aside, reluctantly freeing my cock from the comforting confines between her legs, lifted her gently, and carried her to the bed. Settled under the covers I was struck by how natural she looked lying there on what I’d already begun to think of as “her side”, which I knew was crazy. One roll in the hay (or more accurately, thump on the couch) didn’t constitute a relationship. Still, when I crawled into bed I felt drawn to her, draping my arm across her possessively, nestling my cock between the pleasingly firm cheeks of her ass as I joined her in sleep.

In the morning I slipped out of bed quietly and padded into the kitchen. The air still smelled faintly of sex and beer and I felt my cock stir. I silently put on a pot of coffee and scooped up my clothes, and went into the bathroom to get dressed. Not that I was modest, especially after last night, but I didn’t want to wake her unnecessarily.

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