16 Haziran 2021

The Date

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If this is received well there will be more….


All evening I followed her, dressed in a non-descript dark suit with a dark shirt. My plan was to blend into the shadows, and enjoy her enjoyment of our “phone date.” She had no idea that I was already in Toronto. She wore the dress and shoes I bought for her and shipped to her from London. I told the girls in the dress shop of my plan for her; they loved it, and they worked hard from photos to fit her as perfectly as possible. It worked. She looked classy, hot, and so beautiful. The dress was made of a bright red, shimmering fabric that perfectly set off her luminous green eyes. It was cut low in front, showing the deep division between her breasts, and the neckline plunged far down her back, leaving her shoulder blades and the small of her back deliciously bare. No bra could be worn with this dress, and a tantalizing hint of her erect nipples could just be seen through the material covering them. The dress was very close-fitting without being tight, hemmed at just above her knees, but a slit on the left side showed an ample amount of her creamy white thigh. No nylons covered her legs; nothing could improve upon her own smooth, glistening skin.

Her perfect feet were in the spike-heeled sandals I chose especially for her. The girls in the dress shop oohed and ahhed over them and wished that they could afford them. The shoes were black leather with thin silver buckles on the inch-wide leather straps that loosely encircled her lovely ankles. Her feet arched so gracefully in the severe form of the 4-inch spike heels, the torsion of the arch making the faint blue veins and delicate bone structure prominent under the silky skin of her feet. Her slender toes, with their blood red nail polish, were totally exposed, seductively bare in the sexy shoes.

From my chair in the dark corner of the restaurant I sent her to, I saw her sitting enjoying her dinner, her beauty drawing hungry stares from all the men in the room – and some of the women. Was she aware of them?

At the Royal Alexandra Theatre I sat in the balcony, and with my opera glasses watched her rapturous pleasure in the music of the orchestra. An empty seat, my seat, was next to her — since I was “with” her on this phone date, I had bought myself a seat as well. At the intermission I called her, she didn’t think to wonder how I knew it was the intermission, and we chatted briefly. I told her I wished I was there. And I was. I told her I imagined her looking very beautiful. And she did.

At the end of the show, I called her again and told her to take a cab the few blocks to the SoHo Met Hotel, and have a drink in the canlı bahis şirketleri Senses Bar, connected to the hotel. I was there ahead of her, seated in a dark booth in the very back. I saw her enter the bar, and my breath caught in my throat — she was radiant from the night air and the music at the theatre. She took a high stool at the bar and I saw her order a drink. I smiled at how attentive the bartender was being toward her — he knows a gorgeous woman when he sees one, I thought. I watched her sit and sip her drink for a while, from my inconspicuous seat in the back.

When she was almost finished with her drink, I called my waiter over and told him to have a drink sent to her from “the man in the corner” — me. I watched the waiter relay my instructions to the bartender, and then take her the drink. I could see him speak to her, and then she turned and scanned the bar. I was sitting turned slightly away, and though she could see me, she couldn’t tell it was me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her stand and walk my way. When she was almost upon me I stood up and gave her a big smile. She had a look of shock on her face but soon it became a grin. I held my arms out wide and gathered her in for a big hug.

“Hi, beautiful,” I said. I told her how I had arranged it all and followed her around on our phone date. “The hardest part was making myself stay away from you all evening.”

“Where are you staying?” she asked me.

“Here, but I wanna go for a ride first.” We both laughed.

“I do too,” she said through a laugh. Her face was so inviting and I thought of all things we had discussed. I could hardly believe they would finally come true.


We stopped to kiss outside the bar. We could hear the throb of the music through the walls, I could feel the throb of sex running through my veins. Control was gone, I was saturated by desire.

In the dark of the back parking lot, urgency compelled him to drag me close and feast on my mouth. Now…now…now…drummed insistently through my bloodstream. He went to open the door to the car.

“Don’t wait.” I whispered, “Here.”

My hands began unbuttoning the front of his shirt and slipping in to stroke his chest, pinch his nipples lightly. Then my other slid out to stroke his thighs, the heat of my fingers coming through the denim of his jeans.

A car rushed by out on the highway, but the parking lot was silent, everyone inside dancing to the music.

‘Now,’ I thought. The place didn’t matter, responsibility didn’t matter, nothing mattered but that he could silence this desire that was slowly driving me mad.

The hard planes of his chest quivered canlı kaçak iddaa under my fingers. It was irresistible. I wanted to be licking them, tasting them, laying against him skin to skin. I wanted to see him naked, then touch all of him.

I could feel him shuddering against my fingers. Wondering what it would feel like to make love with him made a jolt of anticipation run through me. Knowing that his desire for me had brought us to this point was intoxicating. ‘Soon,’ I thought, almost unable to breath for the desire clogging my lungs. His arm wrapped around me to pull me close in front of him.

I’d thought about sex with him for nearly a year now, teased him, goaded him and urged him on. Now it seemed tangible, the boundaries gone, my inhibitions were gone. He’d unleashed a different one driven by desire. Gone were any attempts to hold back. His hands were hard and urgent on me, his mouth demanding a response.

I tangled my fingers in his hair and pressed his mouth harder against mine. He’d aimed us toward this moment with only one goal in mind. Now the act itself was the only thing that mattered. Friction, pressure and heat fused together in one inextricable tangle of sensation, until my entire being focused on the connection of our lips.

But there was more. The touch of his fingers tantalized and aroused as they slipped up my sides, the heat of his hands against my skin. He skimmed the tip of his tongue down my throat and untied my top and the red dress fell away. I let my head fall back against the arm supporting me. His other hand, his clever fingers, pulled the stretchy red fabric out of the way.

The low, involuntary sound I made, not quite a groan, was one he echoed as his hand slid up and over my bare breasts. The slight roughness of his palm teased, the warmth inflamed. Then he began concentrating on my nipple, spiraling in toward it, brushing it, squeezing it until I was riding a delicious knife edge of pain and pleasure. I did groan then in surrender, in anticipation.

Anticipation was what drove him, as he leaned down to lick at my nipples, feeling me shudder at the sensation. He knew I could feel, had to feel his cock straining against the fabric of trousers. In the faint light of the parking lot, my aureoles showed as dark smudges on the pale fullness of my breast.

He bent his head and his mouth was on me, sucking first one, then the other nipple. There was something primal about it, the feeling of that hard nub against his tongue, against his lips. There was something immensely arousing in hearing his moan,


and her soft cry.

Then she was pushing my head away, standing canlı kaçak bahis up and reaching to unfasten my pants. In rapid succession I felt the shock of night air on my cock, then the bigger shock of the heat of her hand.

She gave me a stroke that had me breathing, hissing in. She moved her hand, then ran her finger up to the tip of me where she could feel the pearly drop of precum that had slipped out. She slid her fingertip down the length of my hard-on, spreading the slippery fluid and leaving a trail of frenzied nerve endings in her wake.

Then she raised her finger tip up to her lips and sucked on it.

“Mmm, I want to taste you.” She knelt down in front of me leaning on the door, and slid me into the wet heat of her mouth. The world turned into a single spot of blinding pleasure.

The sound of my helpless groan sounded in her ears as she moved her mouth up and down the hard length of my cock. There was something incredibly arousing about the immediacy of her giving me pleasure that generated such an obvious response. She moved her head, stroking with her tongue, I caught my breath. She sucked, and my body tense as I fought for control.



Then his hands were pulling at my shoulders to raise me.

“No,” I protested. “I want to…”

“Now,” he said raggedly. “I need to be in you now.”

He pushed the silky dress up to my hips, reached around and grabbed hold of my bare bottom and lifted me up. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. With his pants at his ankles, he struggled to walk to the fence three feet away. Falling in to it I reached up and entwined my fingers in the metal holes gripping and holding me steady. His palms ran over my thighs. Then he slid them underneath me to position me on him.

“Mmm” came out as more of a growl as he realized not only was I not wearing any undergarments but I was also completely clean shaved. He growled again as his fingers slid over the wet bare skin he found.

I moaned a little at the slippery smooth feel of the head of his cock as I rubbed it against the slick clef between my legs. Then he put his hands on my hips and pulled me down. All I could do was cling hard to the chain links, and cry out at the slippery friction as he impaled me on him.

His hands were strong around my ribs, holding me as his thrusts pushed me against the fence. I had given up my security of the fence and clutched blindly at his shoulders as he helped me move. His flesh pulsed hard and hot inside of me. Every stroke sent shivers racing through me. Every stroke went deeper and deeper, so deep that pleasure and pain blurred into one overwhelming surge of sensation that had me fighting not to cry out. The sliding, tormenting friction pulled me nearer and nearer to orgasm until I tumbled over, moaning and jolting against him.


An instant later he, followed.

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