16 Haziran 2021

The Day The World Came Pt. 08

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One of the many reasons I carried on with this project was because of a casual conversation I had with a dour, yet beautiful woman from Sweden. I met her one evening through mutual friends, and mentioned the project. With absolutely no hesitation she took me through her experience of O-Day. When I officially started taking submissions, I tracked her down, and this is her story.


Back then I was working late shifts in a bar. The previous night I had returned home at 4am, so I slept until midday. I had to be back at the bar for 8pm, so I was going about my afternoon routine when it hit. I kept myself fit by going swimming every afternoon. I enjoyed it, and it helped with my upper body strength. I had a reputation at the bar for keeping the customers in line, I wouldn’t put up with any shit.

One of the perks of my job was that the local lane pool was quiet during the afternoon. Most people were at work, and it wasn’t the sort of pool you took your kids to. I did not like other people being there, as more often than not, they got in my way. Too often I had to take evasive action to avoid colliding with someone who had strayed off course. That afternoon the pool was empty. This was rare, but it would happen. The lifeguard on duty was a boy named Erik. He was 20 and had been at the pool for a few months. When he started it was clear he found me attractive, as I would catch him looking at me in my bathing suit. I did not care for the professional suits, and preferred an old fashioned one piece. This I would later learn, was desirable to Erik, as he also preferred the one piece, albeit a preference controlled by his libido rather than practicality. However by the time O-Day came around, he had tired of me, much like the others. I was a nuisance, as they would much rather be standing talking, than watching me do laps.

I was feeling particularly frustrated that afternoon and had been looking forward to letting off steam with a number of laps. I had been going for just under half an hour when I started to feel strange. It was not unusual for me to feel aroused after swimming, but I had masturbated in the shower at my apartment, and did not expect to need another orgasm. I didn’t think much more about it and continued my laps. The physical exercise hid the intensity of the sensations, but I was starting to lose my breath so I stopped at the side. I felt my pussy underneath my suit and it seemed very sensitive and abnormally warm. I decided I would do ten more laps then I’d masturbate in a changing room cubicle. I pushed myself away from the edge, went a few strokes, then it hit.

I immediately lost complete control of my body and it was as if my limbs had turned to jelly. The pleasure I felt was immeasurable, my orgasm building to a level I’d never felt before. I had to touch myself, and as I did, I slowly sank to the bottom of the pool.

The next few moments are unclear, I later learnt I almost drowned, but at the time all I could focus on were the wonderful sensations tearing through my body. It felt as if every inch of my body either tingled, shuddered or clenched.

I was sinking lower into the pool, when suddenly canlı bahis I felt my body rise up out of the water. I coughed up a lot, then took a deep breath. This nearly killed my buzz, but the throbbing continued as I was dragged through the water.

My body was lifted over the edge of the pool and onto the concourse. As I looked back Erik climbed out of the pool and lay beside me. My hands were now underneath my suit, but I was starting to calm down. As I looked at Erik I noticed the head of his penis was poking through the top of his swim shorts. The small hole at the end was wide open and flexing, then semen started dribbling from the end and onto the floor. This nearly set me off again, but I was also confused. Why was he cumming? Then I thought again, why was I cumming?

We both lay on the floor for a moment as our orgasms ended. Erik’s eyes had been closed, but now they fixated on my ass. There was an awkward pause, then Erik got up, pushed his penis back into his shorts, and offered me a hand to get up. I am not the shy type, but I did blush as I thanked him. He asked if I was okay and if I needed a doctor. I assured him I was fine and headed to the changing rooms. As I locked the cubical behind me, I removed my bathing suit in seconds, perched in the corner, spread my legs and masturbated to another wonderful orgasm. I did not normally find penises arousing, but I kept thinking about Erik ejaculating onto the floor as I came. I know he could hear me cumming, I did not hold back.

It was a strange night at the bar. Not many places were open, but my boss was ruthless, and soon we were a meeting place for people to gather their thoughts, and continue the day’s sexual adventures. Normally I would feel content on my own, but I had already masturbated twice that day, and needed some human contact. I would receive offers every night, so it was no trouble finding a mate. I don’t remember his name, but it didn’t really matter, I just needed a hard cock inside me. He didn’t last long, but I got what I needed.

I stayed away from the pool for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure why, maybe I wasn’t happy being so vulnerable in front of Erik. I wanted to thank him, but was unsure how. People were talking about how the orgasms on O-Day were the best of their lives, and I felt I had ruined Erik’s. He managed to ignore the fact that he was cumming, and saved my life. I decided I would return to the pool when he would be in, and wear my hottest swimsuit, a scarlet red one-piece.

As I entered the hall, Erik avoided eye contact with me, but as I turned my back I could feel him staring at my ass. I knew he was watching me as I did my laps, yet when I paused at the side for a moment he would look away. I had timed my session to conclude as the lifeguards switched shifts, so I headed to the showers before Erik returned to change.

I took a chance and headed to the mens showers, peeled off my swimsuit, and started washing the chlorine from my body. I couldn’t have timed it better, as Erik found me with my arms over my head, wringing the water from my long blonde hair. He stuttered something about me being in the mens shower, but I ignored the bahis siteleri comment, and started up the next shower head, inviting him to join me. He took the hint and placed his towel at the side, then stepped under the stream of warm water. I looked down and saw he still had his swim shorts on, so I paused to look at him. I didn’t need to say anything as he looked across. With a wry smile he sighed, then removed the shorts, allowing his erect cock to spring free.

Continuing to shower, I thanked him for helping me on O-Day, then I explained my guilt that he had sacrificed his orgasm to save me. I told him I had seen him ejaculating, but it certainly didn’t have the power that others had experienced. His penis was now bobbing in the air so I took it in my hand and told him I wished to thank him properly. He didn’t say anything, but I felt his shaft flex several times. I was concerned he was having an orgasm so I let go. I asked if he was close, and he nodded, so I pushed him against the wall, got on my knees and took him in my mouth.

I wanted him to enjoy the blowjob, but I knew I wouldn’t have to work hard. I placed my right hand on his stomach, and my left at the base of his cock. I started by running my lips over the head, I deliberately made a popping sound as he left my mouth. Guys usually love this technique, but I’m also told it feels like torture, and that wasn’t my intention with Erik. So I switched to gently sucking and humming on his shaft, my tongue focusing on the now swollen head. Erik warned me when he started to cum, but from the way his shaft was flexing I already knew. I started fucking him with my mouth, taking him deep into my throat, then held him on my tongue as he ejaculated. I took the first few loads in my mouth, then let him finish on my tits. It had been a while since I had been with such a young man. I was not used to such virility.

I washed his semen from my breasts, but there wasn’t much point in continuing to shower, as we would soon be getting much dirtier. I asked if there was a place we could go where we wouldn’t be seen. Erik was still bent over, looking at his semi-erect cock. I asked again, this time he looked up, nodded, then we grabbed our clothes and headed to the hidden spot. He led me to a changing room that was round a corner. Not many people used it as they didn’t know it existed. Erik explained that it was where the male staff would go if they became excited. In the uniform, there was no room to hide any arousal, so they would come to this dressing room and masturbate. He explained that when he first started, he would be forced to visit whenever I came to the pool. He later started masturbating before every shift, which explained the drop in his attention.

Although this revelation was sweet, I wasn’t there to fall in love, I was there to fuck him. So I held his face and kissed him hard, then I sat on the bench and started masturbating. Erik watched for a moment, then he sat next to me. His hands explored my body, starting with my thighs, moving up to my breasts. I miss how perky my breasts were back then, Erik certainly appreciated them. It was fun knowing that my breasts could drive men bahis şirketleri wild when they got their hands on them. I was quickly pleased to learn that Erik knew what he was doing; he was kissing my neck, then gently biting my ear lobe. His right hand moved towards my pussy, so I moved my hand out of the way, and allowing him to take over. It wasn’t long until my pussy was crying out for his tongue, so between gasps I told him, and he moved between my legs. Once again, I was delighted to learn he knew what he was doing. I could feel my orgasm coming, and I told him I was close. The words had barely escaped my lips when the first pulse hit, then I drifted off into another world, and came all over his wonderful tongue.

When I came around Erik’s hand was over my mouth, turns out I’d been pretty loud, I was so worked up I hadn’t noticed. Still even if someone had walked in, they couldn’t stop us now. I looked down and saw Erik’s cock was hard and bouncing around. I told him I needed him that instant, so I pulled him up, spun him round, and slipped his big dick inside me.

I should have known that he would be pretty worked up, and therefore our time was limited. But right then I didn’t care as he sank deep into my pussy. I held him there for a moment, kissed him and said:

“Thank you for saving my life.”

We fucked like we were possessed. It was a bit wild to start with, Erik wanted to take control, so he lowered me to a towel on the floor, raised my legs above his head, and started pounding my hot cunt. I had planned to fuck him like an expert, give him the best sex of his life, but I was so horny I just lay back and let him do what he wanted. Our earlier orgasms meant he could enjoy my body and not hold back, so his hands ran all over my body. He particularly enjoyed my thighs, taking huge handfuls of flesh and squeezing them tight.

I was getting close again, and I knew Erik wouldn’t be far behind. His hands ran under my body and cupped my ass, then he was urgently thrusting into me. As I looked into his eyes, all that returned was lust. His libido had taken over, he was on the edge of blissful release, and could only focus on his own pleasure. His breaths became shallow and his hands moved to my hips. His thrusts became erratic and he started to moan out loud. Seeing his arousal was enough to push me to the edge, and as I felt the first warm jet of semen fire into my open pussy, I started to cum.

I don’t normally cum with my partners, if at all. So it was wonderful feeling my pussy contract as Erik’s cock powerfully sprayed his semen deep inside me. As the contractions faded, Erik gently pulled out, and lay on the floor behind me. I asked if that had made up for me making him miss out on his O-Day orgasm. He said he couldn’t imagine it feeling any better without having a heart attack! It was only then he admitted that part of the reason he had jumped in to save me was to fuck me, but by the time we were out the pool it had passed, and he just wanted to make sure I was alive.

It was starting to get cold on the floor, so we got up and dressed. I kissed him again, it had been a wonderful afternoon. Over the next few months we met up a few times, but he was much younger than me, and neither of us had trouble finding alternative partners. Still after nearly ten years, that time in the changing room was one of best fucks of my life… so far!

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