14 Haziran 2021

The Dream Continues Ch. 08

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Authors Note – Please read “The Beginning…” and “The Dream Continues” series. They may you understand this tale.

Olga And Eating Figs!

We had only been in the Hot Tub for a few minutes when my Friend said that she should start to prepare dinner.

We continued our mutual touching, which started when we began to cover each other in my sperm. This time we used the bubbling, warm water of the tub to wash the smell, the gorgeous, erotic stink, of our sex off each other.

Olga, and I, ran our hands all over my Friend’s wonderful body.

I became more, and more, interested to see how attentive Olga was to her. I knew her body intimately, so I withdrew, and watched. One of my hands was resting on Olga’s naked, boyish hip.

She weighted each breast individually. They are totally different in water, much lighter. She took great care to remove any dried runs of milk.

There had been spills as my Friend began to lactate, and before she began to suckle. Trails of milk that dried quickly in the warm air, and on aroused skin. Several had not been absorbed into the sperm as it was massaged all over her body. They had not mixed during the cum bath.

She cleaned each long, hard, teat individually. She kissed, and sucked, before running her long tongue over them both. She did not expect milk.

Her fingers traced delicately down, over a flat stomach to my Friend’s sex.

They ran through her glorious wet forest; they explored her jungle. They found her clitoris for the first time, pausing to explore her hood and the intimacy of her growing clit. They continued on, opening up a pathway down her valley, past folds of warmth, to let warm water into her hole. They turned the corner, and two entered her cunt surrounded by water.

It was a scene of great tenderness.

Finally Olga had finished, she said, “You are clean. Now you can cook us dinner. There are towels over there.”

“I suggest something simple. Fillet steak, a salad, and a bottle of Beaujolais. It will have travelled well, and it can go into the cooler for a while.”

Then she added, in a very quiet voice, “I will be lonely tonight, after this afternoon. I would like you both to share my bed.”

It was that gentle dominance again.

She had to have control. Yet I was watching two lovers on equal footing, and she would be up against a powerful mind.

I think that my Friend may have been expecting the last statement, on loneliness; I was not. I looked at the wonderful slim girl, naked in the bubbling water.

She was shy when she asked us to share her bed, and was blushing under her overall deep tan. There was a slight nod. It was agreed; it was logical.

My Friend wrapped a towel around her body, and left Olga, and I washing each other.

We began to talk as I explored her body beneath the foaming water.

She said that she had brought couples to her island before, but this was the first time there had been a total synergy. She was fascinated by our togetherness, by how we moulded our thoughts, without having to ask one another.

It transpired that she had watched me carry my nymph back into the suite, when I returned from the conference.

She was also a voyeur!

She had asked my Friend if she might wash after she had arrived, and announced her self. She went into the bathroom, and had started to watch my Friend dress to go to meet me, through the gap in the door.

She watched entranced, as she stood naked, in front of her line of hanging clothes, wondering what to wear. She could see her back, and the whole naked side of her body, through a full length mirror. She watched her take hold of her breasts, massage them, then stretch her nipples. She pulled her teats far from her body.

Olga said that they were actions that she made herself when alone. She found herself imitating the spectacle. She pulled the tip of each nipple, squeezing them tight between her thumb and first finger. Then she stretched them by pulling on her bars.

It was exactly what my Friend was doing, except that she was not pierced.

She saw my Friend select the simple silk dress, and thought that she might have recognised, from the Head Chef’s description. It could have been the favourite that had been worn to the meeting in the foyer.

It was dropped over her head; she wriggled once, and it was on. She saw hard nipples actually grow again when my Friend drew the dress tight to her breasts, dragging the fabric over her already hard tips.

Then she simply skipped out of the room with nothing else on.

Olga said that she came out of the bathroom quite breathless with excitement. She began to hope that I would also fit the pictures planted in her mind by the hotel staff’s descriptions.

I refrained from asking if I did!

She decided to hide from us, but to go on being a voyeur. She heard us coming. She rushed back into the bathroom, and watched, from behind the door.

She laughed to herself, as I carried my baggage into the room. I was followed canlı bahis by the bellhop carrying my brief case. Its bare legs were tight around me, and the dress was pulled up to well above its waist. She knew that it was naked beneath the dress, only the cut, and droop of the rear covered a bare bum.

Wickedly, amusingly, she hoped, to that my suit was being wetted by a cunt that must have been wide open. I had not looked.

It was then that she decided to take the leathers off, and to make sure that the Lycra skin fitted her everywhere. She stripped out of the leathers, and had great fun moulding the skin fabric to all the contours of her body.

She pressed her fingers into her naked, hairless crack. She hoped momentarily that any wetness would not show through. Then she decided that it did not matter.

She moulded her teats into the material, pulling the ends of her nipple bars to ensure that they were part of a clear profile. She pulled the material tight to the cones of her breasts

I began to touch Olga all over, as we continued to talk. Now my Friend, and I, are completely touchy, intimate contact, and tactile people. It was obvious that Olga was one of us.

I stroked her tits with great tenderness. They were totally different from my Friend’s. I was looking closely, intimately, at a pierced nipple for the first time.

We talked about her piercings. I asked, all the normal, silly questions that must bore people, who are pierced. I questioned her if it hurt, when the needle went through; I asked if it helped to make her teats more sensitive.

Then I asked why she had them pierced.

Her answer surprised me, until I thought about the girl, and her lifestyle.

She said that she regularly had boyfriends, and some girlfriends, but had never found a person for a long term relationship. She was a lone, single girl, for long periods. She often came to her Island when alone.

Here she spent days completely in the nude, walking, bathing, doing the “Island things” that kept the whole place so beautiful.

She would work hard all day, then she was very lonely in the evenings.

I felt for her in her anguish of loneliness. This beautiful girl, with a lifestyle beyond most people’s imagination, yet she was alone.

I stopped touching, and took both her hands into mine.

Again she blushed shyly as she explained that she was very highly sexed, and had to make love to herself on a regular basis. She had dildos, and other aids, but sometimes these were not enough.

One day she was desperate. She had to cum, but could not reach a climax. She put her favourite classical music on her battery powered CD player. She organised her mood provoking everything.

She just became more desperate.

She was rampaging through the kitchen in her plight when she found some clothes pegs. Suddenly she knew what she had to do. She grabbed her left nipple, and tugged it away from her breast. She clamped the peg deep on her fast filling teat. She grabbed the other tit, and did the same. She had one peg sticking straight out from each nipple.

She tore back to her bed, threw herself full length onto her back. Her tits wobbled with the slight additional weight of the erect clothes pegs. She forced the largest powered dildo as far as possible into her cunt. She did not have to massage her clit.

She came immediately she touched it, quickly, long and completely. She loved the new feelings.

She continued to clamp her nipples with pegs to increase her arousal. Then, a little later, there were times when this was not enough. She hooked a rubber band behind each clothes peg, and pulled them with her thumbs. She needed a third hand, so she tied a length of string to a bedpost, and threaded it through her rubber bands.

Then she could lean back, pulling her teats as far as necessary to stimulate herself. She used a dildo, and her fingers to bring on a climax

This worked for a long time, until suddenly she realised that she could have permanent hooks, by having her nipples pierced.

The thought excited her so much that she pulled very hard on her clothespins. She came very quickly.

She had both nipples pierced on her next visit to the city.

I began to play with her right teat, turning the bar round and round in it’s hole as she talked.

Her shyness subsided; she rolled over to lie with her back against my upper body. I took a nipple in either hand, and played a dance on the ends of her teats, moving down their length to play with her bars. I kissed the top of her golden hair.

She murmured in contentment, and snuggled closer.

She continued the last chapter of her story of why. The piercings were very deep, close to the base of each teat. It was just what she asked for, and allowed her to hook her nipples to two spring loaded threads. It helped her in her lonely climaxes.

I thought how many single people might fully understand her needs, and loved her more for her simple, frank explanation.

Many noises bahis siteleri were coming from the kitchen. I saw that my Friend had dropped her towel, and was naked again. She began to set the table, and threw two more logs on the crackling fire.

She padded around, stark naked, in a world of her own. She was enjoying cooking simple food.

She had discovered Olga’s CD player, and selected a Mozart Piano Concerto. We could just hear it. Olga asked if they were our favourites. I said, “Yes”, we loved them all; the playful tinkering of many suited our love.

Olga relaxed her arms, and I moved my hands down over her distinct totally naked, pubic bone, and on into her crack.

She murmured more contentment as I reached her clit, and used both hands to wash her intimate, and beautiful parts in the warm water. I ran a finger of both hands up and down her simple folds, and just into her cunt.

I moved one hand under her, and reached for her anus. She murmured more musical noises as I pulsed it in and out, playing on the outside. I pushed deliberately, the tip of my middle finger just penetrated her hole, then I pulled back.

She hummed contentment, and said, “That was nice, please may we try it more. It is new to me.”

She was clean.

She rolled over; I moved my legs apart, and she knelt between my knees. She lent towards me.

Her breasts were wonderful; they did not dangle, like my Friends. They did not form that beautiful shape of complex catenary curves, when there is slightly more weight below the nipple than above. They stayed cones, round at their base, sharp on her chest. They were like twin Mount Fuji.

The cone shape of her breasts continued through the change of pigmentation, and through her areolae. They stopped rising abruptly at her bars to form her pert hard teats. These stuck straight out proud, and at right angles to her body.

I gazed at both her breasts visible in perfect, exquisite detail.

She bent towards my right nipple, her mouth opened, and she took my teat between her teeth.

She pulled back, as she had done with my Friend’s nipples. She held on until the last minute, let go, and returned to suck, to sooth. She repeated her exquisite light torture on my left nipple before returning to my right one.

She continued to alternate. My nipples grew harder and harder. My erection was enormous.

My hands were also busy. I stretched around her arms to find her breasts. My fingers slid down her wet cones to the tips. I held the round ends of her bars between my first and second finger, and pulled.

We began to time our pulling, and release. It was our time to sooth, and our time to be hard.

We were setting each other on fire, and wanted to include another. Quietly Olga told me that I was clean. We should dry, and have dinner. She climbed out of the Tub and started to dry herself.

It was this gentle dominance again, the firm, “I am in control of my life”. It went unspoken, but was always there.

She continued to dry herself. Fleetingly I wondered if I had done something wrong?

Outside the evening sky continued to be amazingly light. It was windless, and warm. The sun was still many degrees up in the sky. The windows were out of sight, and the fire crackled invitingly on the open hearth.

The water was mirror calm.

My Friend had excelled herself. The dining area was to the window, or waterside of the fireplace.

We would all feel it’s warmth, and she had piled logs high. She had also found the stainless, chain mail safety curtain, which could obviously be drawn completely around the whole hearth.

It could also be used if the heat, from the blazing logs, became too much for us.

The table was laid out with a three perfect settings of fine lead crystal glass, white linen and bone china, with silver cutlery. And this was beautiful, modern, Sterling silver of a famous Georg Jensen Design that we knew well.

We all agreed that we should continue to be naked as we ate. Olga thanked my friend of her care in making dinner, and asked us to sit either side of her.

The food was all beautifully displayed in the kitchen area. Steaks were ready to cook; there was a bowl of hot buttered new potatoes, and glorious mixed salads waiting in large bowls.

My Friend explained that the salad did not contain “rabbit food”, lettuce as others call it. We had always found that it splashed. We explained to Olga that this might not be pleasant if we were nude.

She giggled, and placed her hand lightly on my Friend’s forearm. They were both laughing at the thought of salad undressing.

She had delved into all the boxes of food prepared by the hotel. She was amazed to find an egg crate full of the most perfect Black Turkey figs. They were ready to eat, so she had placed them onto a large china plate. They were already on the table. They would be our dessert.

Medium rare fillet steaks were cooked in seconds, we helped ourselves to potatoes and salads, then we were ready to bahis şirketleri sit down to eat. It was all totally natural, except that we were all stark naked.

Olga placed her plate where she would be sitting in the middle, and suddenly disappeared into the bathroom. She returned in seconds with two simple, fine short chains, looped from bar end to ball end on each nipple. They were slightly different lengths, and enhanced her breasts wonderfully. They rocked with all her movements.

She was carrying another double row, gold chain in her right hand. It was somewhat similar, but had slightly heavier links. She walked behind my friend, lent forwards, and fastened the chain around her neck. She bent further to kiss the clasp, and whispered, “I want you to have this.”

The chains at her nipples hung in elegant loops.

As she sat down she told us both how happy she was that we were with her. All this had taken seconds.

The meat was still searing hot from cooking, and the delay had allowed me to draw the cork from our bottle of Julienas. A fruity, flowery smell surrounded the table. The cooled wine would suit our mood.

We began to eat.

Conversation ranged over great meals that we had all eaten. Undoubtedly this one would be included on our list.

We told Olga about our first dinner date. We spoke of how I had been to my favourite French Corsetiere, to purchase the cutaway bra. My Friend mentioned that she had brought it with her, and one or two other choice things.

We both sensed, and felt that we were ready to be very intimate with Olga. So we explained that I had not cum for a week, when I gave the bra to my Friend. We told how she put it on immediately, standing in the entrance hall, and how we made love in front of the fire.

We told how she had leaked cum, through all her clothes, onto her chair in the restaurant. How our waiter realised, and had became so attentive. We described running out of the very smart hotel fast. Then we stopped in the middle of the car park laughing, while cum pooled on the ground between my Friend’s legs.

Olga laughed, and laughed. She said that she knew all along that we were kindred spirits.

One bottle of Beaujolais was followed by another. We should have put two into the cooler, but “au chamber” was OK as we became merrier.

I cleared away the meat plates. Olga, and I, helped ourselves to more salad on our side plates. She fed me small tomatoes as we returned to the table.

Then it was time for desert. I cleared away all the rest of the dirty plates, and pushed the figs to the centre of the table.

My Friend, and I, were surprised when Olga said that she had never eaten fresh figs. We both saw them as one of the great delicacies of Northern European gardens. Hot countries grow figs that are all somewhat the same. They are usually boring, and have similar rather dull tastes.

Black Turkey was introduced into the British Isles by the Romans. It will grow in profusion in any English garden, but it needs to be treated roughly. These figs were perfect. They had been grown in hard conditions. It was obvious that they had been picked when still just turning from green to greeny blue. All would be slightly different in taste, and texture.

Now they were a deep purple.

Shyly, quietly, Olga asked how she should eat them. I explained that we both loved to believe that they were an aphrodisiac. We usually peeled one for each other, then fed the opened fig into the other’s mouth.

Olga asked how we did this? I told her that I would demonstrate.

I selected a perfect, large fig from the many on the plate. It was green at the stem, with the main part of the body turning deep purple as I have described. The skin was tight and unblemished.

I broke the top off, just below the stem. I began, very, very slowly, to peel about a third of the skin back from the fruit. The fig behaved perfectly. It knew how to behave.

More of the centre pulled away, and it began to open more, just as I reached the fullness of the body. A layer of seeds, and juice came away with the one third that I was pulling back from the whole body.

I turned the open fig to face Olga. She gasped, and giggled divinely. The short loops in her nipple bars shook with her.

She might have been looking into a wonderful, juicy cunt.

The top, near the tip, would have looked like the smooth, white, surfaces folded open just below a clit. It would have looked as thought it had been opened by gentle fingers stretching the folds flat.

It would have been deep, rich red, turning purple, at the heart. It would have looked like a cunt opened for love.

I said, “Now you eat it out. It is the sweetest cunt you will ever love, the most beautiful fruit that you will ever eat.”

I held it up to her mouth. She leant forwards, opened her mouth, and she ate.

She came away, having sucked the flesh from inside the skin. Her lips were covered in the juice of love. She had a look of complete astonishment on her face. Her eyes were blazing with lust.

She leant towards me, lips pouting. I was kissed a kiss of total lust, her tongue transferring a little of the taste, and of the juices, from her first Black Tiger.

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