14 Haziran 2021

The Encounter: Brad , Lucy Pt. 01

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Pre-amble: This story contains sex between consenting adults. I enjoy reading erotica which gives the mind complete freedom to wander which is why I omitted their ages to enable the reader to place themselves in one of the roles with a partner of an age of their choice.


As Brad and Lucy entered the room, Brad drew in his breath sharply – Lucy had taken off her jeans and T-shirt, and now simply had a pink towel wrapped around her. It wasn’t covering her nipples at the top and stopped just at the bottom of her hips. Brad felt his penis growing harder as Lucy moved closer, sitting very close to him.

“Brad,” she said, her voice a sweet whisper, “do you want me like I want you?”

Brad gulped, and felt his manhood stiffen even more as she put her hand on his thigh.

“That depends…how is it…you want me?”

By way of answer, Lucy leaned forward, her towel slipping a bit to reveal her nipples, which pressed through Brad’s T-shirt as she pulled him close for a deeply sensual kiss. Several dozen thoughts raced through his mind at once; even as he strove to reciprocate the kiss he wanted to be in control so he slid a hand around her back and pulled away the towel. As he did, Lucy draped her now naked body over him, and slid her tongue into his mouth. He met her tongue, swirling around it as his hands glided down her smooth back, until they reached her gorgeous ass. Lucy wiggled a bit as she felt his hands, and he thought he heard a low moan.

She broke the kiss and sat up a bit, smiling at him. He looked at her well-formed breasts with nipples pushing out. He leaned forward, taking her right nipple in his mouth. As his teeth clamped gently on it, he heard a loud moan of pleasure from her as she put her hand against the back of his head and pushed him onto her breast.

Brad licked and suckled the nipple, occasionally holding it in his teeth and flicking his tongue-tip over the clamped nipple. He switched to the other nipple and started working on that, while he rubbed the first nipple with his hand. Lucy gasped, and he smiled, his hand wandering down her front, sliding over her pussy.

His questing fingers found her clit, and when he squeezed it gently, she leaned back, which Brad took as a signal to move his mouth lower. He moaned a bit himself as his tongue tasted her wetness, and Lucy’s increasingly ragged breathing caused her body to heave and quake. He found her slit, and slid his tongue in, tasting as far as he could inside her sugar walls.

“Yes,” She moaned. “Eat me, Brad, please…”

He needed no further encouragement, pressing his face into her womanhood with hungry delight. Her moans became increasingly loud as he slid his tongue into her cunt, savouring the taste. He licked and sucked at her clit, which caused her to tremble, he licked and sucked and licked and sucked…

“Oh, Brad…I’m going to cum, Brad! Oh, oh, yessssss…!”

He slid his tongue back into her slit, and tasted her rush of girl-juice. He drank her deeply, enjoying her sweet, intoxicating flow.

Brad lifted up, waiting for Lucy to come down from her orgasm. He was in a daze himself, and licked some of Lucy’s cum canlı bahis off his upper lip. She opened her eyes, and smiled warmly at him. Before he could say anything, she shifted her ass back a bit, and reached out to stroke his bulge. Brad quivered a bit as he felt her fingers through the material of his jeans.

Lucy found his belt buckle, nimbly undid it and slid down his zip. She leaned forward, her breath hot on his bulging underwear, and pulled it back. His cock sprung out looking pleased to see her already hardened at full length. As Lucy’s tongue touched his cock-tip, Brad breathed sharply, feeling the heat on the sensitive skin. He managed to take off his shirt as she swirled her tongue around the tip tasting the drop of pre-cum that had trickled out of his snake eye.

She kissed the tip of his penis and then moved her mouth down the side, trailing down to his balls. She pulled his pants farther down, and he helped her by sliding his jeans and his underwear down to his knees. It was Brad’s turn to moan as she started licking his balls, taking one in her mouth and sucking on it a bit. Her left hand stroked his prick slowly, pumping it a little. Then she moved back to the tip, and took it into her mouth, flicking her tongue around it as she did.

“Suck me, Lucy,” he moaned. “Your mouth is so hot…”

Lucy let Brad slide into her mouth, an inch at a time. Around five inches she stopped a bit, and started going up and down on his cock. He groaned with pleasure, and pushed Lucy’s head down farther on his cock. She slid him in even further taking the full length, deep throating him, and making an erotic murmuring sound.

Brad gasped as she started sliding him in and out of her mouth, smacking and slurping as she went. As she sucked him and the heat increased, Brad felt himself getting increasingly light headed. His balls started to tingle, and his body writhed with the sensations. Sensing his reaction, Lucy went up and down faster, squeezing his balls gently with her hand.

Brad felt a sudden rush, and his cock started squirting his hot cum into her waiting mouth. She made a loud sound of pleasure and drank his juices, sucking hard on him to get every drop out. Brad let out a low, deep moan of ecstasy as he came, one that lasted until the orgasm finally subsided. He looked down at Lucy, who was licking what semen had escaped up. She looked at him and smiled broadly.

“Lucy, I’m going to fuck you!” he said. “I’m going to fuck you hard and deep and make you feel like you never have before!”

Brad finished kicking off his shoes and socks, and turned to her.

“Sit on my lap,” Brad commanded, his voice deep with lust. In the back of his mind, he wasn’t sure how he was able to make such a fast recovery after being sucked off by Lucy, but his dick was already rising to the occasion, and he was in no condition to think rationally. Lucy lifted herself up, then started lowering herself down onto Brad’s waiting cock, while Brad gripped her ass cheeks, helping her lower herself slowly.

“Oh, Brad, fill me up,” Lucy gasped. “I want it all!”

Brad thrust the rest of the way into her, and Lucy let out a loud moan. Rocking bahis siteleri his hips back and forth, Brad started a slow rhythm, while Lucy wrapped her legs around his back and rode him like a stallion. Due to her position her chest was once again in Brad’s face, a fact Brad took advantage of by sucking on her tits as they bounced. She moaned loudly and Brad could feel the first wave of ecstasy upon her.

He thrust faster, pushing savagely inside her cunt, which clenched about his cock as he did. As the heat and passion increased, Lucy started seeing spots before her eyes, and wondered if she was going to pass out. Just as she was rocked by a second wave of orgasm, Brad came himself, slamming deep inside her as his hot liquid spurted into her. She screamed with ecstasy, holding his face to her breasts, as he filled her with his creamy fluid.

Finally, she came down from her pleasure, and looked into Brad’s eyes. They were locked at the moment of ecstasy, entwined with their juices seeping out from her as they rested…

Brad felt his cock begin to wane. “I want you again Lucy” she heard him whisper “but you’ll need to take action on my cock. Clean it with your tongue” he instructed “and revive it back to its full length.”

She eased herself upwards and as they disengaged there was a slurp noise and their cum dripped out over Brad’s genitals. It felt good for him. The goo was all over his testicles too and running between his sack and his legs.

“You must clean me up and make me very hard again.”

She leaned over and started to lick him. His cock was soaking wet and very sticky. There was much to mop up but she was going to make the most of it and it excited her. Lucy worked her tongue all over and between his soaking wet ball and legs. The juices had worked there way down to his anus and there was a huge puddle there. She licked that delicate patch between the sack and the anal hole…

Brad groaned. “Mmmmmm” he said “yes, clean up that area too!”

She continued with her tongue and the tip of it touched his rim. She heard a deep groan and a sigh. She looked at his face and it revealed the smile of satisfaction. Lucy moved back to Brad’s cock and engulfed it into her mouth. Sucking hard she imagined it was swelling larger than before. It was really rock hard now. What was he going to want her to do next?

“Lie down on your back Lucy” he told her as he looked round the room for something. He spotted some material, reached out for it and leaned over her. He covered her eyes with it and tied it behind her head. She laid there in the dark wondering…

She felt him move away and get off the bed, then he grabbed her left wrist and wrapped something round it and stretched out her arm – it was bound above her head to the corner of the bed. The same thing happened to her left ankle and before long her right ankle and wrist we linked to the other corners of the bed.

“Oh God” she thought “what have I let myself into?” But she knew she could trust him and her excitement mounted. She felt a trickle of moisture between her legs. Brad would like that she thought, so she smiled to herself.

Brad spotted the smile bahis şirketleri and that excited him too. But she was unaware of that as she couldn’t see anything. Then Lucy suddenly felt his warm breath on her right breast as his lips touched her nipple. A gentle but firm tug on it. She could fell it being pulled by his lips and at the same time a hand rested on her left breast. He massaged, licked, kissed, suckled and skilfully pinched her nipples and her pleasure was enormous. So much so she didn’t notice how sore her nipples were getting until he paused. It went quiet for a moment… then she felt a hand between her legs.

“Mmmmmmmm” she heard Brad mutter.

She was absolutely soaking. Brad could not resist moisture like that, he had to get down there quickly and then felt his warm tongue exploring her. He started between her lips and legs – up and down, round and round and then between her lips making sure none of Lucy’s juices were wasted.

There was some of his cum there but that didn’t bother him, in fact it increased his lustful desire. It was a very wet Lucy. He moved up and ran his tongue around her clit and suckled on it. The effect was electrifying. He did this for ages as more moisture seeped out from her. Again, he licked it all up.

Brad was desperate to fuck her as she was for him but he wanted to see how much she would cum before he entered her again. As he licked and sucked she suddenly felt his hands on breasts and fondling them gently but then he began to manhandle them with force and pinch her nipples firmer than earlier. Lucy bit her lips, it was painful but she wanted to see how much she could take.

This almost violent action lasted a while as he continued to give her stunning head, pinching her nipples tightly. Then it stopped and he moved away. She thought he was on the bed, but due to her dizziness caused by what he had been doing Lucy couldn’t work out what was going on. The delay seemed endless. “Had he gone?” she thought and for a moment started to worry.

But she needn’t have… she suddenly felt his firm shaft enter her wet pussy and wasn’t it firm! Brad drove in and out of her like a steam engine. He seemed possessed! A man on a mission. Then she felt the weight of him on her breasts and he kissed her neck and lips then fondled her breasts.

He bit her neck. He bit her breasts, painfully but skilfully not too painfully. He nibbled away at her and pumped and pumped causing her to drift into further turmoil and dizziness. He grabbed her arse and dug his fingers into her lifting her towards him as he penetrated deeply. He had already cum twice so she knew this was going to take longer. And it did. It was the fuck of all fucks.

His pleasure was immense and so was Lucy’s. She orgasmed so many times that she lost count. She didn’t know what day it was or where she was at times then eventually she realised he was about to cum. He took off her blind and smiled into her eyes. Kissed her lips and filled her with cum. His body shook. It was like an earthquake and his cock felt like it must have been volcano erupting. He fucked for a little longer as the final orgasms exploded. He put his arms around her and slumped. He was spent and so was she.

When she awoke she found she had been untied and Brad was cuddled up with her under the bed sheet. She smiled and dozed back to sleep…


part 2 to follow

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