26 Temmuz 2021

The Fantasy Shelf

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“Oh, what a cool little bookstore,” Hannah said, “I didn’t even know this place was here.”

The way she looked at the titles on the sci-fi/fantasy shelf told me everything I needed to know about her: Kid in a candy store. And a geek, too. She just had that look, like the thing right in front of her eyes was so exciting she wanted to take a bite out of it.

“Yeah, we’ve been here for a while,” I said, “but it’s kinda hidden back here.”

It was just a short-term job between semesters, working for somebody my girlfriend knew, and I had no plans to stick around. If you love books, trust me, you do not want to work in a bookstore. You spend all your money on the good ones and all your time on the bad ones, and the biggest lesson you take home is that people read garbage.

But here’s the other lesson: the most gorgeous women you will ever see hang out in bookstores. Maybe they’re everywhere, and a good bookstore just puts them in the right mood. This is going to sound bad, but I really did care about my girlfriend, Kelly, and I had never snuck around behind her back. But I was allowed to look. And I couldn’t stop looking at Hannah.

She had this messy blonde hair, about down to her shoulders, and round, kinda rosy cheeks. Nice lashes. (For some reason, I noticed her eyelashes.) She was a little thick, very hourglass, wearing a kind of flowy top and jeans. And she had this killer, killer smile. Pretty, and sexy, with just weird hint that there was a secret there—like she was getting away with something. Flirting with women like her was the one real perk of this job.

Her boyfriend came out of the bathroom a minute later, though, and just hovered over her shoulder. So, we cut it short.

“I’m David,” I said, “let me know if I can help you look for anything.”

She gave me this really sweet look and said “I’m Hannah. I will.” Boyfriend didn’t seem to like that. I walked back to the one cash register to help some little old ladies ring up their mysteries. I also had a ton of inventory to add to the system that day anyway, so I wouldn’t have had much time to flirt with her even if she’d been there by herself, but every time I looked her direction, she was looking back.

I like a woman who knows how to flirt with just a look. And I really liked the looks I was getting from her. I caught myself thinking it was a drag that her boyfriend was there, then I got that guilty feeling that I wasn’t even thinking about Kelly. But there was nothing wrong with making eyes at each other, right?

A little later, they came to the counter. “Find something?” She had two new paperbacks and a used hardcover in her hands. Her boyfriend was standing right behind her, looking thrilled to be getting out of there.

“I was looking for the new book in that Ann Leckie trilogy, too,” she said, “I didn’t see it, but any chance you have a copy in the back, or something?”

“Oh, there’s no ‘back’,” I said, “Let me check, though.” I pulled it up in our inventory, and it said we should have a copy.

“Huh. There should be one. Maybe it got onto the wrong shelf.”

“Well,” Hannah said, holding up her other books, “these will keep me busy for a while.” There was that smile again. I can’t lie: I was seriously fantasizing about her. Then she said “Can you call me if it turns up?”

“I—sure,” I stammered, “absolutely.”

She wrote her name and number on a sticky note, and handed it to me like it was a present. Boyfriend was doing something on his phone, but I did catch him giving me a look. Like, “don’t get any ideas.” Sorry, bro, but I was getting ideas.

“I’ll call you,” I said, “if I find it.”

I felt guilty just having the number. There was a binder where I was supposed to write down customers who needed calls, but I didn’t put her in it. I just folded the slip up and güvenilir bahis hid it in my wallet. (Right next to a condom, actually.)

I didn’t find the book, though. So, on my lunch break, I drove to the Barnes & Noble in the next town over and just bought a copy of the damned thing. It was what the customer wanted, okay?

“Oh, that’s great,” she said on the phone, “how late are you open?”

“Til seven,” I said.

She said, “oh, bummer. I have something going right up until seven. Is there, maybe, any chance you could stay open just a little late? For me?” That “for me” part made me look over my shoulder. If my girlfriend had been there and heard it, I know it would have been trouble. I should mention Hannah had a pretty voice, too. I don’t know how you’d describe it, but it was pretty. Like you could hear her smiling.



“It’ll take me a while to close up anyway,” I said, “I’ll be here until seven thirty, at least.”

“Oh, thanks a lot,” she said.

I told the owner (actually my girlfriend’s aunt) that I could close, that night, and she was happy to let me. She gave me the key and checked out about half an hour before closing.

Hannah showed up a quarter after seven, right after I’d kicked out the last customer. Most of the lights were out already. I could see she was nervous, and seeing her, all alone like that, made me nervous, too. Whatever she’d been up to, she’d had a chance to touch up her lipstick. Added a spritz of her perfume, too. And done whatever magic it is that girls with that kind of tits do to get their best cleavage up. I noticed, and she knew it. I turned off the “open” sign when I let her in.

“So, you found it?” she asked with her eyes locked on mine. I could feel how close I was to crossing the line with her. One kiss, and there would be no turning back. I guess in our defense, cheating didn’t come easily to either one of us. We just stood there looking at each other for what felt like a long time. Just the things I was thinking made me feel like a cheater, and it had my heard beating. But the charge between us was undeniable. She stood with her face just inches from mine. I think she caught me staring at her lips, too.

“What about your boyfriend?” I asked her.

I could tell Hannah was nervous, but she gave me a funny smile anyway. “Well, he’ll just have to wait until I’m done reading it, won’t he?”

The only spot in the store where we couldn’t be seen from the big front window was behind the sci-fi and fantasy shelf, and she knew it. We led each other back there, even though I didn’t want to admit the reason to myself. Two seconds later, though, I felt her lips on mine. A nice, big bite of the forbidden fruit. I pressed her against the bookshelf and she put a hand under the back of my shirt. Her lips were like a whole dessert, thick and soft and warm. The way they crushed against my mouth and my tongue made me stagger. Never mind the things going through my head about what Kelly would do if she found out. When Hannah tilted her head to another angle and started slipping her tongue into my mouth, I had to hold onto the bookshelf to stay on my feet. Her hair got tangled in my fingers, and I could feel the rise and fall of her chest against mine.

“Is this going to be okay?” she asked me. I’d been thinking the same question, so I didn’t know what to tell her. There were two buttons on her blouse, and she popped them both undone. I undid a button, too.

“I can keep a secret if you can,” I said. She started to make a nervous laugh, but it turned into a slow, surprised inhale when my mouth locked onto her neck. I knew exactly what I was doing, but something just wouldn’t let me stop. I kissed far enough down her neck that she was lifting her tits to my face, breathing even heavier. I slid türkçe bahis a hand under them and squeezed. Something told me those tits were going to feel just as good in my mouth as her lips did, and I couldn’t wait to find out. Maybe Kelly would never find out about this, I thought. What would be the harm? I pulled my arm loose and found the clasp of her bra. It took a second to undo all of the hooks with one hand, but I got them.

“Are you sure nobody can see us?” she whispered and pulled the straps off under her blouse. She tucked her bra into her book bag, and guided my head down her chest. She was watching the door, but wasn’t really waiting for an answer. The open front of the blouse gave me plenty of room to lift her tits out. Her nipples were wide and soft, but they perked up fast when I wetted them with my tongue and blew cool air over them. I hadn’t got to suck on big, warm ones like hers in months, and it was an insane turn-on. The fact that we were both cheating cranked it up, too, and I was a little embarrassed to realize how much it excited me. She scratched under my hair with her nails and said, “that feels good,” in a quiet breath.

I slid my lips off of one wet nipple, sucking so it made a kissing noise coming out of my mouth. “Does your boyfriend suck on your tits like this?” I asked. She bit her lip, probably nervous to hear him mentioned, but she caught her breath and asked back,

“Does your girlfriend have tits like these?”

I laughed. “Hannah, nobody has tits like yours.”

I reached down and pulled open the button on her jeans, seeing the top of her strawberry-blonde bush, but she stopped me.

“Hey, when’s it my turn to do some sucking?” she asked. With one last look at the door, Hannah went down on her knees and unbuckled my belt.

“Are you going to let me suck on your cock,” she asked, looking up with those wide, brilliantly green eyes, “even though I’m not your girlfriend?” She could tell how hard that made me.

“You let me suck on your tits,” I said. She worked my boxers loose and made an admiring noise.

“Is that bigger than your boyfriend’s?” I asked her. She nodded yes, with a kind of nervous giggle. She hesitated, but wrapped her fingers around it and put the tip in her mouth. I couldn’t believe how good those lips felt. Her eyes were wide open and watching me.

“Oh, shit,” I groaned, “your mouth feels so good on my cock, Hannah.”

“Better than your girlfriend?” she teased. She said it so quietly I knew it made her shy, but it was obvious it turned her on.

“Is that what you like to hear?” I teased her, “that you suck my cock better than my girlfriend can? Does it turn you on to sneak around and suck other guys’ cocks?” I felt her body thrill to that, and she slid it in and out of her mouth with her tongue sliding against me. She was good at this. Like way better than Kelly. There was no question she could have made me come, just like that. “Do you want to swallow my cum and go kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?” I egged her on. Her eyes went wide and she sucked me even harder. I felt her tongue slipping around my tip, and it made me groan.

But she stopped a minute later and said “not yet.” I didn’t know if she meant, like, not that night, or just later that night, but either way, I wasn’t going to argue. She got up on her feet and kissed me again, this time with one hand stroking me. I met the cautious look in her eyes, and turned her around. When she was leaning forward on the shelf, I got down on my knees and pulled her jeans down.

“No panties?” I asked her, actually surprised. I heard her giggle, and she swayed her hips just a little, enjoying the way I was squeezing her naked buns in my hands.

“So, Hannah,” I said, stroking the crack of her ass with just a fingertip, “my girlfriend doesn’t let güvenilir bahis siteleri me lick her ass. Do you ever let you boyfriend do that to you?”

I watched her face. She made a wide-mouthed, silent look, shocked but liking it.

“No,” she said, “I never have.”

“Are you going to let me lick it?” I asked. My hands squeezed her cheeks and pulled them apart. Before she answered she could feel my lips kissing their way towards her asshole.

“Yeah,” she said quietly, “do it.” When she felt my tongue touch it, she let out a gasp that made my cock twitch. I gave her ass a slow, gentle circle with a firm tongue, then let my tongue go flat and just stroked it across her opening.

“Oh my god,” she sighed.

“Does it turn you on to let me lick your ass?” I asked. Her answer, if I needed one, was to put her hand between her legs and start rubbing on her pussy, squeezing her lips and tugging them apart with her fingers.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked. I did, and I dug it out of my back pocket and opened it. She only let me lick her ass a minute longer before she got down on her hands and knees, waving her pussy at me. It was so wet her lips were glistening in the overhead lights. I rolled the condom on, and teased her clit with the tip.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she purred over her shoulder.

“Oh, god, yeah, baby.”

“Are you going to fuck me like you fuck your girlfriend? Or harder?”

“Harder, baby.”

“Fuck me like a bad girl,” she moaned, and I was already sliding into her. I gave it to her hard. She could really take it. Teasing her asshole with my fingers while I fucked her made it even nastier, and I wasn’t about to stop.

“I want…” she started to say something, but either got shy or distracted.

“What?” I asked.

“I want you to fuck your girlfriend with that dick and pretend it’s me,” she said, a little loud. I think it really got her close. We kept at it like that, on the floor, until Hannah got off. She was rubbing her clit with her fingers, which were right up against my balls. I’d never felt that before, and it was intense. I could feel her asshole squeezing against the tips of my fingers, too. It sounded like a strong one. She liked being loud, too. I hoped nobody heard her, or else I was definitely going to be out of a job.

“Is that how you like to get fucked, baby?” I asked her, “on your knees with somebody else’s boyfriend? Like a bad girl? Like a slut?”

“God, yeah,” she moaned, still coming.

“Are you going to think about me when it’s your boyfriend’s cock inside you?”

“Yeah, baby,” she said, looking back at me over her shoulder. I loved the way Hannah fucked. She was pounding that big, sexy ass back against my lap, like she was trying to see how much she could take. Or how much I could take. Which wasn’t much more, it turned out.

When I was close to getting off, I pulled out and she turned around and helped me pull the condom off. She took me in her mouth one more time, and those soft lips brought me off, hard. The way she used her tongue while I was getting off made my balls ache. I didn’t see it, but it felt like a really big load coming out. When she’d swallowed every drop of the evidence, she put her clothes back on in a hurry, and so did I.

“You’re not going to tell anybody about this?” she asked. It was an embarrassed question, but she was glowing.

“Not if you don’t.” I said. She gave me one last kiss, took her book, and skipped out the door.

I had a text from my girlfriend on my phone, asking if I was off yet. I texted her back a quick apology about working late, and locked up. That was the first and last time I ever cheated on anybody, and didn’t tell Kelly anything about what happened. I still feel guilty about it, once in a while. And If I’ve ever thought about Hannah when I was having sex with Kelly, well, that can stay my little secret. But I didn’t throw away Hannah’s number, either. It’s still right there in my wallet. And one of these days, I’m going to work up the nerve to call her again.

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