24 Haziran 2021

The First Time

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“I want a deeper relationship than just sex!” Cheral exploded. “But I want sex too!” she exclaimed in exasperation.

Cheral’s relationship with Sneddy had begun a couple of months earlier under the shadow of her involvement with another man. Cheral had met Chris through an Internet dating site but he was not delivering the goods. Sure he wanted sex but that’s not hard to find for a single woman with a foxy look and the kind of breasts that stand out in a crowd! No. Cheral wanted more… a great sex life and an emotional connection; how hard could it be? Then she answered an email from Sneddy.

Snedrag Tserof, the son of Russian migrants, had met Cheral through the same dating website but Sneddy, as she had affectionately named him, was different! On their first date Sneddy had looked into Cheral’s eyes and felt the stirring in his loins that told him he should lean across the small café table and kiss Cheral’s inviting lips. But Sneddy was old school: sure he’d spent years working on cruise ships around the world and he’d had his fair share of pussy but at heart he was a romantic. This time he wanted the full Monte — sure he wanted to fuck her, but he wanted more besides. Years of one night stands had told Sneddy that there had to be more than just the sex. But there had to be sex too!!

“I know what you want Cheral!” Sneddy replied. Sneddy was through being the gentleman admirer. He slowly but resolutely walked up behind her as she sat contemplating their earlier conversation. Gently turning her head canlı bahis şirketleri towards him he kissed her; electricity surged through his body together with the blood that rushed to his dick. He wanted her.

Cheral responded, moving to engage Sneddy’s kiss. She knew. She stood up and they embraced fully for the first time. Emboldened by her response Sneddy continued to explore her mouth with his tongue and Cheral eagerly responded in kind. As they stood locked together Sneddy slowly moved his hand down stroking her cleavage and gently cupping her left breast in his hand. After weeks of sneaking a peak at those magnificent breasts he finally had his hands on them!

Sneddy broke free of her lips just long enough to guide her down the steps of the deck to the house. Inside he had left the air-conditioning running; the hot tropical nights were bad enough but if sex were on the cards the humidity could be intolerable without the air-conditioner. The cool air struck Cheral as she came through the sliding door. Her nipples hardened under her cotton dress which only served to encourage Sneddy’s advance. He took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

Sneddy took one look at Cheral standing in the dim light of the wall lights in his room and decided he had to have her NOW. Ripping the shirt over his head and dropping his shorts to the floor Sneddy stood naked in front her. Cheral, no less eager, dropped her summer dress to the floor she was ready for him. No, she was more than ready! Sneddy wasted canlı kaçak iddaa no time in pulling her down to join him on the bed. They kissed for what seemed like ages… the nervousness of the first time! Then Sneddy could hold back no more clumsily making his move he felt like an ill-informed Labrador but nonetheless he moved his hand to her willing pussy. God she was wet! Caught in a dilemma; wanting to fuck her for all he was worth he also wanted to taste her juices. His dick won out; sliding into her for the very first time he started to move back and forth, slowly at first than more quickly, more desperately!

“Oh God Cheral you feel good!” he gasped as he pounded into her.

But she didn’t hear him. Cheral was in her own world. She could feel his cock thrusting in and out brushing her pubic hair, through the lips of her wet pussy and deep inside her but at the same time she was unaware of the details as the wave of pleasure enveloped her mind and body.

“Fuck me!” she demanded.

Sneddy could hold back no more. He shot his load deep inside her; could he be any deeper inside her? Pulling down on her shoulders, his cock buried deep inside her as the spasms of his erection shot his seed into her.

“Oh God” Sneddy wasn’t religious but it seemed an appropriate exclamation! “I’m sorry.” he said, knowing he had come too soon.

“It’s okay honey.” Cheral said reassuringly. But it wasn’t; she wasn’t through with him yet! “Honey… that was great… I don’t want to stop.” She said in a tone canlı kaçak bahis that Sneddy knew meant he wasn’t about to sleep anytime soon.

Exhausted but turned on by her horniness Sneddy kissed Cheral, first on the lips, then he slowly moved down her body. Her nipples were still hard and he paused to enjoy licking and nibbling them. But Sneddy had a mission… he wanted to know the taste of her pussy! Slowly teasing her with his tongue Sneddy positioned himself between her thighs, her pussy still glistening, was right in front of his face just a tongue’s length away. Nibbling her inner thigh he began to stroke her pussy lips with his tongue. Gently at first, barely feeling the hairs brushing the tip of his tongue; then a little deeper, tasting her juices for the first time! Back and forth, back and forth, he teased her pussy lips with his tongue. Then without warning he plunged his face into her lips desperate to immerse himself in her juices.

Cheral gasped and moaned as the relentless attack continued unabated. She’d been filled with his cum and now he was inside her with his tongue, thrusting in and out like a mini dick; one with an incredible feeling! At last she began to feel her climax coming. Her legs were both weak and like rods of iron as she sensed her orgasm grow. Then like the waves hitting a beach it happened, crashing over her she was in near ecstasy. Cheral let out a cry, tears welled in her eyes and she laughed all at the same instant.

Cheral had made her emotional connection with Sneddy some time ago and now she had the sex to go with it! “This could be the beginning of something special.” she said as she nestled into Sneddy’s hairy chest.

“Yes!” he replied, thankful that at last he might just be allowed to sleep a while.

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