24 Haziran 2021

The Game Ch. 02

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Josephine stepped out of her shower and wrapped a towel, turban-like, around her wet strawberry blond hair, then quickly toweled her trim body dry with a bath towel. She stood just in front of the closed door to admire herself in the full length mirror that had been installed for her. “Damn,” she muttered, “I’m one hot pistol, if I do say so myself.” She ran her hands from her trim waist, down to her gently flaring hips. “Wish my tits were a little bigger,” she added, then cupped them so her nipples were between her thumbs and forefingers. They were so sensitive as she softly pinched, then pulled at them.

Her eyes traveled down to admire the hairless cleft of her sex, resisting the urge to touch herself there. She’d wait until she was in bed with her ‘toys’ to help her.

She unwrapped the towel from around her head and vigorously rubbed her hair. Satisfied it was dry, she rapidly turned here head from side to side, flaring the short, flip cut, reddish blond hair. When her head stopped its swinging, her hair fell right into place, she wouldn’t even have to brush it. The next time she was in the beauty parlor, she’d have to give the hairdresser, who had recommended the cut, a large tip.

Turning out the bathroom light, she went to her bedroom where two bedside lamps were burning. Jo pulled the bedspread to the foot of the bed, then threw back the top sheet. Climbing on to the king size bed, she crawled across to turn out that bedside lamp, then back to the other side. She opened the drawer and pulled out her favorite toys; a six inch, ivory colored vibrator and an eight inch long, flesh colored, plastic dildo, in the shape of a fat penis. She turned out the light, she wouldn’t need it, she knew where everything necessary was.

Jo rolled onto her back and, taking the vibrator, turned the switch to ‘LOW’, smiling at the hum it made. She touched the tip to each of her nipples. “Oh, yes, girls,” she murmured to her breasts, “that feels good, doesn’t it.” Their reply was to grow hard güvenilir bahis and erect.

She lay back, closing her eyes as she continued running the humming wand over and around her nipples, enjoying the wonderful feeling. But, there was another area of her body that was calling and her free hand was already there, stroking the cleft of her pussy. Using two fingers, she parted the puffy lips and instantly, moved the vibrator between those lips, finding the seat of much higher pleasure.

Jo groaned loudly as the tip of the vibrator touched the side of her hooded clit. “Oh yes, yes,” she moaned as her hips began moving, first side to side, then in a upwards thrusting. She had been looking forward to this all evening and the anticipation seemed only to heighten the pleasure.

“Oh, fuck,” she sobbed,” cum baby, cum.” It took only minutes before her belly muscles tightened, her legs shot straight out, stiff, as the first waves of ecstasy coursed through her body, enroute to her brain.

Josephine Ann van deGroot had been in her early twenties when she first discovered she was multi-orgasmic. Before that it had just been, cum, then, roll over and go to sleep, just like her lovers. Then one night, with this same vibrator, she had cum three, glorious. times, before she was exhausted enough to go to sleep.

At twenty-six, she had discovered that a dildo plunged into her cunt as she came, would highten her pleasure even more. She had purchased the one that lay beside her right now. She would milk three or four cums from just her vibrator before plunging that beautiful cock into her hungry cunt. Her orgasm then would send her completely over the top.

Now as she recovered from her third orgasm, Jo used two fingers to pull the fleshy hood from her clit, exposing the small pink nub. At first she laid the still vibrating wand to the side of it while she reached for her plastic cock. Then, as she inserted the cock into her cunt, she moved the vibrator right on to her love button. “OH GOD,” türkçe bahis she screamed out to no one. She plunged the toy cock hard, fucking herself wildly. “OH GOD, OH GOD,” she screamed over and over. “I’M GONNA CUM, OH FUCK ME, I’M CUMMIN’.”
Her body was thrashing around so uncontrollably, she had trouble keeping the vibrator in place.

As Jo reached nirvana,the thrashing stopped and she tossed the vibrator, still humming, to one side. Her cunt muscles gripped the dildo, preventing it from moving. Her face screwed up as though in pain, not the ecstasy she was experiencing. Every muscle in her body constricted and she found herself holding her breath as wave after wave of pure pleasure washed through her body.

As always, the high didn’t last more than a minute or two and as her body began to relax, the plastic cock slowly slipped out of her satiated cunt, to lay between her legs.

Jo was still breathing heavily when she picked up her ‘toys’ and stuffed them under her pillow. She’d clean them in the morning. Exhausted, now all she wanted was to go to sleep. She pulled the top sheet up over herself, closed her eyes and, within minutes was in dream land.

It was later when she was awakened by feeling the sheet pulled off her nude body. She opened her eyes to find a hooded figure, completely clothed in black, standing over her. Before she could open her mouth to scream, a hand clamped over her mouth and a gruff voice warned her to keep quiet. “One peep out of you and you’ll regret it, baby.” She nodded her head in acquiescence. The hand slowly slipped from her mouth.

“Now, roll over, baby, I’m gonna have some fun. You don’t have to do anything.” Jo did as she was bid, hearing the sound of a zipper as the figure climbed onto the bed. She felt his legs astride her thighs and his hands on her hips. “Come on, baby, boost your ass up and I’ll give you a treat.”

“No,no! Please don’t.” she sobbed.

“Oh yeah, baby. I got some ashes that need haulin’ and you got the box güvenilir bahis siteleri for ’em. Now, get your ass up!” He was pulling on her hips now, moving her butt upwards.

When he was satisfied that she was in the right position, his right hand left her hip and she felt him guide his hard cock to her cunny. As he penetrated her, he exclaimed, “Jeezus, you’re we as hell. You been havin’ nice dreams, baby?” Immediately he began rocking his hips back and forth, his fat cock completely filling her cunt with each thrust.

Jo couldn’t help herself as, involuntarily she began rocking with him, meeting each thrust he made. “Ya like this, don’t ya, baby,” the gruff voice muttered. She reached down under herself to find her clit, to massage it. He wouldn’t be the only one to get his jollies.

His pumping seemed to be getting more labored as he fucked and she could hear his breathing turn into almost animalistic panting. “Yer gonna get it, baby, I’m gonna load yer cunt with nice thick cream. That’s what ya want, isn’t it? Tell me ya want it, baby.”

Jo was near the point of no return and she practically screamed back at him, “YES, you bastard! Give it to me! Fill me up!”

That seemed to trigger him and she felt the hot cum begin spewing into her. His cock pulsed and he grunted, one, “uunh,” two, “Uunnh, three, Uuunnh,” four,Uuunnnhh,” with each spurt. Jo came with his forth spurt, her cunt squeezing down on the invader, as though trying to milk more of his cream as he kept on stroking.

At last he buried his cock as deep as he could and fell forward onto Jo’s back, forcing her flat onto the bed. With that, his now shrinking cock slipped out.

“Jeezus,” he moaned, “this damned sweater is hot as hell.”

Jo giggled. “well, take it off and get me a cigarette, sweetie.”

He struggled to his knees and in a moment the sweater was thrown to the floor beside the bed. “Yeah, that feels better.” Harry rolled to the side of the bed and got the pack from the drawer. A few seconds later there was a flare of flame from his lighter as he lit two cigarettes, handing one to his wife.

Exhaling a cloud of smoke he turned to her and asked, “Did you have fun with your toys, love? Your cunt was soaking wet.”

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