16 Haziran 2021

The Girl Next Door Pt. 02

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I felt sleep starting to tatter as I rose up towards wakefulness. I opened my eyes, I was slightly disoriented, as I saw the unfamiliar confines when I turned my head, I saw Roxanne’s warm brown eyes gazing into mine. That brought it all back, the superb feel of her warm, soft body against mine as we had enjoyed a hot, steamy night-time session.

“You stayed,” Roxanne cooed. ”You stayed all night with me. That means so much to me. I’ve only had sex with two boys, and each time, they’d disappear in the night after I was asleep, like some criminal fleeing the scene of the crime. I hope the fact that you’ve not been to bed in your house won’t get you in trouble, though.”

Looking at my watch, I replied, “That won’t be a problem, I sleep in the guestroom, my wife gets up and goes to work without ever looking in on me. She’s already on her way by now. We are that far distant from each other, I sometimes wonder if she’s having an affair.”

“I’ll bet she is. This means that if you have an affair, it’s merely keeping the scales balanced. I’d love to have an affair with you. You’ll never have to go to bed unsatisfied. Your wife is a blue ball special, so I will take her place. Whenever you need the relief of my sweet cunt or my hot, wet mouth, come to me, so you can cum in me!”

She gave me a big smile, and continued on, “I’ve never had any one of the two previous guys who fucked me stay the night. Morning loving sounds so nice, I’ve never been able to enjoy that, let’s do it.”

I felt her hand reach down, she smiled as she felt my cock rising up, surging in her hand.

“Oh you are so ready, so hard, you know what they say, a hard man is good to find. Lay back lover, let me ride you, I love being a sex hungry cowgirl.”

I happily did so, filling my eyes with the incredibly sexy sight of such a gorgeous teen, eager for my cock. She nudged herself against me and gave me a grin.

“Hang on lover!”

She drove down with a fierce thrust, swallowing my cock right to the balls. My grunt of pleasure joined her growl as she impaled herself, the feel of her warm wet muscles parting to let me in, the gripping at me was superb.

She paused for just a moment, the sight of Roxanne, naked and horny, perched on my cock was a real ball stirrer. She lifted up then rammed down, letting out more growls of pleasure, then she settled into a fast, hard rhythm, taking a lust-driven morning ride.

As she rode, she murmured, “Oh yes, so good, so hard, so deep, feels so wonderful, I love it.”

Watching her riding, her sexy body moving and swaying with each plunge, the eager grip was making my balls churn. I watched as she brought her hands up, cupping her sexy breasts, letting our growls of pleasure as her fingers pulled and tweaked at her very stiff, perky nipples.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmmmm, oh you sweet man, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, come with me Dennis, cream me, CREAM MEEE!”

I felt the tightening up, the quivering of her warm, wet muscles around me, and I arched up to her, grunting in a shuddering orgasm as I spent my morning load. Our cries of climax blended as the gripping spasms milked me for every drop, not letting go until the last spasm had shaken through her body.

She draped herself forward, her eyes held mine, and she cooed, “Ummm, Dennis that was amazing. It felt like my entire body was cumming, I could feel the warmth spread through my womb as your cock filled me with a big morning load of hot spunk. You are the best lover I’ve ever had.”

After resting a few minutes, she said, “Remember what I told you, I want you to come to me every time you can. If your wife won’t come across, I sure will. Your loving is far too good to pass up as a one night stand.”

As Roxanne had classes to attend, and I had to get into work, we reluctantly parted, after kissing, drawn-out swirls of tongue filled passion that left both of us breathless.

At work, I tried to concentrate on the reports that my boss wanted me to look over. I gave them the best that I could, in between my thoughts of last night and this morning. Roxanne had been so eager, so willing, so giving, I couldn’t remember the last time that I had such a glorious night of sheer, enjoyable passion. And this morning, the glorious morning ride, fantastic. I couldn’t wait until the next time we could be together, I was going to do everything to her sexy body until her toes curled in orgasm.

As luck would have it, it would be sooner than I thought. At 2 PM, my wife called me to say that she was taking a business trip with her boss, they were leaving right away, and she would be gone for several days. I wondered about what she had said, wondering if the business was a thin cover for some other reason. But, on the flip side, I was alone for several days, and Roxanne was right next door. Mmmm, the idea of fucking Roxanne in the marriage bed was really appealing. Time to bring some warmth to that mattress. canlı bahis şirketleri I quickly dialed her cell number.

“Dennis, such a nice surprise, I was hoping you’d call.”

“Roxanne got some great news. My wife called to tell me she’s going out of town on a business trip. So for several days, I will be alone.”

She gave a laugh, and said, “Talk about timing. My parents are flying out right now as we speak, they are going to California to visit my Grandma, who will be 85 in 4 days. So, I’ve got a week free. So, your place or mine?” she finished, with a throaty growl.

“Tonight, I want you in my house, I’m going to take you to the marriage bed, and put some heat into that room!”

She purred, “Mmmm the idea of having you fucking me in the marriage bed, so naughty and sexy, you just made my pussy so wet, that sounds so wonderful. I can hardly wait to see and feel everything you have planned for me.”

“Roxanne baby, let me take you out to dinner, I know a great little Italian trattoria, checkered tablecloths, candlelight, and sublime Italian food.”

“Italian, I love Italian food, and it sounds so romantic. Let’s dress up, I’ll wear my most formal dress, it’ll be a perfect way to start off our free time.”

“Okay sweetheart, I’ll be home at 5:30, we’ll head out at 6 PM. Just come next door when you’re ready, and we’ll take off then.”

“Okay Dennis, mmmm, my lover, I am going to show you how much of a lover I can be also. See you then lover.”


When I got home, I took a quick shower and took out my best suit. Italian tailored, charcoal grey double-breasted, I had just done the four in hands knot to my tie when I heard a gentle knock at the back door. When I opened it, there she was, Roxanne looked amazing. She was wearing a full-length wine red gown, it hugged her body around her hips and her waist, as the dress rose up, it split into a deep V that showed off her beautiful cleavage to full effect, the dress left her shoulders and her back, to the bottom of her shoulder blades, bare. As the material came around to the front, it further accentuated Roxanne’s cleavage, with her wearing no bra, giving you a peek at the outside of her breasts, which were a magnificent sight, nestled in the teardrop cup shapes that the dress took on as it went over her breasts. The top of the dress came up to two red straps that went around the neck, which then tied up in a red ribbon behind her neck. She did a slow turn, letting me enjoy the full view, what a stunning sight. Her sexy rump looked magnificent, and I could see no outline of panties, the view made my cock throb at the sexy sight.

She smiled as she saw the tent pitch, and she said, “I can tell by your reaction you like it! I loved getting all dressed up for you Dennis, you deserve a lover who wants to make herself look the best she can for her lover man. And underneath, I am totally naked, give your mind something to feast on also. I have a tampon slipped up inside my tight little pussy, I’m so horny, I’d be dripping like a faucet. I’ll be all ready for you after dinner, you can replace the tampon with something that will be a lot more enjoyable. You’re looking pretty classy yourself, I love the double-breasted suit you’re wearing.”

I was feeling as giddy as a virgin about to go on his first date with the hottest girl in school.

I invited her in, and she was carrying an overnight bag. The knowledge that she was going to spend the night with me really got my anticipation going. I quickly carried it to the master bedroom. The master bedroom, yes indeed it was time for the master to reclaim his bedroom, with his most lovely mistress.

When I went back downstairs, I told her about my thoughts of the master bedroom, she smiled and cooed, “Oh yes Dennis, I am going to be your most eager mistress. We will chase away the arctic chill of your frigid wife.”

At the Italian trattoria, she was a most charming dinner companion. Classic Italian served in just the way it would be in Italy. Having lived in Rome for 5 years, they followed the Italian way perfectly. The Caesar salad was prepared at the table, pasta was served next, followed by the meat dish, they were served separately, unlike the North American way of bundling everything onto one plate.

“This is the way it was done in Italy,” I explained to Roxanne. “Living for 5 years in Italy was amazing. The history, the art, the foods, was unforgettable.”

Roxanne smiled and said, “Too bad you were married at that time. I’ll bet there were more than a few sexy Italian ladies that would have loved to share a bed with you.”

“Well, as a matter of fact, during our stay there, we were separated for 6 months. I didn’t care to live the life of a monk, so I indulged. The ‘Bella signorinas’ were so sexy, the olive tone of their skin, the sweet whispered Italian endearments, and the sheer enjoyment of fucking just because it felt so canlı kaçak iddaa good marks Italy as the highlight of my sexual life. I had 22 sexy ladies that shared my bed during that 6 months.”

“Umm, that sounds like such a great time,” Roxanne cooed. “I hope that I can join the spot as a highlight of your sexual life.”

“Roxanne sweetheart, I have no doubt you will.”

When we got home, we were quickly upstairs. Roxanne picked up her overnight bag and gave me a big grin.

“I want to present myself, properly attired for your pleasure, I’m going to change in the guest room, then present myself so you can enjoy the full effect.”

I quickly stripped, and took my place on the bed, I was trembling with anticipation. Five minutes later, Roxanne pranced in, and my cock surged up. She was dressed in ivory white undies, lacy snow-white demi bra, pushing her 34C’s up, putting her stiff, perky nipples on display. My eyes went lower, lacy snow-white G string panties, matching snow white garter belt, and white stockings. She came up to the foot of the bed and turned to let me see her naked cheeks, the thin strip of her panties snugged up between the cheeks of her ass, then turned back to me, her eyes gleaming.

Her voice was husky with desire, as she said, “I feel so sexy, presenting myself like this, dressed for your pleasure.”

Her eyes gleamed as she slipped out of her G string, the sight of her sweet pussy waxed totally bare and smooth made my cock surge, and her hands slipped around my cock, feeling the hard, throbbing eagerness.

“I’m so hot, I feel like I’m going to explode, I need a good hard fucking, right now,” Roxanne purred, and she lay back, spreading her thighs wide. “Right in there sugar, stuff me!”

I was happy to do so, and I poised then drove forward, the feel of her warm wet walls parting for me, god that felt amazing. Roxanne let out a cry of pleasure as she was impaled, not stopping until I bottomed out, my balls smacked gently against her supple ass.

“Oh yes, stuff my tight little cunt, fuck me with all the passion built up, that your wife is too stupid to accept.”

I was happy to do so, pulling back and surging forward again, listening to Roxanne’s squeals of pleasure as my balls again smacked against her ass. Her gasps and cries urged me on, and I pulled back and rammed forward again, getting into a rhythm, the smacking sound of our bodies joining in, fucking her hard.

“Deep and hard, put my legs over your shoulders!”

I brought her legs up, draping them over my shoulders, and plunged in, I felt my cock head nudge tightly against Roxanne’s cervix, as she moaned “Oh yes, so deep, so hard, just the way I love it, stretch out my tight little pussy, keep going deep lover, make me cum!”

I looked down on her, dressed in virginal white, giving her body to me freely, with joy and pleasure, the knowledge that I was drilling the tight little 18-year-old fuck-hole of my neighbor’s daughter was heady stuff indeed. The tight grip of her around my cock was supreme, as I reveled in sinking in to the balls on every thrust, testing the hot, liquid depths of her tight teen fuck-hole. Roxanne was mewling, purring with passion as I took my pleasure.

“Yes, oh yes sugar, I want this, every day, I’m ready, oh yeah, I’m getting the best fuck of my life!”

The feel of her long sleek legs sliding down from my shoulders, wrapping around my waist spurred me on, Roxanne’s face was alive with bliss, her cries of pleasure increased as I started to fuck her faster, my cock starting to sizzle. The wet slap of flesh against flesh, the hot squelch of her pussy being pounded by my cock joined with our grunts and cries of pleasure.

“Yes, oh fuck, yes, you’re so deep, kiss my womb, pour your cum into me, cum all over my tight cunt, flood my cervix, fill up my womb! Make me cum as you flood my pussy!”

My cock was racing towards orgasm, I was on the verge. Her urgings made my balls lurch.

“Now, oh fuck, cream my cunt, make me cum too!”

My cock was at full extension, wedging her open so deep, she growled as she felt the stretch. I thrust forward one last time, and I felt the cum streaking up my shaft. With a roar, I erupted, just as the first blast splattered her cervix, Roxanne came with me, letting out a loud shriek, followed by squeals of pleasure as I kept pumping, letting the tight milking pull of her pussy suck on me. Each thrust wedged her open, I was painting her womb, and that kept me going, I sprayed 10 hot streams of cum right into her teen womb, getting out my pent up load.

We collapsed on the bed, her body still holding on tight, my cock still buried deep inside her. We were gasping, getting our breath back, and her face was full of post-coital contentment.

“Oh my god, that was…it was…I’m speechless, mmmm, you really flooded my tight little pussy!” Roxanne giggled.

She cuddled against me, and we drifted canlı kaçak bahis in the afterglow. I thought about her sexy young body, the way her teenage tightness had stroked my cock, making my spunk sizzle, the soft feel of her skin, hearing the liquid sounds from her cunt as I drove in and out of her, over and over, how it felt to fuck the steamy depths of her teen tightness. I could feel my cock reviving, then a soft warm hand reaching for me, warm fingers curling around my cock, Roxanne’s mmmm as she felt my cock surging in her hands, eager and ready again.

“Oh yeah, so hard, so ready for another round. We need to drain off all those built-up passions and desires, now, let’s do it doggy style.”

So saying, she took to her hands and knees, oh yeah, the sight of her still clad in her racy undies, ass cocked up, brought me quickly into position. She reached back, spreading her pussy lips open for me, I could see the thick white glut of my first orgasm overflow, starting to drip down her thighs.

“Now, I need another load, to fill up what’s leaving my tight little pussy!”, Roxanne giggled. “Oh yes, ride me, fuck me a long time, sink into the feeling of giving me a long, hard ride, let me have it, honey man.”

Nudging against her, I gripped her hips and in one thrust, drove in, our cries of pleasure joining as I impaled her, my balls smacking against her pussy as I went in to the hilt. Her pussy was slick and hot, my earlier load acting like a lube, her tight walls clutching at my cock. Keeping her hips in my hands, I started to pump her, enjoying her squeals and cries of joy as I really laid the wood to her, enjoying the feeling of every inch being thrust into her, again and again, making it last.

“Mmmm, oh god, so good, feels so fucking good, oh jeez, this feels so good! I want to feel your cock throbbing as it explodes inside of me again, as you flood my cunt with another huge load of spunk! I know your balls are building up a big load, being denied for so long, and I want every drop! Let me have it, ram me like your own personal live fuck doll, use my womb like it’s your own personal cum depository, I love it!”

I was happy to comply, gripping her hips tightly and pulling her back towards me as I drove forward, power fucking the creamy, red hot fuck-hole gripping my cock. The squelching sound of her overflowing cunt, being reamed hard, filled the room, Roxanne moaned, deep in her throat, as the depth let my cock again nudge tight against her cervix, savoring every plunge into the heated vortex.

“Oh… fuck me… fuck me hard and deep…!” Roxanne cried out. “You know how to fuck so hot…stretch out my tight little cunt, kiss my womb again, oh yes, do it, mmmmmmm, hard…harder…yes, yes, oh yes, fuck, I fucking love it, gonna cum, fuck MEEEEE!”

Roxanne shrieked, I could feel the start of her orgasm, contractions up and down my cock shaft, as her rhythmically spasming pussy clutched even tighter, more squeals of pleasure sounding as she rode the crest. My cock was still building up, fuck it felt so good to not be on a hair-trigger, and I continued to drive into her, savoring the tight, clutching grip of Roxanne’s teen fuck-hole, eager to give her a long, hard ride.

“Oh yes lover man, keep fucking me hard, make me cum again!”

She was pumping her hips back at me, loving the deep penetration as I kept her hips in a tight grip, ramming forward, and I felt her working her tight little cunt muscles, massaging my prick to give me the hottest, most enjoyable ride I’d ever had. I felt the quivering as another round of spasms filled her fuck-hole, her squeals of joy announcing a second orgasm. My cock was starting to take serious notice, and I could feel the buildup.

Roxanne shrieked out, “Oh fuck, fuck, gonna cum again, cum with me sugar, fill my tight little cunt with more hot sperm! Oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, ffffffuuuuuucccccckkkkk…kiss my womb, fill me again, do it, flood MEEEEEE!”

With my cock scrubbing at the slick inner walls of her convulsing pussy, I swelled up, fully piercing her cervix, Roxanne grunted as I was now poised to again flood her baby chamber. Feeling her pussy rippling up and down my shaft, milking my prick, demanding my load, my cock erupted. I grunted and growled, mixing with Roxanne’s cries and squeals of orgasm, as my throbbing cock pulsed over and over, stream after stream, spraying her down with rushes of hot sperm as I spunked deep into her welcoming womb.

We flopped down in a tangle of arms and legs, god, fucking Roxanne had been amazing. And we were just getting started.

Roxanne said softly, “Dennis, could you get me a towel, please?”

I quickly did her bidding, she pushed the sheet back, mopping up the cum dripping down her thighs, then tucking the towel between her legs.

“Ahh there it goes, just in time!” she giggled. “Wouldn’t do to have a huge wet spot on the bed!”

I lay back down, and she cuddled against me, letting out soft sighs and coos of satisfaction. I drifted off, enjoying the fact of having such a sexy vibrant eager lover with me, warming up the icy chill that had enveloped the master bedroom for so long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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