13 Haziran 2021

The Hudson Women

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Amarna Sparrow

© 2000 Stranger Than Fiction Media. All Rights Reserved. This story may not be reproduced without the explicit written consent of the author.)

* * * * *

From the moment I met Kim Hudson I just knew there was something about her. We had a Criminal Justice class together and by drawing numbers we ended up working on a project together. The class was large so I hadn’t noticed her before, but when Kim came up to me holding the crumpled little piece of paper with my name on it I stopped talking to my friend Gary in mid sentence, totally captivated by the oncoming vision. A dirty blond bob framed one of the sweetest faces I have ever seen, with cobalt blue eyes and a cute little nose and pink, full lips that looked capable of administering a toe-curling kiss. But she looked so sweet you had to wonder if she ever had. Gary kept talking, but he might as well have been speaking Latin.

“You’re Charlie Hendrix, aren’t you?” Kim’s voice was strong and clear.

“It depends, do you have a warrant?” I said, trying to be charming and not succeeding very well.

“No, but I have an assignment I expect your help with.” She told me. Her voice was clear and strong. It showed a strength that belied her innocent appearance.

“Well, I don’t always do what’s expected, but how could I refuse to help you?”

Kim smiled. “Well, I hope you’re interested in helping yourself, because if you don’t get on board you’ll fail the class.”

Our first meeting set the tone for our relationship. Kim was a highly competitive girl who could give as well as she got. I couldn’t tell if she was interested in me in any way other than as a project partner so I tried to keep my attraction to her secret. But it was very difficult. When a guy really wants a girl he acts differently and it’s hard to control that. Going too far the other way can be a tip-off also, or it just makes you come off like a dick. If only I could have gotten some sign from Kim. I knew she was seeing someone, but it didn’t sound too serious and we were in college after all. How many relationships rise and fall in the course of a semester? I just wanted to know if I had a shot.

We were working very late one night it had to be after two a.m. We were in Kim’s dorm room and her roommate had taken off for parts unknown hours ago and had yet to return. We’d had a few drinks while we worked, which probably hadn’t helped our focus. Kim and I launched into a huge argument about the fairness of capital punishment when I announced, “Enough already, we need to discuss something more pleasant.”

“Okay,” Kim said. “We’ll talk about you, since you’re always giving me the third degree.”

It was true. I was trying to find out as much about Kim as I could, although I hadn’t thought it was that obvious. My detective work hadn’t yielded much so far. I knew she had a mother who was single and a younger brother and sister at home. She grew up in a town about an hour and a half from where we went to school. She told me that when she went out for her twenty-first birthday a few weeks ago that were mother had gone along and it had been a great time, which I thought was just a little odd. Kim must have the coolest mom on the planet. I know I wouldn’t be dragging my folks on something like that. I turned twenty-one two years ago and if my parents knew what I had done they would have freaked.

“Alright, I am an open book. What would you like to know?” I told Kim.

“Okay, first your love life. No girl here on campus you’re seeing?”

“Uh, no.”

“No little sweetheart waiting for her faithful man at home?” Kim’s tone was almost mocking.

“Nope, no one is waiting for me.” I thought this was an odd line of questioning. Why the sudden interest in my personal life?

“So what kind of woman floats your boat?” Kim asked.

You! I wanted to scream. You’re it! “Why all the girl questions?”

“I dunno, just curious. Can’t a girl be curious?”

“I guess, sure. I don’t know what I look for. All the normal stuff. Someone smart and funny, someone fun. Looks do matter, can’t say they don’t. Someone sexy. You know, normal stuff.” I could have gone on to say blondes with short hair and big blue eyes and nice tight bodies who are named Kim, but I thought that might be more specific than she was looking for.

“Interesting. Looks do matter, no doubt about that, although they aren’t the most important thing. Personality really attracts me to a guy. He has to be confident, that’s very sexy, but the looks have to be there. And he’d better be able to kiss, because if he can’t I know he’s not going to be much good in bed either.”

That was an interesting bit of trivia. “So if that’s so important, how long do you wait to let a guy kiss you? First date? Second date?”

“Depends on the guy, obviously there a lot of guys I wouldn’t let kiss me at all. But if a guy seems cool, I think he’s a cutie, I wouldn’t mind him kissing me.”

“You must get kissed often then.” I told her.

Kim smiled. canlı bahis She had the prettiest smile. “As often as I want.”

We were sitting on the floor of her dorm room and going over some research, so she was sitting very close to me. She brushed her hair back behind an ear and her red lips parted just a bit. Was there something in the air, or was I just crazy? “And is that often?”

Kim shrugged and said, “I dunno.”

I moved even closer and said, “Well, am I cute enough to kiss? I’m curious if I am any good in bed.” Kim started to speak, but I leaned in and she could only catch her breath before my lips descended to hers. Our first kiss was a soft, sweet, delicate kiss. My lips pressed to hers and I felt Kim kissing me back, sweet as a schoolgirl. But then she must have decided that maybe I was a good kisser because I felt Kim’s fingers in my short black hair and she pulled my lips more firmly against hers. Her lips parted and when I slipped my tongue into her mouth Kim’s met it with her own, drawing my tongue further into her mouth. My arm went around Kim’s back and I drew her into me. Both her arms were around me and she kissed me with more and more passion. I drew her tongue back into my mouth and sucked on it, then pulled back and teased her lips with my tongue. Kim kissed me hard again and then nuzzled into my neck, giggling.

“I was starting to think you’d never do that.” Kim said squeezing me tight.

What was this? She wanted me to kiss her? For how long? A thousand questions swirled through my head, but I pushed them all aside. I didn’t want to break the mood. I could ask them later if I got the chance. “So, how did I do?” I asked.

“Hmm, let me see,” Kim said and gave me another radiant smile. “It was a nice start.” She put her arms around my neck and kissed me again. Our second kiss was much more lustful, not the playful kiss we’d started with. Kim was climbing all over me and I fell back against her bed. I lifted Kim onto me and she straddled me, never breaking our kiss. Her hair felt so silky as I ran my fingers through her short blonde bob. I have to say, Kim was an amazing kisser so it was only fair that she expected it back. Our first kiss had me rock hard and with her straddling me my hard-on only grew. I just hoped Kim couldn’t feel it. My hands slipped down and I massaged her back, which made Kim moan into my mouth and kiss me even more passionately. I could feel my heart thumping through my chest. I didn’t want to rush her, or come off like some kind of a jerk, but it was so hard to hold back and I was already controlling myself about as well as I was capable of. As I rubbed Kim’s back I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started to tug it up.

I was pretty relieved when Kim didn’t smack my hands away but instead helped me by grabbing her shirt and pulling it over her head. There’s something so sexy about the way a girl crosses her arms when she pulls her shirt off. Kim was wearing a little lacy blue bra that perfectly framed her pert b-cup breasts. While her breasts weren’t huge, Kim was a slender girl and they were perfect for her frame. Kim was 5’4” and maybe 105 pounds. I covered both her breasts with my hands and immediately I could feel her nipples stiffen and press into my palms through her bra. Kim leaned forward, pressing her breasts into my hands and resting her forehead against mine and I could have sworn I heard her purr. My thumbs strummed her nipples and Kim purred louder. That was a new one on me, I’d never heard a girl purr before. Kim reached back and unclasped her bra for me and after discarding it I cupped her warm, soft flesh while I kept teasing her nipples and I felt the little circular motions of Kim’s hips as she ground down into me. She pulled my lips back to hers and stabbed her tongue past my lips.

I was so caught up in making out with Kim that I did not hear the door open. Kim did, however, and grabbed onto me, showing her bare back to the door. “Oh, sorry guys,” Kim’s roommate said and bowed out of the room. As soon as the door clicked closed again Kim slipped from my lap and pulled her shirt on.

“I’m sorry about that, probably should have locked the door or something,” Kim murmured, clearly embarrassed. She was shifting on her feet.

“Well, I, uh, I guess I should be going, your roommate probably wants to go to sleep.” I said standing, hoping my hard-on wasn’t too obvious.

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea.”

I gathered my things as quickly as I could and got out of there. There was no goodnight kiss, which I thought was telling.

I couldn’t sleep that night. I reran the whole thing in my head. What was killing me was wondering if it was a one-time thing or if I was free to kiss Kim whenever I wanted now. Usually after that first kiss is out of the way everything is so much easier, things are much more relaxed, but it wasn’t like we’d gone on a date and things stopped so abruptly. I just couldn’t figure the damned thing out.

Thank God Kim is not bahis siteleri one of those shrinking violet types. She called me the next morning. Of course I should have been in class, but I was trying to make -up some of the sleep I hadn’t gotten the night before. Anyway, Kim called me and apologized for the way things ended. She said, “I was just sort of freaked out by Audrey walking in on us. I guess I’m not much of an exhibitionist. But I didn’t want you to think that it had anything to do with you. The kissing, everything was great.” Me, think that? Never.

“It’s okay, I could tell you were a little freaked. I was too.” I lied. Actually, I kind of liked the idea of her roommate walking in on us. Audrey was a cute little Asian girl. Of course, that was only if things had taken a Penthouse Forum sort of turn. “If everything’s okay, how about we have dinner this weekend?”

“That would be great. How’s tomorrow? You can pick me up at eight.” Kim said. She sounded a little excited.

“Sure, that’s perfect.” I was at a loss for words. I resisted the impulse to thank her. I felt so geeky. “I guess I will see you then if I don’t talk to you first.”

“Okay,” Kim said, ringing off.

So that weekend we had our first official “date.” We had a great time and one date turned into two dates and before I knew it we were dating. Kim turned out to be a dream girlfriend. She wasn’t overbearing, she didn’t expect to take up all of my time, although I would have gladly spent it with her. She liked sports and we shared a lot of the same interests, especially outdoors activities. Actually, it was on a hike when we’d been dating for two weeks when we finally made love for the first time. We’d gone pretty far before that, Kim was great at giving head I’d found, but something always seemed to interrupt us. Well, this time we were deep in the woods with nothing and no one around to interrupt us. We’d been hiking for about ninety minutes and we decided to take a lunch break. Kim shucked her light jacket and started unpacking our lunch after I laid out a blanket. She leaned forward and I could see down her V-neck sweater. She was wearing a white cotton and lace camisole under it, but no bra, and the surprise peek made me stiffen in my pants.

“C’mere a second,” I said to her.

“Wait-a-sec, I’m just about done.”

“I don’t think this can wait.”

Kim smiled. “What’s suddenly so important?” I tugged on Kim’s arms and she lost her balance and tumbled on top of me. She squealed with laughter when I wrapped my arms around her, preventing her escape. She tried to tickle me, but I wouldn’t relent. Kim settled down and kissed me. One kiss quickly turned to two and soon our tongues were dueling. She shifted on top of me and felt my cock stabbing into her. “Now I think I see what was so urgent,” Kim giggled, reached down and stroking me through my jeans. I brushed a stray blonde lock back and nibbled on her neck. “Better watch that, mister, might get yourself into trouble doing that,” she said. It was trouble I thought I could handle and I nibbled just a little farther back until I found that special spot on the side of her neck and flicked my tongue out. Kim purred and gripped my cock harder. I stopped nibbling just long enough to pull her sweater over her head and the camisole practically came off with it. I rubbed her nipples through the thin cotton and they became instantly erect. Kim scooted up so I could capture her nipples in my mouth and I nibbled them through the camisole. “Mmm, very dangerous territory now…mmmmm…Charlie…”

I worked a hand between us and unsnapped Kim’s jeans then rolled her onto her back so I could ease them past her narrow hips. While I pulled her jeans down I continued kissing and nibbling on her breasts and she pulled her camisole up so I could feast on bare flesh. Tender pink nipples stood up pebble hard in the clear mountain air and I flicked them with my tongue. Her white cotton panties were damp and when I rubbed her cunt through them Kim purred more loudly. She practically ripped my hair out trying to keep my mouth on her breasts, but Kim released me when she realized why I was pulling away. I tossed her jeans into the grass and her panties followed soon afterward.

With Kim’s legs over my shoulders I was face to face with the barely-there light blonde down of her juicy pussy. Her lips were swollen and parted just enough to reveal Kim’s pink inner folds. My tongue darted out, into those folds and I tasted Kim’s sweet honey. I swear, no matter when I went down on Kim she always tasted so good. My tongue dug deeper and deeper into her, making Kim squirm all over the blanket. I pushed a finger inside her tight cunt and slid my tongue higher so that it could circle over her clit. Kim cried out in the empty woods and arched her back as her nails dug into my scalp. I worked my finger faster and attacked her clit and in minutes Kim was calling my name out to the wild as I slurped her flowing juices and she came.

Kim dragged bahis şirketleri me up and kissed me hard, tasting herself on me while trying to push my jeans down. She bit my earlobe and purred, “I want you, I want inside me so bad, Charlie.” Those were the words I’d been waiting to hear. In my head, when I was alone at night and there was a bottle of hand lotion nearby, I thought this moment through and I knew Kim would be as good as I had imagined her.

I added my jeans to the pile of discarded clothing and took my cock in my hand, rubbing it against her slit. Kim moaned, but pushed me back. “You forgot something, Charlie,” she said, stretching to reach into the knapsack above her. Her hand reappeared with a condom. They say a woman always knows if and when she’s going to sleep with you and I could certainly appreciate a woman who’s prepared. Kim tore the wrapper open with her teeth and sheathed my eight-inch rod.

Finally, no more teasing, no more interruptions, I sank my cock into Kim. I was going to go slowly, but she grabbed onto my hips and pulled me down so that I was buried inside her. God, it was so hot inside her I thought Kim’s cunt would melt the condom right off of me and she was so tight I felt like I was caught in her tight fist. “Uhhhnnn Charlie…yessss…” Kim moaned and I bent forward and moaned her name into her ear. With a hand on either side of Kim’s head I arched my back thrust my prick down into her, Kim’s cries urging me faster and harder. Her nails kept clawing at me and the pinpricks of pain just spurred me to thrust into Kim even harder. We’re both vocal lovers and our cries rang out through the trees and I imagined I could us echoing into the valleys. It took all I had to hold back, I didn’t want to cum too fast and make a bad first impression, but after about ten minutes of sliding into Kim’s molten depths I just couldn’t hold back any longer. She was lifting off the blanket, thrusting up at me, and I screamed and my climax overtook me. Fortunately Kim was right with me and just as soon as I started cumming she called out, “CCHHHAARRRRLLLIIEE!!!” I could feel her cunt close around me and I blasted into that condom.

After that first time the dam and broke and like a typical couple in college Kim and I screwed every chance we got. It was eventually to the point where she wasn’t even embarrassed when her roommate interrupted us. She was a little different about my roommate, but still things were going along great. And then after we’d been going out for six months she wanted to take me home to meet her mom and that changed everything.

I was looking forward to meeting Kim’s mom and after everything I heard about her I wondered what kind of woman she was. The only things I knew about her were that she was a single mom and that she worked in an office. They way Kim talked about her it sounded more like they were friends than mother and daughter.

Even on the way up to Kim’s mom’s things were great. It was a Friday afternoon and we were going to spend the weekend since it was a couple hours away. Kim and I fooled around all the way out there on the turnpike. At one point she went down on me saying that going through the tunnels had given her ideas. As she sucked my cock a guy in an SUV pulled even with us and no matter what I did I couldn’t shake him. He just stayed in the lane beside us, which gave him a perfect view down into my car. He couldn’t really see much besides the blonde back of Kim’s head as it bobbed up and down in my lap. I’m sure she would have been embarrassed if she’d known, but she was too busy concentrating on the task at hand. I figured that if the guy has going to hang there he might as well see something so I pulled up Kim’s shirt and sort of turned her. Of course she thought I was just trying to get a handful of her breast, but actually the way I turned her, the guy in the car next to us had a great profile view of Kim’s breasts barely contained by her sheer pink bra. When I came in her mouth I accelerated so that she wouldn’t see that someone had been watching. In the rearview mirror I saw the guy flash his headlights and I smiled.

Kim’s mom had taken the afternoon off from work to meet us but had only gotten home about five minutes before we arrived. As soon as the door opened my jaw dropped. I could definitely see where Kim got her looks from, although while both women were very attractive they were very different. They shared the same smile with the same laugh lines and the way their eyes crinkled, but that was about it. For one thing, Kim’s mom was much taller, almost as tall as tall as me. And her hair was a deep red, though dyed. She kept her hair a little longer than her daughter’s, but it was pulled up when she met us.

Kim introduced us and I managed to get my hand out for her mom to shake it and say, “It’s very nice to meet you, Mrs. Hudson.”

“Nice to meet you too, Charlie, though please, call me Candice. I’ve heard wonderful things about you from my daughter. Almost makes me want you for myself.” She had a warm, throaty laugh. I was surprised by how forward she was.

“Be careful Charlie,” Kim joked, “I wouldn’t put it past my mom. Some of the guys she goes out with are almost our age.”

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