12 Mayıs 2021

The Other Shoe Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: It still counts


Kerry wasn’t the hottest girl on campus. Wild and curly brown hair down to her shoulders, big brown doe eyes behind glasses that set off those pretty eyes and rested on high, defined cheekbones. Not too big of ears, but they were more noticeable because she always tucked her hair behind them. She was never going to win a beauty pageant based soley on her face but might be runner-up, however, she had a natural hardbody that more than made up for any facial looks one might not care for, even though I liked her looks. Tight, lithe, athletic, about 5′ 7″, nice C cup breasts. She had a naturally sexy body that saw lots of physical activity outside the bedroom which made her fantastic in the bedroom.

And she had the morals of an alley cat. Claimed a childhood illness left her infertile so she loved to fuck and was not worried about being “burdened” with a pregnancy. And was great at sexual pleasure. But to me she always meant a condom because I wasn’t the only one she slept with. Many partners meant lots of experience, but even though she was not girlfriend material, she was worth the risk.

A great date but she wasn’t one to bring home to Mama and Papa…


I had a core of 7 other friends from a few different majors who regularly got together and when we got together with Brent’s sphere of influence, they tended to be the education majors. Kerry was going to be a high school teacher who would probably get fired for having sex with students, but she was likable even if you didn’t take into account her sex skills.

The first time I got with her, she rocked my world. She played 69 like a world champ and made me cum before I wanted to, and her shaved pussy tasted like berries. Her pussy muscles were almost as strong as her mouth and she had a Grade A turdcutter that felt like heaven. She was vocal, almost got me off just by her dirty talk, and the next morning after we showered together we had sex again. Then I took her home and she blew me in the car. We exchanged numbers and met up a few times. I liked her. I liked her appearance, her personality, her sense of humor and her kindness. And the sex. I absolutely loved the sex and sort of hoped one day she would hope to settle down, and maybe think about me when she did- if she did.


So several months after our first time together, we had fucked maybe 6 or 7 times. I headed over to Brent’s place for a get together and had a pocket full of condoms in case I got lucky with Kerry, or someone else. A hot freshman I met through tutoring might show up also. She was girlfriend material, but I needed to get laid tonight.

I went inside and saw Kerry sitting alone on the couch in a knee length skirt. Normally she would have people hitting on her. She had a wine cooler but wasn’t drinking very fast. I headed in her direction and said “Hey Cutie, you ‘cum’ here often?” Not my best line, but it didn’t take much effort with Kerry.

“I don’t come here very much, but maybe you can show me the way,” she said. Usually she was sharper than that. Something seemed awry, but I needed my pole smoked and if I couldn’t find one of the teacher majors or my tutoree to hit on and maybe start a real relationship with, by midnight Kerry would do.

We made some simple small talk about the weather and I floated around the party. I realized I needed some better friends because even for an education major, Brent’s party was a real sausage party, on a level with engineering parties and my classmates. Nothing seemed to go the way I had hoped. I noticed a few guys come and quickly go from Kerry who had scarcely moved from the couch, so I thought I’d head over. I had started to grow tired with the occasional sex with Kerry and really wanted to find a girlfriend by this time, but maybe tomorrow. Tonight, sex with Kerry would have to do.

“So Kerry, you seem pretty subdued tonight. Everything okay?” I asked. Then I thought, crap, I hope she’s not pregnant. It could be mine timing-wise, but odds are I am not the only one who slept with her and I always used a condom. And she said she was infertile so that would have been a hell of a shock.

“I ataşehir escort should be honest, I’m Sherry, her sister. You would be…” she asked.

Was I being punked? Kerry had mentioned a sister at a neighboring school, but Kerry never said she had a TWIN. But it was plausible because something seemed off with THIS “Kerry”.

“Hi, Sherry, I’m Jason. Kerry and I study together once in a while,” I said. Okay, we went to the library but usually engineering majors and educatuon majors didn’t have a lot of crossover classes by our junior years.

Sherry’s eyes lit up. “Oh, she talked about you. Said you were a pretty nice guy. But she disappeared with one of the guys who lives here not long after we got here so I was left fending for myself.”

Maybe this would work out. Hopefully Kerry didn’t tell Sherry EVERYTHING, or not even half of it. But here was a twin to Kerry who was a pornstar in bed compared to the other women I have slept with at college, and maybe she was DTF like her sister. Or better yet, I would try like hell, maybe get laid, maybe not, but she might be the girlfriend material I was looking for? I decided to forge ahead and see where it lead to.

“So, beer isn’t good enough and the wine cooler doesn’t look like it’s hitting the spot. Want me to find something from Brent’s Secret Stash? Rum& Coke? Sex on the Beach, Fuzzy Navel…?”

“Hmm, rumh Coke? Not too strong, please,” she said.

I found Brent’s bottle of Captain Morgan and made two- one fairly strong and the other barely watered down with Coke, and offered her both to try. She picked the weaker of the two and we sat back down to talk. It was loud and hard to hear, so I suggested we go outside. It was the last weekend in September and still pretty warm.

We sat in the patio furniture and I noticed over by the garage about 50 feet away a couple starting to get into it. His hand was up her shirt and she broke off their kissing when she finally freed his cock from his pants and got down on her knees. I hoped Sherry would get the same idea, but she became uncomfortable and said, “I think we should go back inside.”

“Let’s go for a walk,” I suggested.

“Kerry will worry about me,” she said.

“Kerry is probably, um, busy, until morning. Do you have a place to stay? Can you get into her dorm if you can’t find her?”

She all of a sudden looked confused, then concerned. “No. She wouldn’t…would she? DOES she?”

“It will be fine. Here, give me your phone.” She took out her phone and handed it to me and I found her contact for Kerry and I added my number and said, “Going 4 walk w Jason” and sent it. I would be surprised if she saw it before Monday. Noon on Monday.

I held out my arm and she took it and we walked towards a small park a block away from Brent’s party, and a block from my apartment. “Wanna swing?” I asked.

“Sure, she tentatively said. We sat down and just sort of swung a little and talked. Sherry was on the tennis team at a neighboring college. She said she and Kerry were State Doubles Champs in high school twice. Sherry went on to compete collegiately but Kerry blew her knee out their senior year and Kerry quit competing. Sherry had hoped to become a teacher just like Kerry, but she went to where the scholarship gave her the most money.

She started to relax a little bit more and asked me to give her a push, so I did. I thought I felt a little bit of a spark when I pushed her and soon thereafter we walked around a bit more. We cirlced the block and I pointed out my place from across the street and asked if she wanted to come inside, but being across the street made it less threatening.

“I should call Kerry in case she’s worried,” she said.

When she pulled out her phone she had a reply from Kerry and it said, “Lost dorm keys, can u stay w Jason?”

I checked my phone and had the same message plus an extra one to just me. It had the winky emoji and a cherry and a hotdog on the bun.

“Oh no! Kerry said…” she started to say.

“I saw, and sure. My roommate is gone. You can probably stay in his bed alone, or the couch of you like. Or…we will will think of something,” I said.

“I kadıköy escort bayan don’t have pajamas. Do you have something I can borrow?”

I had hoped we would be naked and sweaty the whole time, but played along, assuming it was all part of the ritual. We went to my place and I gave her the tour and asked if she wanted anything to drink. She asked for rum& Coke, so I made two. She took hers and sat in the chair. Alone. I took the couch.

We made more small talk and eventually she moved over to the couch and sst next to me, touching my leg. She leaned her face close, and I kissed her. Her hair still smelled like berry shampoo and her breath smelled like spearmint. For a moment I was self conscious because I feared I smelled like sweat and beer and smoke, and she was as fresh as a new car.

I hoped I would get a chance to drive her soon!

Sherry was not a grest kisser and our front teeth smacked together. Twice I went for her tits and both times she threw me out trying to steal second, but the third time was a charm. She had magnificent tits, even better than her sister, and somehow her shirt and bra were on the floor and my tongue was licking her rock hard nips and I took them into my mouth.

“Ugh, god, that feels great!” Sherry was breathless and panting hard by this point.

I went up and kissed her mouth, and said, “If you like that, wait till I kiss this!’ I ran my hand up her skirt along her toned, fit leg and found her panties- her granny panties.

She jumped and asked, “What are you doing?!”

“Mmm, you will like this even more than I do, I promise. And I LOVE it!

Just relax.”

“I’m- I’m…Oooh…wait…I won’t have sex!” she said, breathlessly. I had a finger rubbing her lips and trying to probe inside her.

“This isn’t sex,” I said as I breathed on her clit from outside her panties. “Let me take these off and I will kiss you down there. Ever had a guy lick you there?” I asked. I figured she probably 6had some experience since her twin was a slut.

“No! Oh, I uh…I mean, no guy has EVER seen me…oh…I…oh yes! You are the first guy to see my womanhood.”

Guess now I knew what two of the emojis from Kerry meant. Hopefully I would get to put my meat in her bun yet.

She was wet and ready, and I lightly licked her folds and she nearly jumped off the couch. “What?! I pee from there! Why do you…OOOOH, THAT FEELS GOOOOOOOD! Oh, don’t stop, Jason. Now I know why people like that.”

Her pussy tasted like…pussy. And I absolutely love the taste of sticky, musky, salty womanhood. I can’t explain the cacophony of flavors, but berries or “seabreeze mist” are fake flavors. I will still eat that pussy, but a pussy that tastes like a pussy is the best flavor in the world. I love how it tastes, and how it gets wetter as I lick, and how it swells open and how her breathing gets quicker, and more shallow, and her body shakes and quivers, and how her pussy and butthole quiver, and pulsate…

I love making a woman cum that way. And Sherry had never cum before according to the string of syllables she screamed, and she wanted God and my neighbors to know it!

I thought she would pass out or die but luckily she just hyperventilated a bit and looked at me. She stared into my eyes and tried to find my soul to see if we were soulmates. I quickly put on my poker face that could be read however the reader wanted to read it, and Sherry decided right then and there that we might be soulmates because I kissed her womanhood, right next to her virtue, and since I had seen that, I was special. No pure woman would give such a gift away, and only a gentleman would receive such a gift.

Except Kerry gave hers away repeatedly, amongst others. And I had no qualms about receiving it.


I hoped maybe Sherry was more of the mate I wished Kerry was, with all of the good stuff. But to be as good in the sack as Kerry was, you needed to practice. And while Sherry was practicing tennis, Kerry was practicing sex…

After her breathing returned to normal, she cuddled up next to me on the couch. Her panties were off, and I had an aching, raging hard on that needed escort maltepe attention. She kissed me, and I kissed her back. Finally, I said, “Since I was the first to see your, uh, womanhood, have you ever seen another guy’s…”

She blushed, and said, “Our brother’s once. He was doing something in the shower. I thought he was trying to break it.”

Such naivete, and I found her innocence cute and refreshing. I smiled and asked, “Would you like to see mine?” I hoped her innocence was fake, but I had a feeling it wasn’t. I was planning less for putting my cock inside her tight box and just hoping I could at least get a handjob. Since her sister abandoned her with me and she was going to sleep over here it was going to be difficult to “try and break” mine, and it needed release. And soon!

I stood up, and slowly unbuckled my belt, then slowly unzipped, dramatically allowing the bulge and wet precum spot to hide my bare cock beneath my boxers. Then I asked, “Ready?”

She nodded, eyes wide, a mixture of fear and fascination on her cute, innocent face. Her big, brown doe eyes were sparkling and I dropped my boxers, stepping out of them and taking a step closer to her. She reached out to touch it with her right hand but stopped short, while her left hand went to her crotch, either for comparison or pleasure, I wasn’t sure.

“Oh my, that’s supposed to…that thing? Do you think…someone was putting THAT into Kerry tonight? How does it? It can’t fit?”

She knew it fit, but she was playing it up. I didn’t tell her mine had been in her sister’s pussy, mouth and ass, and she kind of seemed embarrassed by her last statement or question. Of course it fit.

“Do you want to touch it? I asked. She looked at me, I nodded, and reached out and took it, gently at first. “Pretend you are shaking a ketchup bottle. It will be fine.

“More like a paint can. It’s HUGE!”

“Average size, really. It would fit inside you just fine,” I tried to reassure and hopefully persuade.

She looked up at me and asked a question I had hoped to not get into, “Have you ever…put it in another woman before?”

“Yes, and it always fits,” I said. She was not gripping it and stroking it like I had suggested to her. Instead she was rubbing it like she was petting an animal. It was kind of weird and not going to do the trick of getting me off, so I took her hand and suggested she do it this way.

“Like this? You like this?”

“Mmm hmm,” I mumbled. It was better than a moment ago, but still not great, so I tried to help her out. “So do you like your first cock? You like playing with me? Tell me what you want.”

Kerry could almost make me cum by her dirty talk. Sherry needed work, but bless her heart, she tried.

“I wanna, I wanna, yeah, I’m gonna beat this thing and make it go ‘BOOM!’ All over me. Yeah!”

So she suggested she wanted me to cum on her, that was a plus. So I thought I would push the envelope, “Do you want to kiss it like like I kissed your pussy?”

She stopped stroking and looked at me, “Is that a thing?”

“Oh, yes! It feels fantastic,” I said.

“Let me see it shoot out first, and maybe taste it. Then maybe later?”

“Ok.” I was disappointed, but needed to cum. In my head I replayed my most recent time with Kerry and all the shit she had said. And how I was nailing her doggy style, and just before I came she got on her knees, just like her twin was now, and before I could cum she snapped the condom off of my hard cock and took it right in the face with the first rope and swallowed the rest of them.

It was enough to do the trick, and luckily I called her “Baby” instead of “Kerry” when I said, “Oh, yeah, Baby, I’m gonna cuuuuummmm…” and shot it out on her face. I didn’t mean to, and she acted like a snake was spitting at her.

“Eww, that was…weird. Sorry I screamed,” she said.

“Sorry, I tried to warn you.”

As she was wiping cum off her face, she tasted it and seemed to be okay with it. “It’s okay. Do you have pajamas for me? I want to clean up and get ready for bed.”

So I probably wouldn’t get laid, but at least I got jerked off. But the night was still young.

I got her a pair of gym shorts and a thin t-shirt. She showered alone, then I showered alone. I got the same type of “pajamas” on and when I came out of the shower she was on the couch under a blanket. “Care to join me?” she asked.

That was a good sign, and hopefully more would follow…

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