24 Haziran 2021

The Peeper and the Bitch Ch. 11

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Time passed.

“Seriously, woman?!” Forty-three Sora said in a roar, holding his wife’s cellphone, which displayed messages between Sora’s wife and a police officer Sora was friends with in high school. “You want to suck him off today?! It’s already bad enough I just found out he paid to have sex with you. How many other guys are you prostituting yourself to?!”

Sora’s wife-Minoko-snatched her cellphone from Sora.

After placing the device in her pocket, she shoved Sora into the living room wall. She glowered before saying, “Fuck you. You’re not the man I should’ve married.”

Sora clenched his fist. He prepared to slam his fist into Minoko’s face, warm rage coursing through him.

Minoko shifted her gaze to her husband’s trembling fist, scoffed, left the living room.

Sora yelled, despising the fact he didn’t strike the woman who was unfaithful to him.

He shook his head, stepped into a bedroom in the apartment.

No one had slept in the bedroom in months.

Sora sat on the bed, rubbed the comforter, sighed.

“What a way to start my vacation.” Sora said in an soft tone.

He listened as Minoko insulted him in the master bedroom.

Sora gritted his teeth. In a soft tone, while pop music played in the teenage neighbor’s apartment, the husband said, “Dammit, where did you go? Just let me find you, so everything can be back to normal. Please.”

Sora stood as tears formed in his eyes.

He wiped at his face, left the home, intent on putting distance between himself and his wife, intent on leaving Tokyo for his vacation.

Outside Sora’s apartment’s door, the husband walked to the spot in front of the neighbor’s front door.

He knocked on it.

“Hey, please turn that music down, Ikumi-chan.” Sora said. His mind filled with the fact his wife would be the sole occupant in his home for awhile. Sora smirked. “Actually, nevermind! I’m sure certain people wouldn’t mind that blasting music for awhile!”

Sora turned his head to the right, chuckled. He said, “Fucking bitch. I should’ve stayed single.”

Ikumi’s front door opened.

Pop music met Sora’s ears stronger, emitting from a black radio on Ikumi’s living room table.

Ikumi, dressed in her school uniform, kept her eyes trained on Sora as she sucked a straw transporting dark brown soda from a can.

“Yeah, Sora-san?” Eighteen-year old Ikumi said after she stopped drinking. She slid her tongue against her top life.

Inside his clothes, Sora’s cock hardened.

Sora gave a bow, as awkward as a person trying to charm a beautiful girl after walking into a tree.

“Can I come in? I want to listen to more of your music. You have good taste.” Sora said.

Eight minutes later, Sora pushed Ikumi against her bedroom wall, letting her body make contact with the spot near a photograph on the wall displaying Ikumi’s father, who was Sora’s age.

The man and the schoolgirl exchanged kisses.

Sora fondled Ikumi’s breasts through her clothes, readying himself to have sex with a eighteen-year old schoolgirl.

While Sora planted his lips against Ikumi’s neck, the schoolgirl said, “Please fuck me, not your wife.”

Without looking, Sora unbuttoned Ikumi’s school blazer.

The married man stopped kissing the girl’s neck.

He took off her blazer, unbuttoned her dress shirt, moved the two unbuttoned clothing pieces to the floor.

Sora squeezed Ikumi’s breasts, took off her bra, threw it.

“Nice.” Sora said before gripping Ikumi’s left breast.

Ikumi took off her skirt, removed her panties.

Four minutes later, Sora pounded into Ikumi’s warm, wet, young, pussy from behind, his stress gone, replaced by overwhelming joy, intense lust.

Pussy juice sprayed from Ikumi’s pussy.

Sora didn’t stop thrusting in and out, aware his wife was in the nearby apartment.

But what mattered to him the most was the young pussy.

After he shot his cum into the girl, Sora pulled out, lied on the bed.

Ikumi lied beside him. She snuggled against the married man’s nude body. She said, “I’m so lucky. I live alone, and now I have a handsome neighbor who’s going to fuck me again.”

Sora chuckled.

Inside a lavish mansion, while orange, red, brown leaves descended from trees outside, Saya sat on her bed, her parents doing charity work in Kenya.

She held her cellphone in her right hand, called her love.

“Saya-chan, hey.” Erino said when she answered the call, sounding as joyful as an elephant who hasn’t seen a poacher in thirteen months.

Saya grinned, covered her mouth with her hand. She said, “Hey. Erino-chan, I wanted to tell you I miss you. And I love you.”

Saya turned her head to the framed photograph on her nightstand, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the frame photograph displaying her parents inside Saya’s closet.

The framed photograph on the nightstand displayed Erino and Saya holding a ice cream cone they both had shared at an amusement park.

In a box under her bed, Saya kept a photograph displaying her exchanging a kiss with Erino.

Milo didn’t bother Saya in four months.

Reo didn’t bother Saya in months.

Saya’s parents were unaware the girl was in an lesbian relationship.

For the eighteen-year old Saya, life was as great as hearing a person pushed your worst enemy into a speeding bullet train’s path.

“I know you love me. I love you too.” Erino said. Saya shut her eyes, longed to have Erino in the same room as her, warm joy filling the wealthy girl’s body. “And I’m going to tell you my biggest secret. But first, let’s go see each other at the park we always go to.”

“Okay.” Saya said in an excited tone, leaving her bed.

When Saya spotted Erino sitting on a green bench at the meeting place, she smiled, jogged to the spot near the bench.

Erino kept her eyes trained on a white mother duck with ducklings moving in the pond.

One duckling stopped at the waters edge, pecked at a green grass blade.

“Hey, Saya-chan.” Erino said while waving at the duckling after it turned its had to the seated eighteen-year old Japanese girl.

Saya observed her surroundings, became aware no other park visitor had their focus on Saya or Erino.

After bending over, Saya grabbed Erino’s head.

They exchanged kisses, Erio slipped her tongue into Saya’s mouth while grasping Saya’s wrists.

Fifteen seconds later, the two girls were seated beside each other on the green bench.

A gust rippled their long black hair. Erino watched as a bird moved from underneath a towering tree’s shade, into the sun-bathed grass. Erino said, “My secret is this. A Chinese gang kidnapped me and my Chinese boyfriend before me and you were together. He was tortured to death. When I came back to Japan, my dad didn’t believe me. He said I was trying to lie about how I willingly left to America with my Chink boyfriend. He sent me to live with his sister. And some months ago, I got revenge on that Chinese gang. I was extremely happy. Stop your racism. The Chinese gang were racist. Their racism is what made them hurt me and torture my Japanese-loving boyfriend to death. If you don’t stop your racism, I’ll end our relationship.”

Saya kept her head trained on Erino, who kept her head trained on the duckling interested in the grass blade.

A tear descended Erino’s face.

Saya wiped Erino’s tear. She hugged her.

Erino kept her hands on her own thighs. Aware Saya didn’t intend on disobeying her request, Erino said, “Thank you, Saya-chan.”

Milo, a cap on his head, sunglassed on his face, walked past, stopped. He took five steps back, turned his head to Saya as she hugged Erino.

Milo shook his head, moved his hands into his pockets. In a whisper, he said, “She’s a evil bitch, Saya. Why won’t you ever listen? I wish you could know I’m still going to save him, since you won’t.”

Milo resumed his walk, having never missed a day walking at the park since the day after Sophia’s death.

One week passed.

Miles away from Japan, Reo sat on a gray horse in the Mongolian wilderness, preparing to fire an arrow into a wolf sinking its teeth into a dead rabbit.

On the horse beside Reo’s, Altantsetseg said, in Mongolian, “I hope you know you look sexy right now.”

Reo grinned. In Mongolian, he said, “I always do.”

While Altantsetseg chuckled at Reo’s charming words, the Japanese, eighteen-year old boy, who believed he was a Mongolian, fired his arrow.

The arrow pierced the wolf’s fur, skin, flesh, bone, exited through its head, giving it death.

The animal dropped, dead like the rabbit it must have killed.

Reo inhaled through his nose, trained his eyes on the two-story home on a large hill.

The home was the vacation home Reo shared with Altantsetseg.

Reo smiled.

A rabbit hopped against the ground, moving at an quick pace, as if it didn’t intend on having an arrow tear into its flesh.

Altantsetseg moved her horse after bringing her focus to the rabbit.

As the horse galloped, its black mane flowing in the air, Altantsetseg fired an arrow.

The arrow brought the rabbit’s demise.

“Score!” Altantsetseg said before bringing her horse to a stop three feet from the rabbit’s corpse. Reo’s horse ran, stopped nearby, carrying Reo. “Let’s take them, then get back to the house.”

The wolf entered Reo’s mind. Reo said, “And we’ll take the wolf güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri too.”

At the vacation home, Altantsetseg cooked the animal meat while Reo watched a movie in the living room.

His arm on the sofa’s armrest, Reo laughed. He said, “I wish you could see this! This is a good one!”

Reo smiled, brought a hand to his chin, cherished the movie he intended on watching to completion.

The aroma of wolf meat and rabbit meat cooking emerged from the kitchen.

Reo savored the aroma.

After dinner, Reo and Altantsetseg kissed in the kitchen.

His hands on Altantsetseg’s hips, Reo moved his lips against the Mongolian eighteen-year old’s soft ones.

Reo opened his eyes after breaking the kiss.

Altantsetseg moved her face closer to Reo’s.

“No.” Reo said, pressing his hand against Altantsetseg’s mouth. “I’m going to fuck you.”

Reo brought the taller person to the kitchen floor.

On top of Altantsetseg, Reo removed her shirt, took off her bra, threw the clothes onto the floor.

The boy sucked Altantsetseg’s left nipple.

Altantsetseg moaned in pleasure, grabbed the back of Reo’s head.

“Yes. Keep sucking on my breast.” Altantsetseg said.

Reo kept sucking, obeying his love’s request, longing to keep giving her pleasure.

After six seconds, Reo moved his mouth to the Mongolian girl’s other nipple.

While Reo sucked her brown nipple, Altantsetseg said, “Thanks for being this amazing.”

Reo stopped sucking his love’s breast.

He made eye contact with her.

The Japanese boy had dilated pupils.

The Mongolian girl had dilated pupils.

Short, lust-filled breaths left their bodies.

They longed for rough sex.

Reo exhaled while gritting his teeth.

He forced Altantsetseg onto her stomach, took off the rest of her clothes, removed his clothes.

After gripping his cock, Reo prepared to enter the pussy belonging to the girl he loved.

He thrust his cock hard into her waiting, wet pussy.

Warmth shrouded Reo’s cock, clinged to it.

“Yes, Reo. Move.” Altantsetseg said.

Reo gripped the Mongolian’s long black hair, tugged back. He said, “You don’t tell me what to do.”

Altantsetseg grinned.

Reo twerked his hips back, moved them forward, letting Altantsetseg’s body jerk forward.

The Mongolian moaned.

When Reo brought his hands to the girl’s hips, he said, “Tomorrow, I’m going to fuck you like this too. Understand?!”

Altantsetseg enjoyed the rough sex.

Reo enjoyed the rough sex.

They were lovers.

Reo moved at an quick pace.

Altantsetseg took Reo’s cock with as much enthusiasm as a an work-exhausted person retiring.

The Japanese boy’s hips slapped against Altantsetseg’s ass.

His heart pounding at an fast pace, Reo moved his thumb into his love’s ass.

“Fuck, Reo! You’re making me cum!” the Mongolian said as female cum left her pussy.

Reo trembled.

Cum exploded from his cock, soaked Altantsetseg’s pussy, giving the Japanese boy satisfaction.

When midnight came, Reo was seated on the living room chair with Altantsetseg on his lap.

The lamp in the room illuminated Altantsetseg’s cheek as Reo stroked it with love.

Reo was aware he would have to return to the house he shared with Altantsetseg and her grandfather in Ulaanbaatar when the vacation ended, but Reo had a strong belief his life would still be joyful then.

He vowed to marry Altantsetseg one day, have kids with her, stay married to his love until he died or she did.

“I love you, Altantsetseg.” Reo said, sincere.

Altantsegseg smiled.

“And I-” Altantsetseg started saying.

A bullet tore into her head’s side.

Reo shouted, a deep misery he never experienced pouring into him.

He brought himself and Altantsetseg to the floor, moved his hand to her chest.

The Mongolian’s heart didn’t beat.

Outside, steaming noodles sitting in a cup next to him, Milo reloaded a sniper rifle. He grinned before saying, “Sophia, I just avenged your sweet Mexican ass. Now, I’m taking Reo home.”

Six days later, Reo lied in a bed inside a mental hospital, trembling as his tears wet his pillow.

The warm sunlight shrouding the room’s inside did not help Reo.

It could not banish his grief.

The boy’s grief was as intense as a person’s terror while a knife-wielding intruder chases them inside their own home.

Reo had cursed in Mongolian to a man named Sora Tanaka and Sora’s wife.

The married couple had come to visit him, spoke to him in Japanese, but Reo seemed to not recognize the people who claimed to be his parents.

The sole person Reo had the urge to güvenilir bahis şirketleri see was Altantsetseg.

But the Mongolian girl was dead.

“Are you truly ruined, Tanaka?” Erino Kashi said as she leaned against a wall in the room, her eyes trained on the sobbing mental patient. “Tanaka is your last name. And you’re not a Mongolian. You’re a pathetic boy who wanted to be my boyfriend. You are digusting.”

Reo pretended as if Erino didn’t exist.

Erino moved to the spot near Reo’s bed.

She pressed a hand to his arm, forced him onto his back. She said, “You were going to give a love letter to a girl named Ito Saya. I took it, pretended like I wrote the letter. I didn’t mean to fall in love with the girl you wanted, but I did anyway.”

Erino pulled her cellphone from her skirt’s pocket, turned it on.

Erino showed Reo a video displaying Erino fingering, slapping, licking Saya’s pussy.

“I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum.” Saya said on the video.

On-screen Saya squirted.

Reo stared at the video with no expression on his face.

Erino laughed, turned the phone off, placed it on the bed.

“You’re not hard for her.” Erino said after taking off Reo’s pants and boxers. Reo’s cock was soft. “Will you still get hard for me?”

Erino moved onto the bed after taking off her white panties, squatted over Reo’s huge, soft cock while holding the penis.

“Come on, aspiring Mongol.” Erino said before slapping Reo. “Fuck me.”

Reo kept his head turned to the ceiling, his expression resembling a person’s listening to a teacher talk about a boring subject.

Erino grinned, aware Reo was ruined.

“Wow. I finally did it.” Erino said, warm joy filling her body. She left the bed, put on her panties, moved her phone into her pocket, pulled a switchblade from her other pocket, opened it. “But before I go, Tanaka, I’m going to cut off your cock. Then, I’ll completely win.”

Erino grabbed Reo’s cock, brought the switchblade close to the cock’s base.

The door opened.

“Get the fuck away from him,” a person said.

“Saya-chan.” Erino said, closing the switchblade. She turned to Saya. “Hey.”

Saya stepped into the room, closed the door, ran to the spot near Erino, slammed her palm against the evil girl’s face.

The slap sounded throughout the room.

Reo blinked.

“I listened outside this fucking room. I heard everything. You bitch. You monster!” Saya said, pressing her hands against Erino’s huge breasts before shoving the girl to the floor. “I hate you. I really fucking hate you.”

Erino, her ass on the floor, let tears flee her eyes as she said, “And I really love you. Saya-chan, I read a news article once. A woman in Canada had her baby girl switched with a different baby without her knowledge. The woman raised the baby who wasn’t her biological daughter. She loved her. Years later, when she found out the daughter she raised wasn’t her actual daughter, she didn’t care about her real daughter, because the baby girl she raised was practically her daughter.”

Saya scowled.

“Shut the fuck up,” she said, longing to end Erino’s life.

Erino placed her closed switchblade in her pocket, stood.

“It wasn’t Reo kissing you and having sex with you. It was me. I love you.” Erino said. She pointed at Reo in disgust, as if the boy was more repulsive than an landfill in Mexico. “That pathetic boy didn’t love you. He was in Mongolia, loving someone else. Now, hug me, like we always do.”

Saya turned her head to Reo as tears descended her race.

“Reo.” Saya said.

Reo didn’t blink, keeping his focus on the mental hospital room’s ceiling.

“Reo.” Saya said, hoping Reo would speak to her.

Reo coughed.

In an trembling voice, Saya said, “Reo. Please say something.”

Reo closed his eyes, grabbed his exposed cock, stroked it, made it hard. He said, “Altantsetseg. I’m going to fuck you tomorrow.”

Saya shook her head.

It was obvious Reo was as insane as a person expecting themself to win the lottery after quitting their job.

Erino smirked, open her arms, inviting Saya to hug her.

Saya turned her head to Erino.

Erino had almost chopped off Reo’s cock.

But Reo wasn’t sane enough to have Saya.

Saya’s sole confidant in the room was Erino.

Warm tears against her face, Saya went to the spot in front of Erino.

The two girls hugged, their embrace tight.

Erino moved her hand to the back of Saya’s head, rubbed it.

While Reo moved his hand up and down his cock at an fast pace, Erino said, “Tell me you love me.”

Saya’s lips trembled. She said, “I love you.”

The girls kissed before leaving Reo in the room alone.

The next people who visited Reo were two Chinese men.

Red tattoos dominated the skin on their arms.

“Biming wants to see you in Hokkaido,” one of the Chinese men said before yanking Reo off his bed.

“Fuck you.” Reo said in Mongolian.

Reo’s words didn’t stop the Chinese gangsters from taking him out Tokyo.

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