16 Mayıs 2021

The Really Complicated Family Ch. 08

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Our wedding barbecue was lovely. Everyone kind of knew that we had lived together for years, and the marriage thing was ‘just something romantic we decided to do while on holiday’. But we decided to celebrate it anyway. The only people we didn’t invite was Uncle Dan and Trish; after all, they weren’t the funky individuals that the Camden Posse were. We had visited them quite a few times since Tim moved south and we never really went over our domestic arrangements over and above living in the same big house in the country village near my school.

The party was tremendous fun, and we had a marquee in the garden, DJ with a karaoke machine, lots of booze and good barbecue and a strictly limited number of lesbians. The Lesbians where to be the only people to sleep over of course.

The DJ left a bit before midnight, and most of the party broke up at that stage. The guests all went their own quiet ways in various taxis, the locals on foot and even a few even on push-bikes. The girls went up to their bedrooms – a bit early we noticed.

By the time we loaded the last of the stuff into the dishwasher, the girls were noticeable by their absence. Tim and I giggled, exchanged a few giggles and more than a few passionate kisses mindful of what the girls would be up to in their rooms and what they might be doing or what we could expect from them. I was to find out.

We started to shut the house down and turn off lights slowly making our way upstairs to our bedroom. Tim was doing the man thing and I was already heading for the bathroom, as soon as I turned to go into the big bathroom, I noticed Debs’ gorgeous and made up face peaking round the door of the bigger of the spare bedrooms.

“Lainey!” she giggled excitedly waving that I should come in the room with her. I smiled with my hands on my hips, it had obviously started.

I stepped past the door and peaked around the corner to see what was happening. To my shock I saw that not only was the gorgeous Debs dressed to kill in black lacy underwear with stockings and suspenders, so was Viv AND Ronnie! They had all gone the whole hog and made up perfectly, something they rarely did, as they all preferred the natural look normally.

“Darling,” said Ron smooching across to me, looking shit-hot and devilishly sexy in the kind of gear I’d never seen her in before, “We’ve decided to give you and Tim a stag come hen party, seeing as neither of you had one before you got married.”

“What?” I said incredulously, it was getting on for one in the morning! I could hear from the giggles and slight slurs that they were drunk. Not so drunk as to be silly but drunk enough to lose any kind of inhibitions they might have had.

They all three came across to me and took me into my bedroom demanding to know where my black underwear was and pretty soon I was hurried out of the room into their room and they all three stripped me, dressed me in a skimpy almost transparent black baby doll and some black hold-ups.

By this stage Tim had made it to the bathroom, and had done what he’d had to and headed to our room for bed. With butterflies in my tummy, we all took glasses of wine and headed along the corridor giggling like we were St Trinian’s girls off to raid a boys’ dorm.

“Remember girls,” said Ron sipping from her glass at my bedroom door, “I want breathtaking, I want pure sex; our poor Tim is going to know quite what the fuck to expect or what the fuck has hit him.”

We pushed the door open, he had the two bedside lamps on and the room was nicely but gently lit and I went in first, sliding in as sexily as I could – for once not even tempted to giggle. Tim was sat up in bed, his top half naked and his bottom half covered by bedclothes. He had a huge smile on his face, he still loved me in black underwear; his smile was frozen temporarily as Viv came and stood next to me, putting an arm around my shoulder and leaning against me with a hand on my hip. I saw him mouth the words “fuckin’ hell” as Viv rested her head against my shoulder and pouted her full red lips towards him. I’d made love to her already, and knew what she kept hidden under her stylish clothes, but this was a first for Tim. If that wasn’t enough Ron slid in next looking amazingly sexy in her black lace ensemble. She was the eldest of the group in her forties, and definitely put the ILF in MILF.

She slipped in behind me and took her place on the other side, putting an arm around my waist laying her hand gently on me while and resting the other on my hip, me little realising that in doing so she had bared my virtually shaved pussy. Finally the red haired dynamo herself came in, her black one piece looking virtually pornographic as it clung to her body. She looked at the three of us, put her hands on her hips and pouted as their didn’t seem to be a place for her in this sexy tableau, then looking at my bare pussy, knelt forward pointing her black thong covered arse at Tim and putting her face to my cunt giving me a long, teasing escort ataşehir loving lick from the bottom of my labia up to my clit and its covering hood.

I trembled, and looked down at Debs smiling up at me and she took another lick, just for devilment.

On an unspoken signal they moved and slid across the room like three fashion models swinging their hips meaningfully and bearing down on Tim.

The thin summer duvet was pulled away from him in a flash, and I was pleased to see that his condition didn’t let me down. Much as they were trying to be sexy and a little shocking, at the sight of his huge erection proudly standing out from him obscenely.

“This is your stag party Tim,” said Ronnie, “we all decided that seeing as you didn’t have the chance to go out with your mates and get pissed, and watch a stripper, we thought we’d put on a little show for you.”

“Later on, it’ll be Lainey’s turn,” said Debs excitedly, “once we’ve finished with you of course.”

“Well well Tim,” said Ron, “I can see what Debs was so impressed with; girls, we need to inspect this more closely.”

They crawled across the bed at him and he spread his legs to allow them better access. I stepped closer and took my place between Debs and Ron as they stuck their arses in the air and leaned in.

At once Tim had four hot women so close to his penis that he confessed to me later he could feel all four of us breathing on his penis. I knew that he would be excited but also that his self-control would mean he’d be able to hold off coming, all the time he wanted to of course.

Again, as if on an unspoken signal we leaned in and extended our tongues to lick at whichever bit of his penis we could reach. I took a swipe at his large red helmet, and was pleased to see that Debs was on the other side licking too.

“I almost forgot,” said Ron, “stay doing what you’re doing ladies, I’ll be right back.”

With slightly more room now we went at Tim’s cock with more gusto, noticing that Viv wasn’t quite so keen as we were – but then Viv was a career dyke and had never been fucked, at least not with a flesh and blood penis that is. Debs was just remonstrating with her as I felt a hand on my bottom, looking across I saw that Debs was getting the same grope that I was. Tim’s idle hands had settled on our arses and I guessed that after some initial stroking and groping me might get a few playful spanks.

“Come on now Vivienne,” said Ronnie from behind us, “you should get a bit more involved you know.” As she said this there was a flash of white light and the click and whirr of a camera shutter. We all turned to see Ron with a Polaroid camera, digital ones still being a bit expensive in those days. Ron took the picture and laid it on the dressing table, then turned round so she get closer and get our faces or our bottoms, and Tim’s cock, into frame. She snapped away laying more pictures on the table, then Debs said it was Ron’s turn to slobber over Tim’s magnificent penis.

Again, I detected an air of hesitation from Ronnie. She’d told me that she’d slept with a few men while at University, and two years back had even got into a bit of a snogging session with a visiting male professor from Brown that she found attractive for some reason.

But this was the first proper experience with cock for both of them, for Ronnie in quite a few years. But they did what they were told and licked and sucked. Debs put the camera down and opening the front of her bustier fed one of her nipples into Tim’s mouth and he feasted gratefully. After a few moments of watching I decided I wanted the other one, and let’s face it, as soon as we girls got on with it Ron and Viv could happily get on with whatever they really wanted to do leaving Tim to me and Debs.

That was the way it went. Within moments of me sucking on Debs great tits Ron and Viv were kissing, albeit with Tim’s cock getting the occasional bit of attention. Debs had her head thrown back and noticed what her housemates were getting up to.

“Oi! You two, this is supposed to be about the happy couple not you.”

“This is about them, you cheeky tartan bitch, just you wait to I get you home, I’ll tan your arse for you,” Ron chuckled, then smiling up at him dropped her mouth over the head of Tim’s cock and started to bounce her head up and down fucking him with her mouth at speed, and he groaned looking down at his half-sister blowing him. Even though she was a Lesbian, she knew what to do with a penis, and Tim was realising it.

“Christ,” he gasped, “I’m nearly…” He was cut short by Debs forcing her tit into his mouth, the reason that would soon become clear

“Stand back captain,” whispered Debs in my ear in her best Star Trek Scottie voice, “He’s about tee blow!” At the same time she laid a gentle hand on Ronnie’s face and stroked.

And moments later he did blow, spurting his first blast into Ronnie’s mouth; instinctively she drew back but Deb’s hand kadıköy escort on her face kept her there. She did pull away though but kept wanking him smiling at his plumes of sperm that shot splattered from her chin to land on his belly and on Viv’s face as she was not fast enough to pull away before he came. Debs and I both kissed him and pushed our tits into his face laughing as he came.

After a few moments of this and some cooling down, Debs laughed when she saw Tim’s come running down her girlfriends soft cheek.

“Viv’s got a facial,” she teased; no matter how uncomfortable she was, Viv looked fucking sexy and I left kissing Tim and pushing my big tits all over him to slide over to her. Tim was pretty much still hard so in moving to Viv I lifted myself over him, and with Ronnie’s assistance slid my sopping pussy down onto his penis. I felt him stiffen a bit.

“Come here Viv,” I commanded, and with a smile she sat up and moved her body to me. Getting comfortable I put my hands to either side of her face and slowly started to lick Tim’s thick come off of her face, stopping at least twice to French kiss her, knowing that my tongue would taste of him. I tried to work my pussy muscles at the same time and licking Viv’s face and licking the remaining semen off of it. Ron in the meantime had taken to stroking my bottom and down Tim’s penis rubbing his balls.

Deb was now French kissing Tim and he was trying to pull the small one piece from her and was alternately squeezing and mauling her tits and arse and looking pleased into the bargain. Taken with this idea, Viv had started to squeeze and suckle my tits, nipping my nipples into the bargain. Part of me suddenly wanted Tim to be fucking me on my hands and knees while Viv spanked me!

Ronnie’s hand had found my clit and all of the sperm gone from Viv’s face I had begun to fuck Tim in earnest. The Camden Posse were now all totally taken up with pleasuring Tim and I and Ronnie’s expert finger had me trembling dizzily and the final straw was another finger, I know not who’s, being pushed into my anus and the extra pressure on my G-spot had me crying out in a fantastic orgasm and all of the girls smiled in delight.

“Awww,” said Debs, “no fair, someone else should have a turn before Tim comes again.” I was pretty sure that on the face of it Viv and Ron wouldn’t want to partake but little Debs was chomping at the bit to have a go. I leant back against Tim and reached back to kiss his face, while he kissed my cheek. He put both hands around me and squeezed me tight grasping both of my boobs in the same way he did when we snuggled. I grinned at him, shit I was so much in love!

But I was going to share, and hugging his hands I leaned forward and pulled myself off of his still hard cock, and climbed off of him, indicating that someone else should take my place on it.

“I think Viv should have a go,” said Debs clapping her hands, “she’s a VIRGIN,” she exclaimed, “just thirty six and never been fucked!”

“Yeeeeeees,” said Ronnie, “if you’re going to lose your cherry Vivienne, I don’t think there are many cocks nicer to lose it to than this one.”

Viv, still sat on her haunches, folded her arms and looked down at Tim and at all of us. I got the feeling that wasn’t objecting penetrative sex with a man, with MY man, but I think that, in the same way Deb’s had, she wanted to do it in private. She reached out and stroked Tim’s cock, my juices just starting to dry on it, then looked thoughtful.

“OK,” she said tucking her thumbs into her black panties, as if their removal was a part of the bargain, “I’ll have sex with Tim…” she pushed her panties down as far as he knees and I saw that she was still clean shaven, “if the tartan terror,” she nodded at Debs and she swung her legs out from under her and flicked her knickers off in the same move, “gets buggered by the big boy here.”

Deb’s looked quizzical for a few seconds, the term ‘buggered’ having several meanings in the UK, then the realisation struck her.

“Up the arse Darling girl,” said Viv mischievously lifting Debs chin and pecking her on the lips with a tiny kiss.

Debs looked at Tim’s penis, she’d been fucked from behind with it of course, but feeling it sliding past her rectum into her tightest hole was going to be different. I bit my lip, trying desperately not to giggle.

Debs narrowed her eyes and gave her lover Viv a look soooooo ‘old fashioned’ it must have had antique value. She looked at me, and I nodded excitedly beaming a huge grin at her and hoping that I was giving her a positive message.

“Up the arse ah?” she looked at Tim smiling coyly, “Lainey has obviously been there and is impressed,” she knelt across with both arms on his shoulder and put her head to one side. “Timmmmy,” she pleaded, “if I let you fuck me up the arse, will you be gentle with me?” He nodded.

“Of course Debs; will I be your first?”

“My first prick,” she said, “had any number maltepe escort bayan of fingers and vibes and strap-ons,” she ground herself on his cock squished under her, “but you’ll be my first human.”

“Oh another anal virgin,” he said, “how fantastic!”

“Was Tim your first Elaine?” she said smiling at me. I nodded. “Well then Tim,” she said, “please,” she panted in a real porn film actress voice, “fuck me up the arse.” He nodded and she locked her mouth over his kissing him passionately. She stopped kissing him, then looked sidelong at Viv, “right after you’ve taken Viv on her hands and knees of course…”

A giggling Debs had played with, sucked and generally fawned over Tim’s hard upstanding penis and then slid a condom over as much of it as she could. I suppose she must have brought them with her just for this moment.

Viv was laying on her back thighs apart, and I got the impression that at this time she ‘wanted to be alone with Tim. Part of me wanted to stay and watch Tim in action with another woman but another part of me definitely didn’t, so I backed away to the door. Debs spotted me,

“Pop next door and get on your hands and knees Darling, I’ll be through in a moment.” As I left the room, I saw that Ron was still between Viv’s thighs licking at her pussy, while Debs idly rubbed up and down Tim’s covered prick.

I stripped off my ridiculous negligee and lay back on the bed, the bedside clock announced that it was two in the morning, but I didn’t want to sleep. I hadn’t had Debs in what seemed liked ages and I was looking forward to getting it on with the little minx. My pussy tingled and I raked my fingernails through what was left of my bush, and rolled onto my hands and knees, even going so far as to spread my knees a little further.

Behind me I heard a pleased purr and felt warm hands lay on each cheek of my bottom and gently separate them and I joined in with the gentle purr as I felt warm breath on my vagina and anus. The breath was soon joined by a gentle tongue that licked across my labia and rimmed my anus, even pushing in to the tight hole.

Soon one of the hands released a buttock and I guessed that soon it would either start to be pumped into me and I would get royally fisted, probably she’d take more liberties with my anus. My lover did neither. The hand gently stroked my labia until it settled on my clitoris and began quite the most fantastic masturbation. Her face pushed hard into my bottom so her tongue could go hard inside my cunt.

By now I was gasping and on the verge of my second orgasm, the other hand left my other buttock, her face pulled away and I felt a long index finger push into my pussy and strain against my g-spot.

Shit, but she was good. On the third or fourth stroke a second finger was added and I felt slightly fuller, but after a few hard pumps that finger slipped into my anus and I was finger fucked in both holes. I started to tremble into my orgasm, and I hoped I wasn’t gushing too much juice – I normally did when my g-spot was interfered with.

I started to come down, and felt those busy hands trying to reposition me, so I gave in and rolled onto my back, letting my thighs be raised so my knees were by my ears. I was going to get tongue bathed and looked down to the face of…


Aunt Veronica, Ron, Ronnie, my half-sister. She lowered her tongue so the tip strummed gently at the clit her spreading middle and index fingers were exposing. I let go of my knees and placed my hands either side of her face, gently brushing her hair and rubbing her cheek. Sighing, she put her mouth to my clit and sucked it into her mouth flicking it with her tongue, her fingers rubbing again at my G-spot. I came again crying out with pleasure and shook with every flick and realised that while the youngest Debs was good, Viv was interesting but Ronnie, the eldest, the den mother, was the best and I came and came until I didn’t have an ounce of energy left. Finally Ronnie stopped her oral pleasuring of me and slid her body up mine until we were face to face and cunt to cunt.

Sliding own leg between both of mine she began to scissor me, grinding our pussies together, stretching and pushing until she found the spot and the stroke she liked. Our clits rubbed together, and I pulled Ronnie into me in the way I would if Tim and I were doing missionary, I gasped, cried, giggled and called out Ronnie’s name urging her to fuck me, fuck me hard, to take me and make me hers. Fuck, I knew why Debs and Vivienne loved her so much and stayed with her.

Eventually, and with tonnes of encouragement from me, we came. Fucking hell didn’t we come. Our boobs rubbed together as I finally snogged my half-sister. OK, I’d spent the last two years making love with my brother before I eventually married him, but this was Ronnie, my model, the woman I’d idolised as the coolest, most sophisticated woman I’d ever known.

My love for Ronnie burst out and I found myself weeping. She stroked my face, and calmed me down, telling me what beautiful girl I was, how I was her darling girl and how lucky we were to have each other. Eventually I slipped exhausted into a deep and peaceful sleep, brought on by the amazing session I’d enjoyed with Ronnie.

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