7 Mayıs 2021

The Room Mate

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I was standing at the party, over on the wall, not drinking because I was the designated driver. I had drawn the short straw earlier, and then offered $20 to a buddy to switch me, needless to say, he didn’t accept. So I stood to the side, the party was taking place in my apartment complex, just right across the street from me. I had run into the girls throwing it earlier that day, and they were worried about a low turn-out, and were inviting everyone they saw.

At the party my buddies were busy getting sloshed, as they always are, and as I would have been, if not for the unlucky draw. While looking at my sloshed friends dancing with girls that they would realize in the morning weren’t what they thought they were right now. However, I just laughed knowing what their reaction would be tomorrow morning. As I sat there drinking my water, I saw a stunning beauty walk in, she was tall, at least 5’9”, with long brown hair, and a slender figure. This was a well-organized party, and those that were not allowed to have alcohol got black X’s on their hands, as she waved hello to someone, I noticed that she had an X on her hand. I waited a few minutes until she was alone, then I walked up to her.

“So you’re in charge of getting people home safely also?” I asked, and making a small hand gesture toward her hand with the X on it.

“Yes, although I live in the apartment upstairs, so it’s not a very difficult job” she smiled at the end of the comment, so I continued.

“At least you won’t have to carry them far. I live on the other side of the complex, so I have to drag them into the bed of my truck and drive them home.”

“True, I’d have to get a lot of help to be able to get them that far.”

“How do you like your roommates?” I asked, getting the conversation off of my drunken roommates, who were now trying their best to get my attention, and I tried my best to ignore them.

“I like them, although Sarah is a book worm, she doesn’t ever go out, she just stays in her room and reads all the time. I’d kill myself if I studied that much.”

“What is her major?” I asked, trying my best to act as though I cared.

“She’s an English major,” she replied, nodding her head.

“If I was an English major I would kill myself.” I replied with a laugh afterward. “I’m Darren by the way.” I extended my hand for a shake.

“I’m Emily” she said, extending hers, we shook, and went back to conversation. After a few minutes, we sat down on the stairs outside, “I’m tired,” she said, putting her head onto my shoulder, then moving her nose onto my neck, and moving it up and behind my ear, as her hand moved onto my thigh. I responded by putting my arm around her, and pulling her closer to me. She shifted herself closer to me, our legs touching each other.

“So can I see your apartment?” I asked.

“Of course, I’ll have to show you my new sheets, they feel great against my skin,” she said, kissing right below my ear.

“Well, lead the way then babe.”

She got up, grabbing both of my hands and pulling me up to her. She began to lose her balance and fall back, so I pulled her to me, and put my arms around her. She bit her lip, and then turned around, grabbing my hand and leading me up the stairs. We got up the stairs, and walked to the day, where she fumbled with her keys before opening the door. As we walked in her room mate Sarah was sitting on the couch in a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms, she was pretty, although not as pretty as Emily. She calmly said good night, and went into her room. kadıköy escort Emily and I sat down onto the couch.

“Is she antisocial, or do you and your roommates just have an unwritten rule about leaving people alone?” I asked, putting my arm around her, but letting her make the first move.

“A little of both, she’s usually always on her computer late at night anyway, usually none of us are ever home, or we go into our rooms.” She said, as she moved to where she was straddling me, I put my hands onto her thighs and ass, feeling around, and lifting her skirt up. She grabbed my hands and put them in front of me “not yet, if you want to do that you’ll have to wait until I tell you that you can.”

I pouted my lip going for sympathy; she just laughed at me, and grabbed my wrists and put them above my head, as she began kissing me heavily, her tongue pushing into my mouth. She began grinding herself onto me, my cock as hard as a rock, which she could feel rubbing against her.

“I bet you really want to use your hands don’t you, you want to fondle my ass and finger my pussy don’t you?” she said, her hands holding my arms in their position.

“I do, I want to make you cum,” I said, and moving my head up to try to kiss her, but she pulled her head back and smiled at my attempt. At this point I heard a soft moan, but it wasn’t from Emily, we both froze, barely breathing, as we heard the moaning get louder. It was coming from the Sarah’s room. Emily and I looked at each other and stayed silent, as the moaning was louder and louder.

“She must think we went into my room.” She said, with the look of shock still on her face. “What do we do now?” she asked me.

“Well we could ask her to join us,” I said, in a half joking manner so that if she wasn’t into it I could laugh and play it off.

“That could be interesting,” she replied. “I’ll go and ask her,” she got up, and she put her skirt down, and I tried to move so that my erection didn’t look as prominent. Emily knocked on the door and then opened it, and she saw Sarah with her ankles on her computer desk, her legs spread wide, with a vibrator in her pussy, which I heard in the main living area once the door was opened. I continued to hear it for a few minutes, and then decided to go in and find out what was happening. When I walked in, I saw Emily on her knees in front of Sarah, who still had her ankles up on the desk, except now instead of just the vibrator; she also had Emily’s tongue doing the job. I quickly undressed and had my cock in my hand and put it in front of Sarah’s mouth, and she eagerly accepted it, putting her lips onto it. She kissed it, and began slowly moving her hand up and down the shaft, then moved her lips over it, as I moved closer, allowing more of my cock to enter into her waiting and willing mouth. Emily’s face was still buried into her roommates bush, her face only coming up briefly for air, and to look at Sarah’s mouth filled with my cock. I grabbed the back of Sarah’s head, pushing my cock all the way into her mouth, and into her throat. I could feel her wanting to moan, the sounds getting muffled by my cock.

“Emily, do you want to see me cum down her throat?” I asked, still holding Sarah’s head.

She pulled her head off of Sarah’s bush “Of course I would, and I’m sure that she wants to swallow it all too” then she went back to eating out her roommate’s bush, but keeping her eyes on her roommate’s face. I began to move one hand up and down her cheek, the other grabbing kartal escort a handful of hair, as I began moaning louder, looking into Sarah’s lusty eyes, knowing she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I watched Emily’s tongue flicking on Sarah’s clit, as the vibrator continued buzzing inside of her. Sarah’s hand moved down to my balls, fondling them, and she felt them tighten up, and she heard me moan, and then she felt my cum shoot down her throat. I pulled out while I was still shooting, and I partially spurt onto her face. I continued stroking her hair, and she smiled at me, my cum still on her face. Emily moved up on the chair, straddling Sarah, and licking the cum from Sarah’s face.

“Darren, can you do me a favor?” Emily asked, still on top of Sarah.

“What is the favor?”

“Well, in the top drawer of my dresser there is something that we could use, can you go and get them for me?” She said, “I’ve got some more business to do in here.” She said, looking at Sarah, and taking Sarah’s hands and putting them on her ass. Emily began slowly grinding herself against Sarah, which I stood and watched silently, the only reaction coming from my cock, which was rapidly hardening, until Emily looked at me, giving me a look that I needed to go. I winked and turned around and went to her room, and looked at the top drawer of her nightstand, where I found 2 pairs of handcuffs, I grabbed them, and the keys, and quickly ran back across the living room, realizing that I was naked, and if either of her other room mates came in, it would be awkward. When I went back into the room, I saw Emily forcing herself onto Sarah, their tongues intertwined, with their hands everywhere on each other’s bodies. I moved in behind Emily, and tapped her on the shoulder.

“The toys you asked for,” I said, holding the handcuffs with my finger in front of Emily.

“Thank you very much, can you take a step back please” she asked, and made a hand gesture for me to step back. Of course I did; first, she took the vibrator out of Sarah’s pussy, and took the handcuffs and grabbed Sarah’s hands and put them behind the back of the chair, and cuffed them. Sarah put forth no effort to stop her, she acted as though she was in some kind of trance. Emily then got down on the floor and cuffed Sarah’s ankles together. Emily moved back up Sarah’s body, and began rubbing her breasts, and kissing her neck, teasing her. Then she put her knees on the chair so she was straddling Sarah, and dropped her shoulders down, letting her ass stick straight up in the air. She winked at me while in that position, and wiggled her ass a little bit at me. Needing no further invitation, I moved in behind her, lifted her skirt up, and rubbed her pussy, which I discovered was shaved, making sure she was nice and wet for me.

I began fondling her ass, grabbing it and groping it, then grabbing her hips and putting the head of my cock next to her pussy lips, letting her feel it slowly enter into her, inch by agonizing inch, spreading her pussy wider and wider until all of my cock was inside of her, her juices dripping down my cock, as I began thrusting into her slowly and picked up speed very quickly. Her moans barely coming out as she was still making out with Sarah during this time, I thrusted faster and faster into her, until she broke her lip-lock with her room mate and began yelling out to show her pleasure. She moved her hips back into me, wanting to feel my cock all the way inside of her. I began thrusting wildly inside of her, and grabbed kurtköy escort her hair and pulled her head back as I began breathing heavily and moaning. “Cum in my pussy, please, I really want you to” she said in a breathy voice between moans. I kept thrusting harder and harder as Emily turned around so that she was now facing me, and I watched her breasts bounce up and down with my thrusts. I moaned loudly, as did she, and I came inside of her wet pussy, my thrusts slowing down, letting all of my cum go into her.

She got up quickly, with a smile on her face, and then climbed up on the chair, and turned around to look at Sarah, who was transfixed on Emily’s eyes as soon as she turned around. Sarah’s pussy was dripping wet, with a small puddle forming on her chair. Emily stood up on the chair, and put her pussy right in front of her, and then grabbed Sarah’s hair and pulled her mouth onto her pussy, which was dripping both her juices and mine all over Sarah’s mouth. Emily began moaning loudly almost immediately, her pussy still sensitive, and Sarah was going at her like a pro. She came very quickly, her moans filling the room, and then slumped down on Sarah, exhausted. I picked her up, and carried her into her room, with her still naked, and laid her down on the bed, and wrote my number on a sticky note, which I stuck right above her hairless pussy. I turned off the light and closed the door, and went back into Sarah’s room, where she was still tied up to the chair.

I walked in, her eyes still transfixed, her breathing still heavy, and the puddle on her chair had grown considerably. I walked in front of her, and took the handcuff keys and undid the cuffs on her ankles, letting her legs free. She stretched them out, extending them, and then spreading them as wide as she could. She looked at me the entire time, raising her eyebrows, as I could see how moist her pussy lips were. I grabbed her ankles, and pulled them as wide as possible, and moved closer toward her.

“I’ve never had a real one before,” she said tentatively.

“Just used to the rubber ones I guess?” I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” With that I moved all the way in, and adjusted the chair height so that her pussy was at the same height as my cock when I was standing up. I moved in and kissed her, my tongue pushing into her mouth, while moving my cock forward, giving her the first feel for an actual cock. I pushed it in slowly, not wanting to hurt her on her first time with a real one. I began thrusting slowly, her pussy was incredibly wet, so it was easy to go in and out of her. She came very quickly, she had so much pent up energy it came out very suddenly, I kept thrusting, my cock rock hard by then, knowing how wet she was, and knowing that I was the first guy to do this to her. She kept moaning and moaning, I could tell that she wanted to have her hands free; she was struggling against the cuffs. I kept thrusting into her, putting her ankles on my shoulders for a better angle inside her. She kept moaning the entire time, her breathing was heavy, it seemed like she was having an orgasm every time I thrust into her. I reached forward and rubbed her breasts, and leaned forward to kiss her neck.

Then I whispered into her ear “Do you like the real thing better than latex?”

“Yes, it’s a lot better when it’s real.” She said in between moans. My cock was throbbing in her wet pussy, Sarah knew what was coming, and she began moving her hips with my rhythm, then grabbed her hair and held her head as I came inside of her pussy. I continued to thrust slowly into her letting my cum ooze out into her, then I kissed her and undid her cuffs. She was also exhausted by the adventure, so I put her in her bed, and tucked her in, also leaving my number on a post-it right above her pussy. I wonder if I’ll get a call from them…

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