16 Haziran 2021

The Stranger Fantasy

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She sees him across the room. He seems to be looking at her as intently as she is looking at him. Something in his eyes draw her to him. They each take a step forward and another until they meet halfway. She can only look at him, her eyes glued to his lips. He notices her looking and moves in, taking the back of her neck in his hand, he pulls her to him and kisses her slowly, his lips languishing on hers. He pushes her mouth open gently with his tongue, then snakes it in slowly, sinuously. He hears the small sounds of pleasure coming from the back of her throat as she gives him back what he is giving her.

He breaks off the kiss, and looks deep into her eyes, then takes her hand and pulls her out of the room. The party is going full blast, no one notices them leaving, not her date, not his. He hails a cab, and mutters an address to the cabbie. He takes her in his arms and kisses her until the cab stops. He helps her out, and escorts her to the door, unlocking it and with his hand on her back presses her into the house.

He turns her around before he kicks the door shut with his foot, and kisses her again, this time his hands on her shoulders, flowing down to her breasts. they are small, but firm, and high. She shivers under his touch, her eyes have darkened to a shade of blue that is almost midnight. Her lips are swollen and red from all the kissing, her pale cheeks are flushed with desire. His eyes search her face for a sign to stop, she moves forward into him, her own hands fumble with the buttons of his shirt.

He backs her up the steps, kissing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her the entire way up, dropping clothing as they go. His hands are in her short hair, along her back, inside her bra, down her stomach, and on her ass. Her hands are unbuckling his belt, and unzipping his slacks. At the top of the stairs, she steps out of her skirt, and he steps out of his slacks. She kicks off her shoes and he does the same. She begins to remove her thigh highs but he shakes his head. She is erotic looking, the blonde hair, all tousled, her pale skin, flushed pink, and those black thigh highs silky on her legs. He can barely contain the desire that whips through him.

She is looking at him, moving forward, she kneels there on the landing of the stairway, and takes him in her mouth. She hears him groan, as she pulls him in as deep as he will go. Her tongue doing a little dance as she sucks hard, tasting the pre-cum that leaks out of the head. She loves the feel of his silky hardness in her mouth. His hands are in her hair, pushing her head in and out, while one hand is cupping his balls, her fingers stroking toward his ass, sending shivers up his spine. She is dripping wet, and he is breathing harshly. He stops her and pulls her up. He shakes his head again…not yet.

He pushes her into a bedroom, and tosses her on the bed. Lightly. He then takes her hands and ties them to the bedposts with silk scarves. The binding is not tight, but strong. She looks at him, and gives him a small smile. She raises her chin and he falls down upon her, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri kissing her eyes, cheeks, lips, biting her chin, her neck and then her breasts. She arches into his nips, and makes little moaning noises. He has straddled her, she can’t move much. He works his way down to her pussy. He nips all around it, not ever touching it, driving her wild. Finally he buries his face in her. His lips and teeth work toward teasing her lips open, and finding her clit. She finds it harder to breathe. She arches up to meet his mouth, opening her legs wider, as he fucks her with his tongue. She feels it coming. Coiled tightly in her stomach, it releases and crashes over her, sending her to oblivion, she feels like she is floating with the stars. Her hands are fisted, and her toes curled into the mattress as wave after wave fall over her. He lands wet kisses on her stomach, to her breasts and then he kisses her deeply, letting her taste her essence.

He then pushes her legs apart and enters her roughly, fully. He is brutal in his taking of her, slamming into her as deeply as he can. She raises her legs to his shoulders and closes her eyes, finding the pain exquisite. He fucks her until she cums again, shooting her cum all over his dick, wetting the bed, she is moaning, uh, ah , ah, ahhhhh., as the orgasm rocks her.

He doesn’t want to cum yet. He wants more. He turns her over pushes her to her knees, she grasps the posts of the bed, still tied up. He pushes her head down toward the pillows, and forces her hips high in the air. güvenilir bahis şirketleri He licks her ass, she pulls away for an instant, then relaxes, as he forces his tongue into her ass. She is moving her hips in a sensual motion. He pushes his fingers into her pussy, getting them lubed. Then he puts two finger entwined into her ass. She sighs….He finger fucks her for a moment, until he can’t stand it anymore, then he presses the head of his dick where his finger had just been. She freezes, knowing it is about to happen.

Knowing it will hurt a little at first, but the sensations afterward will be wondrous. He slips the head of his cock into her ass, he moans at the tightness, she presses her hips back, pushing more of him into her. He can’t take it and he shoves all he has at once. She groans, and begins to move her hips again. She wonders if he enjoys it as much as she. He is amazed at the hot silkiness of the tunnel he is fucking. Deeply into her bowels, he rams his dick, she pulses around him, squeezing his cock, and then releasing it. He grabs her hips holding them steady as he shoves hard and fast into her ass.

She screams, “Yes, please, yes!” It is all he can handle. He fucks her with all he has, as hard as he can, and then he explodes inside of her. It seems to tear him inside out. He bellows with it, and shudders as he empties himself into her. She sinks down onto the bed, and he falls on top of her exhausted. They lie like that for several minutes, letting their breathing slow down. He rolls off her and unties her hands. He then folds her into his arms.

The words uttered were few, it is part of the game. Now, he can speak. “Damn, Baby, that was good.” She smiles up at him and said, “Yeah, it was.” He chuckles and they lie together until they fall asleep. Next time, they would try another fantasy. It kept their sex life alive and spicy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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