24 Haziran 2021

The Trade Ch. 1

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Colonel Thadeus Warren turned to his second-in-command, Major Charles Stevens. “Alright, Charlie. You know what to do.” By now, everyone in the 29th Michigan knew what to do. Burn and destroy everything. Leave nothing for the Rebels.

Part of Sherman’s grand army, the battle-hardened veterans of the 29th developed their destructive techniques as they burned their way across Georgia. Now in January 1865, the army had moved into South Carolina.

As the birthplace of the rebellion, South Carolina was receiving particularly harsh treatment. One soldier expressed the feelings of many when he said, “This is where treason started and this, by God, is where it shall end.”

The 29th now occupied the village of Coral and Major Stevens began to organize the men to destroy the town. As he worked, Stevens noticed four women approach him. A corporal stepped in front of the females and ordered güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri them to halt. A woman, identifying herself as Mrs. Timers, asked to speak to the Major.

Thinking this another plea for mercy from civilians, Steven’s said, “It’s alright, corporal. Let them pass.” Looking grim, Mrs. Timers came right to the point. “Were you aware, Major, that we are suffering from smallpox in Coral?”

Recovering from his shock at the news, Stevens noticed the panicky look on the corporal’s face. Worried that the spread of news of this dreaded disease could create a riot among the troops, Major Stevens spoke softly to Mrs. Timers. “Madam, is there a place where we can speak privately about this matter?” She nodded her head yes and pointed across the road. “The church,” she said simply.

Stevens ordered the corporal to tell no one what he had heard. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Then Stevens ran over to Colonel Warren, who grew noticeably pale as he listened to Stevens whisper. Warren ordered the troops to remain in ranks, then walked rapidly into the church.

The officer found the four women waiting in one of the pews. As he approached, Mrs. Timers arose. Colonel Warren introduced himself, then quickly inquired about the smallpox epidemic.

Mrs. Timers smiled as she spoke. “Colonel, I must confess that the rumor of a smallpox epidemic was a ruse we used to get your attention. There is no smallpox here. Never has been. I apologize for deceiving you. But we needed to talk with you alone about a very delicate matter.”

Mrs. Timers continued. “You see, we have lost everything. Our men are gone, probably dead on some battlefield. We have little güvenilir bahis şirketleri food and no money. All we have left are our homes. If you destroy them, we are destitute.” Impatient with the same plea he had heard many times before, Warren said brusquely, “Madam, I have my orders.”

Mrs. Timers responded. “Of course you do, Colonel. We are not asking you to disobey your orders. We simply ask you to make a trade.”

Warren laughed. “What do you have to trade? You just said you are almost destitute. You have nothing of value.”

“Oh, but we do have something of value, Colonel,” Mrs. Timers replied. “We have our sex. All the women of the town met and agreed to trade sex for their homes. We are willing to do whatever you and your men want, whenever you want it.”

“In return,” Mrs. Timers continued, “we ask that you not loot and burn our homes. Understand this: if just one pane of glass is broken, one stick of furniture destroyed or one unwelcome fire started, the deal is off. But so long as your men behave themselves, you are invited to stay as long as you want and use us however you wish. We believe this to be a fair trade if it protects our homes.” Warren was speechless.

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