16 Haziran 2021

The Weekend: Saturday Breakfast

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Clark began stirring and as he became aware of his surroundings he also became aware of who was in the bed beside him. He slowly regained his focus as he opened his eyes and looked at Savannah still asleep next to him. He moved as slow as possible to try to not wake her and managed to escape without waking her, at least as far as he could tell.

Clark went to his room and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, not bothering with boxers until he had a chance to shower. He walked towards the kitchen and was going to make himself some breakfast but noticed the kitchen was still a mess from last night. He was not accustomed to cooking in a messy kitchen so he started tidying up. The fact that Luke had a dishwasher made things significantly easier but there was a few things Clark washed by hand to ensure that when he cooked he wasn’t just adding to the mess.

It didn’t take Clark long to clean up the kitchen, by the time he started pulling out eggs and bacon from the fridge it was half past ten. Clark considered maybe making something different but enjoyed eggs and bacon too much and alternatives were too complicated for him to process at the moment. Clark pulled out a frying pan, put it on the element, turned up the heat and started putting turkey bacon in the pan as it heated up. He had only cooked a few slices when he heard noises coming from down the hall. He suspected that Savannah was up and hoped she wouldn’t be disappointed with him getting out of bed before her. He hoped that if she was disappointed that him leaving her in bed alone that cleaning up the kitchen and making food would put him back in her good books.

As Savannah slowly got out of bed, she could smell the bacon cooking as she threw on a comfy pair of pink panties, a pair of black shorts that barley covered her ass and a baggy red sweatshirt. She walked towards the kitchen and was still groggy from her interrupted sleep but was in not upset about it. The sex had been wonderful, she assumed some of the bacon being cooked would be for her and as she approached the kitchen she could see that it had been cleaned. Clark was looking better and better the more she woke up.

“Thanks for cooking. That looks great.” Savannah said as she entered the kitchen. She playfully repeated the same thing Clark had said to her the night before when he first saw her.

“So do you for someone who just woke up.” Clark replied playfully. Her hair was messy but it worked well with the shorts and baggy sweatshirt she had thrown on.

“Ha ha ha, you’re so funny” she said and walked up and kissed him on the cheek. “How long until the bacon is ready?” she asked with a devilish look in her eyes that went perfect with her amazing smile.

“Only a minute or two more for these but I was planning on cooking up a few more. Then I was going to cook up some eggs and toast for us if you’d like. Why? What’s that look for” he asked as her expression peaked his curiosity. She closed the gap between them and put her arms around his waist.

“I was just hoping I could do something to thank you for cleaning up the kitchen and taking care of breakfast.” As she finished the sentence she leaned towards Clark for a kiss. He bent forward and met her lips with his and wrapped his arms around her pulling her in close. The kiss deepened as Clark’s hand moved up to cup Savannah’s head and then grab a fist full of her hair, not pulling it but enough to make Savannah grind her hips into Clark’s. His cock was quickly becoming erect and Clark knew exactly what he wanted from Savannah. He broke away from the kiss and, to Savannah’s confusion, grabbed a dish towel, folded it twice and placed it on the floor. Clark reached over to the stove and turned the element off as to not burn the bacon.

“Kneel on the towel and pull my shorts down” Clark ordered Savannah. A smile came across Savannah’s face as she excitedly obeyed. She could feel her pussy start to get wet as she lowered herself onto the folded towel. She brought her hands up to the waist band of his shorts, grabbed the fabric and pulled his shorts down. His cock sprung out and his fully erect was directly inline with her face and already oozing copious amounts of precum. Savannah looked up at Clark waiting for him to order her to put his cock in her mouth.

“Lick the precum off of the tip.” he commanded her and she excitedly did as she güvenilir bahis was told. She licked most of it off on the first lick but continued to lick the head of his cock because each time her tongue contacted the sensitive flesh, Clark would let out a moan or a profane word indicating his immense pleasure.

“Now suck just the head and get it nice and wet.” With the next command, Savannah took the head of his cock into her mouth and began playing with it with her tongue. This caused Clark to moan more and increased the frequency of his profanity. Savannah would swirl her tongue over the head and every so often be rewarded with a drop of precum. She wanted to stroke his shaft while she sucked his cock but patiently waited for his command as she placed her hands on Clark’s thighs. She took the head out of her mouth and a trail of saliva connected her mouth to the tip and the sight of it made Clark’s cock jump.

“Take your saliva and stroke my cock with it” Savannah did as she was told and began to work her hands up and down his shaft but the small amount of saliva left on his cock was not slippery for long.

“Use your mouth and your hands to make me cum.” Clark commanded and it was just what Savannah wanted to do. She loved the feeling of his cock in her mouth and she loved it when he commanded her to do it. Savannah took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could and tried to get it as wet as possible. When she came up for air she could see her spit glistening on his cock and placed her hand on it and began stroking his cock. She would then work her mouth and hand in unison in an effort to make Clark cum. The precum was coming out of the tip every time she brought her hand up the shaft and knew he must be getting close

“I’m going to cum and you’re going to swallow every drop” Clark’s order came seconds before the first shot of his cum exploded into her mouth. Savannah obediently took every drop that came out and swallowed it. It wasn’t her favourite thing to do but she enjoyed obeying Clark more. She kept sucking until she could feel his cock start to deflate in her mouth. She let his cock slide out of her mouth and Clark stumbled back into the stove.

“Good girl.” Was all Clark could manage to get out as he gathered his composure. It was going to take him a minute to come back to reality after Savannah’s amazing blow job.

Savannah, being rebellious, got up and walked over to Clark. She reached behind him, into the pan, and grabbed a piece of bacon and placed it in her mouth. When Clark realized she got up without being told, a wild grin grew on his face. Savannah smiled in return knowing she had taken a liberty wile Clark was momentarily disoriented and was interested to see what Clark’s imagination would come up with in retaliation.

“Take your sweatshirt off.” Clark demanded.

“Nuh uhh” She said playfully resisting Clark’s wishes. If it was possible, Clark’s grin would have gotten bigger but instead he just walked over to where she was standing and grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt. She tried to resist him but eventually he managed to get the shirt off of her. He threw the sweatshirt on the floor and looked at her topless body.

“Bend over and put your arms behind your back.” Clark demanded and again he was met with resistance.

“Nuh uhh” She said again as she tried to back away from Clark. She giggled a little making her breasts bounce playfully and that just made Clark more aggressive. She wasn’t sure what she had fun with more; obeying or resisting Clark.

Clark lunged at her and managed to grab her arm before she could get away. He pulled her in close and kissed her hard. As he pulled her in close, Savannah grabbed his shirt and began lifting it up. This caused Clark to let go of her and she used this opportunity to escape from Clark and ran into the dinning room placing the table between the two of them. Clark chased after her as she laughed and taunted him with his shirt.

“Do you always cook naked?” She joked and swung his t-shirt in the air. If Savannah was going to be punished for not doing what she was told, she wanted to make sure it was worth it. Clark was going to have to think of something quick or else he would end up chasing her around the table until Luke came home. He quickly remembered her sweatshirt on the floor and went to go pick it up. Before Savannah türkçe bahis could figure out how he was going to use it against her, Clark threw it at her face. Her reflexes activated and she put her guard up, protecting her face but it gave Clark just the opportunity he needed to close the distance between them and pull her into his strong arms.

“You know you’re going to pay for that?” He asked as she still tried to get away from him. Savannah squirmed as she tried to get away from him but Clark had her just where he wanted her and he wasn’t going to give up his advantage as easily as he did last time. While still holding onto her arm firmly, he made her face away from him and grabbed both her arms and put them behind her back and held them at the wrists with one hand. He reached out and grabbed her sweatshirt from where it had fallen on the floor and placed it on her arms. Clark used the sweatshirt to bind her arms behind her back and tied it tight enough that she wouldn’t be able to get out very easily. While still holding onto her, he gave her and order.

“Bend over!” he commanded and still she resisted. She smiled and shook her head knowing that her resistance drove him just as crazy and he drove her with his orders. He moved behind her, placed one hand on her hips and one hand on her shoulders and forced her to bend over and gently forced her torso onto the cold table. She instantly got chills as her nipples contacted the table but she didn’t have much time to think about it as Clark pulled her shorts down and gave her a quick hard spank across her ass.

“This is what happens when you don’t do what your told.” he said as he spanked her ass again. Savannah stifled a yelp as Clark’s hand came down on her ass a third time. Clark gave her a dozen hard strikes across her bare ass and with each slap she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. Just when it seemed like Clark was going to stop, he gave each cheek one more hard spank and then took his hand off of her shoulder so that he could see just how red her ass had gotten.

“That looks like it hurts. Let me kiss it better” Clark said as he positioned his face directly behind her ass. Savannah stayed in position, bent over the table waiting to see what Clark would do next. He kissed her ass at the edge of where the redness began and slowly kissed his way towards her wet pussy. He playfully bit her cheek right in the middle of where she was the most tender and she let a yelp escape her mouth. Clark finally kissed his way to her slit and was pleased to find it glistening with her pleasure. He only savoured the sight for a moment before he hungrily began licking and sucking at her pussy. Savannah began her rhythmic moaning and Clark worked on her pussy. He would like from her clit to her hole and would repeat this time and again, only sometimes pausing to stick his tongue as deep as he could into her hole. As he ate her, his hands would grab and massage her ass, pulling her ass apart so he would have better access to her. He moved under her slightly to focus more on her clit and she spread her legs to accommodate this new position. He licked and moaned on her clit and the vibrations from his moan sent shivers across Savannah’s body. He stopped for a moment only to say how much he enjoyed how she tasted and then began licking her pussy and tongue fucking her. The more he licked and sucked at her pussy, the more her desire to be fucked grew until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please fuck me.” Was all she could make out as Clark ate her pussy. He almost didn’t hear her as he was too focused on her pussy but it was loud enough for him to register it. He moved his face away from her ass and stood behind her and realized he didn’t have a condom. He hesitated and thought about running to his bag to get one but knew if he left her alone he would have to work to get her back into this position. He positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and paused.

“Are you okay with this?” He asked. Normally he wasn’t one to ask but having unprotected sex wasn’t something they had discussed yet.

“Yes, please just fuck me.” She begged, trying to work her way onto his cock. With her permission, he regained control of the situation and wouldn’t give in to her just yet. Clark wanted to pay her back for her rebellious attitude before and would make her beg for it.

“Beg güvenilir bahis siteleri for it.” He ordered and spanked her ass hard.

“Please Clark, fuck me.” She asked still trying to get his cock inside her.

“You’re going to have to do better than that.” and spanked her other ass check and grabbed her arms with his other hand so she couldn’t move herself onto his cock.

“I need your cock inside me, please fuck me with your hard cock. It fills me up so good. It hits all the right spots.” Savannah begged again. Clark had heard enough and gave each cheek another spank and slowly slid into her hot wet pussy. Her pussy was so tight and felt so soft on his cock that if he hadn’t cum in Savannah’s mouth earlier, he would have came as he entered her. Savannah began moaning the second he entered her. Clark slow started thrusting in an out of her pussy. He took long deep strokes as he was savouring how every inch of her felt, plus he knew if he went too fast it would be over all too quickly. He slowly began picking up the pace and would increase the force of the thrust as he got faster, trying to get as deep into Savannah as he could. He found a pace that was just fast enough and hard enough that each time he buried his cock in her, her moan would change into a more vocal groan. He fucked her like that until he got close to cumming and then pulled out.

“Please put it back in, you can cum in me, I don’t care, just don’t stop fucking me.” Savannah pleaded. Clark took note of what Savannah had said but had a different plan in mind for his cum. He grabbed her arms and pulled her up, her legs were a bit shaky from the spanking and fucking but she quickly recovered. Not wanting to untie her, Clark pulled her in close with one arm and grabbed the back of her thigh with the other and picked her up and lightly put her on the table so her ass was resting on the edge. The ease of which Clark did this, turned Savannah on as she briefly thought about how easily he could move her body into whatever position he wanted. He held onto the back of her neck as he placed his cock between her lips and pushed himself into her pussy once more. This time he did not hold back, he fucked her hard as he held her by the neck.

“Watch my cock fuck your pussy.” He demanded as he repeatedly drove his cock in and out of her pussy. Savannah watched his cock as it slid in and out of her hole and could see the shine of her wetness on his cock. She didn’t have to watch for very long as she could feel his cock getting ready to cum.

“Please cum for me, I want to feel you cum inside me.” She urged him. Clark took a few more thrusts but instead of cumming inside her, pulled out and came on her body. Even though she was almost vertical, shots of cum were still able to make it up to her breasts. As the last jets of cum left the tip of his cock, Clark took a deep breath and looked at the mess he had just made. He pulled her in for one more kiss before helping her off the table and untying her.

“Go clean yourself up.” He said to her and pointed her in the direction of the shower. He gave her ass a light swat as she bent over to pick up her shorts. She walked away and he admired her ass every step until she was out of sight. He picked up his shirt and walked over and grabbed his shorts and threw them both on before going over to the sink and throwing some water on his hair and face.

The bacon in the pan had cooled since their activities started so Clark turned the element back on and resumed his cooking. He heard the shower turn on and momentarily thought about joining her but had built up quite the appetite and decided it was best to eat first and have fun later.

Clark had finished cooking the second pan of bacon and was starting on the eggs when he heard the shower turn off. He thought how perfect the timing was as he heard the door open and shortly after Savannah reappeared in the kitchen wearing a red robe that hugged her tits and ass so well that Clark forgot about breakfast for an instant.

“Thanks again for cooking.” Savannah said as she started grabbing plates for the food. She brought them over to where Clark was working, placed them down on the stove, kissed his cheek and gave Clark’s ass a playful swat as she walked towards the table. Clark plated up the food, brought it over to the table and sat down across from Savannah.

“Eat up, you’re going to need your energy for later today.” Clark said as he began to eat his food.

“Why? What do you have planned?” Savannah asked with a curious look in her eye.

“You’ll just have to wait and find out.”

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