14 Haziran 2021

Their First Affair

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He stood outside in the parking lot, staring at the door. Number 69. How appropriate. Adam took a deep breath. What the hell was he doing here? He had a loving wife and three kids at home. He had told Sara that he was going out with the boys. He had never lied to her before. But he needed to be here. To be with her.

Taking a look around the almost empty parking lot, as if waiting for someone to jump out with a camera and yell “gotcha!”, Adam walked to the door and inserted the key. He opened the door and stepped inside. The room was dark, except for one lamp lit in the corner. It’s dim light barely filled the room. He could make out the king size bed protruding out from the wall on his left. To his right, were two high backed chairs, a small round table and a door he assumed led to the bathroom.

The room was empty. He sighed. Was it in relief or regret? Maybe both. Maybe he should just leave before she arrived. Forget the whole thing.

“Don’t turn around.”

He heard her sultry voice behind him.

“I didn’t think you were here.” He said.

“Of course I would be here. I’ve thought of nothing else for days.”

“Me too.” He admitted softly.

She put her hands on his shoulders. Caressing them.

“Do you trust me Adam?” She asked, leaning close to his ear. Her breath on his neck sending shivers through his body.

“Y-yes.” His voice hitched.

“Then close you eyes.”


“I won’t do anything that you won’t enjoy.”

Adam closed his eyes. He had never met her. They worked for the same company. She was a corporate manager and he worked out in the field. They had started out e-mailing each other for company business. That led to personal e-mails which led to phone calls. And now here he was. At a Motel Six having a secret rendezvous. Cheating on his wife of fifteen years.

He felt her hands on him. Rubbing his shoulders. Sliding up and down his back. He felt her move to stand in front of him.

“I have something for you.” She said and he felt her press her body close to his. A half mask slipped over his eyes.

“I had my eyes closed.”

“Precautions.” Maren said, kissing his cheek.

Adam inhaled her scent. Lilacs.

“You smell good.” He said, leaning into her.

Maren laughed. Deep. Throaty.

“I want to ask you something Adam. Will you answer me honestly?”


Her fingers went to the buttons on his shirt.

“Have you ever cheated on your wife before?”

One button.


Two buttons.

“Then why, after fifteen years of marriage, are you here with me?”

Adam took a minute before answering. “You torment me Maren. Your voice haunts me. I know this is wrong. I love my wife.”

“And I love my husband. I’m not asking you to leave her and I’m not leaving Kevin. But we have a connection Adam. A strong, sexual connection. I haven’t felt this with anyone else. Including my husband. I don’t want anything from you beyond these couple of hours.”

“What if tonight’s not enough?” He voiced the question that nagged at the back of his mind.

“It has to be.”

Three buttons.

Adam needed to touch her. He lifted his hands and felt her back away.

“No touching.” Maren told him, freeing two more buttons.

“Maren.” Her name came out on a heavy sigh. “You’re killing me.”

“Then you’re about to die a happy man.”

The last button was free and Maren slid her hands inside his shirt and up his bare chest.

Adam sucked in his breath. Her hands felt like heaven on his body. She ran her palms up his ribcage, over his nipples to this shoulders. His shirt fell to the floor.

“So strong.” She whispered, her hands continuing to caress him.

“You’re driving me crazy.” He said through clenched teeth. His body tense.

“I’m glad you showed up tonight.” Maren said against his lips. “I thought you might have changed your mind.” She licked and nibbled on his lips and jaw.

“I almost did.”

“But…” She prompted.

“I couldn’t stay away.” He admitted, almost grudgingly.

Maren continued to lick and kiss her way down his neck, across his chest and down his stomach. Adam’s stomach muscles tensed when he felt her fingers at the waistband of his pants.

“I have wanted to do this for a very long time.” Maren said, her breath tickling his skin.

Slowly, she undid his pants and slipped them and his briefs, down his legs. She helped him with his shoes and socks. He stood naked before her. Naked and very aroused. And very big.

Maren stood and took his arm. She led him to one of the chairs he noticed earlier. She sat him down with gentle hands at his shoulders. Then she was gone. illegal bahis She said nothing. Adam listened intently for any sound. He was tempted to rip the mask off. But without his sight, everything was intensified.

Only seconds ticked by. But it felt like hours. Then he felt her. She slid her hands up his thighs, lightly raking her nails over his sensitive skin. Adam jerked in response. His entire body strung tight. He hated not being able to see her. To know what she was going to do next. Would she take him into her mouth? Run her tongue the length of him? The anticipation was killing him. He opened his mouth to ask her, when he felt her move between his thighs.

Adam melted when she took the tip of him into her mouth. Her tongue swirling the ridge of him. He groaned and leaned his head back against the chair. She slowly lowered her mouth over him. Taking him in deep. Adam almost came. Fifteen years! He hadn’t felt a woman’s mouth on him in fifteen years. This was heaven.

Maren licked and stroked. She took him in deep and sucked. Adam growled. His hips arched off the chair.

“Enjoying this?” Maren asked, her breath fanning his throbbing cock.

“Yesss!” He hissed.

“If you want this to last, don’t come.”

“I can’t promise anything.”

Maren laughed. Low and sultry. Then she took him back into her mouth. Her hand massaged his balls as her mouth sucked on him. Her tongue swirled over the underside of his cock. Her other hand gripped the base of him as she licked him like a lollipop. God, she gave good head. He wanted to prolong this, but she was just too damn good.

“I need to touch you. Please.” Without waiting for an answer, Adam’s hand fisted in her hair.

She continued to fondle him with her hands as he guided her mouth over him. His hips bucked as he felt his orgasm building. Maren moved faster over him. Her mouth and hands working on him. His balls tightened and his cock went rigid.

“Ahhh!” Adam threw his head back and spurted violently into her mouth. Maren swallowed every last drop. Her tongue swirled around the tiny hole, licking him clean.


“Maren?” Adam said her name after he caught his breath.

“You can take your mask off now.”

Adam slowly raised his hand and lifted the mask off. He looked down at Maren.

“I’m not beautiful. Or skinny. But I am yours.”

Adam stared down at the naked woman kneeling between his legs.

Not beautiful?

Was she serious? She had to be one of the most beautiful women he had ever met. Her long auburn hair fell over her shoulders and down her back. Wispy bangs fringed her forehead. Her face was round with a dimple in one cheek as she smiled up at him. Her green eyes sparkled and her lips glistened. Her breasts were full above her rounded stomach. To him, she was beautiful. And real. She spoke what was on her mind. And she made him laugh. He hardly laughed anymore. If it wasn’t for his kids, he wasn’t sure he would still be with Sara. He felt comfortable with her but the “spark” was gone. Their sex life had become routine. When they had sex. Adam loved eating her out but a little reciprocation would be nice.

And then there was Maren. Just e-mailing her had made him hard. And her voice! He had made a habit of visiting the men’s room after their conversations. They laughed, joked and flirted. It had all been innocent. In the beginning. Just killing time during a slow ten hour work day. But soon it became more. He couldn’t wait until she got to work. He would e-mail her as soon as it turned 9:00. And in the afternoon, he had to hear her voice before he left. He had spent many an evening jerking off to the memory of her voice. He couldn’t wait for the weekend to end to talk to her again.

He still couldn’t believe the first time he mentioned having sex. With her. It had just slipped out. Maren had been silent. At first he thought he had offended her. But after a few awkward minutes of silence, she had admitted thinking the same thing for weeks. And that sent him over the edge. Just knowing that she felt the same way, had him hard and ready to burst.

“You’re beautiful Maren. More than I ever imagined.”

“Have you imagined me often?” She asked in the sultry voice he loved.

“Hell yes! I’ve imagined you just like this.”

“Just like this?” She asked, arching a questioning eyebrow.

“Actually, it was more like spread-eagle on the bed while I had my wicked way with you.” He admitted with a grin.

“Really?” She sounded hopeful.

Adam stood and helped her to her feet. She wasn’t skinny. She was full figured. Fleshy thighs and ass. But Adam liked that. He didn’t care much for stick illegal bahis siteleri figure women. He led her to the bed.

“Do you trust me Maren?” He repeated her own question back to her.

“Yes.” She said with a smile.

Adam pulled her close to him. Their skin touched. She was cold. Her erect nipples poked into his chest. Adam lifted a hand and slid it over her shoulder and behind her neck. He cupped the back of her head and slowly, so slowly, pulled her closer for a deep kiss.

Maren opened her mouth and Adam slid his tongue inside. His eyes widened when she began to suck on it. He pulled away and looked down at her.

“You want to play little girl?” He asked, stroking the side of her neck with a fingertip.

“Oh yes.” She sighed, closing her eyes in pleasure.

Adam didn’t know how much of this he could take. He had to fuck her. Now.

He lowered her to the bed and laid down beside her. He rested on an elbow and looked down at her. She didn’t try to cover herself. She was comfortable with her body. That surprised him. Even his wife didn’t like him to look at her. “Lights off and let’s do it.” That was her motto. Not Maren. She wasn’t a size ten. And she was okay with that.

“Am I what you expected.” She asked, reaching a hand up to caress his cheek.


She arch an eyebrow. Waiting.

“Better.” He said with a wide smile. “I still can’t believe I’m here.” He added, trailing his fingertips over her stomach and breasts.

“It’s not too late to leave Adam.”

“Yes. It is. Besides, I don’t want to leave.” It was the truth. He felt more alive than he had in months. Being with her felt right. Natural.

“Good. I don’t want you to leave either.”

“Mare, I need to know. Have you done this before?” He couldn’t help the question as it slipped out. She was married. So was he. There was no future for them. Still, he needed to know.

“No.” She whispered. She reached up and pulled him down for a deep kiss. His chest covered her breasts. Maren moaned deep into his mouth. Her leg slid over his.

“Christ Mare, you drive me crazy.”

“I don’t mean to.” She said, placing light kisses against his jaw and throat. Adam leaned his head back to give her better access. Shit, he loved having his neck kissed.

“Maren.” Adam sighed, cradling her head against his throat as she licked and kissed him.

Having had more than he could handle, Adam used his body to push her to the mattress. He started to kiss his way down her body. He settled between her spread legs. His chest resting against her stomach. His head level with her breasts.

“You have gorgeous breasts.”

“A little saggy after two kids.”

“Perfect.” He contradicted.

He took each one in his hands. Massaging. Plumping. Holding her gaze, he stuck out his tongue and lapped at a puckered nipple. His other hand pinched the other one.

“Oh Adam.” Maren moaned, running her hand over his head, holding him there.

His eyes holding hers, he took her nipple into his mouth. His teeth closed over it Scraping before gently pulling on it. Maren sighed heavily and arched her back, pressing more into his mouth. Adam sucked hungrily. He moved from one breast to the other. Maren writhed beneath him. Her moans filled the rented room.

Shit, she was so responsive. Adam wanted to come again just listening to the sounds she made.

He kissed down her stomach.

“What happened?” He asked, kissing a six inch scar on her right side.

“Gall bladder surgery.”

Adam kissed and licked the faded scar. Maren laughed.

“Am I amusing you?” He lifted his head to look at her.

“I’m ticklish.”

Adam raised an eyebrow. “Oh really.”

“Adam. Don’t!” Her warning was too late. His hands went to her sides. Maren squirmed beneath him. “Adam please.”

“Are you begging me Maren?” He asked staring up at her.

“Do I have to beg Adam?” She asked, holding his gaze.

They stared at each other. Their desire evident.

“Just ask me Maren.”

“Fuck me Adam.”

Adam couldn’t resist her anymore.

“Are you protected?”

Maren reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a red box. Adam laughed.

“A twelve box?” He said as Maren opened a condom.

“We only have a few hours to get this out of our system Adam. I’m not letting you out of here until you have no cum left inside you.”

“I hate condoms.” He muttered ripping one open.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.”

Maren pushed Adam onto his back. She kissed and licked her way down his chest and stomach to his rigid cock. Placing the strawberry flavored condom in her mouth, she proceeded to canlı bahis siteleri roll it down his cock, using nothing but her mouth.

“You have many talents.” He managed to get out after she was done.

“Baby, you have no idea.” She said with a wink.

Adam flipped her onto her back and slid over her. He rested in the cradle of her thighs. He dipped his head. With a little laugh, he lifted his eyes to hers. She shared his smile. Nothing like a shaved pussy for making eating pussy more enjoyable.

Adam touched her clit with his tongue. Maren cried out. That’s all it took. Adam lapped and nibbled her. His tongue stuck in and out of her pussy. Licking. Fluttering. Driving her closer to the edge.

Maren reached down and ran her fingers over his buzzed hair, holding him to her. The roughness of his goatee stimulating her bare pussy lips.

“Yes Adam! Oh yes!” Maren shouted, her hips rocking against his mouth. He felt her thighs begin to tremble. She was about to come. He wanted to drink every last ounce of cream from her body. He flicked his tongue faster. Encouraged by her cries, he began to tongue fuck her while his thumb rubbed against her swollen clit.

“Yes! Yes!” Maren cried out as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her hands fisted in the sheet as Adam continued to feast on her. His tongue lapping at her juices flowing from her pussy.

“Oh Adam.” She sighed as he kissed her sensitive clit.

“As sweet as honey.” Adam said kissing his way up her stomach, passed her breasts to her neck. He kissed the point where her shoulder and neck met. His tongue licking the erogenous skin.

“I can’t wait any longer Maren. I need to be inside you.” He breathed against her neck. Maren shivered.

“Then come inside me. I can’t wait any longer either.”

Adam lifted himself up. His throbbing cock poised at her opening “Are you sure Maren?”

“Yes Adam. I’m sure.”

Adam took a deep breath. Slowly he entered her. He closed his eyes at the tight feel over her. He wasn’t sure how long he would last inside her. Maren slid her hands up his forearms and over his shoulders. Her nails raked his back.

“No marks love.” He said grabbing her arms and pinning them to the bed beside her head. With his chest covering hers, his breathing labored, he flexed his hips and drove deep inside her.

Maren cried out and arched her back. She felt full. Fuller than she had ever felt before. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Slowly he pulled out, only to thrust back in. Deeper. Harder, than before. He set up a rhythm. His cock pistoning in and out of her. His balls slapping against her ass. He released her hands. Going up on his elbows, he cradled her face in his hands. His eyes staring into hers as he fucked her. He would never forget how she looked. Her eyes half closed in pleasure. Her teeth biting her lower lip as she rotated her hips beneath him. Taking him deeper inside her. The crispness of his pubic hair tickling her bare pussy.

“I’m going to come Adam!” Maren said, still staring into his eyes.

“I wanna watch Maren. Come for me baby.” Adam encouraged, fucking her faster. A sweat breaking out on his forehead.

“Come with me Adam.”

“I’m coming.” Adam gritted out, his hips grinding into hers.

Adam felt her muscles starting to clench his cock. Her thighs quivered against him. He thrust faster. Deeper. Her pussy tightened around him. Milking him. Adam threw his head back and shouted her name as he came inside her. His back arched. The corded muscled in his neck tensed with his release. Finally he fell on top of her. Both panting. Both holding onto each other.

“That was…”

“I know.” Maren said as Adam searched for the words. She stroked his back. His was still buried deep inside her. Her body still shuddering from her orgasm.

* * * *

Adam stood under the hot spray of the shower. Lord he was tired. He had just spent the best four hours of his life fucking the most sexual woman he had ever met. And he still wanted more. He couldn’t believe it. Maren was incredible. She had done things to him and with him that he never had imagined. He realized now that he wanted more than just tonight with her. He turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around his hips. He had left her lying in bed after their fifth, maybe sixth time, exhausted. He had playfully swatted her ass and told her to join him. She had laughed and said maybe next time. Next time.

Adam entered the bed room and found the bed empty. A quick look around proved what he did not want to accept. She had left. There was no sign of her anywhere. Sighing heavily, Adam started to look around for his clothes. An envelope on the table caught his attention. He dropped his jeans and grabbed it. Ripping it open he quickly read it. He smiled at the three words written in her beautiful handwriting:

Happy Birthday Adam


To be continued…?

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