16 Haziran 2021

Therapy Sex

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I work in physical therapy. At our branch there are six employees. One of them is named Rachel. For some reason we work well together. Rachel is thirty-one years old and married. I am thirty and seeing someone. There are days when Rachel is standing close to me and I want to take her right there.

You couldn’t say that Rachel is the most beautiful woman around. Actually she is rather plain. Unfortunately for me, I want her as my lover, at least once. One day we were at work and standing close to one another. Rachel turned and I was inches from her face.

“Are you okay Mike?” She asked me.

I wasn’t okay. I leaned in and kissed her mouth. Rachel got this shocked look on her face. She gazed around hoping no one saw that. I figured I screwed up badly. I walked away and we didn’t talk for some time. Later in the day she came over to me.

“Where did that kiss come from?” She asked.

I came straight out and told her.

“I’ve wanted you for some time Rachel.”

“We’ll talk later,” she said to me.

When the clinic closed Rachel walked over to my car. She got in next to me.

“I’ve thought about you as well Mike. I tried not to admit it but I am attracted to you.”

Everyone canlı bahis had cleared out by now. Rachel put a hand on my thigh. We ended up having a real kiss together. I had my hands all very her body.

“Can we go someplace?” She asked me.

I started to drive to my apartment.

“I need to make a call,” Rachel told me.

She called her husband and said she would be late at work this evening. Once that was done she began to touch my crotch. I was hard by the time we arrived at my place. I barely opened the door and we were all over each other. I pulled her clothes off and then I stripped down. Rachel got down on her knees and took hold of my dick.

Rachel inhaled me with her mouth. There were no half measures. She took me down completely to the root. My cock was raging hard. She would look up at my face to get my reaction.

“Let’s go back to the bedroom,” I told her.

Rachel got onto her back. I climbed onto the bed and spread her legs wide. I started to rub my cock head across her wet gash. Yes, Rachel was sopping wet. I slowly inserted my dick into her opening.

“Please Mike, I need you bad!”

I pushed in the whole way. Our pubic mounds bahis siteleri touched as I fed her every hard inch of cock. Rachel squeezed me hard with her muscles. I started telling her that she was mine now. I was going to fuck her whenever I wanted.

“Yes, yes! I’m yours,” she pleaded with me.

I took hold of her thighs and pressed them back towards her chest. I was getting as deep as humanly possible. Rachel was panting like a dog.

“I want you to cum in me Mike,” she practically pleaded with me

A few minutes more of fucking and I unloaded inside Rachel. I had a large load stored up. Rachel’s eyes got wide when she felt the heat of my spunk enter her body. I must have given her five or six good shots of my seed. Rachel looked spent when we finished up. I slowly pulled out. Cum came dripping out of Rachel’s pussy.

“I better clean up,” she said to me.

Rachel went to the bathroom. When she came back to the bedroom, I wanted to take her again. Her nipples looked rock hard.

“I better have you take me back to my car. It’s getting late.”

I was disappointed but I drove Rachel back to her car at the clinic parking lot. She drove off and I went back home. bahis şirketleri It almost seemed like a dream what had just taken place. Were we ever going to have sex again?

Later that night I heard my phone going off. I was getting a text message. It was Rachel.

“I can’t stop thinking about you. You made me orgasm multiple times. I can still feel your cum in my pussy. Yes, I want you again Mike.” It was signed ‘Rachel.’

I wanted her right then. I didn’t care if she was married or if I was seeing some woman. I guess I totally lost it. The next day we did manage to talk. Rachel wanted to know what we were going to do. I said I didn’t know exactly. We did go out at lunch and had a quickie.

I drove to a nearby park. We walked down to some trees. No one was around. Rachel placed her hands on a tree and bent at the waist. I pulled her pants and panties down and inserted my cock. I took Rachel hard for just a few minutes. I wish we could have gone longer but time was short. I pulled out and Rachel finished me off with her mouth.

Surprisingly, I still had some cum to give her. I shot a small load down her throat. Luckily, Rachel had some breath mints with her. Her face was all flushed when we got back to work. We talked about how we plan to proceed. I can’t let Rachel go. I need to be deep in her pussy and she says she has to have my cock as well. Time will tell as to how it all works out for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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