13 Haziran 2021

Thunder Cottage

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When Brandon & I rented the cottage property for a weekend, we thought it was a nice little place for a romantic getaway. Little did we know that it was going to be even better than that.

Once a month, for the past two years, we would fulfill a sexual fantasy. Well, for the last three months we’ve been trying to fulfill the latest one, sex in a thunderstorm. We made a rule that we wouldn’t move on to a new fantasy until the current one was achieved.

Let me tell you something, if you like variety, don’t make that rule. I thrive on variety and after three months of the norm, I was ready to pull my hair out. That’s why we ended up at the cottage. It was at least different but still within the dreaded rule.

On Saturday, I decided we should go on a picnic. The owner told me that about a mile behind the cottage was a waterfall with a clearing. So I packed a some food, a blanket, and some champagne and told Brandon to get ready.

“Ready for what?” he asked as he was coming off the balcony.

“For a picnic. There’s a nice place about a mile in the woods.”

” Now? But it looks like rain.”

“Come on. For me.” I said as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck.

“All right, let me get my shoes on.”

“I’m just gonna change.” I said as I walked to the bedroom.

As I was slipping on my new sundress, I thought I could here thunder in the distance. A chill rose up my spine and I started to get aroused with the thought of fulfilling this latest fantasy. I didn’t have on a bra with the dress and decided to leave my underwear behind. Even if it didn’t rain, we could still have some fun.

I took a look in the full length mirror before leaving the room. The dress was about mid thigh and had buttons down the front. I took my waist length red hair out of the pony tail and unbuttoned the first two buttons on the dress to show off a little bit on my large breasts. Satisfied, I left the room.

As I entered the kitchen, I saw Brandon bent over and looking though the basket. “Nosey?”

He turned around and looked me up and down. “Good enough to eat.”

“What’s in the basket or me?”

“Actually, both.” He grabbed the basket and we headed out.

We walked down the path holding hands and not saying much to each other. When we were about twenty feet away, we could here the roar of the waterfall.

“What’s güvenilir bahis that?” Brandon asked.

“The waterfall!” I said as I ran to the end.

I burst through the opening and stopped dead in my tracks. I was in awe at the sight that was before me. The waterfall was a little over ten feet in height, fell into a small pond and ran off into a small stream. The grass I was standing on was greener than any that I’ve ever seen and neatly trimmed. A huge maple tree was off to the side offering shade, but the rest of the are was covered in sunshine.

When Brandon came up behind me, I looked at him and exclaimed, “It’s beautiful!”

“Sure is. Let’s get settled.”

We decided to set up the blanket in the sun and settled down. Within a few minutes, I noticed the sky started to get cloudy. Brandon looked up and stated, “I told you it might rain.”

“So what,” I said, “Let it.”

We finished eating and I put the basket off to the side. Brandon laid down next to me and asked, “What, no dessert?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Something sweet?”

I looked at him with a devious grin and stated “Sorry sweetie, all I can offer is pie.”

“Sounds sweet to me.” He said as he pushed me to the ground.

He covered my mouth and kissed me deeply. As our tongues danced, I could feel his hands roaming my body, which sent shivers through me. He broke the kiss and moved to my neck, where he would nip and lick it, starting to make me squirm with arousal. His hand stopped roaming and went to the buttons on my dress, where he started to undo them one by one.

As his kisses started to move towards my chest, my nipples hardened, and I couldn’t stop the soft little groans of excitement escaping my lips. As he undid the last button, located just above my navel, he started to lick the top of my breasts and moved his hand slowly up my stomach to a breast. My breaths became faster as he stroked my already pebbled nipple making it harden even further. My only thought was how I wanted to feel his tongue on my nipples.

As though he read my thought, he stared to circle my nipple with his tongue but didn’t touch it. With each circle, my arousal grew so much that I could feel myself dripping between my legs. As he started to roll my nipple between his finger and thumb, he grabbed my other one between his teeth and began türkçe bahis flicked it with his tongue. I let out a small shriek of excitement and arched my back to the pleasure. This made his motions faster and I thought I would orgasm if he kept it up any longer.

Again, as if reading my thoughts, he stopped. I opened my eyes to see he was removing his shirt to reveal his well toned muscles. I leaned forward an let my tongue roam his chest and nipped his nipple. He cupped my face and leaned down to kiss me hard.

Brandon pulled himself away and said, ” Now, just lay back and enjoy.” I decided to comply, but grudgingly.

As I laid down, I saw cloud filled the sky and grew more excited at the prospect of rain. I closed my eyes and felt Brandon’s lips on my stomach and his hand on my breast. As he pinched my nipple, he ran his tongue up to my free breast. He barely touch my nipple and ran it back down again. By his third pass, I wanted to feel him inside me, but he wanted his dessert.

As he left my body, I opened my eyes and bent my legs. He put his hands on the inside of my knees to spread my legs. I let them fall wide and heard him let out a hiss as his hands moved down my inner thighs.

I could feel his eyes staring at my wet pussy and the more he stared the wetter I became.

Soon his mouth followed the same path his hands were just on. As his mouth got closer to my pulsing clit, he put my feet on his back and spread my legs wider. He started to circle my dripping wet pussy with his tongue and I shrieked my pleasure loudly. As he moved his tongue to my clit, his hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed. Then he started to suck on my clit and flick it with his tongue, and I knew I was going to orgasm at any moment, but held it back.

Sensing I was holding back, Brandon went faster with his tongue, moved his fingers to my nipples and pinched them hard. My whole body started to tremble and I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. My hips started to rise, which made him go faster and pinch harder. Just as I started to climax, he moved his tongue down to my pussy and slipped inside of me. All of the sudden I felt raindrops hit my heated skin and I came with the force of a freight train and let my juices flow. Brandon started to groan as he swallowed my taste.

Once my body stopped trembling and Brandon licked every drop güvenilir bahis siteleri of my orgasm, I thought he would enter me, but I guess he had other plans. He covered my clit with his mouth and slipped his finger deep into my pussy.

As the rain came down harder, my legs started to tremble and my hips began to rise to meet his finger. He slowly pulled his finger out and slipped another finger in. I started to shriek my excitement and felt a third finger slip into my asshole. My whole world blew apart and I came again. I screamed my pleasure and his movements grew faster dragging out the very intense orgasm. Finally, I had no more to give and he withdrew from my trembling body.

By now it was raining pretty hard and we were both soaked. I heard a clap of thunder over us and I started to get aroused again. I knelt on front of Brandon, undid his shorts, and pulled them down to his ankles. To my surprise, he wasn’t wearing any underwear either. Wanting to give him the same amount of pleasure he gave me, I placed my lips around his cock and sucked him deep into my throat. Only moving slightly in and out, I clenched and loosened my throat around his cock while moving my tongue around the head. As Brandon started to moan with the pleasure he was receiving, I placed my hands on his ass cheeks and moved him in and out of my mouth faster. Within a couple of minutes, his body tensed and he exploded deep in my throat. I kept my throat muscles moving until every last drop of him slid down my throat.

I withdrew him from my mouth, stood up, and kissed him still tasting my own cum on his lips. By now, the rain was coming down hard, soaking our bodies, as the thunder was at full peak above us.

Brandon slowly removed my wet dress from my body, leaned down to kiss my rain soaked breasts and guided our bodies to the ground. He flipped me over, spread my legs apart and slammed into my eager pussy. He grabbed my hips and started to pump faster in to me and I started to come again.

As a very loud clap of thunder erupted above us, we both released a loud cry as our orgasms exploded. We both fell to the ground breathing heavily and didn’t move for a few moments.

When we finally had enough energy to get our wet clothes on and gather our stuff, the rain had stopped and the sun was coming back out. We raced back to the cottage and headed straight to the bedroom for more fun.

Out of all the fantasies Brandon and I have brought to life together, that one day at Thunder Cottage was going to be difficult to forget and maybe even top. But that’s a story for another time.

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