14 Haziran 2021

Time On Our Hands Ch. 01

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It was a quiet night and out of the blue, we decided to kill a few hours at the multi-plex nearby.

“Why not?” you say. “I’m in the mood for a little mental distraction.”

I was in no mood to argue, having surfed through the channel guide 3 or 4 times to confirm that there was absolutely nothing on the TV.

You were strangely quiet on the ride over, but I didn’t think a lot of it. You had put in a long day at work and I wasn’t far behind you in that department. Once we got to the theatre, it didn’t take long for us to pick something we could both handle and we splurged on some over-priced goodies and settled in to catch the last of the trailers before the main feature started.

The cinema we were in seemed pretty deserted, although not much of a surprise for the late show on a mid-week night. Even though we both missed the classic old movie houses, we definitely enjoyed the comfy seating, to say nothing of the armrests we can now fold out of the way.

We took advantage of the armrests and snuggled up with my arm around your shoulder and enjoyed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the show. We took advantage of the relative darkness for a few nostalgia-laced smooches and we generally behaved like a couple of kids on a date.

Partway through the movie, I felt your hand slide onto my thigh and caress it. I smiled and snuggled you a little closer, but then your hand moved up…up….up….and I heard you whisper, “shhhhhh, honey…I wanna have a little fun.”

Who was I to argue?

Your hand, flushed and warm, started moving slowly, slowly over my now-swelling groin, and I can hear a small moan of happiness from you over the rising soundtrack. Your hand moves with slow, patient, practiced motions, knowing the way to coax me onwards and heighten my arousal. I slide down just a bit in the seat to let your hand move over me more and more.

I feel your hand as it slowly unzips my fly and slides inside….and massages me a little more urgently and passionately. Your hand wraps over my shaft and strokes, slowly, deliberately…you güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lean over and whisper in my ear, “I think it’s time to get a little air, don’t you?” With a grin on your face that even I could detect in the darkness of the cinema, you expertly freed my now-aching shaft from my jeans and started to stroke it…pumping and squeezing ever so slightly….just enough to make me stifle a moan.

You slowly increase the intensity of your attentions during one particularly passionate scene and I can almost feel the tangible increase in your heartbeat and your breathing. As the action on the screen heats up, you slowly move down…kissing my neck…then lowering your head to slowly and deliciously take me in your mouth, slowly, slowly, down and down…your lips almost reaching the base of my shaft. It’s everything I can do not to let out a long, loud moan.

Your mouth is warm and willing and you expertly stroke my shaft up and down while your tongue flicks and licks and tastes me….you know you’ve gotten me a little güvenilir bahis şirketleri closer to orgasm…your other hand has slipped under your skirt and I can just sense that you’re touching yourself. You lift your head and bring a finger up to my lips so I can taste you and breathe in your scent and you kiss me deeply and passionately before returning to my throbbing cock.

My control is fading and I can feel my orgasm building…your soft, low mews tell me that you’re getting close as well. You lift your head long enough to whisper, “I want to feel it on my chest.” You slide down out of the seat and pull your blouse open just in time as you stroke me and I start to cum, hard and full, shooting jet after jet onto your chest and I bite my tongue to stifle the moan I badly want to let out, but it only intensifies my orgasm….I feel the warm flesh of your breasts as I keep shooting on them as you stroke me, and pump me nearly dry. I feel you shudder as my orgasm triggers yours and you bite your lip to contain a scream.

As our orgasms subside, you take me in your mouth once more just to get the last drops. You do up your blouse with a little smile and slide back into your seat. You lean over to me, whispering words of affection and passion, and you say, “c’mon baby…this movie is pretty boring. Let’s go home and have a shower.”

(to be continued…)

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