13 Haziran 2021

Tired , Tied

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You drop into bed dead tired, not noticing my silhouette against curtains. I see your lean body stretched out and smile. I pull off your boots and socks. I carefully remove your shirt and tie your hands to bed, then I gently undo your pants and slide them off, finally slip your boxers off and tie your legs to bed. Giving you some slack to move. I kiss you on forehead and pull the sheet over your naked body and take your clothing to laundry room. I return and you are sleeping so peacefully.

I decide not to wake you, but put my head on your shoulder and rest my hand on your chest. I wake up first to find my hand slipped down and you’re partially aroused. You wake up to hear the shower turn off and you see me drying my hair in door, my short silk robe clinging to my wet body. Knowing that I have been playing with the massaging shower head my body flushed nipples hard wondering how many times I’ve already cum and thinking how amazingly wet I must be canlı bahis and softly groaning, you struggle to move.

I pull out warm bowl of water and set it between your legs, taking a washcloth I wash your feet then up your legs moving the bowl next to you. I lift you and do your butt and back then your sides and down your arms and finally across your chest and a soft swipe across your face. I then gently rub your cock making sure it’s sweat free. I go dump the water and then leave room. I return with an ice cube tray. I take one cube out and slowly melt it around and over your nipple then I slurp up the puddle licking it dry slowly sucking it in my mouth before I grab another for your other nipple and tease you with it as I suck your nipple dry. I grab an ice cube and put it on your lips open up I say.

You comply and we kiss until it’s melting the cold contrasting with your warm tongue. I untie my robe and use it to blindfold you hear me move bahis siteleri and hear the sound of my hands rubbing together you suddenly feel my warm oiled hands on your chest. I sit on you, letting you feel my wet pussy hairs brush against your chest. I oil you up and down then move off. You hear little suddenly you feel my fingers rubbing your balls my breasts against your legs. My fingers find a sensitive spot near the base and tickle it.

I let my hands caress your balls as I lick your cock, circling and swirling up to tip which I kiss warmly and wetly before I crawl up your body my warm oiled breasts surrounding and caressing your cock for a few moments before I move. I smile and rub my wet clit against your hard cock, not letting you enter just pleasuring myself.

I let out a loud moan as I climax. I barely can resist taking you now, but I crawl up further. I take one hand and hold your head down while I shift you smell my excitement. bahis şirketleri You feel one thigh press against your cheek and then they other I lean back and let go of your head my real hair flowing down between your legs.

Your warm wet tongue tastes my excitement and you probe me expertly I gasp loudly as you tongue wiggles fast against my g-spot and my body explodes. I feel myself cum. I look down in surprise and sit up your face is covered the wet blind fold sagging. I remove it and you watch as I slip one finger in to myself then two and finally three you can see I’m holding back and I pull them out placing one on your lips. You clean each one.

“Three ice cubes three fingers three times.”

“Only been twice for you,” you reply.

I lower myself onto you your hard cock filling me achingly sweet I go slowly wanting to enjoy this but you move with me increasing speed you burst agonizingly sweet right as my body orgasms the powerful waves of pleasure ripple through your body and you collapse. I lay on top of you breathing heavy. We kiss feeling sated after imagining doing this to you for so long. “You just made it three,” I whisper softly into your ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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