16 Haziran 2021

To Have and To Hold

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What is it about men and the South of France? Is it the way us ladies stroll about with our tits exposed, the relentless sun or the fact that they are in a foreign country. This story comes after conversations with an old friend who like many others have had their once perfectly good relationship destroyed by a partner’s infidelity. In short she caught him fucking the woman staying in the Villa next door to theirs.


After a blazing row with Richard I stormed off to the beach hoping it would be empty for I was in no mood to be sociable, evil perhaps but not sociable, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. It seemed the whole world had conspired against me, for there were very few spaces to be had on the beach, those that were, were at the back close to the sea-wall, eventually I managed to squeeze myself in between a woman who one could only describe as a walrus and a big, tall brawny guy.

It was a really hot afternoon and with the sun’s ray being reflected off the wall I soon started to burn-up, as I started to rub sun oil into my arms and legs, this guy offered to do my back and before I could say anything he had taken the bottle of lotion out of my hand and was busy rubbing it all over my shoulders, he despite his size turned out to be real friendly with an light French accent, as we chatted all my troubles seemed to vanish so I turned over and allowed this complete stranger to oil my back, for a big man he had one of the gentlest touches I’ve ever known. I was still pretty upset, no; I was really pissed-off about this mornings events. I don’t know if he had any idea that I had been crying, I suspected that he may have, but like a true gent said nothing. After an hour or so our conversation started to dry-up so I pulled a book out of my bag and began to read whilst he settled back onto his towel and went to sleep.

Sometime later, whilst I happened to be looking him over, he turned towards me and I couldn’t believe what I saw. His cock lay sideways in his short trunks and he must’ve been having a dream or something, because he was aroused and he was huge. It wasn’t like he was exposing himself or anything. But, my god, the size of his cock was unbelievable.

I tried to read my book, but my concentration was gone, for I just kept peeking over and checking it out. It’s not I’m a great fan of large cocks for I’m quite petite so even the average cock feels big to me. I think it was more the uniqueness of the thing. I’d never seen one this big before.

Well, I lost track of time for awhile, day dreaming probably about Richard fucking Amanda earlier this morning whilst I stared at it. Sensing something was different I came out of my trance and I looked up to see him watching me. I blushed, boy did I blush and then laughed nervously. I had been well and truly sussed. I looked back at him again and still laughing at myself, I apologised.

He told me not to worry about it. It happens all the time.

“I can see why” I blurted out “That thing is huge” as I covered my face laughing.

When I got myself back into control, I told him I was sorry again. I explained that I had a really bad morning and had caught my finance fucking a woman earlier and just wasn’t myself. I didn’t mean to be rude or embarrass him.

He said in a tender voice “I am so sorry to hear that, the guy must be an absolute jerk, and you didn’t embarrass me.” He said. “In fact I’m impressed, most women ignore me and act as if I did something wrong when I catch them looking. You’re really upfront about it, but then you’re probably are used to catching guys checking your body out too.”

I thanked him for the compliment and admitted that yes, I do get my share of attention and that I did admire guys who where straight up about it, then laughed my pun. He laughed too.

“Let me buy you a drink to make up…I know I need one right now.” I said

“Sure, I’ll have a beer.” he said.

We walked along the beach to a small bar. I bought a couple beers and brought them to where my new found friend was sitting. He thanked me and took the beer. We clinked bottles and said “cheers.”

We drank our beers and talked small talk for awhile until I finally had to ask, “Ok, so tell me, since I’m already sussed and I can’t leave things alone, just how big is it? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that size before.”

He laughed, “Wow, you English are so direct!”

I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled sweetly up at him.

“Well, it’s a little over 9 inches long and it’s just over 6 inches around.”

Now it was my turn to be amazed, “You wrapped a tape measure around it!”

“No, he laughed, “A girl I was dating at the time did, I think she wanted to brag to her girlfriends. Funny thing is, she liked to look at it and even play with it, but that was as far as it went.”

“Really, I am not at all surprised” I said.

“Yeah, a lot of women like to see it, but it usually scares the shit out of them when I try to get them into bed. A lot of guys think canlı bahis şirketleri it’d be great to have a big cock but I can tell you that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I mean some girls like it, but I’m attracted to smaller women and well the two just don’t gel really well.”

I could certainly understand that, I just couldn’t imagine how it could work. I told him that I still thought it was pretty amazing, I’d never seen anything like it.

“So, would you like to see it?” he asked.

“I mean I don’t expect you to do anything, but you seem pretty amazed and I think you’re really cool, I just thought you might like to see what it looked like in the flesh.”

Did I want to see it, of course I did but I didn’t want to seem too forward and besides we were on a public beach where although partial nudity was allowed exposing ones genitals was a definite no-no.

“I don’t know I hedged, I mean I wouldn’t want us to get caught or anything.”

He looked around and said “What about the fields over there,” pointing over to the long grass behind the bar.

“I guess it’s safe.”

“I don’t think anyone will see us and we will hear if anyone comes by, it’s up to you though; I don’t want to offend you or anything.”

“You won’t offend me.” I told him. If you want to show it to me, then sure; I’d love to see it.

“You are so cool.” He said with a definite admiring tone.

“Am I” I replied laughing, before continuing to say,” Let me get us a couple more beers.”

He offered to buy, but I shushed him away and went to the bar. I bought 4 more beers and carried them back to where he was standing.

“You ready” he asked.

I turned towards him and shook my head “OK”; we walked over the fields until we found a discreet spot in some long grass close to a large tree and sat down. Whether it was the hypnotic voice of his or the fact that the long grass had been tickling my upper thighs and pussy but by the time we came to sit down I was quiet randy.

I looked at him with curious eyes, thinking “what the fuck have I let myself in for.”

He put his hands into the top of his trunks, took a quick look around to make sure we were on our own, then pulled his trunks down. I was amazed, awestruck and speechless. He was fully shaven a rare thing with men and the monster was just as I had imagined.

I mean I’ve seen porno movies with guys who had huge cocks, but I have never ever seen anything in real life, this thing was twitching in front of me and to my shame I’ve seen and had more than my fair share of cocks. Only this thing was immense! I know it doesn’t sound that big of a deal when you see the number, but let me tell you in real life a 9 inch cock is big!.

The head was deep purple and huge; it looked like a mushroom sitting on top of a big, fat shaft. The veins were sticking out of the sides of the shaft, making it look ready for business. I couldn’t see his balls, but could imagine them being big too. He stroked it a few times and it was like he was pumping it up. That big purple head throbbed, and little drops of fluid were oozing from its tip.

He looked over at me smiling, proud of his treasure.

I sat there with my mouth dropped open, just staring at it.

“Wow!!” I said softly “it’s beautiful!” and I meant it, I love cocks. I’ve always loved them, I love how they look, how they feel and how they taste but I especially love the wonderful things they can do to you.

“You can touch it if you want too it’s up to you I’m not pushing or anything.”

I looked at it.

This was one of those moments that events hinge on. When a woman touches a guy’s cock for the first time, there’s an implicit agreement made. I could walk away satisfied that I got to look at it or I could get my revenge for Richard’s actions.

I looked at his cock standing there to attention in the sun and thought for a few seconds not saying anything, I was really still pretty upset from this morning and I was now aroused. I guess even more aroused now looking at this magnificently huge cock in front of me. That’s a dangerous combination; I was lost from the moment and just couldn’t resist feeling how heavy it’d be in my hand.

I reached out and gently went to wrap my hand around the thing; surprisingly I couldn’t get my hand around it.

I ran my fingers lightly over it exploring the feel of it. I could feel it throbbing and could sense the power of it. The blood continued to power the thing, making it even harder. The head was velvety soft. I was having bad-bad thoughts, first I wondered if I could get it in my mouth then I wondered how it would feel in my mouth.

I absently began stroking it still trying to get a handle on its size, it just seemed unbelievable to me. Cocks just seem to be made for stroking; it’s so easy to run your hand up and down the hard shaft.

As I did he moaned out in his pleasure.

I smiled, I was glad that he was enjoying my attention. Again I was lost in the moment forgetting where canlı kaçak iddaa I was, I wrapped my other hand around it. I was getting really turned on and hot. I had never had to use two hands to wank a guy before. This was pretty cool. Every sudden jerk as I touched his sensitive spot sent a tingle down my body and I could feel myself becoming wetter and wetter.

His eyes were now closed; he told me that this was his fantasy. He always dreamed of a strange, beautiful woman enjoying his cock like this. He moaned as I slowly continued to stroke his massive cock with both hands. I was just mesmerised by what I could feel in that thing.

He told me how this never happens to him because most women who see him regard him as a freak because of his size. They like to look, but are afraid of touching it, afraid of the consequences.

I told him that I could well understand why, but I wasn’t most women.

He opened his eyes and looked at me in disbelief, “Do you think you may try” he asked.

I ran one hand up his shaft and squeezed the soft, spongy head of his cock.

“Do you think you’re the only one with a huge cock?” I asked.

He lusty eyes showed intense interest, “Have you had a big cock before.”

“No not as big as this, but when I was eighteen; I was fucked by a coloured guy with a fair sized cock.”

His voice seemed to almost beg “Please try!”

I hesitated thinking it over, but the events of this morning quickly made my decision.

I sat up and took my hands from his swollen cock. I looked around, my turn to find out if it was safe. It seemed to be, I reached up to my neck and untied the string holding up my bikini top, causing it to fall away from my boobs and I held the thin triangles of the cups to my boobs. I lowered the triangles and revealed my pert sun tanned boobs to this stranger. My nipples were painfully erect, excited and begging for attention.

He looked up at me and told me how beautiful my boobs were; he said loved my long pointed nipples.

I told him some guys don’t and he laughed and said they must be idiots.

Topless now, I leaned forward and grasped his cock. I stroked it. I spent time squeezing the mushroom sized head. I tried to imagine him fucking me and couldn’t. How could he fit that thing into me?

“Are you sure, you want to try?” he asked, teasing.

“Maybe, I do like the occasional challenge.”

He looked at me for long time, and he seemed to be studying my pert breasts.

“Can I touch them?” he asked.

“Yes please they are in urgent need of some attention!”

He quickly leaned forward and very gently took a nipple into his fingers. He rolled it; pulled it then twisted it quite roughly.

I let out an “ouch” and then moaned as another dribble was forthcoming.

Looking alarmed he said “Did I hurt you.”

I leaned forward and kissed him “No I love to have my breasts and nipples treated roughly.”

At that he reached over, took my other nipple, and did the same thing, pulling a little rougher than he treated the other one and he twisted it around and round.

I was now breathing heavily as I continued to stroke him, giving him a very slow hand job.

I forgot that I was in a field, possibly with others around. But I loved the feel of the big cock in my hand and his fingers playing with my nipples.

My eyes were filled with lust and I leaned forward and kissed the head of his beast.

I moved up over it and brushing my hair away from my face, I began to kiss and nip all over the big thing.

Was I ready for this? Did I really want to do it? His cock was barely an inch from my mouth. I was starting to freak out, fuck its big. Too many thoughts were going through my brain. I wasn’t ready.

“Open your mouth” he said as he pushed his hips forward. I still had my hand around his cock and directed it away from my lips. I just wasn’t ready. He replaced my hand with his. I looked up to see if he was mad.

“You will never get another opportunity like this, so…just try it” he said rubbing his cock against my lips. “Don’t think about it, just do it. Open your mouth and just take it in gently.”

He pushed his hips forward again and his cock slipped right past my lips.

My senses were exploding. There was a warm piece of flesh between my lips. I could taste pre-cum on my tongue. I could smell his arousal. My brain was scrambled with conflicting emotions. This was either the best thing I had ever done or I was on my way to hell depending on which one I listened too.

“Yeah, good…Now just relax…breath normally.”

I couldn’t believe I had my mouth full of cock. My breathing was short and quick from all the excitement. I focused on slowing down, taking long smooth breathes. Somewhere along the line his cock went from ‘alien object in my mouth’ to ‘erotic source of incredible excitement’.

I pulled back slowly feeling his flesh drag across my over stretched lips. I could feel the mushroom shaped head of his cock and canlı kaçak bahis explored it with my tongue. His moans seemed like they were coming from a parallel universe. I started the old in and out, trying to take in as much of his cock as I could before pulling back off. The more I felt his cock seesaw between my lips, the more relaxed I became. The more relaxed I became the more I appreciated the sensual and erotic sensations.

Once everything morphed into this completely erotic experience and nothing else, no thoughts, no judgments…the only thing that existed was his warm, smooth flesh throbbing between my lips. Suddenly I knew exactly what to do. I knew at that moment that I controlled him in a way I would never control anyone else on the planet.

He was moaning as I licked that erogenous area just under the head, that special place where all the nerves are. It started to bounce and I stopped. I didn’t want him to come, not yet.

As I was doing this, he continued playing with my breasts, teasing my nipples, squeezing them hard and then caressing them. I loved the attention. I thought of what it might look like if someone were watching us and it got me even hotter. I wondered what Richard would say when I told him that I had blown a guy in a field in response for what he had did this morning; that made me even lustier.

I lifted away from his cock for a moment to get my breath back and then I moved over the head of his cock and lowering my head, I started to take it into my mouth again.

The head was so fat that I felt that I couldn’t have stretched my mouth any wider. It kind of popped into my mouth. The shaft wasn’t as fat as the head. I started to run my tongue around it and he began to moan even louder.

“Oh my god, that feels so fucking good!”

I was getting hotter and wetter every second.

I moved down on his cock to see how much I could take, I could take only about half of him in. I felt if I took him any deeper into my throat, I’d choke. I started to move up and down on it, stroking the rest of the shaft.

He moved his hands to my bottom and started to massage my cheeks. One of his hands moved down to my lower thigh and started to caress it. The other kept squeezing my bottom. I moved my leg further up, allowing access to my pussy if he wanted it.

He tentatively moved his hand further up my leg and began to rub his way north. When he got to the top of my thigh where it meets my pussy, he rubbed around my bikini bottoms on both sides without touching me. He did that for an insanely long time, I was so hot, I was now purring.

I sucked even harder on his cock. The wet sounds of a blow job would have been clearly audible to anyone passing by. I cupped his big balls rolling them in my hand. He groaned his pleasure. I was crazy with lust now; I sucked one of his balls into my mouth while I rolled the other in my hand. His cock was twitching, almost ready to blast its heavy load.

Finally, he rubbed the back of his hand against my covered pussy as if by accident. I moaned and opened my legs even further.

He rubbed again, but this time with his fingers and it drove me another notch higher on the turned on scale.

I continued to make love to his cock with my mouth. I loved the size of it, it was a challenge. When ever it would start to twitch, I’d stop sucking and let him get back in control while I licked his balls.

His fingers started rubbing the sodden cloth covering my pussy and I moaned as I felt the light touch of his fingers.

Finally his fingers worked their way under my bikini bottoms (he let out a “Wow, when he felt my smooth damp waxed pussy, the one that I had especially waxed for Richard), and then finally I felt his warm fingers running across my juicy opening.

He pushed the bottoms aside and revealed my pussy.

I rolled my hips and started sucking harder on his cock. I was lying on my belly now. The idea of what we were doing, where we were doing it and the chances of getting caught had me wild.

His curious fingers continued to explore all my folds and finally found my tender spot. He skilfully rolled my clit in his fingers and then started stroking it through its hood.

I could feel his fingers as they pulled and pried and investigated my opening, (I am sure he was testing to see if I was big enough to take him), his big fingers spreading me wide, then these big fat fingers slide into me and forced me to want more, his fingers pulled at my lips, showing me off to whoever might walk by. He then untied the first string to the left of my bikini bottoms, then the one to the right, my bottoms now dropped away from me, and then with one strong hard stroke he pulled them away from me. I was now naked as him.

I started to really bob up and down on his cock, he was getting close and I could feel it. He pulled my head away and told me he was about to cum.

I looked up at him and breathlessly told him to cum in my mouth “its ok, I love it.”

He rolled his head back and he moaned, “You’re a fucking fantasy girl!”

After this morning those words did my confidence the world of good.

I took his cock back into my mouth.

I start jerking him off as I worked on his sensitive head with my tongue.

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