16 Haziran 2021


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“Come with me,” I said to her, getting up from the sofa, picking my drink up from the table as I rose. I took her hand in mine and led her towards the stairs.

“What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“You’ll see.” I answered, “Or rather not see!” I laughed.

She pulled back on my hand, stopping us halfway up the stairs.

“What do you mean?”

I turned and moved below her on the stairs, so that our eyes were level, gently pushed against her, her back against the wall, one hand on her hip, the other still holding my glass, my lips gently grazing her neck, barely touching, moving up till my lips were at her ear and whispered, “patience baby,” my warm breath against her neck and ear sending a slight tremble through her body.

I moved away, took her hand once again and led her to the top of the stairs and into the bedroom, placing my whisky on the side.

“Oh, so this is what you want?” She said as she came towards me, her head tilted up, lips searching out mine. But before she could kiss me, I gently held her away.

“Wait,” I said firmly, “I want to undress You first.”

I took hold of the bottom of her top and slowly lifted it up and over her head, then knelt down in front of her to undo the button of her jeans and pull down the zip, slowly sliding her jeans down and lifting her feet out of them.

With her standing there above me, she looked amazing, like a goddess. Beautiful, soft, smooth skin, her treasures hidden by the black bra and thong she was still wearing.

“You gonna undress too?” She asked, her hands reaching for the buttons on my shirt as I stood up.

I took her hands in mine, pushing them away from me. “Not yet,” I responded, “I have something else in mind first.”

I turned and opened the drawer of the dresser behind me and pulled out some black silk scarves and put all but one on the bed.

“I want to put this on you.”

I held the silk up to her face, covering her eyes and tied it at the back of her head.

She stood in the middle of the room, unable to see, but hearing me move behind her, then feeling my hands on her shoulders, softly massaging them, stroking up to her neck, my fingers lightly tickling down her back to her bra, undoing it, sliding it down her arms and onto the floor.

I moved closer to her, my lips on the back of her neck, softly nuzzling into it, lightly kissing down the middle of her back as I knelt behind her, sending tingles through her body. My hands on her hips, slowly pulling down her thong, gently kissing her arse, my lips on both cheeks.

I stood up and led this naked goddess to the bed and laid her down on it. Took another of the silk scarves and tied it gently round one wrist and the other end to the post at the head of the bed, walking round the bed and doing the same with the other wrist and her ankles, slightly parting her legs.

I stood at the foot of the bed and looked down at her. She took my breath away, she was so beautiful, her full, round breasts, her soft belly, her beautiful bald pussy. I could have stood looking at her for hours.

“Where are you?” She asked, her voice slightly trembling. I could tell she was a little nervous and also excited.

“I’m right here baby.” I whispered as I moved round to the side of the bed, she could feel me close to her as the bed dipped as I sat.

“Right here darling.” I lowered my lips to hers, just brushing gently over them, softly tugging at her bottom lip, biting it gently, then kissing her soft and deep, our tongues searching each other out.

I pulled away and sat up.

“I was enjoying that!” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri She complained.

“So was I baby, but I have other things planned.” I replied with a small chuckle as I reached for my glass and shook it next to her ear. She could hear the ice tinkle against the side of the glass.

“How do you feel about the cold?” I asked as I took one of the cubes of ice out of the glass.

“Depends what you meeaaaoohhh!!” Was as far as she got, as I held the cube above her right breast and warmed from my holding it, ice cold water dropped onto her nipple and it instantly became erect.

I lowered the ice onto the nipple, softly stroking over it with, making slow circles around it, slowly tracing across to the other breast, the ice moving smoothly over her soft skin, reaching her nipple, making that one erect as I stroked round it.

“Ohh!” She moaned softly. “That’s sooo cold, but sooo nice.”

The cube had melted completely, so I took another from my glass and put it in my mouth, holding it between my lips, lowering my head to her nearest breast, my warm lips and cold ice moving over and around the nipple, leaning over her as I moved to the other breast, feeling her lift up slightly off the bed, pushing the breast up to me so she could feel my lips and the ice on her and when there was only a small piece of ice left I moved up to her mouth, she could feel cold water drop onto her lips and then my lips on hers, the ice swapping mouths as we kissed, until it was gone and it was just our tongues entwined, our lips locked.

And once again, I pulled away. I looked down at her, watching her breathing, almost sighing, the skin on her face and chest flushed with arousal, I could feel my cock harden.

“Oh god. you are so beautiful, I want you so much baby.”

“I want you too. So untie me so I can touch you.” She responded, her voice slightly hoarse.

“Oh you’ll feel me darling, but I’m not untying you yet.”

I stood up and started to undress. She, still blinded and laying on the bed, could hear the swish as I dropped my shirt to the floor and then jingle as I undid my belt, pulling down the zip and pulling my trousers and boxers off in one movement, reaching down and taking off my socks.

“Now we match!” I laughed. “Well, almost, I can see YOU!

“I’m looking you up and down now, I’m looking at your mouth, wanting to kiss it softly, at your neck, wanting to nuzzle into it, gently bite. Now down over your breasts, they look so gorgeous, full and round, your nipples standing proud, my eyes wandering over your belly, looks so soft and sexy, I want to kiss it softly, stroke my hands over it, down to where I’m looking now,” I paused, “your beautiful pussy baby.

“I want to stroke between your lips, feel you so wet and warm, want my lips on it, tongue slipping into it, tasting you baby.”

“ahhhh, you’re not even touching me and I can feel shivers running through me!” She moaned in response.

My hand was round my erect cock, stoking it slowly, pulling it up and down.

“I’m touching myself now baby, my hand is around my prick,” my voice was becoming a little shaky, “it feels so hot and hard. I’m stroking it, looking down at your naked body!”

“Oh don’t tease me!” She sighed

I moved round to the bottom of the bed and climbed on and over her, my legs either side of her, she could feel my hard cock against her belly as I moved up her, my lips once again locked to hers, we kissed so deep, hard with passion, she could feel my cock jerk against her belly.

I pulled away and knelt up, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my legs either side of her hips, almost sitting on her, my hands on her soft belly, stroking gently over it, fingers lightly tracing over it, I looked down at her face, the silk blindfold still over her eyes, her lips slightly parted, breathing in small sighs as my hands stroked up over her breasts, softly squeezing them, stroking over the soft skin, my palms rubbing over both nipples, feeling them harden under my touch, my fingers circling round them, then tweaking them gently, rubbing them between my fingers.

“Uh, oooh, baby, your touch feels so good.” She moaned softly.

I moved up and reached for my glass once again, she could feel my hard cock jerk as it moved on her breasts, could hear the last piece of ice tinkle against the side of the glass as I took a drink, the ice falling into my mouth.

I put my glass back on the table and sat up, moving back down her body till my mouth was over her pussy and taking the ice out of my mouth I said with a deliciously evil tone, “I have something special in mind for this last cube of ice.”

I lowered it to her pussy, the cold water dripping onto her skin, making her shiver and take a sharp intake of breath, I placed the cube on her skin, just above her pussy. She could feel it cold against her, the melting water trickling slowly down onto her pussy as the large cube began to melt from the warmth of her body.

I parted her legs further and moved between her thighs. I picked up the ice with my mouth and placed my lips, with the ice between, on her pussy.

“Ah. Uh baby. Oh that’s cold but sooo good.” She moaned, lifting her arse from the bed, pushing her pussy against the ice and my lips, my tongue pushing the ice between her lips, rubbing it over her clit, she could feel the freezing ice and then my warm lips and tongue on her, the difference in feelings making her body judder.

“Uh. oooh. this feels so, uuh, good.” The ice water dripping down her pussy to her arse as I licked the cube round her pussy, getting smaller all the time, till my tongue and the ice was over her wet hole, tongue pushing it into her, she felt it melt, the water mingling with her juices, feeling my warm tongue inside her, tasting her, slipping in and out and then licking up and flicking over her clit.

My fingers began stroking slowly up one thigh, till I could feel her pussy, slipping my fingers deep into her as I lapped over her clit, circling round it with my tongue, building up pressure and speed, as her wet pussy gripped my fingers as they slid slowly in and out of her, my tongue hard against her clit, lapping over it harder and faster, my fingers sliding so deep into her.

“Uuuuh. Oooh. God baby. Uuuuh. Ahhhh. I’m going to cum. Uuuuhh. Baby. You feel so good!”

She pushed her pussy up against me firmer than before. My tongue flicking at her clit, my fingers sliding in and out of her, feeling so warm and wet, my mouth hard against her, feeling her pussy ripple around my fingers as she came.

“Uuhh ahhhh god ahhhh!” Her body juddered as her orgasm went through her.

“Untie me!” She demanded, panting furiously, “I want to touch you baby”

I moved back up her body, kissing softly as I went, my lips on her belly, slowly moving up to her breasts, then on till they were on her neck, kissing softly, gently biting, my lips moving to hers, mouths open, tongues entwined, she moaned into my mouth as she felt my hard cock against her wet pussy, I leaned on one elbow, my other hand slowly stroking up her side güvenilir bahis şirketleri till it was at her face, cupping it as we kissed, then up and pulling off the blindfold, moved my face away from hers to look into her eyes.

I got up off the bed and moved down to untie her ankles, she watched me as I moved, her eyes never moving away from my hard, thick cock.

“I want that!” She nodded in the direction of my impressive erection, “I want to stroke it, want it between my lips, both sets!”

I moved up round the bed and untied her hands and she got up and pushed me onto my back onto the bed and then climbed between my legs, moving up till her hair was down over my belly, softly tickling me, one hand stroking slowly up my thigh, her nails tickling over my arsehole and up to my balls, softly taking them in her hands, gently squeezing as she sunk her lips slowly and softly down around my hard cock, feeling it jerk into her mouth, feeling it grow harder.

“Oh fuuuck baby oooh god that’s good!” I moaned loudly as her tongue ran slowly up the length of me, her fingers tickling round my balls, her other hand round my cock, slowly stroking it up and down, pulling the skin back, her tongue flicking over the head of my cock, taking it between her soft lips, her tongue licking the underside and over it, tasting my precum as it started to drip out, her mouth sinking down around my hard cock, one hand pulling the skin down as she went, her other continuing to work their magic on my balls.

“Uuh Jesus darlin! Oooh fuck baby! That’s sooo hot!” The words almost exploding out of me.

My cock felt so hard and huge inside her soft warm mouth as she moved firmly but gently up down its length.

“Oh baby. Ahhhh. I want to make love to you uuhh I want to be inside you!”

I lifted my head and looked down at her as she glanced up at me, her lips still around my cock and winked at me. She looked absolutely wicked.

With one last slow lick up my length, she took my cock from her mouth and moved up my body, kneeling astride me, my hard cock in hand, holding me at the entrance to her wet pussy, stroking the head against her softly, then slipping it into her as she sunk down onto me, my cock going so deep inside her, feeling her heat and wetness surround me.

Her hands were on my chest as she slowly lifted up and then down again, I moved my cock up to meet her, sliding in and out of her as she moved on me, both of us breathing hard, moaning together.

She could feel my cock jerk inside her as she began to grind slowly against me, her pussy feeling so soft, wet and warm, like moist velvet, I reached up, my hands going around her back and pulled her down to me. We kissed hard and deep with ferocious passion, mouths open, tongues fighting, panting hard into each other, her beautiful wet pussy surrounding my hard cock as she moved up and down on me, moving faster as our passion built, kissing so deep, my hard cock sliding in and out of her, both of us moving faster, she pushing down on me hard as I thrust up to meet her, my hardness deep inside her.

“Oh lady, you feel so good. Uuhh oooh baby I love to feel you, I love being inside you, ahhh, I’m gonna cum honey uuuuhh oooh!” I moaned breathlessly, feeling that familiar ache deep in my balls and stomach.

“Oh god ahhhh uuhh me too baby! uuh”

She felt my hard member jerk and pulse inside her, felt it grow bigger as I thrust deep up into her, my cock throbbing and as I released into her, I felt her orgasm around me as her pussy rippled, and she collapsed on top of me, my arms holding her close to me, both of us out of breath and satisfied.

We lay together a while, our breathing subsiding, I held her softly in my arms, her head on my chest, I kissed the top of her head.

“I need a drink,” she said looking up at me, “we got any ice?”

“I had some,” I replied with a sly grin, “but it melted!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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