16 Haziran 2021

Trip to the Casino

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Big Tits

Jon hit the slot machine on the side as it took the last of the $20 he put in. “Damn it,” he muttered while turning around in his seat.

He gazed around the casino nestled in the Colorado Rocky Mountains while drinking the last of his vodka tonic. His eyes quickly fell upon a group of hot women playing slots. It looked to Jon like they were here for some sort of party. There were definitely several of these babes that Jon would like to party with. Feeling brave from the five drinks he’s already downed Jon made his way over to them and sat at a slot next to a particularly hot redhead. She gave him a coy smile as he put another twenty into the machine and ordered another drink from the cocktail waitress.

She looked like she was in her mid-20’s. Her shoulder length red hair made her look very sexy, especially with the very low cut cocktail dress she had on. Jon looked down and could see that it was cut rather high up as well. She gave him a little wink to tell him that she knew exactly what he was doing when he sat down next to her. Jon could tell that she’s had a few drinks already too. Soon they were both laughing as they verbally abused their machines. Her name is Roxanne (call me ‘Roxy’) and she was there for her friend’s bachelorette party. When her friends were ready to move on she told them to go ahead while giving a Jon a “you’re going to fuck me very soon” look.

Jon noticed a couple of Roxy’s friends give her a weird look as they left for the next casino. He didn’t really care since this beautiful woman seemed interested in screwing with him. The two of them played Blackjack while having a couple more drinks and laughing it up. She slipped her hand onto his thigh under the table and began rubbing up and down the inside of his leg. Every time he hit a blackjack her hand would go up and give his cock a quick squeeze through his pants. The dealer seemed to notice although the other players were too drunk or focused to pay attention to anything other than the cards.

Jon was ready to go up to his hotel room and screw this bitch. However, Roxy seemed intent on torturing him for a little while longer. Finally, she got up from the table after running out of chips and he quickly got up to follow her. Since he was actually up they had to go to the cashier’s window to cash the chips. Jon wanted to wait until tomorrow and go straight to his room but she insisted. As they waited in the line she stood in front of him and wrapped his arms around her. I could feel her subtly rubbing her ass against his crotch. Roxy smiled as she felt his raging hard-on grow and press against her hip. Finally they cashed his chips and made a beeline for the hotel elevator.

They got in, hit the button for his floor, and the second the doors closed he pushed her against the wall. The two of them kissed and groped each other as the elevator took them up. He reached under her dress and could feel that her panties were soaked. She moaned as he began to rub her pussy. Suddenly, he grabbed her canlı bahis şirketleri panties and ripped them off. Roxy gave a squeak of surprise as he held them up for her to see. A drop of her pussy juice dripped to the floor. As the elevator dinged and opened up on his floor he dropped them to the floor, took her by the wrist, and half dragged her from the elevator and down the hall to his room.

He fumbled in his pocket for the key card as Roxy wrapped her arms around his neck and began to furiously kiss him. She pressed her body into his, grinding her hips into his crotch. She could feel him growing even harder through his pants as he unlocked the door. They got into the room and he pushed her up against the door as it closed. She furiously undid his belt and pants. Once they were opened she pulled his pants down enough for his cock to pop out. She saw how big he was and knew that this was going to be a good screw.

She reached down and began stroking his long shaft. A sigh of anticipation escaped her lips as he pulled down her dress to expose her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were hard as ice picks as he massaged them with her hand. They kissed each other hungrily as his hands began moving down her sides. He kept working downwards and reached around to begin feeling up her ass through the dress. Roxy moaned into his mouth as he began to roll up her dress to expose her panties.

He broke off the kiss and looked her in the eyes intensely. Meanwhile, he began to rub her cunt through her underwear. Jon continued rubbing as he enjoyed the sight of his woman going even further into heat. She leaned back against the door, closed her eyes, and let her mouth hang open in pleasure. As he rubbed her he could feel her panties become even wetter. At the same, time she began gasping and panting heavily.

Finally, Jon couldn’t take it any more. He had to mount this bitch now and fill her with his seed. He grabbed her panties and with a good tug, ripped them off of her. She gave a startled jump as he let them fall to the floor. A condom or birth control didn’t enter his mind. The only thing that mattered is that he mates with this woman. Roxy looked Jon in the eyes, as she grew more excited at the prospect of him mounting her.

Jon grabbed her by the ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs and arms around him as he lowered her onto his big, hard cock. Roxy gasped as she took his member into her. He began fucking her as hard as he could against the door. Anyone walking by would hear a rhythmic thumping sound as he pushed his member ever deeper into this slut. Jon couldn’t last very long with all the foreplay of the evening and within a couple of minutes he was shooting his seed deep into Roxy’s pussy. Roxy smiled as he deposited his seed within her.

Jon let her down and she took him by the hand and led him over to the bed. At the edge of the bed she kissed him deeply before pushing him so he fell onto the mattress. She leaned forward to begin canlı kaçak iddaa pulling his pants and boxers all the way off of him. At the same time he pulled off his t-shirt. When Roxy stood up she let her eyes take in the sight of this naked man who just screwed her. Jon admired how hot she looked with her tits popping out over her bra and her cocktail dress rolled around her waist. He could see a little bit of cum trickling down the inside of her thigh.

She crawled onto the bed; letting her breasts brush against his legs as her face comes to rest over his semi-hard cock. Roxy took it in her hand and began jacking him off. At the same time she started to suck his balls. She could feel his member grow and harden in her hand. Her cunt was getting even wetter at the thought of it inside her. Roxy stopped sucking his balls and began lick the head of his cock. Soon licking became sucking.

Jon groaned on the bed as this incredibly hot woman he just met gave him the blowjob of his life. Just before he was going to cum again she stopped, looked up at him, and smiled. She rolled over onto the bed next to him and opened her leg. Jon didn’t need any coaxing. He went down and buried his face in her wet cunt. Her mouth fell open for a loud groan as his tongue found her clit. Her back arched and she began to shudder uncontrollably as a huge orgasm built up inside her. Jon reached up with both hands and found her tits. He began pinching and twisting her nipples as Roxy gasped over and over.

Jon continued licking her clit as he stuck to fingers up her pussy to find her g-spot. Now Roxy’s body was thrashing on the bed as she moaned as loud as she could. She was having one of the biggest orgasms of her life. Jon came up so she could lick her pussy juices off his face. As she was doing so he lined up his cock and mounted her roughly. Roxy arched her back as she felt his cock penetrate her. Jon took one of her tits in his hand and began sucking on her nipple as he fucked her hard.

Since he had just fucked her before he was able to hold himself back this time despite her cumming yet again underneath him. He began to neck her as his hand reached down and began to finger her ass. Roxy was screaming in pleasure now as Jon mated with her. She was clawing at his back as he pushed his cock up her pussy and his finger up her ass.

Roxy pushed Jon off of her and turned around onto her stomach. She lifted herself to her knees and elbows and waved her hips in the air at him. Jon got up behind her and for a moment couldn’t decide which hole to enter. He just rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack before deciding on her pussy. Roxy moaned as he entered her again. Her moans continued as he began fucking her again. After a moment she groaned and said, “You’re so much better than my husband.”

For a second Jon went into shock. She’s already married?!! He’s fucking someone else’s wife?!! That explains why her friends looked at her weird when they realized she wanted to be fucked by canlı kaçak bahis him. Then he realized that he didn’t really care. If anything, this makes it all the better for him. Now he doesn’t have to worry about starting a relationship. He can just screw her and move on. Even better, if he knocks her up it’ll be her husband’s problem!

He slowed down for a moment but began to pick up the pace of his thrusting. Roxy was just groaning repeatedly as Jon began to spank her ass. She could sense a change in him. He started being rougher with her, pulling her hair and clawing her back and ass as he fucked her. He started thrusting into her hard; so hard that she grunted with each one. She knew that he was building up to his climax. Her tits were rolling around and she reached up with one hand to rub them as he spanked her repeatedly.

Jon wanted his bitch under him while he shot his seed into her. So he pulled out, grabbed her by the shoulder, and threw her onto her back. Roxy loved being dominated as she pretended to resist by not opening her legs. Jon forced them open and mounted her again. Now he was shagging her for all he was worth. Roxy felt his arms force her legs up as the bed shook. Then his body collapsed on top of hers and she could tell that he was shooting his seed into her.

After a minute or so he rolled off of her. Roxy laid there for 10 minutes panting and trying to not think about how horny she still was. She rolled over and kissed her man. She whispered, “Thanks baby.”

She then go up and began walking around the hotel room naked, trying to gather her clothes up. Jon stayed in bed, watching her and trying to memorize how she looked. Roxy put her bra back on and turned to him. She said while twirling her panties in her hand, “You know, I’m usually up here every Saturday.”

Jon smiled and replied, “That works out, I’m planning to stay here next weekend too.”

Roxy smiled and came over to kiss him. As they kissed Jon took her panties from her and made it clear that he intended to keep them. Roxy said, “I guess I better be here next weekend if I want those back, huh?”

Jon just smiled as she slipped her dress back on. She said, “I’ll get the room next weekend. I’ll get us a suite so we can be really creative.”

She got her phone out of her purse and called her friends to see where they were. Jon could hear enough to know that they wanted to hear all about what he and Roxy did. She blew him a kiss and left the room. Roxy got to the elevators when she thought, “Oh shit, I’ve just been fucked twice without a condom. Better let Tom have a roll in the hay tomorrow in case I get knocked up again. Don’t know why I bother. It’s not like he ever figured out the other two brats weren’t his.”

A couple came up and waited for the elevator as well. The thought of being commando in her short dress around strangers started to get her wet again. She got in the elevator wondering what she’ll have Jon do to her next week. Maybe she could bring her handcuffs and have him “rape” her. Or he could bend her over in the shower and take her in the ass. Oh well, she could think about it while Tom had his go with her tomorrow. That bastard was so boring in bed and she needs to get herself wet for him somehow.

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