13 Haziran 2021

Undressed Rehearsal

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Opening night was less than 2 weeks away and the show was coming apart. Sure, it was just amateur theater, but even amateur theater needs some class. The lead cast knew they could do a lot more than the first-time director was having them do.

“I swear, if he asks me what my motivation is one more time, I will throttle him. It’s a damn musical! My motivation is to sing my song and not fall flat on my face when I am dancing with you,” Eric, the leading man, told his ‘co-star’ Nicole.

“Yeah! At least he doesn’t have you do an entire dance routine in a towel the size of a dishrag. I am sure everyone is getting to see more than they are paying for.”

Eric could not disagree. He, like the entire male cast and crew, stopped whatever they were doing to catch rehearsals of the scene where Nicole and her fellow nurses simulate having a shower on stage. In addition to having them all wear next to nothing, the director was having them dance a shower-dance that could have been part of any nightclub, stripper routine. But, even with a stage full of half naked girls, Eric’s eyes were always drawn to Nicole’s body. For a dancer, she had amazingly round and large breasts that rose tantalizingly over the towel in the scene he was visualizing. And when she turned around, the entire bottom half of her tight dancer’s ass was exposed.

“And we really need to work on some of our dialog scenes, Eric. I mean we have rehearsed the shower scene every day, but you and I have yet to even block the scene where we dance on your patio after the dinner.”

“Yuck! That’s the one where I have to do my awful French accent. I would rather watch the shower scene again.’

Nicole laughed and punched him on the arm, “I’m sure you would. But seriously, we need to work on that scene,” and then after a while, “you know, we don’t have a rehearsal tomorrow night. Why don’t you come over to my place after work and we can run through some lines, do some blocking, and maybe even work on the dance.”

Eric had been nodding his head until she mentioned the dance. The thought of dancing with Nicole filled his head with dread. He was a good enough dancer. In fact, that’s what had landed him the lead in the Phillipsburg Players production of South Pacific. It was the fact that the director wanted their dance to be steamy, and even the thought of holding Nicole tight while she moved her firm, round hips against him, was enough to make him hard as a rock.

“Errrr…sure,” he replied, unable to think of an excuse fast enough, “see you tomorrow then.”

He watched her as she gracefully moved away. Her dark hair came to just below her shoulder blades. She was wearing a simple white T-shirt that did not quite reach her stretch pants revealing a few inches of tan and taut abdomen. But it was her ass that arrested Eric’s attention daily. From her narrow waist, her hips flared our forming a wide womanly shape. Each of her ass cheeks, tightly restrained in spandex, was a perfect hemisphere. The pants dived deep into the crack between her buttocks and Eric, and half the males on the cast, fantasized about running his tongue down that magical crevasse. She wore the kinds of thong panties you would expect a dancer to if she did not want large amounts of crotch fabric bunched up in her ass after a few active moves. Her thighs were firm and muscular, and Eric had spent a few nights wishing she would lock him between those tapered legs while he explored their confluence with his lips and his tongue.

“And Eric, if you like, I can cook up some pasta and we can eat after we practice, OK?” He had been so busy imagining the ravenous things he would do to her pussy, that he had not seen her returning towards him.

It had been a rough rehearsal period. In addition to the incompetent director and the limited talents of the amateur cast, Eric had been having a very literal hard time with his many romantic scenes with Nicole. She was gorgeous enough that Eric found himself being distracted by her silky hair or her pouting lips or her dark, mysterious eyes. If he tried looking away from her face, her luscious breasts, flat belly and her surprisingly rounded ass made him embarrassingly aroused. He spent many rehearsals trying to make his painful erection go away by staring at the unattractive woman who played Bloody Mary. He had spent time with actresses and dancers before, but had never found himself as lost as when he was on stage with Nicole. The extra session at her apartment sounded great, if he could concentrate long enough.

The day had been a busy one at work for Eric, so he had been able to reach her apartment without having formulated too many teen fantasies involving Nicole’s canlı bahis lips wrapped around his cock or her dancer’s body suspended over his with her muscular legs spread wide apart.

“Come on in,” she said, and lightly brushed his cheek with her magically full lips, “I had just started warming up.” She was wearing a purple tank top and a pair of gray sweat pants. On anyone else this outfit would have looked dowdy. Eric felt his dick twitch at the sight of her ass wiggle away from him.

‘I need to change out of my work clothes if we want to be able to do our dance properly,” he mentioned, staring at her body as she stretched. She had been reaching upwards, stretching every muscle in her body, as well as the tank top that suddenly appeared far too tiny for the job. As her arms reached for the ceiling, the bottom of her exercise bra became clearly visible. She noticed him staring at her perky tits and smiled.

“The bathroom is through that door,” she said pointing behind him.

The bathroom was a feminine pink. Eric inhaled deeply as his dropped his pants and threw on his sweat pants. Damn! His erection would be clearly visible in that. He was glad his pants were dark enough to camouflage the dark spot that would surely form due to his dripping precum. As he was about to leave the bathroom, Eric noticed some of Nicole’s underwear hanging on the door. He was no panty-fetish man, but he found himself drawn to the black, lacy panties. He raised his face to them and was rewarded with a strong aroma of pussy. Eric knew that these must be the panties she had worn all the day for there to be so strong a perfume of feminine secretions. He inhaled deeply a few times and felt his underwear become wet with his own secretions. Eric walked out of the bathroom before Nicole could get suspicious. She had finished her warm-ups and was having drink of water. Her eyes traveled down his well-sculpted body and settled at his groin. She could see the rise in his pants and licked her lips.

“Let’s get started, shall we?” she said, handing him a glass of water as well, “I thought we could do the dance first and then …well, then the romantic stuff.” He knew she meant the scene where they are meant to embrace passionately and kiss.

“Sounds good, do you have the music?”

She bent over the stereo to put in the tape, giving Eric a view of her round butt cheeks straining in her sweatpants. From where he was he could notice no panty lines at all, making him wonder if she had changed out of those ones he had sniffed without replacing them at all.

“Let’s start with our entrance onto the stage,” she directed him, “you come from that side and see me standing looking out over your plantation. Remember, you look like you have never seen anything so beautiful in your life.” She giggled at this last instruction.

“That won’t be hard,” he said looking at her firm body.

She laughed and said, “Be good, Eric, and you will get dinner.” Be bad and you will get laid, he thought to himself.

The initial moves in the dance were straightforward and not too steamy. After a few lines, a quick bow a courtesy, they started a waltz in which Eric held his partner far enough for her not to feel his painful hard-on between them. But then the director had decided the music would take on a sensual, island beat in which Nicole would drape herself around Eric’s body in ways designed to make the audience gasp, and his cock explode. She threw her arms around his neck and pressed up against him. He could feel her breath against his face, warm, fresh. Her lips glistened for a moment and he knew he would have thrust his tongue between them had her directions not called upon her to drop languidly to her knees, still pressing her startlingly round breasts against his torso. He felt her breath on his chin, his neck, and his chest as she fell to her knees. He face was right in front of his crotch and there was no hiding his response to her moves. He almost forgot that he had to lift up almost as soon as she reached the floor. They had had some trouble with this lift in rehearsal, but this time he was able to lift her so that she was in the air and his face was buried in her deep cleavage. He inhaled her perfume; surprised to note that it resembled the aroma he had caught from her panties earlier in the bathroom.

The director had a few more shimmies, drops and lifts, ending with Nicole standing behind Eric with her hands on his chest. As the music finished, they both stood there. She was pressing against him hard enough for him to feel her taut nipples. She allowed her hands to explore his chest and abdomen, reaching as far down as his sweatpants, before he turned bahis siteleri around. His cock pushed against her belly, but she hardly seemed to notice as she started in his eyes waiting for his next move.

He held her face in her hands for a moment before dropping his head to kiss her. Her lips opened the second he touched her and their tongues began their delicious dance. She tasted sweet and made him throb enough for her to notice. Both of their hands dropped, his to her luscious ass, hers to the wet spot his cock had made on his sweatpants. Without breaking their kiss, she started stroking him, so that the spot became very soon a puddle. He knew his precum was flowing like a river by the time she broke the kiss long enough to speak.

“I think we just found our motivation,” she said, slipping her right hand into his sweats. They both moaned as she gripped his rod. He let go of her ass, grabbed the tank top and her bra in one motion. He was amazed at the size and firmness of her tits. They were delicately freckled, and there were no tan lines. The thought of her sun bathing topless drove him mad with desire. Her nipples were small, but hard, sweet as rock candy, as he bent down to suck them. He took one nipple between his lips and pulled as she continued to pump fluid out of his cock.

With her free hand, she grabbed a cushion off the sofa, threw it on the floor, and dropped to her knees in front of him. Eric was reluctant to let her nipples go, but he recognized that she was on the same position she had been earlier during the dance, except this time his cock was released from its prison, and her breasts were naked, centimeters from it. She took the wet head and rubbed the fluid all over her nipples. Eric threw his head back and let out a deep moan.

“Want to fuck my tits or my mouth?” she whispered. He hated the choices women gave him during sex, because he wanted it all.

“Maybe you could use both, huh?” she read his mind, and started rubbing his cock between her cleavage, using her saliva and his precum to lubricate the motion. As she moved him more and more, she stuck her tongue out so that it could just touch his pee-slit when he thrust up between her breasts.

“Oooh, yes, lick me,” he urged, not very creatively, but his mind was filled only with the feel of her hot lips, and the rising aroma of her sex. He wanted to grab her red hair and hold her firmly as he fucked her face, but he held back, knowing that the pleasure she was going to give him in her own way would far exceed that.

Sure enough, within moments, she ducked her head down and started licking his cock from head to base and back again, over and over, allowing him to feel the heat of her tongue all over his shaft. She then dropped further and licked his balls. He spread his legs to give her access and she took each of his balls in her glorious mouth. Her hands were squeezing his ass and she used her fingers to explore deep between his cheeks. The moment she touched his rim, he could feel his cock jump. She must have felt it too, because she looked up into his eyes, released his nuts and took the head of his cock between her lips.

He let her suck him for a minute, before using all his remaining strength to stop her. She moaned in protest, but he knew he wanted to taste her before he came. The memory of the smell on her panty crotch was still fresh, even as his mind clouded over with her sucking.

Eric lifted her again, the way he did in the dance, and so her breasts were in his mouth again. He carried her swiftly to the couch and eased her down so that her ass was in the air. He positioned himself behind her and kissed her neck. His naked cock strained against the thin fabric if her sweats. He could feel the outline of her pussy under the cloth. His hands reached under her and felt the weight of her full tits. The nipples were still bullet-hard and her pinched them causing Nicole to push back hard against his sensitive cock head. He moved back and ran his tongue down her sweaty back and yanked her pants off.

He felt the heat from her rising as he caught her ripe pussy perfume the second her pants were off. He gaped at her naked ass, amazed that it could be even more gorgeous than he had imagined through her clothes. The skin was smooth as porcelain, but warm to the touch as he ran his hand around each cheek and down the central gorge. He noticed the slim line of white skin that ran down between the two well-tanned ass cheeks, and he ran his tongue from her spine to her hole. She moaned and then yelped as his tongue circled her most private hole.

“No,” she moaned, but she only pushed her ass further toward his mouth. Eric ran his tongue bahis şirketleri around her brown hole and sampled her unique flavors. He then positioned his mouth so he could like the sensitive area between her asshole and pussy. Her juices had been flowing out of her hole for quite some time now, so the perineum had a strong taste of her. He inhaled deeply and immediately felt his cock throb.

Eric turned Nicole around so that she was lying on her back, and he was sitting between her legs, facing her juicy, aromatic cunt. She had a delicate bush of red pubic hair above her clit. He bent down and ran his tongue up and down her pussy. Her lips were swollen, pink, large – almost edible.

“Don’t stop, Eric,” she moaned. Her breathing had become ragged as he increased the speed of his tongue action. She moved her hips like she was dancing with his tongue. He stuck his tongue deep inside her, not wanting to miss a drop of her delicious cunt juices. He let his fingers move around until they located her growing clit. He moved his tongue toward it slowly.

“Please lick my clit, baby, suck it, baby, suck my fucking clit …yesssss,” she screamed as his tongue arrived at its swollen destination. It was smooth and larger than any clit he had seen. He held it between his lips and then sucked with all his strength. Not showing the self-control he had earlier, Nicole grabbed his head and held it between her thighs, as she fucked his face harder. He stabbed one finger, then another, and then a third, into her gaping pussy. Her cunt started throbbing. Her felt the flesh under her clit swell. Her moans turned to whines as her orgasm built up. He let one of his fingers move to her asshole and played with the opening.

“Touch my asshole, inside …my pussy, my clit, oooh, my tits, everywhere,” she said as she squeezed her own luxurious breasts.

Eric kept sucking her clit inside his mouth, when suddenly her thighs clamped his face and he was bathed in cunt juices. Nicole screamed out loud and Eric placed one of his hands on her mouth. She sucked on his fingers tasting her own pussy, makiing her cum again, louder, harder.

While her pussy was still sensitive, Eric lifted himself and thrust into her. He felt her cunt walls contract around his shaft. He held himself still for a few moments before he started moving, slowly at first, and then with wild, animal abandon. She screamed loudly, bit his shoulder, almost drawing blood. The pain only pushed Eric closer to his orgasm.

“Get on top of me, so I can lick your lovely tits,” Eric said, withdrawing his cock from her cunt with a loud squelching sound. Nicole sat up, but before letting him enter her, she took his cunty cock into her mouth.

This drove Eric wild, especially as she touched him at the most sensitive spots. This girl knew that deep-throating was something for porn movies. Most men are far more responsive to having their heads licked. Nicole ran her lips and tongue all around the flaming red, delicate head of Eric’s cock until he knew he was going to explode.

“Oh, baby, you are going to make me come …NOW,” he yelled as a warning. But Nicole did not move away. Instead she rubbed his cock a few times on her nipples, licked it again, grabbed his balls and put the head between her delicious lips.

“I want you to explode with more strength than you have ever before,” she said tonguing his pee slit.

Eric looked at her naked ass in the air and then at her lovely face. One of her hands was between her own legs, deep inside her cunt. She smiled at him one more time before returning the cock into her mouth. Her hand came up and went into his mouth. The taste and perfume of her recent orgasm sent Eric over the edge. As Nicole massaged the tip of his cock with her lips and tongue, he felt his balls squeeze their milky juices out. He screamed out as stream after stream of hot fluid flew out of his cock into Nicole’s waiting mouth. She swallowed frantically, tightening the grip of her mouth on his raging penis.

She did not stop sucking him until her eased her head away. Even then she pumped his cock with hands as two more jets flew out and hit her tits. The sight of the overflow come dripping from her mouth made him dribble out the last few drops of semen onto her hands. Eric’s body jerked spastically as she licked his delicate cock head one more time. She positioned her head above his and let some of his own white juice drop into his mouth. He was shocked, but his cock throbbed again. She licked his come off her boobs and her hands.

They both collapsed off the couch onto the floor cushions. He held her face near his and kissed her deep. They both tasted of their mixed juices. They both felt throbbing between their legs. They both enjoyed the mingling sweat and sexual secretions between their bodies.

“I think we are ready for that passionate love scene now,” she whispered into his ear.

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