24 Haziran 2021

University Pleasures Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Disclaimer: the following is a work of fiction. It may contain scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters in this story are fictional and not based on any person living or dead, and are not meant to infringe on any existing characters in other literatures.


On this Saturday and Sunday starting the break week at university, Tom was meant to spend most of his with Dana Foster. Last Tuesday, the two had traveled to Tom’s place in the afternoon, right after their classes, in order to spend some intimate time together. In Tom’s bed, they had passionately made love in many positions, making sure both lovers got intense satisfaction from their encounter. After the fact, resting in the bed over the covers, Dana’s head resting on Tom’s shoulder, they had chatted.

“What are your plans for break week?” Dana inquired.

Tom had anticipated the question; he had been talking to Myriam and Rebecca already, having determined that their Friday games would be off this week but they would spend a longer amount of time in the following break week. So far, it looked to be on Tuesday and Wednesday – and potentially also the Friday after.

“I’m not planning on leaving town,” Tom had said. “Though I have obligations somewhere in the week.”

Because of their arrangement (the fact Dana didn’t want to know what happened outside of their time together), Tom couldn’t be specific about it; Dana knew not to press the issue if she didn’t want to be informed.

“You?” Tom returned with the question.

“I have my first custody appointment – hopefully my last – on Thursday with the judge. Beyond that, I have David most of the week, since his father is headed south with his girlfriend.”

There was bitterness in those words, not because of the girlfriend but because of the trip.

“He comes back Wednesday night – leaves this Friday afternoon…”

“So what’s the plan for the weekend, then?”

Perhaps this constant shifting arrangement was the most annoying part of their relationship, having to deal with the outside world that seemed bent on messing with their schedules. Dana reassured her lover.

“My mom’s taking care of David a good portion of the weekend.”

“Your mom is really something, to take him all the time like that.”

“Well…” Dana mumbled.

Tom lifted her chin so they could look into each other’s eyes.

“What is it?”

“It’s just… my mom really wants me to be happy, and she sees how happy I am when I come back from being with you. I feel I’m abusing of her kindness – you know, being selfish.”

“I don’t think you are,” Tom replied, “especially if she wants to help you out. What does David think of it?”

“David thinks you’re a funny person.”

The comment made Tom smile – high praise from a nine year old, he told himself; Dana hazarded another question, though her tone of voice betrayed her nervousness.

“Would you… be willing to meet my mom?”

Tom didn’t flinch; for a few weeks, he had been anticipating the question and so he had prepared himself.

“Of course. I’d love meeting the woman who created such an awesome person.”

The flattery, sincere or not, earned Tom a wonderful kiss.

“Maybe Sunday evening then?” Dana suggested.


“Awesome… so… that leaves the rest of the weekend for us to find something to do.”

“I have a few thoughts,” Tom winked.

And so they met on Saturday, Dana driving up to Tom’s place. They packed their suitcases into her car and drove off for their roadtrip across the area. Their first stop: a local lake beach. They arrived a little after one in the afternoon. The place was already pretty packed, not that they didn’t expect it. Still, the two were able to find a place near the shoreline among other couples already basking in the sun. The weather had chosen to be cooperative and the sun was dropping its rays and heat all across the beach.

As they settled their towels at their spot, Dana stripped to her sexy black bikini (bought during the week to surprise Tom with it). He couldn’t help but stare at her delicious figure as she lorded it over him. It drew gazes from other people around them as well. There were couples of many ages, ranging from people in their early twenties to others in their early fifties, and body types varied equally. And even though many of the women sported more revealing attires, at this moment, Tom only had eyes for his own partner. Dana wasn’t the most well-endowed girl, this despite being a mother, but her body was tone from all the exercise she put in. She draped her sunglasses over her eyes and came to rest on the towel besides Tom. They traded a brief kiss.

He then reached for the suntan lotion and began to rub it against her skin; it canlı bahis şirketleri wasn’t meant to be erotic but it turned out to be incredibly sensual, Tom sliding his hands against her exposed skin, mindful of everybody that might be watching. Dana lay still, enjoying his caress. He slid his hands under the cloth of her bikini top, then also at the crease between her buttocks and the fabric.

When she turned around, he was allowed to rub it across most of her front skin too; he resisted the temptation of sliding his fingers underneath the cloth covering her breasts, though he could actually see the twinkle of mischievousness in Dana’s eyes, almost daring him to go there. At best, he rubbed the edges of her breasts as she smiled at him.

Once she had been lathered up, she returned the favor by spreading lotion onto his front and back, with much less seductive demeanor than he had displayed. For a while, they merely laid down, basking in the fading warmth of the Autumn sun. It might be their last chance to properly enjoy the beach as November was just around the corner.

At some point, they sparked up a conversation with the young couple hanging out to their left. She was named Judy and he called himself Wade. Judy sported a one-piece yellow swimsuit that perfectly sculpted her round figure, while Wade covered his nudity behind a short red swimsuit.

“Thank heavens for break week,” Wade had broken the ice with Tom.

“Hell yeah.”

Both Wade and Judy were students at another university in town, both medical students apparently. Dana and Tom talked about their own jobs; the four found it amusing that the couples shared the same jobs.

“I was thinking of being a teacher,” Judy said while tossing her blonde locks away from her face. “But I don’t know – medicine is my calling, I guess.”

“And how did you two meet?” Dana inquired.

“At school,” Judy answered.

“We hooked up after a particularly intense study session,” Wade added, though it was obvious he wasn’t telling the whole story. “Been together ever since. And you two?”

Tom was unwilling to share their story, in great part because some of the details might be deemed inappropriate. Dana volunteered an answer.

“We worked in the same office for two years before I noticed him.”

“You noticed him?” Wade replied, puzzled. “You’re gorgeous. I’m sure he noticed you first… not that I’m saying he’s ugly, or anything.”

Judy punched her boyfriend in the gut, but Tom took no offense from the quip; Dana turned to him with the question.

“Had you noticed me Tom? I mean… did you fancy me in anyway before I jumped you?”

The carefree tone of the conversation lent itself to confidence, so Tom decided to be honest about it.

“Well, yes. The first time I saw you, I thought you were gorgeous.”

“Thank you,” she replied, visibly flattered.

“So why didn’t you act on it sooner?” Judy asked Tom. “Why wait two years?”

It was Dana who answered.

“I was married.”

“Oh!” Judy squirmed, almost apologizing.

“Don’t worry. Tom’s a gentleman. He may have found me attractive but he would never have dared intruding in my earlier relationship. Thankfully, that’s over now.”

Dana kissed Tom as she complimented him; he welcomed it absent-mindedly, his mind racing to his activities with the other girls who may or may not have boyfriends or husbands. He had never inquired and the question had never been brought up.

The conversation kept going, with the couples exchanging more pleasantries, and a few juicy details about their respective love lives. It seemed odd at first to share this kind of information with strangers, but since Judy and Wade had no qualms about it, it felt more natural in context. Of course, it was all done in a tone where no passers-by could understand the exchange.

“And so,” Judy finished a particularly raunchy story, “he tied me up to the bed and kept the vibrator on me for about an hour!”

“Well,” Wade half-joked, “I was done, but she wasn’t.”

They laughed about it as they kissed.

“What’s the most exotic thing you’ve done?” Judy asked the older couple.

It surprised Tom how comfortable Dana was talking about such stories; still, before answering, she turned to Tom for permission to tell them. It was a shared experience after all, and they owned it together.

“Well,” Dana started, “we went hiking a few weeks back…”

As Dana related her tale of stripping in nature to expose her Supergirl underwear, then sitting on her lover’s cock as he himself sat on top of a large rock, both dangerously exposed to the elements and potential walkers, Tom listened and watched Judy’s face. Perhaps it was because he was thinking of his sex parties with so many girls, but his first thoughts came to how his dick would feel inside her mouth; he then asked himself what it would take for her to strip naked at that moment.

Yet, a moment later, Tom immediately felt guilty as he pictured himself riding behind Judy as Dana watched, cheering him on.

“Incredibly canlı kaçak iddaa erotic! We need to try that sometime,” Judy spoke to her beau, a wink in her eye as Dana’s tale came to a close.

It pleased Dana that her story had drawn a such positive reaction. It was then Tom noticed that, for a while now, Wade had also fallen silent. It was merely the two women talking. A sudden revelation hit Tom’s brain, perhaps due to his oversexed imagination. As his glare caught Wade’s and he saw him mentally undressing Dana, everything came into focus.

As if that weren’t clear enough, Judy’s next comment crystallized the reality of this encounter – and the reason behind this unique choice of dialogue in a public setting.

“What about multiple partners? Ever tried it?”

Dana, as smart if not smarter than Tom, immediately understood the game being played upon them, and her instinct was to shut down. Tom instantly knew he needed to recover the situation in order to avoid a scene, and he cut in with an improvised answer.

“Oh no!” he said with emphasis. “Never did anything like that together. I don’t think it would be right.”

He didn’t want to lie outright; he merely needed to defuse the situation. In his mind, it was a shame that this young couple had wasted a big portion of their afternoon in trying to score with them – it was also a shame because Tom could see himself fucking Judy. To some extent, he could even see himself fucking Judy alongside her boyfriend Wade in a threesome, spitroasting her by whatever end was accessible, an image that now scratched itself into his mind. But he could not see himself with Dana in any of these scenarios – her shutdown seemed to prove it.

“Oh. Never mind then.”

It was clear that Judy was disappointed; Wade hid it better. The conversation didn’t extend beyond a few more platitudes. Clearly, the young couple hadn’t reached their goal, despite the level of intimate conversation they had established early on. Before they could leave, however, Dana rose from her towel.

“It was lovely meeting you,” she mumbled to the others.

“Same here. Another time, maybe?” Judy replied, and it almost sounded hopeful.

Tom and Dana gathered their stuff without dressing up, and they headed back towards the parking lot. Midway through, Dana stopped, sat down on a bench, and started to laugh hysterically. Tom, concerned, knelt in front of her.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh my God, Tom! They were hitting on us the whole time!”

“Yeah,” he confirmed. “I realized it only at the end.”

“Oh! This is so awkward.”

Tom couldn’t disagree, despite his own personal feelings. To be fair, although he knew that having sex with Judy would have been quite enjoyable, there was no actual need for it. It was a daydream. What bothered him was how easily his mind had jumped to these images, something new for him, at least in a social context. Thinking of porn imagery (that’s how it felt) came naturally in the confines of home in front of the computer or television. This reflex obviously had to do with his renewed sexual drive, quite active in the past few weeks.

“Thanks for saying something,” Dana added. “I was in shock.”

“Well, it was unexpected.”

“I think you saw it before I did.”

“Yeah, but, not long before,” Tom specified.

The laughter had subsided, and Dana was back in full control. The smile she offered Tom was unusual, as was the comment accompanying it.

“It was almost flattering.”

“How so?”

The question had two meanings for Tom; first off, he wanted a clear explanation of the context behind the comment; two, he wondered if Dana had some inclination for being seduced by a woman, since Judy had done most of the talking. Unfortunately, because Tom didn’t express his mindset, Dana only answered in the first light.

“Well, to be hit on is always somewhat encouraging. It means I still got it, at 42 after having a kid.”

Tom let it go; he felt there was no point in pursuing this conversation. They headed back to the car where they got dressed. It was now past four in the afternoon. They had chatted for almost two hours.

“They were really nice people,” Tom commented.

“Oh yeah. Nice. Just… wow.”

Dana was about to turn the motor on, keys in the ignition, when she turned to Tom with a serious gaze, staring silently.

“Yes?” he asked her.

“Can I ask you a question?”


“It’s just… I’m not sure I want the answer.”

Tom looked at her with his most understanding gaze; given their personal relationship, he didn’t want to hold anything back, but if it had to do with his arrangement with the other girls, he would be forced to hide information merely because Dana had earlier demanded it. Still, because he cared, he chose to address it head on.

“I’ll tell you anything you want – but you have to be willing to hear it.”

“I know,” she mused.

For a moment, there was silence in the car. Dana looked away, considering her own need to bring up a question that might trouble canlı kaçak bahis her. But Tom’s recent comment had not eluded her.

“We haven’t talked much about our sexual history,” she stated.

“True. Deliberately, I might say.”

“Randi wasn’t my first,” Dana flatly said without emotion.

Tom didn’t reply; he wasn’t sure what she wanted to say. He also wasn’t surprised. He never imagined his coworker had remained a virgin until marriage. Dana herself was unclear as to her exact intent in saying this; she backed away from whatever trailed on her mind.

“We shouldn’t talk of this here, in the car.”

“Okay. Do you want to talk about it somewhere else or not talk about it?” he turned her comment into the question it implied.

She paused for a moment.

“We should… talk about it. Not here. Let’s go.”

She turned the key to start the vehicle, then rolled out of the parking and into the street. They didn’t share a word the entire fifteen-minute drive; Dana was extremely focused on the road, as if she were avoiding thinking of anything but the drive. They halted just outside the park where they had trekked and made love a few weeks ago.

“Do you want to walk?” he asked her.

“No, just… let’s get out of the car.”

So they did, walking up to a bench just before the marked trail. There were a few vehicles in the parking lot but no other people around. Dana sat on the bench and invited Tom to sit near her.

“I’m going to tell you a few things about me,” she hazarded, biting her lip in uncertainty. “They probably won’t change anything but I need to say them at this point in our relationship. To go further.”

“I’m listening.”

“Once I’m done,” she added, “I’ll be asking you a few questions. And I want honest answers. Truly, I do.”

“I promise.”

She smiled at him; this had nothing to do with a potential problem between them, Tom realized. Dana was nursing thoughts that she needed to air, some that might be challenging – reflections triggered by the day’s events obviously. The drive had probably allowed her to gather her wits and formulate a discourse.

“I… I’m 42. I had David at 33. Except… David isn’t my first child.”

“He’s not?”

This time, Tom was genuinely surprised.

“I was nineteen when I got pregnant with Beatrice. She’s 22 now.”

“You have a daughter!” Tom spoke the obvious, flabbergasted.

“Except… I didn’t raise her. Not since a great while. Tom, when I got pregnant the first time, I was in a really bad place – a bad relationship. It wasn’t abusive or anything like that but… I was a different girl.”

“Different how?” Tom inquired, somewhat afraid that speaking of past troubles would make Dana collapse.

She understood his fear; luckily for her, she had already dealt with most of these issues in her life, and the need to share stemmed from a desire for transparency. Their recent conversation with Judy and Wade had triggered the memories and because she cared for Tom, she needed to let him know about her past trials.

“Well… okay, I’ll get to the point. I don’t know which guy is Beatrice’s father.”

She stopped, hoping he would understand or perhaps speak for her. When he remained quiet, she forced herself to reveal the truth.

“I was nineteen. I was stupid. My boyfriend back then… he organized a sex party. I was… really into it. Sex, I mean. Except the party… it was only guys.”


It was all Tom could reply, mainly because his mind pictured several guys taking turns on Dana, ramming their hard dicks inside her, forcing pleasure into her frame, ejaculating inside her and planting the seeds of a baby, one after the other, grunting all the while; he was angry at himself for feeling aroused as she talked about what must have been a hardship from her past. He was also angry because he could now picture himself participating in the orgy. How beautiful Dana must have been at nineteen already!

“I was willing,” Dana commented, “but I got pregnant. And none of the guys wanted to claim paternity – not even my boyfriend. I spiraled out and things went bad. Almost had an abortion, but then I told myself it wasn’t the baby’s fault.”

“So what happened with the baby?”

“Gave her up for adoption. She’s fine. She contacted me last year.”

“Oh. Wow.”

Dana smiled as she recalled that conversation in her mind; she didn’t share the details with Tom as they related to other matters she was not willing to discuss at this moment.

“I bottomed out, Tom. After I gave her up, I went into a depressive state, and I did some… things I regret. Sexual things – among others. Drugs too, but nothing too hard. Nothing I couldn’t recover from.”

Tom’s heart ached for his lover’s difficulties; he now connected her reaction to the swinging proposal to the triggering elements from her past. It was easier, through empathy, to move away from arousal and into acceptance.

“I got clean and sober when I hit twenty-three; my mom. She found me, she saved me.”

“You were out for three years?” he realized, still dismayed at how low his friend had sunk.

“Yeah. About.”

Her face betrayed no disparaging emotions; she was content with her past and now merely traded it with Tom because she felt he needed to know.

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