13 Haziran 2021

Very Happy Birthday

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Since I moved to Miami a few years ago, my birthday hasn’t really been a big event.

Actually in the three years that I have lived here, I have yet to even go out on my birthday. Whether it has been because I was working, or just never made plans, I typically did not have the pleasure of celebrating my birthday with friends.

That was until my friend Kelly gave me a call this year. She informed me that her husband Jim was out of town visiting his parents in North Dakota. She said that since she was home alone she was taking it upon herself to make sure I have something to do on my birthday this year.

Kelly and I have known one another for about two years. We first met as co-workers for a software development company. While working together, our friendship grew and we became rather close. It seemed like at every company event we would typically hang out together and talk to pass the time.

However, our friendship has gotten stronger over the past year, mainly because the company we worked for closed without any notice. On the day that we found out about the closing it hit both of us pretty hard.

We decided to head back to Kelly’s house, where I had a chance to meet Jim. The three of us hung out talking for a while, and ever since the three of us have been good friends.

I was actually surprised that Kelly even remembered my birthday. I think the only time I even mentioned the date was at our company holiday party the previous year.

No matter, I was happy that she remembered the date, since it was an excuse for the two of us to hang out.

From the first day that I met Kelly I had a major crush on her. While not exactly the model type, there was just something about her that I found very attractive.

She has beautiful green eyes, light brown hair, a great smile and speaks with a slight Southern accent, which I have loved since the first time I ever heard it. She stands about 5-foot-6, and she’s very fit.

I know she doesn’t go to the gym to workout, but she does exercise at home every day. Her tits are just about perfect, about a 32B, but not nearly as perfect as her ass.

Bottom line, I thought she was perfect. Unfortunately for this single guy, she was a happily married woman, of which she has reminded me of on several occasions.

When Kelly and I spoke about my birthday dinner, she decided we would go to a nice Italian restaurant. After all, I am Italian so she couldn’t go wrong with that choice.

I told her that I would pick her up and I would drive us to the restaurant, which she agreed to. I jokingly asked if this was an official date. She got a good chuckle out of that, and let it slide with just a little laugh.

When I got to Kelly’s house, I was pleasantly surprised. We had decided on casual dress, but I got something that I wasn’t expecting.

Kelly came out in a pair of short shorts, and a button down shirt, which was only half buttoned. I guess having a birthday in the summer has some advantages.

Despite having on a half-buttoned shirt, Kelly did a good job of keeping covered up. Being that I think she is very attractive, my eyes like to wander when I am around her. On a couple occasions I was able to get a glimpse of her white lace bra, but while we were at dinner the best view was of her awesome legs. I am positive that she caught me staring at her legs because she commented on it.

“Do you like what you see there,” she asked.

“Of course I do,” I replied.

With that answer I got a wink and a smile. As much as I wanted something to happen right there in güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the restaurant I knew that nothing would or could. No matter what, I didn’t want to screw up the great friendship the two of us had.

I decided to sit back and enjoy the conversation, the food and the view. We passed on ordering dessert since Kelly informed me that she baked me a cake.

After a couple hours at dinner, we headed back to Kelly’s house. Upon arriving, we both decided that we would wait a little while before eating cake. Since my birthday fell on a Friday and neither one of us needed to be at work the following day, we both decided that this could be a rather late night.

We went into the living room, and Kelly decided to put on some music for us to listen to while we sat and talked. She also asked if I wanted some wine to drink, and I agreed.

After only about an hour of talking, we had both finished off two glasses of wine, and I was up pouring a fresh glass for each one of us. While I was up, a song came on that Kelly said that she just loved.

It was a slow song, and Kelly asked if I would like to dance with her. I agreed and went over to the living room and started to dance with her.

In the past I had hugged Kelly, but I hadn’t had a chance to hold her tight like this. I was thoroughly enjoying the dance and even allowed one of my hands to wander a little bit. I moved it slowly up and down her back and even down onto her ass for a short period of time.

None of this drew a comment from Kelly, but I did get a smile.

When the song came to an end, we both stepped back a little, and our eyes met. As we both started to lean in for a kiss, Kelly stopped and asked if I was ready for cake. Despite being disappointed that there would be no kiss, I told her that this was a good time for cake.

Kelly went into the kitchen and put some candles on the cake she baked for me. She brought it out to me while singing happy birthday to me, then cut each of us a piece.

As we sat and eat the cake, we both polished off our third glass of wine. At that point I stopped since I would have to drive home pretty soon. Kelly decided that since she was home she would have one more glass and drank her fourth glass while we continued to talk.

By this time we were pushing 1 a.m., and I felt sober enough to drive home. I also sensed that Kelly was a bit tipsy, so I said that I would help her clean up the dishes, and then I was going to head on home. But Kelly objected.

“You can’t leave just yet, I still have one more thing to give you,” she said.

“I thought you didn’t buy me anything,” I replied.

“Oh, I didn’t buy you anything,” she said. “Give me a minute and I’ll be ready.”

After about a minute or two, Kelly returned to the kitchen and grabbed my hand. She led me back to the living room and sat me down on a chair. She then walked over to the stereo and pushed play. The song that she picked was an upbeat dance song, almost like a song you would hear out at a club.

Kelly looked at me and told me to sit on my hands. When I asked why, she said that her only rule for my gift was that I couldn’t use my hands and this would ensure that I didn’t.

Once I complied, Kelly began.

I couldn’t really believe my eyes, but Kelly was giving me a lap dance. She started off slowly, but soon picked up the pace. She was rubbing her perfect ass on my crotch, and getting me really hot.

Soon Kelly decided to unbutton her top the rest of the way so I could have full view of her lacy white güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bra and breasts. Eventually, she decided to take the blouse off and tossed it across the room.

She could tell just how excited I was, and she reached down with her hands to rub my hard cock through my shorts. At this point, as much as I didn’t want to, I had to stop her. As turned on as I was, I couldn’t let Kelly cheat on her husband. When I reached up and stopped Kelly, she looked at me with a perplexed look on her face.

“What’s wrong,” she asked.

“You have always told me that you wouldn’t ever cheat on Jim, and I can’t let you do it now. Especially since I think the wine has something to do with what is going on,” I explained to her.

As I was talking Kelly was reaching behind her back and unclasping her bra. Once her tits were free she grabbed one of my hands and placed it on her left breast. While I wasn’t the most willing participant at this point, I was paying more attention to the words coming out of Kelly’s mouth than the fact that she was slowly moving my hand over her now hard nipple.

She was telling me that while she was away for work a couple months ago, Jim had slept with her sister…in their bed upstairs. At first Kelly didn’t know, but she started to suspect something when her sister informed her that she was pregnant. At that point Kelly started putting two and two together.

When Kelly confronted Jim he admitted to what had happened and she told him he needed to leave for a while, thus his trip to North Dakota. At this point she didn’t know what her future was with Jim, but she felt she at least was entitled to a fling of her own.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and must have been a little in shock. When Kelly stopped talking she leaned in and planted a nice big kiss on my lips, and I didn’t stop her. She took that as a sign that I was going to be a willing participant again.

Kelly climbed back onto my lap and pressed her tits into my face. I leaned in and started sucking on her tits as soon as I could. I could tell Kelly liked this because she let out a soft moan when I started, and even briefly stopped the lap dance so I could continue.

After a few minutes, Kelly pushed me away. Then she reached down and unlatched my belt, and started to take my shorts off. At this point I was a willing participant and assisted her in removing both my shorts and underwear in one swoop.

Once I was naked, I slid forward on the couch so I could get some leverage, grabbed her and stood up. I then turned around and lowered her onto the couch so I was standing over her. I reached down, unbuttoned her shorts, unzipped them as well, and remove them.

Once her shorts were removed, and flung across the room, Kelly removed her panties on her own. With me standing over her, she reached up with her hands and slowly started to rub my penis. The touch of her soft hands on my cock was remarkable.

While she continued to play with my dick, I slowly leaned in to give her a kiss. The touch of her hands and the feeling of her lips on mine made me want to cum right then and there. Instead I broke the kiss and stepped back a little forcing her to lose her grip on my cock.

I slowly lowered myself down and began kissing her legs and slowly moving towards her pussy. I moved from one leg to the other inching closer and closer to her pussy. As I got closer I could feel her breathing getting heavier and heavier. When I finally reached her pussy I could hear her let out a whisper of “finally”.

That güvenilir bahis şirketleri same sentiment was going through my mind as I was finally able to taste just how sweet she was. As I continued to lick and suck her pussy Kelly started to let out some moans giving me a clue that she was not only enjoying my actions but also that she might be getting close to having an orgasm.

As much as I was enjoying sucking on her pussy, Kelly stopped me and wanted to change positions. She pushed me back onto the floor and climbed on top of me. Once on top of me she grabbed my cock and slowly guided it into her wet pussy. The sensation of finally being inside Kelly, along with the feel of her soft skin pressed up against me, almost brought me to orgasm immediately.

Kelly sat up and leaned back a bit before beginning to slowly grind her pussy on my prick. Wanting to enjoy the moment as much as possible, I grabbed her ass and slowed her motion down as much as possible. Despite her being on top I wanted to have as much control as possible.

Slowly I allowed Kelly to speed up her motions. She started breathing heavier and letting out moans of excitement. At the same time I had my hands rubbing her ass and slowly moving all over her body. One hand stopped on her left breast and started kneading the nipple. With each second that passed her nipple was getting harder and harder and our breathing was getting heavier and heavier.

Just at the moment that I was about to cum I stopped. I still wanted to savor being inside her warm wet pussy. “If you want this to be a happy birthday, you better fuck me, and fuck me now,” Kelly screamed.

With that I rolled Kelly over onto her back, keeping my cock inside her. I bent her knees and lifted her legs which made it easier for me to penetrate deeper into her pussy. I then started thrusting my penis in as far as I could. As my pace quickened I could feel the walls of her vagina tighten as an orgasm overcame Kelly. Her legs started to twitch and she let out a fee loud moans.

The sound of her pleasure sent me over the edge and I erupted inside of her. My body started to shake a bit while I was unleashing my entire load into Kelly. I immediately collapsed on top her in exhaustion. My dick remained inside her pussy as we lay there holding one another on the floor, neither one of us wanting to move.

Eventually we both decided that we needed to get up. Instead of getting dressed though, Kelly led me upstairs to their shower. At first I thought this was for me to get cleaned up, but actually it was for the two of us to shower off together.

Once in the shower, we helped clean each other off. Kelly could see that this was exciting me as my cock started to get hard again. She decided to give it some assistance by grabbing it with her hands and starting to play with it.

The more she played with my cock, the harder it was getting and the more excited I was getting. Kelly decided to get down and start licking the head of my penis.

“Suck it, please suck it” I pleaded.

With my pleas Kelly took my cock into her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down allowing my cock to slide in and out. She also used her tongue in a swirling movement on the head which was driving me crazy.

“Good God, here it comes,” I shouted.

As I came, Kelly held my balls and took everything into her mouth. She continued to hold and massage my balls until nothing else was coming out of my prick.

Kelly helped me clean up again and we both exited the shower. As we walked out into the bedroom to grab clothes, I wrapped my arms around Kelly and gave her a big hug and led us over to the bed. Once on the bed we lay there quietly and fell asleep.

Needless to say, this was probably my best birthday ever. I guess we will just have to see if Kelly has anything in store for my birthdays in the future.

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