13 Haziran 2021

Walk on the Wild Side

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Emilio had had his eye on Daisy the new office assistant for a few weeks now, had noticed her confidence grow as she settled in to the group working under him. Her clothes had begun to change from staid and stuffy to more what he guessed to be her own style. Shorter skirts paler blouses higher shoes. Her blonde hair from a tight bun to a looser more feminine style.

He was so busy wondering what was underneath those clothes he didn’t notice his own secretary entering the room. She smiled knowingly and gently teased him about his obvious fascination for the new girl. He blustered a little but was kidding no one and was amazed to learn that Daisy had been heard saying she had the hots for him.

His secretary suggested he asked her out on a date, perhaps a coffee, a walk or both and before he could back out she called Daisy in to the office and left closing the door behind her.

Daisy stood in front of him all nervous that she had perhaps done something wrong and was biting down on her lower lip waiting for him to speak. She looked so hot it was hard for him to concentrate but he managed to blurt out that he would like to take her for coffee and perhaps a walk. Daisy smiled at him and agreed that would be very nice and she was actually free that afternoon as she was on a half day so perhaps he could meet her at the coffee shop later that day.

Emilio got to the coffee shop a little earlier than planned and decided to wait at a corner table where he had full view of the door waiting for Daisy to arrive. When she came he wasn’t disappointed her hair was down cascading over her back, mini skirt and a T shirt and clearly no bra her nipples hardening under the rough of the fabric. He could feel his cock stiffen and shifted to hide it from view. She arrived at the table and lent forward to kiss his cheek, as she did she whispered illegal bahis in his ear nice trousers perhaps a little tight? A red tinge appeared in his cheeks and she liked that.

They ordered coffee and spent a few moments aimlessly talking over office politics and random subjects when all of a sudden he felt a pressure on his cock still straining at his trousers at the mere sight of her. He realised it was her foot which began to rotate in a circular motion making his cock harder than ever before. He looked at her and she smiled showing her wonderful even white teeth and asked where he had in mind for their walk.

Bolder now he knew what she wanted he suggested a walk in the woods nearby babbling something about them being pretty this time of year! She smiled and agreed that sounded fun, she got up to pay the bill for the coffees leaving him a chance to gather his composure for the walk to the car.

As she slid in to his car, he caught sight of the outline of her breasts and the hardness of her nipples just visible through the material. He slid in next to her and decided he wanted to kiss her, he turned and almost crushed her to him taking her mouth as his, pushing open her lips to explore her mouth with his tongue. He ran his finger down her cheek and across her neck, moving lower until he caught her nipple between his thumb and finger, pinching just a little harder than intended. She let out a gasp and kissed him harder but he moved her away and started the car.

She let out a groan and sat back in her seat, moving her hand to his thigh she began to move closer to his cock which was hardening again at the thought of what was about to possibly happen. She traced her finger nails up and down his shaft watching him grow under her continued pressure. She began to undo his trousers as he drove slowly to the woods nearby, she illegal bahis siteleri took out his cock and gasped a little at the size. She wet her finger and ran it round the sensitive head of his cock making him draw in his breath sharply. He reached across to her thigh and parted her legs tracing a line across her thigh to her wet panties above. He applied light pressure enough to make her squirm and her grip to tighten on his cock.

Pulling up in the car area of the woods he was pleased to notice that no other cars were around. Parking up he pulled her in to his arms and kissed her again harder this time making her submit her mouth to his demanding tongue. When he pulled away she was breathless with desire and he whispered in her ear, what should we do with girls that tease…

Pushing her back in the seat he spread her legs as wide as he could and pulled her now wet panties to the side, thumbing her clit he asked her what she wanted, she was panting now eyes closed but wouldn’t reply. He thrust his fingers one then two deep inside her pussy keeping the pressure from his thumb on her clit. He whispered if you don’t tell me I am going to stop and drive you home…

She groaned and begged him not to stop that she needed to cum so badly but he again asked her what she wanted slowing his rhythm making her squirm and buck to feel his fingers again. I want you to fuck me she groaned at him, fuck me hard and fast. Satisfied that he now had her exactly where he wanted her he began to move his fingers harder and faster in her pussy keeping the pressure on her clit until she couldn’t hold back anymore and came with abandon right there in his car.

Without letting her recover too much he did up his pants and went round to her side of the car pulling her out and guiding her towards the woods, keeping her close he could feel canlı bahis siteleri her breathing and the rise and fall of her breasts as she recovered from her orgasm in the car. As they walked deeper in to the woods he kept her hand firmly on his hard cock straining at his trousers.

Finally finding a suitable place he leans back against a tree and pulls her round to face him. He pulls off her t shirt exposing her bare breasts to the air watching them stiffen in the breeze. He leans in to claim her mouth again exploring her with his tongue, biting her lower lip gently as his fingers find her nipples squeezing them making her gasp. He whispers in her ear, I am going to fuck you but first you are going to suck me and he pushes her down on her knees.

She undoes his trousers and pulls out his hard cock, she opens her mouth and allows him to slide right in until his cock touches the back of her throat and she looks at him in panic before relaxing and taking him deeper, the sensation is amazing and he is so close to cumming he withdraws slightly and pushes forward again, holding her head still controlling the act. She looks up at him while he fucks her mouth and she looks so hot he wants her right now.

He pulls his cock from her mouth now glistening with her saliva and pulls her up, positioning her back against the tree he lifts up her leg and wraps it around his waist, pushing forward his cock enters her tight wet pussy making her moan with pleasure. He begins to fuck her in long hard strokes holding her arms above her head, kissing and biting her neck as he tells her how much he wants to cum inside her. He pulls out and spins her round, bent forward hands resting on the tree he enters her swiftly from behind holding her hips fucking her deep and fast watching her breasts swinging beneath her. She reaches back with one hand and works her clit as he continues to fuck her, she starts to moan louder now egging him on to fuck her harder as her orgasm builds for the second time that day. As she begins to shudder, he starts to cum sending her over the edge to the point of no return…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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